Phenomenal Aunty B

Shared by Bona Solomon on June 3, 2021
I have so many stories, but I’ll just drop these here:

Back then when we were younger and Aunty B came visiting, she’d always give us mint notes (my siblings and I always wondered why she had those, lol). It was really cool to us because it was definitely  something to look forward to. We were just always happy when she was around- sometimes, we’d try to hide one leg of her shoes just to stall her from leaving.

I remember when Madagascar (Animated Comedy) premiered in 2005, Aunty B was the one who got it for us after my younger brother disturbed her to bits. She first organised a mini-quiz for us asking why we wanted it. She finally caved in and got it for us.

Aunty B always motivated me to play violin and gave me my first one. It came in this really cute black box. It was really small too, and I loved it. Perfect for my size at the time

Whenever she came around, it was a vibe. Everyone MUST have a good laugh. From my dad, my mum, my other aunties staying with us, to our neighbours. Her presence was always lit. Might I add, she had a very sweet voice- I loved hearing it, even when it wasn’t me who was being spoken to. She’d try to make us speak our language which we’d woefully fail to do - then she’d laugh at us in the same language. She’d also try to get us to call our eldest sibling ‘brother’. Lol. The truth is, we’d add the ‘brother’ to his name only when she was within earshot.

You know, it’s hard to think that she’s not here with us anymore. Very hard to comprehend. We all loved her very much, individually and collectively. Her memories will forever linger in our hearts. I love the Iyire family very much, and I pray this hurt becomes bearable with time. May her soul rest in peace as heaven has gained another angel. 

Fly high, Aunty B!

Love, always.
Adiagha Solomon.

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