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One year memorial

Shared by Judith Foyabo on March 19, 2022
Happening now! Oh how you would loved to see how we are following your doorsteps to be dynamic, classy, elegant and proper. Above all give glory to God for everything. 
Thank you Mamie ~~~~~MaJ

One whole year today…

Shared by Judith Foyabo on March 19, 2022
It still seems like yesterday when I heard the call that you were gone to that place to meet your Maker - you so loved. I miss you dearly. 
Continue to Rest In Peace!
Your Legacy Lives On!
Dr. MaJu
Shared by Samgwa'a Titanji on April 19, 2021
*_Until we meet Again Mamie._*  

 _Those Special memories of you will always bring a smile if only we could have you back for just a little while ....Then we could sit and talk again just like we used to do. You always meant so very much and always will do too. The fact that you are no longer here will always cause us pain but you are forever in our heart  until we meet again Mamie ._ 
     *Mr and Mrs Sama Titanji and Children(Dingbobga and Dema).
Shared by Duga Titanji on April 12, 2021

The Duke and Duchess of Rowland Heights fondly remember you, Mami!

Shared by Judith Foyabo on April 8, 2021
On one fine day in Rowland Heights, USA on her maiden visit to our house, Mami taught me how to make the "meanest and baddest" palaver soup and how to serve my husband (massah) the prepared meal.
Mami: 1. Make sure to slice the okro and not blend it so it's not too gooey (excess draw) 
           2. Chop a little spinach
           3. Grind some melon seed (egusi), mix into a paste and drop in small bits into the pot
           4.  Simmer together with all the ingredients and particulars 
MaJu: Ok, Mami
Mami: Serve the palava soup with fufu in a tray and take it to Ni Ru, tell him this:
           "here is your food, my Lord"   <<literal translation from Mungaka language>>

Oh Mami, we will miss your teachings and sense of humor. Your legacy Lives on! RIPP

Shared by Titatang Kingsley on April 4, 2021
This is all about living a life in the fear of God.I tasted the strict disciplinarian and Faithful daughter of zion.
Always loving and smiling.
Na.Titanji,your transition took many by surprise but,God called you to have rest over there.Your good memories shall never be forgotten.
Salute all in that mysterious land till we come to see face to face one day.
Those who die believing on go to have an eternal rest.
Rev.Titatang Kingsley

Our Adviser

Shared by Pius Gakeh Gwanmesia on April 4, 2021
We were lucky to have you and always ready to give us pieces of advise. You welcomed us whenever we made a stop at the home in Azeri on our way either to or from Yaounde.
I was lucky to share a meal, just the two of us, a few days to your demise. You entertained me with  all sorts of stories, beginning from your unfailing health and your numerous encounters with the "boys" upcountry. Even though I had my own food different from yours, you still insisted I have a taste of your chicken soup ,which I did. You removed and gave me a piece of chicken from your plate. An onlooking child would have mistaken me for a cheat. How would I have my own food and be eating Mammi's own?.
That was who you were. You shared to your last days. Mammi, even though you have gone ahead, you legacy stays on. Rest in the bosom of the Lord. Adieu.


Shared by Mbongeh Glory on April 4, 2021
Ohoooo Mami we miss you but God love you most. Continue to rest in perfect peace

In her own voice

Shared by Judith Foyabo on April 1, 2021

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