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fishing with pop-pop and family

March 1, 2011

Even though i am younger in this picture, i will never forget all the times i had on "High Hopes"! i always used to sleep on the boat and my fishing line would always be the first pole to catch a fish, and everyone always wondered how i did that while i was sleeping

Or, when pop-pop would have enough strong rope to be tied around me so i could go swimming in the water while everyone else was fishing, or when he let me help clean up the boat afterwards

If it was not for pop-pop i do not think i would have ever gone fishing, The love i have for fishing now is at a whole different level, and as your first mate has said, the next family fishing trip will be dedicated to you.. and the next time i go fishing with Andrew, i will catch as many fish as i can and know that you are up above smiling and proud of me for being awake and fishing :)


R.I.P Pop-pop I love you with all my heart, just keep watching over all of us!

P.S. You were such an amazing grandfather, and i am proud to say that i was your granddaughter, and always will be no matter the distance!


February 27, 2011

And so he has passed to a greater world to watch over his family and keep us safe.

He was a very quiet person and you didn't always know what was on his mind, but if he felt passionate about something he would argue with you until you finally would just give up :)

Saying that we always knew he loved us with all the little things he did for us over the years.  He was always there for me even when he was sooo angry at me. (Why he would ever be angry at me, I have know idea....don't talk to my sisters and brother.  They'll tell you a different version than I remember!)

Anyway, thanks Dad for providing me a great role model to learn and grow from.  I wouldn't be the person I am today if not for your love and support.

I hurt so much right now, but I know that it was time for you to go to be with your mom and dad.  You'll always be in my heart and mind and I'll never forget the time I got to spend with you in your final months...

R.I.P  I Love You!!!  :)  XXOO

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