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From Gini Koch

We met during a writing challenge at Absolute Write -- probably one of the only times I wrote more words in a month than Celina did. We became friends due to the competition and the sheer numbers we were both putting out -- it's nice to know you're not the only one who doesn't sleep when the muse calls. Supportive competition was the name of our game, and there was no one more fun to compete against and cheer along with. When she launched Musa and Penumbra e-zine, I sent her stories, she edited them, they published -- she allowed me to expand into areas I wanted to go that weren't mainstream enough for a larger press. We got to be together in person a few times (thanks to trade conferences), which is a blessing for friendships in the digital age. Going to miss your feisty self, girl -- the world is dimmer without you.
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From Michael Stribling

You will be missed. Celina, I'll be looking for your next Vols take when I get to heaven. Hopefully by then we'll have another Natty.. and you can tell me what it was like celebrating with Reggie White and Coach Majors. All love and peace to your family. Go Vols!
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From Cathy Scott- Pearce NEHS Class of ‘84

Celina was a true character and funny as well as being serious. We would fondly argue about who would be marrying who in our favorite band at the time (Duran Duran). Enjoying the music and dressing up during that time. We had fun in drama class and participating in plays etc. We really never were best friends but I spent some time with her occasionally. She was very thoughtful and kind to others. I have and always will remember her walking down the hallway in school wearing her favorite hat that she thought looked like one of D2s band members. Always smiling! R.I.P sweet sweet Celina and may your light shine as bright in heaven.
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From Sandra Cormier Turnsek

I knew Celina from several writer's communities, and when one of my books became available, she begged me to allow her to take it on. We had a blast getting it cleaned up and released, and she was so supportive. We had a great relationship online, and I was gutted when I found out she was gone. I wish deepest condolences to her family.
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From Chris Speakman

We met over her book Asphodel. I was the reviewer and she was the author who sent me on adventures. We emailed laughs as I kept yelling....don't you dare...oh how could you..oh wow...throughout reading her words. She introduced me to other authors. "Listening" in on her tweets and Facebook I came to know someone dedicated to her family and who held a creative soul. She will be missed. Her words here within us forever.
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From Kim Nee

I met Celina way back in 2007 on a writer’s board and not only were we friends, she also became my editor. She used to joke about how evil she was with her red pen and I’ll admit, she was a tough editor, but she was never evil and my books were always better for that red pen. She was sharp and smart and funny and a fantastic editor and a good friend. And because of her red pen, I’ve never used the phrase “tiny slip of a woman” again (she wanted to rip her hair out over my fondness for that dumb phrase.)

I still can’t believe she is gone. She is sorely missed. Always.
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From Glenn Appleman

I considered Celina a friend through Twitter and the Paul Finebaum show. Her calls to the show always got my attention. Her twitter posts made me laugh, particularly her #MeanAirportTweets. I will deeply miss these. Thoughts and prayers to family and friends.My God comfort all.
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From Kimberly Davis

I met Celina at the EMPOWERED book signing in Knoxville. I was fortunate to find her on Twitter and blessed enough to get my name mentioned in her book. Her wit, her #MeanAirportTweets, her passion for her family, the Vols, writing, and #VolTwitter will be missed! I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet her and know her, even if mostly online only. My thoughts and prayers are with her family. May God comfort you all. She is already missed.
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I became friends with Celina in 2017 during the now infamous UT Football coaching search. We both had a solid and unwavering love of Tennessee Football but soon found out that we had so much more in common. I had the privilege to work a bit with Celina, Tom Mattingly and Joe McCamish on EMPOWERED. As hectic as that time was, I enjoyed every second of it. Even when she conned me into renting a mustang convertible to drive her around in, noisy thing. It was a rare experience to listen to brilliant writers discuss the finer points of a project so close to my heart. Since then, I had the privilege to get to know Celina on a much more personal level (although when she said she didn’t like moon pies, I nearly had to reevaluated our friendship). She dearly loved her family, was a master of the written word, was endlessly funny, brutally honest, always willing to share her knowledge and she was a VLF through and through. There will never be another like her and she will be dearly missed. Rest well, Sister.
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From Joe McCamish

I had the great privilege to work with Celina on our book "Empowered: The Fan Revolution That Changed College Football." For me, the experience was like wrestling an alligator with a sore tooth. It was wild, intense, exhausting, and exhilarating all at the same time. I had paired this high-octane writer named Celina with an accomplished Tennessee sports historian named Tom Mattingly. After dozens of face-to-face interviews, Skype calls and many sleepless nights we sent the manuscript to press in just 3 months time. In all my 25 years of publishing I've never worked with anyone as brilliant and generous and fiesty and prolific as Celina Summers. I will be forever grateful for the professional collaboration and our genuine friendship. 

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