This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, MAMMY ANNA TITANJI-DINGA, 81 years old, born on November 19, 1939, and passed away on March 19, 2021. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Jubsia Titanji on November 19, 2021
Continue to rest in perfect peace mammy/sister-in-law. You will forever be missed.❤️
Posted by Samkia Duga on April 19, 2021
Mamie (Mama’),

That’s the name i grew up calling you with instead of Grandma’. You molded me from primary 03 to my early years of University, therefore you were my mother and father and I couldn’t worship anybody else after God but you.

It has taken me weeks to realize what is going on, just the thought of your absence deepens me in sorrow like the orphan that I am already, but I guess I must accept the reality.

Mamie, you were such an incredible matriarch, a regal leader in our family. God, faith and Family were your most treasured possessions.

You were that exceptional kind of person every single day of your life and now that I must say goodbye Mamie, it hits me how incredibly lucky I have been to have you with me for more than 30 years.

You made me a man to stand the challenges of this world and I will always love you and save a special corner of my heart to keep you with me.

                   Fare-thee-well Mamie (Mama’), Grandma’
                     (Your own Barrister as you always say)
                         Samkia Duga Titanji           
Posted by Hilda Njinimbam on April 18, 2021
My dear mother, I wish this was a dream, I can wake up from. You passing has left me void of words. You left without even saying goodbye mami. I was with you in June of 2019, we spoke about everything except this? Your children, Sama and Najela are in tears, how do I comfort them? Oh death, where is your sting? If there is one lesson, I learned so well from you, it was to be strong. Mami, I will be strong. I know you are sleeping in the Lord and I will see you one day. Good night mami. You will be greatly missed by us all. On behalf of your God children, Sama and Najela, may your soul rest in perfect peace. Your daughter,
Hilda Njinimbam
Posted by Licy Caspa on April 16, 2021
In Loving Memory of my dear sister and friend, Ma Hannah.
I thought of you today but this is nothing new.
I thought about you yesterday and days before too.
I think of you in silence. I often speak your name. All I now have are memories of you and your picture in a frame. Your memories are a keepsake. God has you in his arms. I have you in my heart.
Sleep peacefully my dear sister and friend.

Nah Manyi Grace Tata
Posted by Licy Caspa on April 16, 2021
Mami Hannah, I wish you had stayed some more because we needed you more but God said it was time for you to return home. You were such a strict but a very kind auntie. I thank God for the many years we had with you. I remember the lovely times we had in California and was honored that you visited us in our home in Corona. I know that my mother, Na Manyi Grace Tata is not taking you departure with ease as you were her “heart to heart” sister and a wonderful auntie to me. I am missing you so much. Although you are gone, you will remain in my heart forever. Farewell Mami Hannah and May you Rest In Peace.

Licy Tata- Caspa
Posted by Delphine Mbongue on April 16, 2021
I still have great memories of our first encounter in 1996. You have always been a strict disciplinarian. Thank you for always giving me a piece of advice each time we met. The lessons learnt are priceless. You have just been transformed from the mortal to the immortal form. I'm comforted because I know you you leave on.
Posted by Judith Foyabo on April 15, 2021
     Tribute By Dr. Marie N. Fongwa
Mama Anna, our role model, you came, served with all your might, and then when your Maker called you home, your your time was complete!

Mama, with a big smile on your face, you role-modeled what it means to be a young Bali Nyonga girl growing up in our beloved village - neatly dressed up and walked with respect and dignity; professionally, in your apron-draped fitting uniform, you cared for and assisted mothers to bring forth the most precious heavenly gifts from above, the birth of children you smoothen their grand entrances into this life. Younger nurses and midwives remember the needed-mentoring you showered them with. Your NFF sisters remember the ever and steady, sisterly, loving, motherly, caring, and firm-desiring characters you instilled among us. Mama, your character came from the home/family that you loved and help to build and who in deep love celebrated you so boldly the other year. Mama, thank you.

What a void you have left behind! But Ma Anna, you taught us lots of values including being grateful. So we are grateful to God for your example that constitutes a blueprint for us to use as we continue this earthly journey. Ma Anna Dinga, journey well and intercede with the angels for the family, friends and healthcare professionals that you left behind. Na, rest in perfect peace with the Lord.
Marie Ngetiko Fongwa
Posted by Peter Tafah on April 15, 2021
Mama Titaji  was a mother to me before Dr. Barrister Titanji joined Destiny Law Chambers. I ate the best fufu corn prepared by her every time I visited at her Bamenda residence. She was a sweet, beloved mother to me and will continue to be. Mama died peacefully in her sleep after the last conversation with her apple Dr. Barrister Titanji. Mama has fulfilled her mission to this world and she is gone to join our Heavenly Father.
May our beloved mother's soul rest in the bosom of the Lord where I know it is already.
Posted by Dia Ndumbe on April 14, 2021

Grandma A, you may have passed on but your memories will always live within me. Thank you for your sacrifices, your care and concern, your love and everything you have done for me. You have taken care me of since I emerged onto this earth and I am so very thankful for that. Wherever you are, I know you are in a much better place. I will be forever grateful and thankful that you are my Grandma A. May you Rest In Peace

Dia Babila Ndumbe
Posted by Banbit Bila Dinga on April 14, 2021
Imam Al Shafi'i said '' some people have passed away, but their character have kept them alive.'' Ma as we commonly called you, there is no better phrase to offer you now than these words from this great scholar. It is bitter to say you have gone but your great deeds to shape our lives shall remain forever; thus you shall always be in our hearts. Journey well mother.

                       Banbit Bila Dinga(son)
Posted by Theodore Awa on April 13, 2021
Godmothers are made in heaven. I am grateful to God for the Christian legacy of Mama's life!
Rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Duga Titanji on April 12, 2021
From Babila Emmanuel Ngeh

Mami, Grandma A. The Base
I'd love to replay the moments we all spent with you, so that I can laugh to tears.
I remember when you said to me " This is your home" took me in to the parlor and pointed to every picture frame that was on the wall - telling me who everybody was. Mami will wake up any morning and will ask who they were, just so I can know the family.
I remember those weekends I spent with you. You will tell me to cook food("enter kitchen cook. No man na massa fo my house").
During holidays, you made a timetable for the grandchildren, when to eat, television time, and time for exercise. No one was above the rules of the house.
You reminded us always about doing devotions and listening to the news everyday before sleeping. You will sing and ask us to sing with you every time you walk round.
You were a teacher, a mother and a Grandma that only wanted the best for all.
Those moments I spent with you, those words you said to me and all the examples, I will forever live with them.
Your departure leaves us with memories of your kind heart, your beautiful voice and the excess love you gave us.
I love you Mami.
Babila Emmanuel N.
Posted by Duga Titanji on April 12, 2021
Eulogy for a loving Mother
Maa, Maa, Maa. Mammy, Mammy, Mammy. I used to address you in that solemn manner. This solemn address shall never occur again for the Almighty has decided. Each time you met me you reminded me of the fact that you remained a loving mother despite certain circumstances. News of your passing rattled me, because it came from nowhere but I was very grateful because you died in your normal peaceful sleep. Only great men and women with the kindest and golden heart die peacefully. I will also remain grateful because you gave us the opportunity to celebrate your life when you turned 80 in a grand style and whenever I roll back my memory, I can still revisit that day of your 80th anniversary, when you came out to thank those invited looking very strong. In a telephone conversation after the ceremony, I announced 10 more years to your favour but you laughed and said “two years will not meet me on earth”. Behold we are living the truth of that testimony. I will never forget the fact that at a tender age of nine when my father accompanied me to C.P.C Bali and suddenly passed away, I knew that all was over but you encouraged your late husband, my uncle to go extra miles to see into it that I pursue my education in that prestigious college. Your routine visits to my junior brother and myself in C.P.C Bali made me to forget the sad incident that occurred in my life and If I am what I am today, it’s due to that foundation that you protected and never wanted to collapse.
Maa, Mammy, one thing I have always loved in you is your openness, frankness and humaneness void of discrimination. Memories of our long telephone conversations during your last months still run fresh in my mind. I am confronted by our Christian faith that I shall meet you again. May your gentle soul continue to find peace in the bosom of the Almighty.
Dr Dohbobga Macias Nwana Dinga(Son).
Posted by Duga Titanji on April 12, 2021
From Gana Lobga

Words alone can’t express how much of a blessing you have been to me mamie. You were a mother, a teacher and most of all a great adviser who wanted nothing but the best for her grandchild. You carried me from when i was fragile and throughout my growth kept on being the caring grandmother you have always been. I am happy I had the chance to spend the last months,days and hours of your life by your side and watch you rest in peace. You have been an influence in my life and I thank you for being the amazing grandmother you were, Rest In Peace Grandma.
Gana Lobga
Posted by Duga Titanji on April 12, 2021
From Nahsang Titanji Mpako

My Mother, my Sister,
words fail me. If I have been able to survive the storms of this life, it's because you brought me up well, you brought me up with the fear of God. I am very grateful to you.
The last time I visited you, you told me that you were leaving, whether we liked it or not. You thought that I understood, I thought so too, only to realize that I refused to understand because I thought we still had time. I'm comforted you left very happy, you said so yourself.
Rest well my Sister, my Mother, till we meet never to part again,
G. Nahsang Titanji Mpako.
Posted by Duga Titanji on April 12, 2021
From Napenga Andin Titanji

You were a very great and inspirational woman. You always gave good advice and knew how to straighten any wayward kid. You were a great mother, sister, aunt, grandma any name you want to call her. You had time for everything. Time to laugh and time to bone. Time to play and time to be serious. You were really good at everything you did. You were fine even in your old age. I’ll miss your positive vibes around the house and your morning music. May your Soul Rest in Perfect Peace.
                                                                  NAPENGA ANDIN
                                                                 Grand Daughter/Namesake
Posted by Duga Titanji on April 12, 2021
From Kedinga Dohbit Titanji

Grandma Anna Dinga, she was a very good woman. She was a singer in the church choir and she had a very nice voice. She always wanted I and my relatives to do the right thing. She did not like a lot of salt, noise and she loved strolling around the house every day. I can still remember when we went to stay in Bamenda. She had the power to beat I and my younger brothers when we did wrong. She is very strict on time. With her you wake up from bed at 7:00am, you eat breakfast at 8:00am, you eat fruits at 12:00noon, you take lunch at 2:00pm, you exercise your body at 4:00pm, we do our evening prayers at 8:00pm and we slept at 10:00pm. This woman always wanted to see me write and pass my G.C.E. If I want to add anything it will be that Mami Dinga was a good Grandmother and she will always be.

Kedinga Dohbit
Grand Son
Posted by Duga Titanji on April 12, 2021
From Nyongbela Jundanseh Titanji

Grand Ma Anna,
She was a great woman. She always advised me that I had to learn to be a good person in future, and also that I should protect myself from all danger and she advised me that we should respect one another. She also told me that I should never forget all what she told me.
Grand ma, you were a great person.

Nyongbela Jundanseh
Grand Son
Posted by Duga Titanji on April 12, 2021
From Kunsona Duga Titanji

Grandma Anna, she was a great woman, she always advised me that I have to learn to be a good person in future and also that I should protect myself from all danger and she also advised me that I should respect one another and also told me that I should never forget about this.
Mami, you were a loving and caring woman. You were always there for the people who needed you. You liked everybody and you mostly loved your family. The times we used to spend together Mami, I can never forget those times. You corrected me each time I did something wrong. You never let me down; you protected and guided me and best of all you wished to see me go to college. Mami you were loving, caring, truthful and, God fearing and protected. Thank you for always being in my life. I will never forget you and the good times we ever had.
                                                            Rest in Peace Great-Grandma.
                                                                      KUNSONA DUGA T.
Posted by Duga Titanji on April 12, 2021
From Babila Glory

Mami was a very good woman. She was a caring mother, sister and loving grandmother. She is always there for the people that needed her especially her family. The times I spent with mami were great. She always made me laugh that is one thing I love about Mami. The most important one is when she calls for me and ask me to sit down , when I sit, she tells me how to take care of young ones, and she always tells and helps me to be a very exceptional woman in the future. Thank you for everything you ever did for me Mami.
It was a pleasure ever being with you.
                                                                         Rest in Peace Mami.
                                                                            BABILA GLORY N.
Posted by Daniel Nukuna aka Ndibnu on April 11, 2021
Tribute in honour of my fallen Heroe/Heroine. Ma, Mami oooooh. My wisdom, my teacher, advicer  mentor, doctor, lawyer, supporter, architect director parents. Ma, where are you?  You sang death like play and it came. Have you completed the work you started in my life?  Ma am short of words. I didn't know you were going to cross over so soon. I missed you Ma you taught me many things and I leant them and I promise to continue with the good coduct. You were hard working woman, very objective and a disciplinarian. Mami, l loved you for all. I thank God to have brought you in my life. Thank you for all you did for me. I know you are with our saviour, Jesus Christ Ma RIP
From your Daughte Manyie Zeinabou Kuna
Posted by Daniel Nukuna aka Ndibnu on April 11, 2021
*From your Grandson Daniel Nukuna*

Ndibnu.... Ndibnu.... Uncle Daniel... .... the imagery of you calling me with your priceless smile and lovely voice will never fade. Growing up in your arms was the gift God laid in my arms. Learning virtue, honesty, patience, consistency and the Fear of God is a summary of my life with you. Mami thank you immensely for your support. You made me realize the strength I had. Our last Conversation on Christmas day 2020 remains iconic. You reminded me of the fact that I had to maintain my focus and strength and forget every pain caused. I will definitely forgive all just as you asked me to. You are the pillar that raised my hope in life. Rest well mami. Keep us that place in your Bosom. God knows you fought your battle so well and triumphed. My Iron Lady lives on.
Posted by Emerentia Yeluma on April 11, 2021
My Big Sister, my mother, my adviser, it is hard to say goodbye. I miss your smile, I miss your laugh, l miss your loving chiding. Mamie, I miss you deep down ❤️. But your Maker says it is time for you to rest. Yes, Mamie, you leave behind a legacy of love, kindness, honesty, hardwork... Adieu Mamie ! May the Angels and Saints of God receive your soul and present you to God the Most High. Rest in perfect peace in the bosom of your Maker.

Emerentia Yeluma Ndeta
Posted by Emmanuel Fomunung on April 8, 2021
Mamie , our Special granny , words fail us this day . You were such an encouragement ; pushing us to keep hopes high . Scolding us to think positive and focus on what's important . Bisona gladdened your heart and we felt special by this exceptional show of love and concern . You are gone mamie but your words stay with us . We promise not to fail you . Good night mamie , you deserve a good rest .
Bisona , Ma Queen and Ba John Fomunung.
Posted by Clarisse Nahva on April 8, 2021
  Mami you taught me my first lesson you have always been so inspiring to us and i am glad i could make you happy and proud before you departed from us. I write with a heavy heart but am happy you gave me your blessings before you finally joined the heavenly host. You were a great mother to many your legacy lives forever❤
Rest in perfect peace Mother
Posted by Samkia Duga on April 8, 2021
Tribute by Satmia Titanji

Mamie, “the young shall grow” was one of your favorite talks.

Now we shall grow without you to guide us. You accepted me as one of your own from the first day we met and for that I remain grateful. The wound is too deep mamie, who will call me and ask what food stuff I want so she can send? Thank you so much mamie.

May your soul Rest in Perfect Peace.
Posted by Samkia Duga on April 8, 2021
Eunice Tita Tata on Behalf of Nkumu Fed Fed ladies

Nkumu Fed Fed foundations rock, the legendary Na Dinga Anna bows out— one of the pioneers of Fed Fed Bamenda and its second President, coming after Na Rose Niba. Firmly principled is the memory she left of her reign as Bamenda Branch President whose time created the right atmosphere for the expansion of Nkumu Fed Fed to other places and its engagement in several programme areas.

Na Dinga was the expert counsellor especially for younger members. Her astringency vis-à-vis all forms of deviance shaped the attitude of these young and new members who quickly adjusted because they dreaded being grilled by her in a second encounter. Yet she did not pursue simple excoriation, for she merged sternness with motherly attention. The people she corrected permanently converted because none of them was comfortable if they defied such a loving mother; and loving mother she was to all. The cry of many now is that they have lost their personal lawyer, but such a lawyer she was to everybody but against nobody, which is a phenomenal feat of diplomacy, a diplomacy enhanced by her exquisite dexterity and polish in the use of the English language.

Wired in Na Dinga’s character were diplomacy, astringency and motherliness that she exuded so naturally. In line with Nkumu Fed Fed vision, she brought to bear the full weight of her medical background through her interest in health programme outings. Thanks to her visit to the district health unit in Naka Bali, the glaring lapses in the hospital equipment were brought to light. In 2011, she sequenced this by mobilising resources from members to equip the health centre in Naka. The more than 2,000,000 francs CFA project enabled patients from Nchomba, Nsongwa, Ngwatkan and Naka to consult and receive medical attention. To ensure an effective use of the equipment donated, Na Dinga visited this health centre several times and offered pro bono consultation to visiting patients.

So central was Na Dinga to Nkumu Fed Fed, maintaining a frontline visibility in the organisation’s outreach programmes that she rose to the position of national adviser and in her private time, she would visit the Nkumu Fed Fed farmland in Beisen to follow up on its security. Hers was a life lived to the full, which made her keenly conscious of her departure time which she impressed upon members last November by sharing out her pictures and telling the people that they were to be souvenirs.

Her last public outing with Nkumu Fed Fed was in December 2020 in the programme code named “a day out with elderly people 80 and above”. Nkumu Fed Fed honoured her as elderly and as one who served the community indefatigably by particular interest in the vulnerable needy. Her advice to all present at the occasion was Nkumu Fed Fed was something she and her mates started and that she would want to have that original vision kept intensely alive.

Na Dinga, we take your counsel, leaning on the fact that your twenty-five years of wonderful frontline activities in Nkumu Fed Fed, which are deeply engraved in our minds and hearts, have us looking up to you as our most ardent and protective ancestor on whom we rely for prayers from above to ensure that we uphold the visionary objectives of our organisation, while from below we implore heaven for your eternal rest and joy in the bosom of Almighty God.

Adieu Na Anna Dinga
Posted by Vivienne Yumasi on April 8, 2021
Ma Anna,
Your memories live on in the Yumasi household and with me in particular. Your firm,kind-hearted and encouraging spirit gave me the confidence and determination. A trusted friend and colleague to Pa Yumasi, a “confidant”to Mamie Julie .Though shattered by your passing, Mamie is grateful to your children for the fond memories evoked during the celebration of your life a year ago.We mourn you but remain comforted by your exemplary life and we thank God. We will miss you dearly but the memories come alive and put a smile on our faces.May you rest in the bottom of the risen Lord.
Posted by Wilson Titanji on April 7, 2021
Tangwi Anna,

It's me, Wilson, your brother and your son. You said it was time for you to rest, we did not like to hear those words because our wish was for you to stay with us much longer, however the Almighty God granted your wish, because you were His faithful servant. Though it is hard to deal with the void your departure has created in our midst, we take comfort in knowing that you are resting with the Lord and watching over us as you always have over the past several decades. You were a special blessing to this family; all the memories of your time with us will continue to occupy a special place in our hearts till we meet to part no more.

You were a uniting force in this family, your love and devotion to the family was more than exemplary. You nurtured us and showed concern to all those who came your way. You were always there to direct and correct us in any mistake or wrong decision that we were about to take, and you always took pride in all our achievements. You were genuine in your firmness with us because you wanted the best from us and I am forever grateful because that refined me, gave me structure in life and made me a better person. You never condoned laziness, in fact you always reminded me that obedience, hard work and education was my key to success; you were right.

You were no doubt a woman of principles, your philosophy of life was sometimes difficult for us to bear at first, but I eventually realized that it was a golden path for us all to follow. The realities of your guidelines can clearly be seen in your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and will be passed on, never to be forgotten even in generations to come. The greatest pain I feel now is your absence and the silence of that voice of yours which was like a lion's roar. It was a guide to us. It meant "watch out". I have nothing but gratitude to you for the virtues of love, togetherness, hard work and discipline that you handed down to us. Thank you so much for visiting us in California in 2015; Marion, Nahsima, Gabsia and I will miss you Tangwi, may you now rest in peace. Sleep in peace Tangwi, sleep in peace.

Wilson Titanji
Posted by vivian ekeme on April 7, 2021
Ma Anna,Kolokolo,my dear,gone so soon and leaving me here alone.This is still a shock to me.My sister just left me without any warning! All our stories all our beautiful memories, all our plans got stopped the day you decided to leave this world.Greet all who left before you. May you rest well with our Lord till we meet again.Ma Monica Amba
Posted by Patience Fokumlah on April 8, 2021
My dear auntie Anna as we usually call you.I lack words to express how i feel but let me first thank you being there for my parents ,for me and my siblings. Thank you for all the advice and all the true love you showered me and my family.You were there when my Dad took his last beathe and on the 26th of February 2021 you came to me in my dream to say you are going .I called Ni Ernest and told him i saw people gathered in the house in Bamenda. Farewell my special aunt,my second Mum you truly loved me as a daughter even till the end.Good memories always last forever especially the way you never hesisted to discipline me..I will forever miss you and my regards to my parents .Rest in peace till we all meet at the feet of Jesus Christ on resurrection morning.
Posted by Nabi 4j on April 7, 2021
My dear Auntie "Ma" Anna,
I have so many fond memories of your tough love and tender care. You were the calm but firm voice of reason in the family. I remember all the times we got in trouble, ran to you and you always brought us back home and negotiated a "peace treaty" with mom and dad. I still remember how calm I was giving birth to Brandon because you were right there telling me I was stronger than the pain. You exuded  strength and work ethics in everything you did and we thank you for your influence on all the strong women you raised. I know you lived an amazing life and I have no doubt you are with your heavenly father now. We will celebrate your life and thank God because we are believers and we know we shall see you again. Until then, goodbye Auntie.
Posted by Fokumlah Elizabeth Jahn on April 7, 2021
Dearest Aunty ,its hard to come into terms that we will never hear from you neither will I see you again when I visit home.It was a blessing and privilege to have you as part of our family. Thank you for being part of my life as I grew up.The beautiful moments we shared,fill me anytime i remember the advice you found pleasure sharing with my siblings and i will forever be cherished.Everyone admired your wisdom in solving complex issues anytime we sought your input..You showed us unconditional love and inspired all my siblings ..The impact you made in our lives will forever be emulated and appreciated. You lived a life of courage,beauty,integrity and above all a God fearing woman. Your legacy lives forever on earth and in our hearts .RIP..Adieu Aunty
Posted by Mercy Fokumlah on April 6, 2021
My dear Aunty and God mother. Thank you for all the values of life you instilled in me without any reservations. You will be forever missed. No one to visit when I go to Cameroon . I love you always
Your daughter Mercy Nukuna
Posted by Lema Dohmanju on April 6, 2021
Dear Ma Anna, as you are fondly called. We will miss you dearly. Thank you for being there each step of the way as we grew up and teaching us the good values of life. Rest well in the bossom of our Good Lord you served each day. We will always love and miss you.
Posted by Bertha Titanji on April 6, 2021
My big sister, my bosom friend, my mother, my mentor, and my confidant.
I could never love anyone as I love you. We loved ourselves and tolerated each other.

We’ll always fight, but we’ll always make up as well. That’s what sisters do: we argue, we point out each other’s frailties, mistakes, and bad judgments, we flash the insecurities we’ve had since childhood, and then we forgave each other's faults and quickly moved forward.

My sister, you were the best friend that I couldn’t get rid of. You knew whatever you do, I’ll still be there.
Together we were both ourselves and very much not ourselves—a special kind of double.

My sister, you were my mirror, shining back at me with a world of possibilities. You were my witness, who saw me at my worst and best, and still loved me anyway. You have been my partner in crime, my midnight companion, someone who knew me when I am smiling, even in the dark. You were my teacher, my defense attorney, my personal press agent, and even my counselor.

We were one and inseparable. Unknown to me, but known to God, 4th of February 2021 was our final separation on this earth when you prayed for me and wished me a safe trip to and from USA.

You promised to wait for me to come back from treatment so that we travel back to Bamenda together.
Recovering from surgery and hearing of your passing on shattered my joy and dashed our plans of aging gracefully together.

You emphasized on peace and harmony within our immediate and extended family. Forgiveness and reconciliation were some of the consistent words you had to give to anyone who came your way.

Your legacies will be remembered, and you will stay in my heart forever.
Fare thee well and may you find perfect peace on the bosom of your Maker.

Your sister, Bertha Titanji.
Posted by Dinga Patem on April 6, 2021
Nothing really prepares us for losing someone close to our hearts in this life. Rest In Peace Mami! I can still remember all the teachings you you gave me as a little boy and all the advice I received from you as a grown up man. I am who I am today because of the solid foundation you laid years ago, and for that I am grateful! I’ll always remember the last things you said to me...all the encouragements and motivations, and what you gave me when I was leaving. Farewell...death takes the body, God takes the soul, our mind keeps the memories and faith makes us believe we’ll meet again!!!
Posted by Divine Nchamukong on April 6, 2021
Ma Anna your death truly shocked me to the core not because anyone is immortal but because of the bond I shared with you. You alone had the secret of how I met the mother of my three beautiful daughters. You were the midwife who delivered Lenita, Jannick and Dyan. Ma Anna as I always called you, were the one I came to for counseling whenever I needed one. I confided in you things I didn't tell even my birth mother. In all my adult and professional life I have come across many women but few are as motherly as you. You fed every child who came to you. You wiped tears in the eyes of everyone you met in agony. You placed your loving shoulders for some of us to lean on for comfort. If there's anyone to head to heaven you are one. Your stubborn faith in Christ, your love and kindness towered high above and I for one looked to you with reverential admiration. Mother rest in perfect peace. I, one or your many sons will forever love and miss you.

Divine Nchamukong,
Maryland, USA
Posted by Fohtung Charles on April 6, 2021
Grand Ma A. as fondly called .Mamy Ana , if there was another expression worth while than Mother is Gold ,you would have been entitled to .Your warmth, stricte attitude, your perenial counsel , your capacity to orientate , and a keen eye on what ever a child is doing are the legacies that are abound and that the fruits of such charismatic virtues , and above all your steadfastness to our Creator, Our God has been your solid foundation, build on a solid rock , that you stood on like Peters. Today its time to celebrate and venerate you .Words and ideas have fallen short of expression to march your caliber . Your footprints on the sands of time, forever is indelible. Intercede for us . Adieu Mamy Ana .
Posted by vivian ekeme on April 5, 2021
Ma Anna,you shall be greatly missed and will forever be in our hearts.I just can't imagine coming to Bamenda without you any more.You always stopped by to welcome us each time we were visiting. You were my mom's twinny.It still hurts that you are gone but I know you are resting with our Lord Jesus.Continue to rest in peace Ma Anna.
Posted by Kehdinga Musi on April 5, 2021
On behalf of Ba Tita Musi and Mammie Jeanne Musi.

Ma Anna,
When we spoke less than a week before you left us, little did I know that it will be our last conversation. During our conversation you asked me to come and pack your things so that you can come here to England to see the grandkids. I replied to you that “Ma, I will come and get you. “ Man proposes, God disposes. Our Lord Jesus Christ called you back to him, and even though we take comfort in knowing you are with Him, we truly miss you and the void you left will never be filled.

You were truly an amazing elder sister to Mamoun Jeanne and myself. We are forever grateful for your support and assistance that dates as far back as when Nahsima was born. You came to the house in cité verte with a bag of potatoes and two beautiful dresses for the baby girl. When the children were in secondary school, you were a pillar, and they were happy going back to Bamenda knowing that Tangwi Anna, Tangwi Vero and Tangwi Beh as well as Ma Emilia and Mamie Julie Kontan were there for them.

Ma Anna it is you who gave me the ultimatum to install electricity and a water system in my compound at Mom quarter in Njenka.
When I had major decisions to take, I could always count on your sound advice. Who will I count on now?

Ma Anna we pray that you Rest In Perfect Peace.

Posted by Kehdinga Musi on April 5, 2021
The date was January 21st 2000. I cannot forget the day Tangwi Anna saved me from what in retrospect was most likely a near death experience with malaria. I was drenched in sweat in my dormitory in Sacred Heart college and my friends noticing something was off carried me to the Principal’s residence around 8 pm. He immediately drove me to Tangwi’s residence on Buea-Bamenda road. At this point I could barely walk. A quick injection on my buttocks is all it took. I woke up the next morning perfectly fit and healthy. Tangwi was my hero.
That is my fondest memory of Tangwi. Together with Tangwi Bertha, she really made my time in Bamenda feel like home.
Tangwi is with our Lord Jesus Christ.
Tangwi we love and miss you but Jesus loves you more.
I will cherish all the memories and wonderful times we shared.
May you forever Rest In Peace in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Posted by Benoit Musi on April 5, 2021
This website and every single word is a testimony of who you are. You will forever be a mother of many nations. So many children can attribute their achievements in life to you.
I can still hear your kind gentle voice correcting me when I thought I was the first child trying to be cunning. How you took me to hospital when I needed antibiotics for my unforgettable “water rain infested foot” infection. How you cheered me up even when I was wrong. Your love was genuine. Your gentleness was profound. You were never superficial. Your integrity was exceptional indeed. 
I am grateful to God to be one of those sons in whose life your impact will remain indelible.
I love you.
Your legacy lives on.
Bobga Musi
Posted by Navala Helen on April 4, 2021
Tangwi I'll miss your voice that used to call me Aunty Helen, your advice and cooking style.
Indeed you were a model and took the things of God seriously.
Thank God for your life as you go and meat your creator. Till we meet in the heavenly home. Love you forever
Posted by Gawa B on April 4, 2021
Growing up, I enjoyed a great deal of favor from Kǎ /Tǎŋgwi Anna, which is a difficult task to condense into this space. Tǎŋgwi’s passing has struck a chord, triggering decades-old memories, including one that she nicely talked me into cutting my hair. 

While in Bali, she spotted me running around the compound with overgrown hair and asked to know why. She was told, that I “won’t let anyone touch my head”. To be honest, I did not like my hair soaked with water, soaped and shaved with razor blade, as was usually the case. After she had inquired and got the response, nothing more happened for the rest of the day. As I went about playing, she had her plan to shave my hair. The next morning, she prepared “tea” (as we called it generally but it was ovaltine or so) and bread, and invited me. As I relished the tea and bread, she said “we are going to cut your hair so that your face will look clean, I know you don’t like the use of razor blade but we will use it this time and next time that I come to Bali, I will bring a scissors to use for your hair”. Everyone was surprised when I willingly got my hair soaked and mounted on a stool to have it cut.

Kǎ was considerate, empathetic and able to compromise. Jǐd mbɔŋkɛd, Kǎ/Tǎŋgwi.
Posted by SAM B. on April 4, 2021
As I grew up, I looked up to you as one of my mother's closest sisters, not just her cousin. You showed me that you cared for me and advised me in many areas to improve my life and happiness. My visit to Cameroon, and precisely Bamenda, was never complete without coming to see you at the home in Azire. You were a rock in the family and beyond.
We will miss you dearly. But your memory will forever remain engraved in our hearts. May the good Lord accept you into His Heavenly kingdom, and reward you eternally for all your kindness in this world.
Farewell Ma. Rest in Peace.
Posted by Yvette Suika Fondzeyuf on April 4, 2021
May you rest in perfect peace mami. We will always treasure those brief moments we spent together, remembering your steady gaze, beautiful laughter and great sense of humour. You will be missed dearly.
Posted by Mbongeh Glory on April 4, 2021
Ohoo my wife words cannot explain what your departure has done for me. I know I got two wives from Ba Titanji compound. Go well my wife. Rest in peace till we meet again. From your husband Ma Esther caspa
Posted by Roland Scott on April 4, 2021
I can't believe grandma is gone I remembered the weekend before she pass away she asked me to make sure I show her my wife before she dies and I promised her soon not knowing she was already on her way RIP grandma for ever in our ❤️
Posted by Charles Fokunang on April 4, 2021
Mammy Anna it is painful to know that you are leaving us for good. We love you but our Living God needs you now. You fought a good fight. Thank God we were lucky to catch a moment with you before your transition into eternity. RIP.
Adieu . Ni Charles
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Posted by Jubsia Titanji on November 19, 2021
Continue to rest in perfect peace mammy/sister-in-law. You will forever be missed.❤️
Posted by Samkia Duga on April 19, 2021
Mamie (Mama’),

That’s the name i grew up calling you with instead of Grandma’. You molded me from primary 03 to my early years of University, therefore you were my mother and father and I couldn’t worship anybody else after God but you.

It has taken me weeks to realize what is going on, just the thought of your absence deepens me in sorrow like the orphan that I am already, but I guess I must accept the reality.

Mamie, you were such an incredible matriarch, a regal leader in our family. God, faith and Family were your most treasured possessions.

You were that exceptional kind of person every single day of your life and now that I must say goodbye Mamie, it hits me how incredibly lucky I have been to have you with me for more than 30 years.

You made me a man to stand the challenges of this world and I will always love you and save a special corner of my heart to keep you with me.

                   Fare-thee-well Mamie (Mama’), Grandma’
                     (Your own Barrister as you always say)
                         Samkia Duga Titanji           
Posted by Hilda Njinimbam on April 18, 2021
My dear mother, I wish this was a dream, I can wake up from. You passing has left me void of words. You left without even saying goodbye mami. I was with you in June of 2019, we spoke about everything except this? Your children, Sama and Najela are in tears, how do I comfort them? Oh death, where is your sting? If there is one lesson, I learned so well from you, it was to be strong. Mami, I will be strong. I know you are sleeping in the Lord and I will see you one day. Good night mami. You will be greatly missed by us all. On behalf of your God children, Sama and Najela, may your soul rest in perfect peace. Your daughter,
Hilda Njinimbam
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One year memorial

Shared by Judith Foyabo on March 19, 2022
Happening now! Oh how you would loved to see how we are following your doorsteps to be dynamic, classy, elegant and proper. Above all give glory to God for everything. 
Thank you Mamie ~~~~~MaJ

One whole year today…

Shared by Judith Foyabo on March 19, 2022
It still seems like yesterday when I heard the call that you were gone to that place to meet your Maker - you so loved. I miss you dearly. 
Continue to Rest In Peace!
Your Legacy Lives On!
Dr. MaJu
Shared by Samgwa'a Titanji on April 19, 2021
*_Until we meet Again Mamie._*  

 _Those Special memories of you will always bring a smile if only we could have you back for just a little while ....Then we could sit and talk again just like we used to do. You always meant so very much and always will do too. The fact that you are no longer here will always cause us pain but you are forever in our heart  until we meet again Mamie ._ 
     *Mr and Mrs Sama Titanji and Children(Dingbobga and Dema).