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March 24, 2019

hello / Angie was very brave wat she put herself true/ she was extremely very strong / not to forget stuberin / she loved to laugh/ she was also a god mother/ her cousin Tanya won a wedding dres years ago/ she told ang it was hers / but that never happened/ she was very creative/ she was very good at fixing fones computers/ oh yes. Also good at cooking/ nearly for got her to cats/Isla  and Millie/ she loved animals / she was a extremely good at her work / no mater about flues or sickness she went on/ no matter about her addiction I was never ashamed of her/ she was my child / I understand more about addictions true Angie/ I nick named her baby bear/ she called me mama bear/ I loved her very much / miss every day of the rest of my life / Just a though to say I can't bear to be without you  love mamma 

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