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Bob Scheno
  • 88 years old
  • Date of birth: Jun 4, 1928
  • Date of passing: Apr 10, 2017

This memorial website was created in memory of Robert Charles Scheno, aka our beloved "Bob" or "Uncle Bob" -- world traveler, master chef, connoisseur of wines and champagnes, lover of all things French, family member, and friend. 

Please use this site to share your memories of Bob and pass it along to anyone that you know who was touched by his life.

His official obituary can be found here

Service Information (*Updated 9/16*)

Internment of Bob's cremation ashes has been scheduled at the Arlington National Cemetery on Wednesday, October 25 at 11am.

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP using this link or by contacting Tom Bozzo directly.

Those attending are to be at the Administration building no later than 10:15am. Information concerning directions to the cemetery, parking, etc may be obtained by visiting www.arlingtoncemetery.mil or callling 877-907-8585.

We will be organizing a lunch nearby to follow the service which we hope all can attend. 


A memorial for Bob took place on Saturday, May 13th at Asbury Methodist Village, where Bob resided.  The program from his service can be found here.  

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Helen Bozzo on 11th April 2018

"Yesterday, April 10, 2018 marked the 1st anniversary of  Bob’s death as memories surfaced and sadness diminished.  Wonderful memories were recalled as I reflected on fun times shared over our 40+ years of friendship.  
We have some beautiful books that he saved from when our son was young.   Now our Shane always asks to read  “Uncle Bob’s special books.”  The boys loved him so!  His memory lives on with the Bozzo family."

This tribute was added by mary ann tourault on 10th April 2018

"We were blessed to have Bob as a friend. His unwavering support we took for granted. Bob will be forever missed! The wit and humor and joy of life is rare. We will always remember the great times we shared with Bob. A great memory is having dinner sitting on the floor of an Indian restaurant then joining a conga line to dance across the floor. How we laughed at ourselves with joy."

This tribute was added by Helen Bozzo on 28th October 2017

"On October 25th, Bob’s Inurnment at  Arlington National Cemetery took place with close friends in attendance.  The military ceremony with the 21 gun salute, flag presentation and the National Anthem by the Bugler was so impressive and fitting.  It was a beautiful day as well.  May Bob Rest In Peace!   A luncheon at a restaurant featuring French and Italian fare allowed time to reminisce, laugh and be thankful for Bob’s friendship.  ❤️"

This tribute was added by Tommy Bozzo on 26th October 2017

"I've known Uncle Bob my entire life and deeply cherished the special bond that we had. As I've been reflecting on our relationship since his passing, I've often found myself overcome with feelings of loss and sadness but the prevailing emotion I feel is gratitude.

People come and go on this journey.  I can only imagine when I look back at some of the early photos of my parents and their friends that they couldn't have fully grasped at the time the longevity and impact that some of these friendships would end up having on themselves and their children.

And so it was with Uncle Bob.  I was fortunate to have him be a part of my life from the very beginning and I am so grateful to my parents for that gift. It means more to me than they could ever truly know.

To say that Uncle Bob had an adventurous spirit would be an incredible understatement.  Some of my earliest memories with him involve various adventures, or sometimes misadventures:  camping, horse-back riding, spelunking, sailing, traveling, nature exploring, you name it.  He was always looking for new and exciting experiences to share, and happily encouraged me to try new things despite any preconceived doubts on my part.  A fair share of these experiences later ended up as embarrassing stories in my adulthood, but I wouldn't trade them for anything.

As I got older, I began to realize more and more what a special and unique person he was. A true renaissance man, well-versed in so many things - from foreign cultures (particularly French, his family's roots), to history, world travel, cooking, appreciating and creating art, wood-working, gardening, reading and so much more.  Uncle Bob found beauty in everything. His quest for knowledge never dwindled. His love of life and everything it had to offer was infectious. His excitement in experiencing it, or its prospect, palpable. It's a trait that I hope to instill in my children.

But the true gift was that when he spoke to you, he truly engaged and showed genuine interest in your life, making you feel like you were the only person in the world that mattered to him. He listened, and made you feel loved and accepted.

Uncle Bob had an extraordinary ability to build community and connect with people which led him to establish friendships with people of all walks of life. He was fascinated by different experiences, beliefs, and opinions. He was respectful and conscientious.  He exuded love and encouragement.  Uncle Bob drew people to him like moths to a flame. His easy, welcoming smile, his boisterous laugh, his desire to celebrate everything - a promotion! An engagement! A completed task! All calls for popping a bottle of champagne, plenty of good food, and tons of fun and laughter together.

Uncle Bob loved being together. Let's get together. Let's try this new restaurant together. Let's go to the museum exhibit together. It really didn't matter what the outing entailed - if I asked, "Uncle Bob, do you want to…" he was already smiling and agreeing. "Yes, Tommy! Yes, I would LOVE that."  I'd ask, how about on… and before I would name a day or date, he'd be nodding enthusiastically. "We'll find a day, oh yes, that will work. It will be WONDERFUL!"

Uncle Bob was so generous in spirit. Growing up I knew he would take me just about anywhere I wanted to go. And more times that I can count that was to the Putt-Putt mini golf and video game arcade with my friends. He let me drive his brand new car! And well before that command the radio. Every. Single. Time. No questions asked.  No task was too big or too small. Making others happy brought him so much joy.

Above all, his family and friends meant the most to him. Despite never marrying or having his own children, Uncle Bob's family was enormous. The deep connections he made with people throughout his life, whether at work, on his travels, during his service in the Navy, at church, with his neighbors, his extended family, and even the extended family of his countless friends….were all truly fortunate enough to find a spot in Uncle Bob's family.

Uncle Bob adored children and found them endlessly entertaining. He loved spending time with and  hearing stories about our children. he loved telling (and re-telling) stories.

Uncle Bob was a gifted storyteller. Drawing on his many life experiences, he was literally never without a story to tell. Uncle Bob remained young at heart and full of stories until the day he died.

And now his story is being told. We cannot help but to share the stories of our times with him because, when you feel love like his, it never burns out. We will miss him dearly and we will always, always remember him. And his stories will live on."

This tribute was added by Brenda Beyer on 10th October 2017

"Uncle Bob, it's been 6 months since you went home to our Lord. I long to hear your voice and also miss our long talks on the weekend....you were always there to help with advice or just to listen..I miss our lunches in the park and just being able to be together.  You will always have a special place in my heart.....I love you"

This tribute was added by mary ann tourault on 19th September 2017

"Bob will always be forever missed. He was a bright light who always listened to all my woes and made me feel better. We spent many evenings laughing and talking and enjoying our meal. Guy and Bob had many discussions over cooking techniques. He was a special friend and I miss his wise advice."

This tribute was added by Helen Bozzo on 4th June 2017

"Today, June 4th is the anniversary of Bob's birth!  He was such a good person that I suspect he is very happy in the company of his Mom, Dad and sister, June.  His belief in a Hereafter was strong and he didn't fear death.  Our grandkids visited and we spent time reading pop up books that Uncle Bob purchased for Tommy and saved for his children.  It was a special way to celebrate Uncle Bob's special day!"

This tribute was added by barbara browne on 11th May 2017

"Bob was a ray of sunshine, kind-hearted, and very helpful in so many ways.  He provided sound advice on professional matters, as well as everyday issues.  After his retirement, we kept in touch with each other through telephone calls, and birthday and Christmas cards.  He designed beautiful signature cards which continue to be very special to me.  I always looked forward to reading about his exciting adventures. I will miss him deeply."

This tribute was added by Susan Wehrenberg on 8th May 2017

"This is written for Shirley Stover Johnson, Bob's MN cousin:

"My tribute to Bob is so full of love and beautiful memories. I am his Minnesota cousin, Shirley Stover Johnson. Bob came to our family (his uncle John Stover) in Minnesota at age 18 ready to begin school at the University of Minnesota. He immediately became another sibling and son, as well, to all of us - not just a cousin and nephew. He seemed to have no trouble becoming a "Minnesota country boy". I will forever love and miss him." - Shirley"

This tribute was added by Gail Morley on 8th May 2017

"Bob was not only a cousin to me but very much the brother I never had. He lived with us after his parents died and before college. Bob was very much loved by all in my family and I will always remember how every conversation we had was filled with so much laughter.
Love you always
Florrie Stover Stewart"

This tribute was added by william peterson on 4th May 2017

"I had the distinct pleasure of sharing a townhouse with Bob for 2 years.   It was a gratifying & enlightening experience, & I'm certain I learned more about entertaining & friendship than in any other similar time period.  Bob was the consummate host.  Nothing was too much trouble to cook or decorate.  He was a fabulous chef who dazzled his guests with unusual & delicious dishes.  My part was to prepare & serve an appetizer, but more importantly see that everyone's glass was always filled----what a great deal for me!  Bob was extremely creative as evidenced by our Japanese  dinners, consumed sitting on floor pillows (we were much younger then), our "cruise weekend sleepovers" yes, we had a 3rd bedroom, & our 2 infamous Halloween parties.that are still talked about.  Bob was a certified neat-nik, yet tolerated my sloppiness with only a rare look of disdain.
It seemed everyone knew Bob.  He possessed that wonderfully cheerful personality that drew in others.. But it was his friendship with so many people of different ages & cultures tat I found so  extraordinary.
He cared deeply about his friends & family & would do anything for them.  He was especially close to his sister, June, & his Godson, Tommy Bozzo.  He lost both his parents quite early & cherished the opportunity to "adopt" his friends parents & siblings.  He assimilated entire families, notable am,ong them the Bozzos, Farfas' Petersaons & Yokoyamas.  After only half a day on his 1st of many trips with me to Ailey, Ga. he seemed to have transformed himself into a Southerner, complete with the appropriate traditional culture.  This was typical of his unique ability to quickly blend in with any group.  Naturally, this always delighted & endeared himself to them, esprcially with his genuine good-naturedness & , cheerfulness but especially his humor & wit.  He could trade quips with anyone.
He introduced me to foreign travel with trips to Greece, England, Egypt, & his beloved France.  He told me at one chateau, "I can make the stones speak".  And indeed with his extensive knowledge of French history he did indeed make that happen.  He was without a doubt the best tour guide I ever had.
As in all friendships there were a few speed bumps,but there was never any doubt that our friendship was steadfast  and everlasting.  I always knew that Bob had my back, & remained my confidant until the end.  A few days before he died, I visited Bob in the Asbury nursing wing where I found him cheerfully "holding court" with another patient & an Asbury aide.  I didn't catch the preceding conversation, but heard the other patient reply, "everybody knows you Bob".  Even blind & suffering from heart failure, he was still the same entertaining Bob.  I told him I had two 3 week Southern trips coming up.  He replied to have fun, be safe. & come see him when I returned.  I think we both knew that that might be overly optimistic.  He passed on the first trip & now I will be with 2 couples at my timeshare in Gulf Shores, Ala. (affectionately called "the Redneck Rivera)  Three of the 4 people were friends of Bob..  I am sure I have Bob's blessing to remain with my friends---after all he taught me to be a good host.  So on the 13th we will raise our glasses & toast that dear, unique friend who brought so much laughter & pleasure to so many people.
Writing this is starting to make me tear-up & I am reminding of one of Bob's favorite activities.  It was to reminiscence about the many travels, adventures,parties,beaches, racetracks, & other fun times we had enjoyed together.  Of course our memories were always enhanced by several drinks.  Invariably this process would trigger our sentimentalities & two emotional old men would replace laughter with a good, heartfelt cry.
This was the Bob that I knew & loved & will miss terribly.
Salute Bob."

This tribute was added by GIOT Jean-Christophe on 3rd May 2017

"Even if I lost touch with Uncle BOB for ten years, he was a big part of our life. I deeply hope, as we talked together many times , he is now in a good company, with his parents, my parents, and all of his good friends. He was like a bridge , over the ocean and like a star, shining more than the others."

This tribute was added by mary ann tourault on 2nd May 2017

"Bob was a very special friend. When Guy and I had a question we always called Bob as our guru. Calling Bob was something I did when I was sad or happy or upset. He was my touch stone and never failed to help put problems into perspective.

We had many happy times entertaining his friends from Meaux and traveled there to share a visit with Bob. We shared a love for travel and enjoyed all the details of trips. We shared our love of France.

Guy and Bob enjoyed preparing meals and had many discussions on the best way to prepare a meal.

Bob will indeed by forever missed."

This tribute was added by john lech on 1st May 2017

""We will miss this wonderful man we met 50 years ago and with whom we shared many memories from Bethesda and Dewey Beach. He will always be remembered for his warmth, thoughtfulness, cheerfulness, and generosity. Although we have not seen Bob in 25 years, we still shared Christmas greetings until this past year.  He will always have a special place in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Rev. Deb Vaughn on 1st May 2017

"It was my distinct joy and privilege to be part of Bob's hospice team. I found his humor and quick wit delightful, and his love of people and his "framily" (friends and created family) one of the driving forces of his life. His love of learning, reflecting and responding to new ideas has inspired me to be a "forever learner". I will miss his kind heart and his abiding and deep faith. I have a daughter graduating college the weekend of his funeral so I will not be able to be there, but will keep you all in my prayers that morning. Peace and joy and comfort to all who mourn - Rev Deb"

This tribute was added by Stephen Stover on 23rd April 2017

"As it is with so many others, I am saddened by Bob's passing. He was not only my cousin, but we both had so much pleasure over recent years from our telephone conversations about every three weeks. I will miss those calls. As much as he enjoyed speaking about his father's side of the family, we both enjoyed discussing his mother's genealogy.   Bob's interest in these discussions was because his mother was my father's sister and Bob enjoyed talking about family.  Bob's kindness and humor will be missed."

This tribute was added by Elaine Schenot on 23rd April 2017

"Bob's love of all things French lives on in our history of the Chenot / Shenot / Schenot family in America, to which he was a major and enthusiastic contributor.  We have included a tribute to him (with a good photo) at the foot of our homepage, http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~schenot/
Bob was a sweetheart and a terrific cousin-in-law.  We will miss him."

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