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the life of a Grandchild

November 13, 2013

I have a list of memorys when i was a child we would go in the summer and play on the riding lawn mower you took the blade out of just so we could play with it. we would drive that thing for hours in the field behind the house. walk down to the park play tag in the yard... have a camp out with all my cousins on the living room floor. the winters we would sled on the hill behind your house play like we were ice skaters in the creek. go and warm up buy theĀ fire you would put on in the garage for us i remember going on a number of trips to california at first we would take them in the car an impala i think then a red conversion van soon you bought a motor home. it was so much fun and looking back left so many memorys imprinted on my heart. i remember being young and seeing Mount Rushmore with you. a few months ago we took my kids there with there grandma and grandpa. it was pricless. my Dad he is so much like you Kind soft spoken good hearted warm and loveing. i am so glad he had you as his daddy. knowing what i do now i wouldnt want it any other way.

One of my memories of Tony

January 4, 2012

I just wanted to share a fond memory of Tony i have ...Well one time i was down and i had done something wrong to a person who i loved but was full of anger and hate and jealousy. I was standing by Tony's white truck, the one he used to go dumpster diving in lol...and boy he used to find some cool stuff! Well he seen tears coming down my face and he asked me what was wrong and i had told him what i did and why and you know he didnt critisize me or put me to shame what he did was tell me it was ok and that i was a good person and he seen it in me somewhere deep inside hiding. which he made a joke and the tears were no more it was then laughter and he and I continued to talk about my past and he treated me like i was his own daughter and gave me a tight hug and said he loved me and no matter what i had done its never too late to change things and make them right. Thank you Tony for your love and support in my troubled times..I love and miss you so much i can only imagine how all the people who also loved you feel without you. Rest In Peace and pray for me!

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