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Shared by Brandi Kennedy on January 30, 2019

    I myself had just recently met Carl, just in August, while I was visiting in his building.  When I arrived, Carl was in the backyard enjoying the sun, and some palm bays.  He welcomed my company immediately and offered me a drink.  After maybe 1/2 hour, my friend had to run out for a few minutes, so I stayed with Carl and kept him company. 

     Over the next 3 hours we talked about, family, friends, finances, futures, our pasts, our adventures, our struggles and most importantly we talked about his cancer.  We talked about how to deal with it,  how he should spend the rest of his days and who he should spend them with and what they should do together.    

  Although I'm sure Carl had most of these plans already in order, I think that hearing an outsiders opinion on his thoughts maybe helped him verify that his choices, were in fact, exactly what his next moves were to be for him and his loved ones. 

    I sat, watching and listening, when this big beautiful smile came across the face of this gentle giant of a man, this stranger I've just met,  this "life is shit at the moment, but I'm gonna live it like any king would".

    And on that day,  I witnessed Carl have this Epiphany, This moment of AH-HA I get it. This moment of peace as things came together in his mind for him. 

   To witness that, was one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced.    I even had my own epiphany's that night and probably had one of the most in depth conversations I've ever had in my life that evening.

     I had attempted a few times to head home that evening but Carl wouldn't let me leave.  He wanted to talk, he wanted the company.  At first I felt a little awkward, not knowing him from the next guy, but the longer I sat, the more welcome I felt being there. And the more welcome I felt, the more I chose to stay put and lend my ear and my opinion.

    Carl opened his heart, his hand, his home, and his family to me in a matter of a few hours. All I had to do was listen and be a friend.  And that is what I became that day.

The next couple months I was invited for dinner and drinks a few times. I stopped in a few times just to say hi, see how everyone was doing.  I don't think Carl's smile left his face since that day we met in August.  

   My biggest regrets...getting up from that table in the backyard after almost four hours of chit chat, and leaving Carl to be alone.   I should of stayed, I should have hung in longer with him that night.  I wish that I had gotten to know more about Carl, I wish I had the time with him that some of you have had.   But I can't have that.  So I'm going to remember the short time I did have with him, and the impact he's made on my life, the impact Carl made on the life of the man who introduced me to Carl, and now I can look at the impact that Carl had amongst this community and the good things he's done over his years, for anyone he could.   

Thank you Carl, for just being you!!  You will be sadly missed by many, near and far.  Most of all I just wanna say, God damn Carl, my palm bay tastes like mosquito repellent, you missed my back.  Those buggers were the reason I got up to leave that night, as they were extremely thirsty, right Carl??  Haha cheers from below my friend!!


Shared by Amanda Davidson on January 26, 2019

I am so grateful that I met Carl 3 years ago. He was a really good man, you would never meet anyone better then him. He had a good sense of humor, him and I would joke around all the time and call each other Loser. My girls love him, they would joke around and call him Papa Carl sometimes. He had nicknames for all my girls. He would call 2 of my Girls The Irish Twins, there was Irish twin 1 and Irish twin 2. I'm sure they will miss him. I will miss our long talks. I am glad that I got to grow close to him, he was like my Best friend, a father that I never had. I remember when I was down from NB for a visit in the summer, I was staying at his and my moms place and I would be sleeping and I would wake up to him sitting at the computer and he would Burst out laughing to whatever he was watching. I would say what are you laughing at and he would tell me. My girls said they remember when we were there and Carl was sleeping on the couch and all of a sudden he just rolled off onto the floor and popped his head up and said Let's go for ice cream. We ended up driving all the way to Kingston to get Ice Cream. I remember he use to tell us Ghost stories and say there were ghosts living in his basement. I sure will miss him and all his stories that he would tell me. It feels so Different not having him here, It is hard to believe. I don't think it has really sunk in for me yet and that it would once I go to Ontario. I will never meet another person like Carl.

I miss you Carl. I will never forget you!

Xoxo Amanda (Penny's daughter)

A Good Man

Shared by Evie Wannamaker on January 25, 2019

carl was a very funnie guy as people who new him know. I knew him as a friend Penny as well, then years later as a Couple and My Landlords. Very Cute couple and human beings. Happy to have been a part of his life. CHEERS Carl

Shared by Penny McMath on January 25, 2019

Carlyle would tell me stories of him growing up. There is one thing that he always said. He loved being around family and friends. As for him and I, he never wanted us to be apart. We were always together, we did everything together. I just wanted to add this because it means a lot to me. On Jan. 2nd he says to me "your the one". I said to him "your the one too". He says "I hope so". I said "of course, "I know so". Then he said "I love you and of course I said "I love you too". Another thing that he would talk about is big foot. He believed that there is big foot out there. When we would drive home after visiting Brandy he would drive on the back roads or dirt road. He would drive slow and he would ask me to look for big foot or if I could see any broken branches or trees on the ground. I would say no I don't see anything. He would say keep looking, I know that there is big foot out there somewhere. So I would keep looking and he would look as well, but we didn't find or see anything. As soon as we got home, he would sit at his computer and watch videos of big foot. 

You are loved and missed very much, always and forever your spouse Penny McMath

Shared by Mandy Keller on January 25, 2019

i didnt know u but i see ur videos on fb and how much penny loved u sure does tell u were a very good man

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