His Life


Andrae was my first born son and tho I was young. I choose to raise him the best I could. I remember it being me and Andrae against the world.. He was a happy guy full of adventure and excitement. He was the guy you want to have has your back, fight tooth and nail for his family. We had our times,mostly good, but he always knew who he could call good or bad. Andrae had grown into a great son and a wonderful father and friend.. He loved and did many things with his boys. He got to go fishing with all his boys which was something he loved to do. Took them to the park, amusement parks always something for them, read to them played with them. He loved his family all of them. Andrae was a good guy and if its true that the good die young that that is definitely true for Dre, he would pull over in a minute to help someone or give his last dollar to someone homeless. Andrae was always good for living life. We will miss that charm and his sweet smile. That smile light the room after that you couldn't be mad if you wanted too...Those that did not get to meet him, someday soon and he will still have that beautiful smile, I see Everyday.... And hope and pray will keep me and make me a better person. We Love You Dre' and miss you everyday..Through Jesus Christ, We will will see you again