Her Life

Devined Appointment

If someday I should slip away, And neglect to say "good bye," If you should come and find my home and belongings awry; If there were words I left unsaid, And needs I didn't do: If I always planned to show sometimes How much I thought of you; When the time was opportune, I really didn't realize I'd be leaving quite so soon. If you were hoping for a note and I failed to keep in touch, Remember with all my heart I love you very much. And if my friends should weep, And say, This is a disappointment; Just tell them I have gone to keep a divinly planned appointment.

A True Angel

My mom was a true Angel. She took care of so many people. Cooking dinner at night for the elderlady next door. Taken in kids as we grew up that came from broken homes. Down to taking in a homeless man for over a year because he had no where else to go. Helping her children with her grandchildren. She was the best that I could ever ask for. My mom was tooken in a tradgic accident that should have been prevented. But I know my mom and at the last minutes of her life she asked God to take her and safe my sister and nephew. The saying that the good die young is true. God allowed me to share 32 years of y life with a angel my mom and then he called her back home again. She will be missed and will always loved but never forgotten. We all love you MOM!