His Life

Happy Birthday

Wow Brian May 24th, you would have celebrated your 29th birthday! So much time has passed, and I can't help but wonder every day what you would have been like and what wonderful things you would have done with yourself.

And of course I miss the fact that you never had the chance to fall in love, get married and have little ones to love and to carry on your name.

You are so missed by all of us...we get by and go on,,but you are so deeply planted in our hearts and souls..

love mom and happy birthday my son!


Brian was our first born son. He came into this world at 8: 06 am on May 24th, 1983.
As a first time mom,I was very nervous.But Brian turned out to be a pretty happy, easy going first child .( I always said, it was a good thing he was first..or else there may not have been others to follow).

Brian smiled alot as a young kid...was quiet, not necessarily shy, but had a strong, quiet essense about him. He was involved with sports, primarily baseball and soccer. He turned out to be quite the unsung hero in sports. Coaches loved having him on their team because he was coachable, dependable, and actually quite good. He always gave it "his all", and didn't complain. And quite often, was smiling.

At school Brian was the same, teachers loved to have him in their classes, because he was quiet, smart and a friend to all. Not the teacher's pet..but a good student. He had many childhood friends, that turned out to be life long friends.

Now, as the oldest brother/son...we could not have asked for more from Brian. He did both roles as expected. Exceptionally well. He was there for both his brothers, providing wisdom, cared for them, talked with them and had alone time to share with each of his brothers. I remember when Shaune was having a problem of any sort, Shaune would confide in Brian and give Shaune good advice. I also remeber Brian staying home from school one afternoon with Jonathan, because Jonathan had a fever and we had to Brian took it upon himself to go to the store and buy Russett Potatoes, sliced them and put them across Jonathan's forehead to reduce the fever. ( He had read that remedy somewhere:). And if it worked or was just what Jonathan had needed.

As a son, we could not have asked for more. Yes, he was our first born, but he was perfect for the role of oldest son, oldest brother. Brian had such an inner quiet strength that poured outward. We expected responsibilty out of him and we got it. We expected him to set an example for himself and brothers, and he did it. And the amazing thing about Brian, he was so low keyed and good natured, rarely complained, he just accepted everythingg for what it was. Maybe that is why he had the gift to be a friend to all and was given the role of first born and oldest brother.

Our family has been so fortunate that we had a son and brother like Brian, but on February 10th, 2002, all that came to an end. At 8:06 am on a Sunday morning our  precious son and brother was killed in a car accident on his way back to SDSU.

Life as we knew it, was gone. We still all struggle with the loss of Brian in our own way. Brian will never be forgotten by us or probably most that met him. We miss and love him in a way that cannot be described. He was our son and brother.