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Shared by Tom Mattingly on September 6, 2020
Working with Celina Summers on “Empowered” was an absolute delight. Somehow we pulled together a 426-page manuscript in record time, and each of us kept a firm grip on our sanity. She told the Tennessee story with purpose, passion, resolve, and verve. She was well-versed on everything to do with Tennessee football history. She was always thinking, always working. Her writing skills were unmatched, and I remember learning a great deal about our craft from her. Celina could turn a phrase with ease, and excitement jumped off the page at every turn. When she put words on paper, thoughtful people paid attention. “When you write, you must listen for sounds,” Roger Kahn (“The Boys of Summer’) recalled a colleague telling him in one of his early days at the New York Herald Tribune. “And there is a sound that one word makes and there is the sound that one word makes on another and there is the sound of silences between words.” Celina understood that, and it showed in everything she wrote. Requiescat in pace, my friend.

Where was Celina on "Schiano Sunday" - November 26, 2017?

Shared by Joe McCamish on September 5, 2020
VolTwitter knows Celina's role in the ReVOLution on that day. I'm retelling it here because not everyone has read pg. 352 in our book EMPOWERED. But Celina witnessed something that lit the fire and rallied the troops on that rowdy day. 
That Sunday morning VolTwitter was buzzing with rumors Tennessee was announcing Greg Schiano as it's next head football coach. But it was all conjucture. Well, Celina lived in Lancaster, Ohio just 20 miles from the Ohio State campus. So she jumped in her car and headed straight for the athletic department. Through an office window Celina could see Schiano and his wife start pulling orange UT swag, shirts and ties from a bag. OMG - it was happening! Celina's covert espionage was just the confirmation Twitter needed to motivate thousands of fans in a spontaneous demonstration of unity! 
Of course this was just the beginning of the dramatic national and international story as it unfolded that day. However, I was still astounded when Celina told me she personally tweeted over 600 times that day on VolTwitter. So just a hundred campus protesters, radio flamethrower Tony Basilio, a couple of politicians, and superfans from around the world had converged to stop the Schiano hire. Amazing!!!
On pg. 369 Celina writes -- "Forget what you might have seen on ESPN. Forget what national sports media said. Forget about the condescension and insults you might have heard. Unless you were a part of the Rocky Top ReVOLution, you have no idea why it went down the way it did."

Amazon book review of EMPOWERED: The Fan Revolution That Changed College Football

Shared by Joe McCamish on September 4, 2020
Audrey Caylor Review

This book is for every football fan but for the TN football fan this book is pure vindication!

The Authors of this book have accomplished something I personally thought was impossible. Celina Summers and Tom Mattingly were able to peel back the layers covering up the corruption and ineptitude that caused the downfall of The University of Tennessee's historic Football program. This book is all encompassing, it lays everything bare and gives direct insight into the mindset of mega boosters, fans, former players, media, school administrators and Alumni. This is EVERY FAN'S book. This book FINALLY answers all of the questions that TN fans have had for the past 15 or more years. This is a MUST READ TWICE type of book. WELL DONE!!!!

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