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Memories of my Papaw

July 5, 2015

I have so many wonderful memories of my papaw!  One of my favorites was our   camping trips to Buckhorn! Papaw always started getting things ready a few days before we were set to leave. He had always thought of everything and had everything we would need while there, and he always knew exactly where things were, too! He usually took one of his dogs with us, too. He would always go around taking to the other campers, finding out where they were from and who "their people" were. He was glad to lend or give others something they'd forgotten at home. I enjoyed riding my bike around the circle while he was talking to everyone. He always took his own "kindling" with us, each lil piece perfectly cut. I loved when it got the edge of dark cause he'd start a nice fire and I'd get to roast some marshmallows. I looked forward to the next morning because we would always go fishing. Usually me and Mamaw but papaw fished too every now and then.  Those trips were just as good as a trip to an amuse my park to me, and the memories I carry from them are now priceless!

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