Mission Impossible

Shared by Prakash Punjabi on May 14, 2021
In 2014 when I was admitted to a far away hospital Uncle And and Auntie Beulah made sure I had visitors everyday. Which made my faith grow stronger and I asked uncle and auntie if I could be baptized? I remember uncle smiling and saying why not ? Now you would think baptizing a bed ridden person is impossible but Uncle here passed this mission impossible without Tom cruise. 

The wind beneath my wings

Shared by Maria Chan on May 13, 2021
It's heartbreaking.... .... No words can express the grief n sorrow.... Ps. Andrew was my pastor, my spiritual father, my mentor n my confidante.... It's already heartbroken to see ps Andrew leaving hk... n now I am totally lost to learn this sad news. My deepest condolences to Beulah n the family. My thoughts n prayers r with the family. I am sure ps Andrew is now in the arms of our God, resting in peace. Sooo sorry that I can say no more. Tears r allover my face n may Lord comfort Beulah n the family. Missing ps Andrew n Beulah soooooooo very much. Love them. God bless the family.

Must share with everyone our tribute to ps Andrew n ps Beulah when they were leaving hk on 2017.
Now part of my wind is gone.... .... But I am looking forward to our rendezvous in the Lord's table, my dearest ps. Andrew. 
It was so sad when ps Andrew n ps Beulah left hk, they were n they r my Godsent angels to lead n guide us back to Father, I am truly blessed for having these 2 wonderful anointed devout  shepherds since 2007, father God is almighty n knows my naughtiness, HE had posted the best two to groom me n lead me n my husband. 
Ps. Andrew baptized me at river Jordan on Oct 15, 2010. Ps. Andrew ordained our marriage on Oct 27, 2012. Ps Andrew baptized my husband Ricky on Dec 30, 2012. Ps. Andrew blessed my 2 homes, on Oct 2012 n after reno from fire on July 2014.
Ps. Andrew was my hero, my father in Christ, my loving bro n my kindest teacher, I had never never imagined that our dinner in hk on July 14, 2018 before they returned to USA wud be the last time I saw him. I am so torn ... He was kind, generous, so understanding n forgiving, he really led us good during the premarital counseling. I n my husband wud never forget how he n ps Beulah modeled to us the unconditional agape love in the Christianity. They r the perfect example of the LOVE. Both ps Andrew n Beulah were truly our family angels, we love them so much. I praise the Lord for blessing me these two beautiful n awesome souls. 
Never wud I forget the great time of the Israrli trips on 2010 n 2015. It's our dream to travel again together.... . I was so blessed to have been in Holyland 3 times, n 2 times with ps Andrew n ps Beulah. I praise the Lord for the blessings..... How I wish I had videotaped all the preaching of ps Andrew throughout these years..... How I miss his sermons n his humor, at church, at home groups n at our casual fellowship.... . I must say that we r privileged to have known n been pastored by ps. Andrew n Beulah. 
I am running out of words yet with overwhelming emotion, tears swelling n thoughts surging.... I could only pray to God that HE wud comfort Beulah n the family, though the grief n sorrow of losing ps Andrew r understandingly beyond words.
Love ps. Andrew n Beulah forever. 
PS. I was watching this again n again, not for us, but to hear, to listen, to see n to watch ps Andrew again....

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