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Posted by Folayemi Adebayo on July 26, 2022
Happy 50th birthday Ayomi. Wow!!!! Can't imagine you been here for your birthday. May you continue to rest in d bosom of the Lord amen. I miss u so much Ayo!!! I really do!!! I love you always
Posted by Titilayo Akinsanya on July 26, 2022
Ayo... Happy posthumous birthday. 
May your gentle soul continue to rest in peace my dearest sis . ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Mo OGUNDEJI on July 26, 2022
You know I used to get tired of your picture taking. Looking through our pictures I’m glad you made me take some with you! Been nostalgic as I remember all your birthday shoot etc! You taught me not to hide on my birthday (as I love to do) but celebrate!! July 26th was always electric (and still is) !!! I carry that current to mine seven days later.


Thinking of you on your birthday, my dearly departed sister from another mother, and remembering all the fun we had on your birthday and everyday. No dull moment with Ayo❤️❤️❤️

Happy Birthday Agnes Mamiekua Anthony
Posted by Ade Famuyiwa on July 26, 2022
Happy Posthumous Birthday Beautiful, you woud have been 50 today. Continue to soar with the Angels. We really miss you.
Posted by bolanle edwards on July 26, 2021
I never missed your birthdays.That's one day I recall we try and catch up if you end up picking your call. How I wish we were planning for 50th in 2022.

May your soul continue to rest on Ekua The Lord will grant your entire family peace on all sides.

Sun re o
Posted by Titilayo Akinsanya on July 26, 2021
Just taking one day at a time Ayo...You are always missed ;still find it hard to believe you are not around anymore.
As today marks your birthday... I wish you continued rest with the Lord . Amen.
Posted by Mo OGUNDEJI on July 26, 2021
You may be in heaven, but you’re not far enough away for me to forget that it’s your birthday. Birthday wishes to my dearly missed friend. Continue to Rest In Peace girlfriend! Mo
Posted by Stella Nwosisi on May 5, 2021
I thought putting it off would make it go away but I guess I was wrong...,,
I remember the really mature teen that you were and kindness that was your trademark. You will be remembered always with a smile, rest in the bosom of our Lord.
Posted by Folayemi Adebayo on April 18, 2021
Ayo mi wow!!! I spoke to your parents this morning and I know you will comfort them in your own ways. I think about you everyday and I feel so blessed knowing you. You were a dear friend, sister and confidant. You will always have a space in my heart. I love u sis!!! Sun re!!!!
Posted by Olufemi Anthony on April 18, 2021
My sweet dearest Sis,

Still believe all these is a nightmare im yet to wake up from knowing ure no more just like that.Every minute i still think of u and the last period we shared but never saw this coming.Words cant express the huge weight of pain ur sudden death has caused but thinking deeper of the life u lived similar to an angel spreading love to everyone u came across consoles me.U lived life in full till the very end and i know ure in a better,safer place looking out for us.I will always love & miss u greatly.Feel so sad my boys never got to experience ur love in person
Posted by Aderoju Akinsanya on April 16, 2021
Sis mi.
Now i can let out all the tears i have held up inside. Went through our whatssap chat today and i just couldnt hold back.
You were simply selfless and incredibly amazing.From day one i met you, you never saw me as a sister inlaw but a sister.And such a big sis you were! You had plans, we had plans but like they say, man proposes...
Show me a selfless giver and i will proudly mention you Ayokunle Ekua.Even on your sick bed you looked out for others.This one cut too deep o sis mi.But i am extremely glad that i spent your entire last year with you.To say the kids will miss you is an understatement cos they remember you everyday.
But REST ON MY QUEEN.You fought excellently well.Keep smiling down on all of us...
Posted by Oluyinka Olumide on April 8, 2021
Dear Cuz,

I'm still grappling with the sad news of your crossing and find that am at a loss of what to write.

Your departure has left a void in the lives of so many, especially those of your parents.

You've journey is done, your destination back to The Creator completed.

I pray you rest in perfect peace, for more than this we cannot ask for. God bless you real good.

Farewell dear fam, till we all meet up again, in time, on the other side. Much love dear sister.
Posted by Deola Adu on April 7, 2021
Ayo. My sister. My friend. Your absence will be felt by many. I can’t believe you are gone. I loved your sense of fashion, I loved how you saw the beauty in everything and everyone. You always had a smile and a kind word. You encouraged me when the going was tough. I wish I could see you once more to say “thank you”.
God knows best and may we all meet again in the bosom of Christ.
Sleep in peace Sis. ❤️
Posted by Emua Okiti on April 7, 2021
Gone too soon but God knows best. You touched me with your gentleness and of course your creativity. May your soul find peaceful rest at feet of Christ Jesus. And may God comfort your loved ones. Amen.
Posted by Ayo Adesina on April 7, 2021
I never had the pleasure to meet you but we spoke several times over a few months when you so patiently and passionately helped FGGC Bida girls coordinate our 2019 Reunion outfits. You went above and beyond and most are lucky to have your designer outfits hanging in their closets now.

You are beautiful inside and out and will be very much missed by many. May your gentle soul Rest In Peace and God comfort and strengthen your family, friends and community
Posted by abimbola adeoye on April 7, 2021
I most times wonder why the good ones leave so soon, after spreading their love and light for all. Then I console my troubled soul with the fact that it wasn't their choice to leave and that was why the departed left so much love in the world.

May your sweet soul rest in peace, and your love heal your family and friends.
I pray the Lord bless everyone with the grace to bear the loss.

"It is well with my soul".........

(Abimbola Dairo)
Posted by Funmi Falana on April 7, 2021

I remember my TLC hats, berets, brandy bag, lovely dresses and unique cloths during my university days and when I started working all thanks to your creativity.

I remember thinking this is another Ibukun Awosika in the making and your successes were inspiring. It is unbelievable how you can make so many people feel so special in a lifetime and create such bond. It only shows how special you are because it’s only a special person that can make so many feel so special about themselves.

You create beauty not only in the uniqueness of the clothes you make but in the way you touch people life and you will be greatly missed and remember with the same fondness. It’s still so hard to accept this reality.

I pray for God grace for all of us to bear this loss especially your family in Jesus name amen.
Posted by Gbolade Olubukola on April 7, 2021
I know everyone has been writing a lot of nice things, they are all true, Ayo. Such a gentle lovely person. Truely lovely
You made me know it was possible to dress nicely in clothes made in Nigeria, and I didn’t drop my standard since I met you, because in my mind I will just say, Ayo can make it better so it’s not good enough for me.
I will misss you, and I know heaven just Hines another angel. Rest on Ayo.
Posted by Joyce Olagesin on April 7, 2021
Hmmm, Ayo..
I can't write......
I just don't know what to write still...
Rest Ayo..
Rest Ayo the fashionista
Rest Ayo the "Ankara designer of sorts"
Rest the " interior color "combinator"
Posted by Anne Olaide Vincent on April 6, 2021
My Aunty Ekua,

From the first day you met me, I wasn't just Itunu's friend but I became your younger sister. You were everything warm, kind, authentic, loving and gentle.
Our relationship was so deep so much so that even when you started making my cloth, you insisted on delivering them yourself all the way from Ogba which always humbled me.
You were always ready to profer an advice, give a warm hug everytime we met at your family function and generally ensure I am good. Your love and dedication to your family and family time was 2nd best to none. I can't imagine how everyone must be feeling right now because for someone who was from a large family you made everyone feel so loved and special especially your nieces and nephews... as everyone felt like they were your favorite.
When my mum passed in 2015 you were there like a rock of gilbratar holding my hands and helping me navigate. Your smile and your kind heart were my favorite things about you and man you always doled it out in huge doses. I can't remember any of my birthday celebration that you weren't a part of as all I had to do was ask and you will be there ALWAYS Your kind is rare... So rare because you are such a gem. When I heard about this, the first emotion I felt was guilt because I have never gone this long without reaching out to you. I hope I gave you your flowers while you were here with us and I hope you knew how much I admired you and loved you deeply. You are in the best place now, at peace with ABBA the one who won't share you with anyone else. And with that singular thought, though hard I will make peace with your passing because the one who loved you too much more than the rest of us has taken you to be with him. I called my mum my Angel of mercy, how great is it that now I get to have 2 angels of mercy watching out for me (deep sigh).
Fly on Angel.... There will never be another you but the memories we built will never ever be forgotten.. I miss you so much already my delicate beauty.... Adieu Aunty I will always love you.
Posted by Dupe Adeolu on April 6, 2021
You meant a lot of things to us; a much-loved sister/daughter, a solution to our fashion needs, an entrepreneur extraordinaire, a fashion icon, a dear cousin/niece, always present when we celebrated, ever ready to lend a hand where it was needed, humbly and graciously leading a good example.

To say that you will be missed will be the understatement of the century. You are totally irreplaceable and we hope you knew how much you meant and how much of an impact you had on us as a family. Can't imagine a world without you, but we are comforted to know that you are in a much better place where there is no sorrow and no more death.

From the Adeolu Family at home and abroad, you have impacted us all in unique and different ways, and our lives are richer and fuller because you were in it.

Till we meet again to part no more, Adieu.
Posted by Adejumoke Ogun on April 6, 2021
Ayo (Agnes), it is strange writing this. My memories are predominantly of the young ladies we were making those huge 90s Gatsby hats, designing and sewing whatever the current fashionable obsession was then. In it was a huge hint of your gift/calling as a creative. You are gone too soon by human reckoning even as it is not ours to question the creator or the number of our days. May your soul be at rest in the bosom of the one who knows the end from the beginning.
Posted by Ayodokun Ogunba on April 6, 2021
In the ordinary course of life, we had a chance meeting about 36 years ago.

36 years after, your journey in this ephemeral life is done.

Agnes, I thank God for your life and times while it lasted.

To say you were a calm and kind person, is an understatement.

May God give us all the fortitude to continue without you and more importantly to always remember the transience of life and the certainty of the hereafter, amen.

Journey well back home, Ayokunle, into the Light, Life and Love of our heavenly Father.

We shall gather at the river, flowing by the throne of God.
Posted by Sarah Anthony on April 6, 2021
Gone too soon but never forgotten and God knows best.
May you rest in perfect aunty Ekua and may the perpetual continue to shine upon you.
Posted by Choice Màdu on April 5, 2021
May your gentle soul rest in the Lord. I am short of words! May God grant your family the fortitude and strength to bear such a painful loss.
Rest on my schoolmate!
Posted by Hector Fowobaje on April 5, 2021
Words are not enough to convey my thoughts as im still trying to get out of this shock, i still hope i can be told it is APRIL FOOL... 
but I remember you as a caring and passionate person, you believe in people and you go out to show love..
My family and I will forever miss you.. sleep on dear on the bosom of your maker, till we meet to part no more..
Posted by Opeyemi Kowe-Sorunke on April 5, 2021
I remember you as a very soft-spoken person....the last time I saw you at a function...the waiter accidentally poured a glass of drink on you....u didn't freak out or make a sure the waiter expected a slap of some sort...but you were so calm....u simply went to the rest room to clean up and that was were also fantastic with fabrics and lovely designs....back in the days at Ogba...if "Aggie" didn't make your weren't in vogue....
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace,the Lord will comfort your family and soothe their pain in Jesus name, Amen...
Rest Well Sis....
Posted by Folayemi Adebayo on April 5, 2021
Ayokunle words cant express my exact feelings!!! As I write these words, it saddens my heart so much but one consolation is that you are with the Lord. You were the most beautiful and gentle soul I knew. Ekua.......ha!!! God knows best. You will always be remembered for being a kind, loving and good person you are.

Rest in peace my dear friend and sister. I will always love you........
Posted by Toyin Olanrewaju on April 5, 2021
Oh Ayo!!! This is such a rude shock. It’s hard to believe you have gone to rest. You were a kind and wonderful person with such an amazing sense of style. Your smile was enough to calm a storm. And you always smiled, irrespective of the situation. Rest in the bosom of the Lord my dear friend. May the beautiful memories you left for us console all who love you.
Posted by Gbemisola Akinkunmi on April 5, 2021
Anty ayo, one beautiful thing about u, is the way u talk, it's so magical, you were a very strong, friendly,caring and a good model/ fashionista.....

You always tell me to be strong, and only me can make myself happiness whenever am down....

Thank you in all...may your gentle soul rest in peace.
Posted by Bukola Owoyomi on April 5, 2021
Sis, this is so hard to process.... a real rude shock. From the time we met almost 30 years ago, You always had a smile on your face, your demeanour was ever pleasant. You were beautiful inside and out... so creative and fashion savvy that you turned your passion it into a successful business.

Ayo, Your last message to me was that you'd open the package I sent you and get back to me but you never did.... You left us way too soon. wow! its just unbelievable that you're gone but who are we to question God?

Rest in the bosom of your maker, a true angel... may God give your family the comfort to cushion this irreparable loss.

May your soul rest in perfect peace, Ekua.
Posted by Ifeyinwa Okafor on April 5, 2021
You wanted to stay
Fight again, Fight another day

But HE had better plans
To take you into His loving arms
...To hold you close
Yet, set you free,
Plans to take you home
The glories of heaven you see

...Your race is run
....Your day is come
...Your earthly Hallelujah sung

Now with the angels you sing on..

Posted by Basco Id on April 5, 2021
Its a sad news to hear that u r no more, though i dont know you in person but FGCIK joined us together as one, i av bn praying for you to recover after seeing much love from the alumni. Death is inevitable n who r we to question God, i believe God has a purpose to take u away from this wicked world for u to have everlasting peace and rest. May ur soul continue to find rest, we shall meet to part no more on the day of resurrection. Sleep on our dear sister. Basco id 09 set
Posted by Obinna Utaegbulam on April 5, 2021
The beautiful, elegant Agnes Mamiekua, fashion icon...gone too soon. You will surely be missed. Your presence is totally irreplaceable. You fought quite hard to you're pain free... you're in a better place, at rest from all the toils and turmoils. Rest in peace Agnes Anthony Mamiekua.
Posted by Kenny Agoro on April 5, 2021
Let Me Go
When I come to the end of the road
And the sun has set for me
I want no rites in a gloom filled room
Why cry for a soul set free?

Miss me a little, but not for long
And not with your head bowed low
Remember the love that once we shared
Miss me, but let me go.

For this is a journey we all must take
And each must go alone.
It's all part of the master plan
A step on the road to home.

When you are lonely and sick at heart
Go to the friends we know......Jesus
Laugh at all the things we used to do
Miss me, but let me go.

This is for you.....Mummy and Daddy Agnes.
Our Lord will grant you the strength.
Posted by Kenny Agoro on April 5, 2021
Darling Agy, it's a shame it has to be like this. I spoke with you last month and chatted with you towards the end of March, I promised that I will see you In April , when I am home. I remember that word, " I hope I will still be here when you come"...hmmm... you knew right? You knew I will not see you again. You were passing a message. but I reversed your words with prayers.

Agy, your Heavenly father has taken you to a better place. May thy continue to give you eternal rest.

Daddy and Mummy Agnes, e oni ri iru eyi mo oo.... Awon omo yin iyoku a gbeyin yin loruko Jesu.

My heartfelt condolences to Rotimi, Bosun and the rest of the family.

Adieu darling sister
Adieu beautiful heart
Adieu Agy
Adieu apple of Gods eyes.

You are now in a better place.

May thy Lord grant your parents the strength to bear this loss.
Posted by Waribo Cookey on April 5, 2021
To my friend Agnes,my family and I are still in a state of shock about your demise. We are consoled knowing that you fought a good battle and your in a better place watching over us. May the Lord grant you beautiful soul eternal rest and give those you left behind the fortitude to bear this irreplaceable loss.
Goodnight Agi.
Posted by Omobosola Jinadu on April 5, 2021
Loml... I really don't even know what to say, I'm actually still processing this. Aunty Ayo I'd miss you so much. I can just hear your voice calling my mom dudu. I love you always and forever and I'd make your proud. Rest Easy Angel ♥️. Heaven just gained an Angel.
Posted by Ajoke Olumide on April 5, 2021
I can't find words..Mamie....
God knows best
Heaven has gained an Angel
Sleep well sweet sis ❤❤
Posted by Olufunmilayo Asiyanbi on April 5, 2021
My dearest stylish fashionista sister, I cannot but be shocked at the news of your passing. This is a big blow, but regardless I have to believe you have gone to rest in the bosom of our Lord. Until we meet again my dear friend. Continue to dazzle them in heaven.
Posted by Olaitan Ayion on April 5, 2021
Aunty Ekua, you are such a beautiful soul, please keep shinning among the Angels and I know you are resting in God's bossom. I'm pained ooooo but thank you for touching my life. I love you.
Posted by Abimbola Soyode on April 5, 2021
Your untimely death is so heart breaking, I remember our childhood - the laughter, the friendship, the warmth you radiate. Always smiling and very gentle .
I wish we could change the hands of time but unfortunately only God has that power.
You will forever be loved ans missed.
Rest on dear Agnes, you fought the good fight. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace, Amen
Posted by Aisha Ado on April 5, 2021
My Stylish Mami
It's a shocker but who can question God
A lady to the core.
Rest in peace dear
Posted by Sylvester Kennedy on April 5, 2021
Its sad that you left too early. I hoped you would fight the battle and get back on your feet, knowing the strong lady you are. But death had other ideas. What can we say? We can't question God. Rest on Agnes. The Ibiakpan crew truly miss you....
Posted by Harriet Anyanwu on April 5, 2021
Still shocked,still processing,but knowing it's the inevitable. Ayo was a stylist turned good friend as most would testify to, a gentle soft spoken strong young woman- strong in spirit; who never let any of the challenges life threw hold her down, the proverbial get back up again was Ayo.Hmm.. we spoke over the death of a mutual friend last year not knowing you were fighting your own battle. Go rest in the arms of the Heavenly Father who loves you more,no more pains,no more suffering.To the family left to mourn,only God can comfort and soothe the pain.
Posted by Ngozi Sam-Ocheho on April 5, 2021
Hmm...this was not the news I expected to hear from Catherine Adelakun who was my connection to you. You delivered clothes made from African prints that I could wear...hmm who would I trust to make those clothes now? The dress you made for my mum is still stuck with me waiting to be amended as you made it by looking at her just needed it taken in a bit and wanted sequins added...we agreed how to get it across to you...I still read our chats were apologising..hmmm... then this is what I hear next, very shocking..very sad but GOD is GOD. You really knew your onions with creativity and I always teased you on how great a body you had. I guess the pain is that you laboured alot and it just seemed like you left without enjoying any fruits but no...that would give the devil credit...GOD knows why and knows all and knows best. I did not even consider this when I heard of the illness...but rest on in peace..I pray comfort for your mom, your family and all who loved you dearly. You have left your impact that is the story we carry on and should learn from. GOD be glorified
Posted by Kehinde Iyade on April 5, 2021
Darlin Agnes. Only God understands how these things happen and we can't question His ways. Rest in peace my dear gentle friend. Always ready to assist with a coy smile on your face. You will be missed. Good night my dear friend
Posted by Lyn Ejiro Abeke on April 5, 2021
Our Rupunzel. My number one fashionista! Mami that always have everything perfectly done fashion wise. Mami of few words. Kai... this one pain me oo. I did not see this coming atall. This was not the plan babes. We planned graduations of our kids and marriages but not death Ayo. Not death oo.
Death do us strong thing
Rest babes! Rest well. You will be truly missed!!
Posted by Olaitan Sulu on April 5, 2021
Mamie, mami as I call you. You will be greatly missed. May your gentle soul rest eternally. Amen. Your, SugarPincess
Posted by Xio Jo on April 5, 2021
Rapunzel mi, this one hit so hard... so short of words. May your sweet soul rest in perfect peace...
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Posted by Folayemi Adebayo on July 26, 2022
Happy 50th birthday Ayomi. Wow!!!! Can't imagine you been here for your birthday. May you continue to rest in d bosom of the Lord amen. I miss u so much Ayo!!! I really do!!! I love you always
Posted by Titilayo Akinsanya on July 26, 2022
Ayo... Happy posthumous birthday. 
May your gentle soul continue to rest in peace my dearest sis . ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Mo OGUNDEJI on July 26, 2022
You know I used to get tired of your picture taking. Looking through our pictures I’m glad you made me take some with you! Been nostalgic as I remember all your birthday shoot etc! You taught me not to hide on my birthday (as I love to do) but celebrate!! July 26th was always electric (and still is) !!! I carry that current to mine seven days later.


Thinking of you on your birthday, my dearly departed sister from another mother, and remembering all the fun we had on your birthday and everyday. No dull moment with Ayo❤️❤️❤️

Happy Birthday Agnes Mamiekua Anthony
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Shared by Monica Akinnaso on April 5, 2021
Agnes was a good friend. She was calm, friendly, hardworking, and respectful. Her sudden departure was a rude shock to me. I commiserate with her parents, siblings, and other relatives. May her perfect soul rest in peace.