Truly, you will forever be missed

Shared by Juliah Wangeci on March 27, 2021
I remember that evening when i met baby girl Bryanna and her much as she was tired from flying...she was cheerful and excited to have landed at the Jomo Kenyatta Nairobi Airport all ready for the holidays.
Her smile melted my heart. Her big and  beautiful inquisitive eyes. All cheerful loving and very responsible.
Many people noticed her special love for her siblings. Bryanna made it easy to love.
Bryanna we love you and God loved you more till we meet again our little angel, rest.❤️

My story

Shared by Dr. Ewang Theo Epie-Alobw... on March 12, 2021
My name is Byranna Etonde Epie-Alobwede. Everyone calls me by a different name: Choupilita, Pilie, Pilita, Madame, Ma Schwang, Aunty, Brie, Billie, Baby Bey.
I am 10 years old. This is my story.
I kicked my way into this world on a Sunday morning January 2, 2011 leaving everyone in awe especially my parents, Sheila and Caven Epie. I quickly warmed my way into everyone’s heart especially Big Papi (God rest his soul). I am the apple of every eye. Grandma and Ndumu are my favourite but Alex is special. 
Being a baby was very easy, for I will eat, play and nap (going to the beach) all day with Ndumu. When I was six months old, my parents brought me to Church and I received the Sacrament of Baptism. At baptism I got another mother: Grandma Magdalene Senze Esambe. 
I lived with my grandparents who dotted on me. At my grandparents, I learnt to talk and walk and Big Papi taught me my first word: BIRD. At my grandparents, I had many friends to play with. Uncle Basil will come and visit and will play all funny games you can think of.
When I was two years old, my life changed! Mother came home with a bundle and there she was, my little sister, Darkie. Oh how I loved that baby. Keeping an eye on her was my responsibility and Darkie sure knew how to keep me on my feet. Darkie and I made so much noise but that was ok. We were only children. 
We were living in a bubble. It however popped one morning when Mother told Darkie and me that Big Papi had gone to meet God in Heaven. Darkie and I knew we have a new job; that of looking after Grandma. We had our moments. We argued and fought with her but the best part was making up. During one such fights, Grandma called me “Agric fowl for six thousand”. 
Time quickly came for me to go to school. Going to school was scary but Mother promised me I will make many friends. The first day was challenging but my Uncles were there to help me. Uncle Ngome carried me to class and Uncle Ekema waited outside all day to bring me home after school. Uncle Ekema can you remember those days? School was not just playing and singing but letters and numbers and science. My parents moved me to Douala where I had to learn french. What an experience!
I struggled to learn a few words and in less than no time I could speak both official languages fluently. School became a routine but trust Daddy to make it fun. 
Life became a routine until the arrival of another bundle. Mother left home again and returned with this little bubble. I called him Twinkle. One more play partner for life. Twinkle is Twinkle like his name and he is such fun to be with. Together we had lots of games, cartoons, and we toured the world. 
My life was calm, peaceful, beautiful until sickness set in. That was in September 2019. At first, it looked like an ordinary sickness until diagnosis was made. I had a series of evaluations in Douala and the doctor requested an emergency medical evacuation. India was the only country ready to receive us. We were three people who boarded the flight to Hyderabad: My Baby Jesus, Mother, Me. We called it the Journey of Faith. On this journey there was no room for fear. Fear became faith and pain became peace. Hospital days were not worth talking about. However the people I met there are worth saluting.
A team of dedicated nurses and surgeons who made me their priority. I was showered with attention and gifts. We quickly became friends. Hyderabad was beautiful until Covid-19 forced its way into the world. I spent the endless days of confinement reading and singing. I will move from one call to another with family all over the world so we do not feel the pinch of confinement. 
There was Uncle Theo and Aunty Marion, Grandma Synod, my very many Grandmas; my grandfathers, and there was Mbamba Maamie. Her voice was soothing, her words encouraging as her songs and prayers. She taught me our three phrase prayer. My favorite book was the Holy Bible. My favorite verse was Micah 7:7-8. I will listen to sermons online from different preachers and participate in Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Emma.
I equally made friends during confinement. I will sit with Aunty Oluchi and will talk about everything and nothing. Aunty Oluchi can you remember our make up classes? Hyderabad served its purpose. 
Coming home eleven months later was such relief. Everyone was waiting especially Alex my Bestie. Getting healthcare in Cameroon was challenging and frustrating but God always made a way. After several tries, Daddy found what we thought was appropriate healthcare. We managed with that until my health deteriorated. Fighting back was not easy but with God on my side, what could be against me?
It was a fierce battle with everyone on board. My new family (they know who they are) and my real family watched me fight; with prayers, love, selflessness and understanding. It was a fierce battle. The bad days were bad, the good days were wonderful. Some days were too long and others very short. We took one day at a time.
Sickness is cruel and painful but I knew I was ok. It could have been worse then but I knew it was not and I was ok. Sickness came with transformation, mood swings, and many other challenges. I choose to look beyond the pain and transformations and made up my mind to be ok. 
Those last days were daunting, but I had two important things: Prayers and Love. I was folded in love. 
This love made me overcome many obstacles.
I am a happy child. I have the best of what life can offer (so I think). 
I visited the best places in the world.
I have the best friends.
I have the best family.
I have the best of it
Love helped me overcome it all to be in the best place. 
I overcame to be in the best place. 
He made a way for me to be in the best place.
I received him in Holy Communion before going to the best place.
I am in the best place.
I am ok… I am in the best place for all eternity. 

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