Posted by Constance Yancey on August 17, 2021
It's your Angelversary Andrae 10 years you were called home. You were caring, kind. A beautiful heart. A loving person. I pray you been at peace my son. My heart is broken and will never mend till I see you again. I can't believe it been this long since you called my name, momma. But in my heart forever you will be . I miss you everyday since you left me. I love you Andrae and miss you everyday
Posted by Constance Yancey on August 13, 2021
Andrae , I will never forget July 28th 1980. I had a beautiful son. I so wish you were here. I miss you so much. But God needed you more. Words can't begin to tell you how beoken my heart still is. I know you are in God's hands on your 41st birthday. Happy heavenly birthday my Son. We celebrated your day with you and you will remain in my our hearts forever. We have some good memories. I Love you and we will see you again. I loved you before you were taken, I love you still and always will. Love Momma
Posted by Constance Yancey on August 17, 2020
Andrae, On this day 9 years ago you left me to be with Jesus. Happy Heavenly Birthday. Andrae. Gone to soon. Everyday your in my thoughts. More so I wish you were here for your sons. My heart has been broken ever since you left us. I miss you so so much. I so wish you were here. I'd have my other grandsons in my life. Which I've been denied. There's nothing I want from them but to see you through them. I walked, because there was no amount of money they could have given. I am happy that your children Lil Andrae, Kobe and Casey were able to be taken well care of since you couldn't be with them. You are in death. Life wasn't perfect but I was proud to call you my Son. And still. I want you. The kids are doing good tho. Lil Andrae is getting so big, and you would be so proud of your son(s) love them with all I have, and when I see lil Andrae, I see and hear you. Blessed to still call your name. You were a big part of my life and I have thought and missed you everyday. One day will be together again. Till then you'll forevermore be loved, missed and living in my (Our) heart. I love you Andrae, Forever for Always. Your Momma ❤❤
Posted by Constance Yancey on July 29, 2020
Well Andrae, you would have been 40 years old you still 40 in heaven or still a young 31 I miss you I love you, it doesn't get any easier but I'll see you in heaven say hello to Papa and all three of your Uncle Joe's up there with you now and Joe said say hello to his dad and your uncle Bobby and your big mama most of all will see you guys soon I love you Dre ❤
Posted by Constance Yancey on August 17, 2019
Your Birthday and Homecoming are so close together. But we celebrate with you on those occasions and everyday. I love and miss you more the words can say. My memories keep me going . You would have have been 39 years old. And today 8 years ago you went home to be with Jesus. I know your safe. But i missed you and will miss you till were together again. I love you Andrae My Angel In Heaven. Momma
Posted by Constance Yancey on July 29, 2018
Happy 38th Heavenly Birthday Andrae ♥️ t's been too long since we been together, 
and I miss that so much. My first born. II try so hard to live without you. My heart still aches. And I think of you always. Just not on your birthday, but everyday. I wish you peace my son..... I pray to see you again one day. Till then you will for ever live through your family and sons. I love and miss you. Always will, I love you ♥️Momma♥️
Posted by Constance Yancey on August 24, 2014
3 years and I miss you like it was yesterday :'(
Posted by Constance Yancey on August 21, 2012
I created this page shortly after Andrae passed. Your welcome to leave stroies or comments. Thank you
Posted by Constance Yancey on August 21, 2012
A year has coming and gone and I still miss you! And hurt like it was yeasterday..
Posted by Constance Yancey on January 13, 2012
I love and miss you Dre. I was so proud to be your mother. Missed everday so very much. Still can't belevie your not coming through my door. I hold and touch you everyday, In my heart forever you will stay. Peace to you My Son, God please hold in your arms and tell him he is missed and loved deeply, We know he is your son and you needed him with you. Love you God The Father, Love you Dre.
Posted by Constance Yancey on November 17, 2011
I love and miss you very much, and always will. You were yaken to soon. But we got the truth out there an d we hope someone will come forward for you. I never thought I be without you.. But you without me. guess the lord knows what he's doing. But my he thought my heart would be sronger I will never know. Maybe not stronger but,able to handle things better.. I love you Dre, but it's Hard
Posted by Constance Yancey on October 2, 2011
I can't say it enough" I Love and Miss you Everyday. Life is just not the same not seeing u,hearing u,saying Momma something or just a text, u telling me you love me.. I hope you know what that meant to me..Forever engraved in my Heart..Twinkle like the brightest Momma

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