This tribute was added by Emmanuella Ogunlusi on February 6, 2018
My sweet mum, you are & will always be in our hearts. You're fondly remembered today. Happy birthday mum.
This tribute was added by Stanley Thomas on February 6, 2018
I just wanted to take the time today to wish my wonderful mother a happy birthday ! My mom is an amazing woman. Her wisdom and unceasing patience have made me the person I am today. The root of everything she has taught me over the years epitomizes one simple thing – love. I love you, Mom. Happy birthday!

I still hear your voice and see your face, The best mom in the human race. You loved me through all the highs and lows, How much I miss you no-one but you and I know.

It is so hard on this day to remember you have gone away. I want to give you a birthday kiss but I can only remember the things I miss
This tribute was added by Segun Oyejola on May 23, 2017
I am honored to write a few words of tribute in memory of a strong, great loving grandmother, mother, aunt sister, most of all a second mother to many like me. She was a cheerful, fun-loving person who was full of love & care. She made everyone around her happy and focused. Whether it was a funny joke, her positive attitude, or her big smile, she was a delight to be around.  She is missed by a lot of people alive today whom she touched their livelihood in one way or the other. I will always remember and cherish past memories. I Know you are resting at peace with our father the almighty. RIP mama
This tribute was added by Caroline Siyanbade on June 23, 2016
It is exactly one month since you left us mummy mummy and to go a better place where there is no pain, no sickness and where you will be hearing all your favourite songs sang in a melodious tune. Mummy mummy even though you are no more with us all what we shared during those short period we knew each other will linger on forever in my heart. Adieu Iya Funmi, Zubi and Izad. Ao pade lese Jesu nibiti a ko ni yara wa a o rira wa a o yo mora wa Jesu ni yio se alaga wa.
This tribute was added by Belema Okujagu on June 13, 2016
Mama, so it's true you left us without a word? I remember as a growing child I always visit u at home or restaurant. You sat me down and adviced me about life. After a while I left 4 port Harcourt and I saw less of you but your words of advice still ministered in me and helped me today to be a full grown woman. So sad I didn't see u again till your demise. I kw you are in heaven wt our Lord. May your soul rest in d bossom of our Lord Jesus christ. Mama, you will be forever missed. Adieu!!!
This tribute was added by Belema Okujagu on June 13, 2016
Mama, so it's true you left us without a word? I remember as a growing child I always visit u at home or restaurant. You sat me down and adviced me about life. After a while I left 4 port Harcourt and I saw less of you but your words of advice still ministered in me and helped me today to be a full grown woman. So sad I didn't see u again till your demise. I kw you are in heaven wt our Lord. May your soul rest in d bossom of our Lord Jesus christ. Mama, you will be forever missed. Adieu!!!
This tribute was added by Belema Okujagu on June 13, 2016
Mama, so it's true you left us without a word? I remember as a growing child I always visit u at home or restaurant. You sat me down and adviced me about life. After a while I left 4 port Harcourt and I saw less of you but your words of advice still ministered in me and helped me today to be a full grown woman. So sad I didn't see u again till your demise. I kw you are in heaven wt our Lord. May your soul rest in d bossom of our Lord Jesus christ. Mama, you will be forever missed. Adieu!!!
This tribute was added by Caroline Siyanbade on June 10, 2016
Sister Funmi, Uncle Stan, Sister Emmanuella, you will wonder why it took me so long to write my tribute. It took me this long because I have just lost my own mum not long ago and for mummy mummy to follow her six months after came to me as a shock and knocks me for seven as I know how everybody works hard to to make sure mummy mummy receive the best care in the world but who are we to question God?
I am very happy to know her and very happy to know you these beautiful people and for you all to accept me despite the fact you don't know whom I was as your own, and for you to entrust mummy care unto me I will forever be grateful for this kind gesture.

Now to you my brother and sisters, I pray to God that he will be with you all, keep and protect you and no weapon fashioned against you will prosper remember all what the pastor said and more importantly please don't let mummy's death put an end to this our wonderful  friendship and please remember I am part of you and happy to be of help anytime God's willing.

To you mummy mummy, I thank God for your life and even though you have gone too soon but all that we shared during those short period we knew each other will linger on forever in my heart. I love you mummy mummy but God loves you more and you will be greatly missed.

Adieu beautiful soul , sleep tight and always remember everyone you have left behind both your biological and non biological children and your family . God be with you till we meet again .

This tribute was added by Funsho Saka on June 7, 2016
My tribute.........
It took this long because I have been slowly coming to terms with mama's demise contrary to my outward appearace. I continue to reminiscent on memories. I first met mama when i visited her at Homerton hospital. I could see a very affectionate, warm woman. I continue to befriend mama; I was determined to be there for her. I asked God for the grace to support Stanley and his family. Mama we prayed; we sang, we jisted for hours on the days that I visited. I enjoyed listening to you sharing life experiences, you always had something really important to say on any issue of life. I learnt so much from you within the short life span of two years I was privileged to be close to you. I remember your remarks, demeanour and how I tell you off and also encourage you when i ask ''mama where is your faith' In your travail, you were ever so considerate and mindful of your children and you will say to me, lamenting, that you do not want to continue to remain a burden, you will complain about how your daughter does not sleep, but taking care of you and how Stanley is running around you while he has a home and business to run as well and I will remind you to thank God that you are surrounded by your loved ones and you have care. Mama I was shocked of the news of your death because days before, you were about to be discharged, I was with you for hours; you told us real life stories, we laughed together. And then when I was about leaving, you said to me 'won't you pray for me before you go' mama I came to your bedside, held your hand as usual and we prayed, oh what a relief it was on that day seeing you so bright and happy unknown and hidden from me that this will be the last time with you. Mama I thank God for your life and the numerous lives you impacted including mine. The anchor is weighed and you have been set to sail to the golden shore, carried into God's presence. RIP in the bosom of your maker sweet mama....... Olufunsho Saka.
This tribute was added by Funsho Saka on June 7, 2016
Dearest mummy, my wife and I thank God for the opportunity and privilege to have known you it is sad to know you are gone but we believe you are in heaven with God. l remember when I first met you in Nigeria some years back the way you received me was wonderful now I see where your children took their kindness from…… from a loving special mother.
We shall all miss you.
Sleep well with the Lord mummy.

This tribute was added by Uche Ukpong on June 6, 2016
Oh our dear Auntie, you were an exceptional auntie, a mother to all especially to Odili's family. She love God and neighbours as herself. She was an example of what a good auntie, mother and friend should be. What else can we say about you. She was always there for us whenever we call her. Auntie was full of life, cheerful, loving, peace maker, giver, always carrying people's burden/problems on her head. She forfeit things for herself for others to be happy.She sacrifices her comfort to others. Waooh, she makes everyone around her happy and joyeous.

Auntie, mama funmi as we call her will trek under sun/rain to make sure that she visits us/bring something for us. We cannot emphasis the role she played when we lost our beloved dad. There was nothing she did not do for us. It was remaining for her to carry our tears. She left her  business and children and took us straight to Enugu. Oh an Aunty, who fear, love God, woman of intergrity, a brave asset to humanity is no more. We are still crying because we did not say sorry or bye.

Auntie, we love you so much and very difficult to accept that you are gone. Our consolation is that you have gone to rest with GOD who loves you more than us where we will meet to part no more in Jesus Name AMEN........
Uche Ukpong (nee Odili)
This tribute was added by Segun Arinze on June 4, 2016
Tribute to My Mum, My Aunty

It's hard to say goodbye especially when you aren't quite ready.

What can I say?
My mum, my grand aunt, my aunt, the one and only who tells me the truth no matter whose ox is gored!
Everly blunt.

The only one that reprimands and pats me at the same time. You stood behind me always like the rock of Gilbraltar.
Whenever I found myself at the crossroads and confused about things I do not understand, you were there always teaching, impacting, imparting and advising me. I am at loss for words to describe you. I didn't think you would be gone just like that. Too soon.

I remember you always telling me never to shift my gaze from the ball- that the sky will be more than my limit.

Aunty Ayo the Great!
Aunty Ayo the Disciplinarian!
Aunty Ayo the Compassionate Woman!
Aunty Ayo the Peacemaker!
Aunty Ayo the loving doting Mother.

The lights may be out, but the memory of you will linger for eternity in my heart.

Goodnight my dearest Aunty Ayo.
Sleep on and rest well in the Almighty 's bosom.
Eternal rest you have found.

Segun Arinze Aina Padonou
This tribute was added by Remi Ogunware on June 4, 2016
Mummy,I can't believe you are gone.We are sad but God knows best.You were such a wonderful mother.We take solace in knowing you are resting with the Lord.May your soul continue to rest in peace.
This tribute was added by James Shekoni on June 4, 2016
Met late mum; the aura her personality exhibits demonstrate serenity and sincerity. Stanley, is so close to mum, hence it's appropriate to pray and hope God in his infinite mercy give you and your family as a whole the fortitude to bear the loss of Mama. Ultimately, may she find a final and peaceful resting place with The Lord almighty. Adieu!
This tribute was added by Joseph Chukwuma Oputa on June 4, 2016
Mama, it was s rude shock that evening around 7.31pm when I received a phone call informing me of your demise in London.It was a grieving pain because though I knew you have been sick, but the thought of death never crossed my mind. But God knows best. As the scripture says in psalm 116 : 15 " precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. I take consolation in the word of God that God knows best.
I remember you bathing me when I was small at granny's place. You sheltered and supported me when I was in school. The story of my life is incomplete without mentioning you. You kept on providing motherly advise as I was battling through the vagaries of life. You were a mother, my adviser and my counsellor. Words cannot express my gratitude for all you did for me.
I take consolation that you are in the bosom of the Lord. Sister, as we all fondly call you; Adieu untill we meet on the resurrection morning. May your angelic soul rest in perfect peace. Joseph Chukwuma Oputa
This tribute was added by Nonso Ubajekwe on June 3, 2016
I do not write today to flatter the departed as many are wont to do in times like this. Mummy loathed flattery, and so it would amount to dishonor to deal her that card. Rather, I write not merely to eulogize mummy though eminently deserving of it, but to grant those who did not know and walk with Mummy closely, a slight peek into a life that touched mine and of course many others in ways that I cannot immediately begin to quantify.
I write to expose, albeit briefly her life, perhaps some reading may glean a few practical virtuous nuggets that could help in making our world better, and life, a little more bearable for those around us.
Mummy, you left a legacy not denominated in worldly goods however culturally fashionable, but in the quality and dignity of your children and other wards.
You taught us all hard work, the dignity of labor, honesty even on pain of repercussion, fierce loyalty to friends and family, undying care of family, ardent love for God and fellow men, and of course many more that the constraints of space ,time and pain would not allow me to effectively articulate ,and you modeled it all with fanatical rigor.
You never let a misdeed pass without registering your displeasure and exception to it. You corrected with firmness but were always fair. In correcting, you never stripped us of dignity and value. Every moment with you whether when upset or when pleased, was always a teaching occasion, a learning curve. You rebuked but you always made to feel loved and accepted.
Humanity was your immediate family. You never lacked or lagged in kindness and compassion. People would walk into your restaurant, who couldn’t afford to pay for a meal, and yet none left still hungry.
We watched you relate with the rich and poor, the educated and uneducated without disparity. Deference was simply on account of one being human, never on the basis of social status. You ingratiated with no one.
I felt as much your son as Stanley was. I was your son too. As much your ward as Funmi and Izadi
My growing-up years are difficult to contemplate without thinking favorably of you. Thoughts of you come with a cascade of sweet nostalgia. Memories of you will always be sweet.
They say those we love never really die, but live on in our hearts and always remembered by the things they have done. Mummy your deeds are multifold. You will always be sorely missed.
This is not goodbye; it is ‘ see you later ‘.
Rest on.

Nonso Ubajekwe.
This tribute was added by Blessing Ibete-Thomas on June 3, 2016
Tribute by Blessing Ibete-Thomas

Mama I am devastated. I am so confused that I am short of words. I still can't believe you are gone.

You took me when I was very small and had nothing to wear. You clothed me, sent me to school (private schools). People around don't believe I am an orphan because I am treated as a member of your family. I am believed to be your child /grandchild.

You were so caring. You wanted the best for everyone around you.

I miss you greatly but I'm comforted because I know you are in a better place. And I know you will continue to take care of us from above.

Rest in peace Mama.
This tribute was added by Precious Onyeiwe on June 2, 2016
When we lose someone who has been an important part of our lives, especially the one that raised us, many emotions come to the surface. Sadness is the first and overpowering emotion, then comes flashbacks. We remember all the good times spent together, it's a mixture of emotions........happiness when we think of the lovely times we shared and sadness realising we would not share such lovely times again

Grandma was a beautiful and lovely woman. She put everyone first. She was strong and brought her children and myself up to be responsible and in the fear of God. She was active and even in sickness, fought and wouldn't give up. She hated her stay in the hospital and just could not wait to go home.

Well she is home now. In a place far away, happy and resting in peace. She will be missed dearly and will remain in our hearts till the day we meet again to part no more.

Rest in peace my wonderful grandma*****
This tribute was added by Maureen Okereke on June 2, 2016
Dearest Aunty, Mummy !

It's me your niece Obi,

I have been very sad and tearful since I learnt of your demise.
I can still hear your sweet voice and can still see your beautiful face as it lightens up each time I come to visit you. I will always cherish your constant words of wisdom and advise. Though you are gone, but I know you are looking down on us. Sweet aunty, I will always remember you.

Your visit to the U.K. filled the vacuum my late mum ( your sister Mrs Modupe Uyanwune - Mordi) left behind and always recounting wonderful memories about my Mother. I take solace in the fact that you are now in a place of rest though, your death has reopened that vacuum.

Aunty - You fought a good fight during ill-heath. We cannot question God, He knows best.  He is the Alpha and Omega. We thank Him for the glorious years you lived on this earth. Every of those years you lived to the glory of His name.

Mummy as I always call you, you lived an exemplary life full of love, wisdom and knowledge, hard work and above all, you had a wonderful sense of humour.  I can still hear your voice saying 'Obi, how are the children and how is your husband my in-law? My husband and children are devastated. They miss your sense of humour.

You were a great mother with three wonderful children who adore you so much. Your grandchildren will miss you. We shall all miss you dearly. I will miss your great sense of humour and our chats. You treated me like your own daughter. Oh death! how cruel you are.

I promise not to ever forget you. Your memory will live in me forever my wonderful aunty. 

Rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!!!


Maureen Obi Okereke (nee Mordi).
This tribute was added by Maureen Okereke on June 2, 2016
Aunty I bid you farewell with a heavy and sad heart but with total submission to God almighty who created heaven and earth.
Growing up as a little boy, I knew you as an amiable, disciplined, generous, hospitable, kind hearted and very hardworking aunty of mine. These qualities no doubt culminated into the success of your children, business, and family life.
You were an embodiment of good morals, hard work and love which you always show and preach at all times. I remember your precious advice to me as a student, to always read my books and be of good behavior in order to excel and make the family proud. Your love and concern for every member of the family is unequalled and can never be forgotten. You were a motivator who motivated many people to success. You were a rare gem in the family.
The role you played in ensuring the success of my mother (your big sister’s) burial cannot be forgotten in a hurry.
It hurts me that you left just when I had just successfully put together my papers to come and see you in London. I take consilience in the fact that you have lived a good and successful life knowing God and doing His will. I know we miss you but God loves you better.
Adieu, farewell and rest in the bossom of the lord until we meet again.
Tribute from Francis and Engr. Onimona Uyanwune
This tribute was added by Tope Ogunlusi on June 1, 2016
Your good works are there for us all to see, an indelible prints in our hearts and a perfect example that you have bequeathed to us to follow.
In my heart you live on, but I know I will see you again where GOD is the light, where the water is clearer than crystal, where the city is called FOURSQUARE.
It's me.
Ogunlusi Temitope E.
This tribute was added by Ona-Kecia Thomas on June 1, 2016
I am sad that grandma is gone but I am glad to know that she is watching over us and protecting us all .
She will protect us from the bad and guide us through the rest of out lives .

This tribute was added by Patricia Oku on May 31, 2016
Mummy you were that foundation every child needed, you had so much love to share amongst all that met you. It is hard to say goodbye, but we all take solace in the fact that you are at peace. No more pain or sorrow. You have left a vacuum too hard to fill. We miss you and we pray that your family will be comforted somehow. Eternal rest grant unto you.....Love Essien, Patricia & family.
This tribute was added by Shay Azunma on May 31, 2016

My family received the News of your demise with shock and regret.

Shock in the sense that your passing on was sudden barely a couple of days my wife and l returned from our holidays giving  us no  opportunity to interact with you.

Regret in the sense that you passed on when  we and your family and friends needed you most.

As a Mother-ln-Law,  we will  greatly miss you and it will be difficult to replace you.

At this period of grief,  our thoughts are with your family and friends that you left behind.

May the  Almighty GOD accept your gentle Soul.

Rest In Peace.

                     From  Chief  Shemaiah   Azumah-M.B.E.

                      (On behalf of the  Azunma  Family).
This tribute was added by Feranmi Thomas on May 31, 2016
I miss my grandma, but it doesn't matter because grandma knows that I know that she is watching over me.

I also want her to know that I will continue saying Grace before I eat, just as she taught me!

I love you and I miss you so much grandma.

This tribute was added by Melvina Booth on May 30, 2016
If there was one who preached the saying 'good name is better than riches', you pratised and your preached it till the cows came home. You had no care for vein things, you cared more that peace reigned, that your family is united and people around you were always comfortable, well fed and happy no matter what it cost you. You knew Gods purpose for human life including yours is to reach out and leave a positive indelible mark in the lives of people, well you achieve that and we thank God for a life well lived. Rest now in the Lord. Xx
This tribute was added by Idia Thomas on May 30, 2016
Dear Mama

I remember whenever I would send Ona downstairs to her dad when you were around (she was so restless at bedtime and refused to fall asleep) my husband would say in a genteel manner: "Idia, everyone needs to hang out with their own mom- as you can see, me, I am hanging out with my own!" (Basically saying, woman! take your child to bed with you- but we all ended up staying up together whilst you held Ona until she fell asleep).

Everytime it crosses my mind that I will never get to hear my husband utter those loving words again- my heart grows heavy and I wonder; why do all good things have to come to an end?

You love for God and your family were your focus in this life- but; you heard God's whisper calling you home, we know you didn't want to leave us because we saw you fight, your love so much that you held on tight until all your strength was gone, and you could no longer hold on.

Finally though, you gave your hand to God and slipped away quietly.

There is still so much to say Iya Funmi, but as you watch us from above, I pray that we are and will continue to make you proud. Till we meet again, adieu and Rest In Peace.

This tribute was added by Emmanuella Ogunlusi on May 30, 2016
The heart of a mother is what makes the world spin! Mothers do more than just give birth. They bring joy and hope. They give compassion and ideals. They give moral support to their family and friends. Mothers have a lot to say and a lot to give. Mummy, you are the true definition of 'MOTHER'.

Mummy you were an inspiration to our family, and to those who knew you because of your unselfishness, willingness to help and dedication to us, your children and those around you. Your love for people was an 'Agape' kind of love. A love that is absolute and all encompassing—an unconditional love—a love that transcends all else.

Losing you is the deepest sorrow my heart has known, but your goodness, care, love...... lives on in my heart. You are a shining gem to us, your family and we appreciate the love you have shown us, your devotion and determination.

I love you so much mummy and I miss you terribly but God knows best.
Rest in peace my wonderful mother........."Iz"as you fondly called me***
This tribute was added by Lolo Charles on May 29, 2016
It was a big Blow To us The passing of Our Beloved Aunty l will forever miss you .your soft spoken words And your Gentleness amd your Remarkable Character Always Wanting Peace To Reign in The Familyl still Remembered All The Advice You Gave Me During my last visit To your Resident we wanted you To Stay But God Came Calling Cos His Timing Is Always Rightl know ure Resting In God's Bossom may The Holy spirit comforts us Adiuo Aunty Till we Meet Again T The feet Of Jesus To Part No More Mrs Felicia Nwamaka Nwachukwu
This tribute was added by Funmilayo Oduwusi on May 29, 2016
My beloved mother.... you are everything to me… teacher, my counselor my cheerleader, my caretaker; but most of all, my best friend.

I cannot even explain my feelings of loss….never has anything hurt this bad. Not a moment goes by that you are not in my thoughts, and I just wish I could’ve held you one more time and told you how much you meant to me, how much I love you but I guess God loves you more.

I love you dearly and miss you greatly. But I am comforted knowing that you are resting in the bosom of our Lord where we will meet someday. Rest on mummy.......
This tribute was added by Jaycee Thomas on May 27, 2016
Ill never get to see you again. We wont have any more heart to hearts. It brings me pain that i was to late to say goodbye. No more Ayodele senior, now just junior is left. There are so many things i still wanted to ask but now i will never know. Its upsetting to know you wont be around when i have my children. Im sure that your spirit will protect us. I have to take solace in knowing that you are in a better place, watching over us. Rest in peace Nana x
This tribute was added by Busayo Bakre on May 27, 2016
"Aunty Ayo" is what I knew you as. You were a selfless, giving, caring, and a brave woman. You cared so much for Mama Aina Padonou, even as a little girl I saw all you did for her. You made sure to keep the family united in peace and love. You were a gentle and peaceful soul. We will all miss you. Rest well Aunty. Busayo(Funsho's daughter)
This tribute was added by Kemi Abiola on May 27, 2016
Comfort the Thomas Family with Your love O God
Wrap them up in Your strong embrace
Shelter them from the storm O Lord
Envelop them in Your tender care

May the memories held deep within your heart, help to soothe you. You are all in my prayers. With deepest sympathy.

From Kemi Abiola and Family
This tribute was added by Francisca Okoroafor on May 26, 2016
Mama your evergreen memories lives on !!! Am happy an angel was gained in heaven at your demise.Am happy i knew you for a brief period when i came visiting you at home and hospital with your niece Maureen Okereke who loved and appreciated you so much.You were a great woman and your legasy lives on.May the most high be the souce of strenght for the vacuum your departure has created,May your children and relation be strong knowing its God's will .Good nite awesome and ever caring Mama till we all meet to part no more Amen.
This tribute was added by Stanley Thomas on May 25, 2016
Auntie its unfortunate you left without saying good bye my family and i will miss you may your soul rest in perfect peace you were such a wonderful person that your memory will always be in my heart
godfrey olisa
This tribute was added by Kemi Mordi on May 25, 2016
Dearest Aunty, You laid there in the hospital
bed, you tried so hard to hold on but God was calling you home.
He needed another angel to help pour out the rain.

Tears have fallen, our heart was broken when we heard of your passing, but it was time for you to fly home....Aunty, there is no more pain, no more struggles....You fought the hardest battle and we know you tried a great deal to hold on for us.

Aunty, your loved ones have came to say their last goodbyes,
to tell you how much we love you, and that you will be forever missed and will always remain in our hearts.

As your heartbeat stopped, and your eyes slowly closed,
God took another "great" angel home.
On behalf of the Mordi Family, we say "Adieu Dearest Aunt and continue to rest in the Lord"
This tribute was added by Felicia Udogu on May 25, 2016
This tribute was added by Stanley Thomas on May 24, 2016
Losing a mother is a pain that cannot be described in words. It is impossible to move on from the memory of losing the woman who sacrificed happiness in her own life so that you could have a better one.

1) No matter what I do to move on from this pain, deep down inside I will always know that I’ll never get to hug my mom again. I miss you.

2) Mom, your death has caged me in pain, agony and misery. But I don’t mind suffering, at least it has set you free. I miss you.

3) The skies look beautiful every day because Heaven cannot contain the beauty that you radiate. I miss you mom.

4) Mom, your memories are my life’s only solace. I miss you.

5) Death thinks it can take you away from me. But it doesn’t know you will always live in my memory. I miss you.
This tribute was added by Emmanuella Ogunlusi on May 24, 2016
My priceless jewel. The best mum in the world. I still can't believe you're gone. You left us too soon. Your death has left a big vacuum in our lives.
I can't stop tears from flowing from my eyes, I really don't know how I will get over this shock. But then I know you have gone to a better place, free of pain and sorrow and I take refuge in that fact.

Rest in peace my sweet mum. Till we meet at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ to part no more
This tribute was added by Tyra David on May 24, 2016
Death brings pain that time can only heal,
No words could ease what you truly feel;
But with God, mum's joy is eternally sealed,
And cherish mum's memories that death can't
even steal.
Lift up a smile for she is already in the paradise.
My deepest condolences to the Thomas family,
and may you find comfort and strength in the Lord
in this very painful time

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