Lindsey & her Dad
Chad (Curly) Timothy Pickett
  • 39 years old
  • Date of birth: Oct 13, 1972
  • Place of birth:
    Garden City, Kansas, United States
  • Date of passing: Dec 15, 2011
  • Place of passing:
    Wichita, Ks., Kansas, United States
Let the sweet memory of Chad (Curly) be with us until we are all together again, we miss you so Chad...
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Chad (Curly) Pickett, 39, born on October 13, 1972 and passed away on December 15, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 13th October 2017

"today is your Birthday, it is so very sad, yet so special for it is the day God gave you to me, I shall never forget how tiny & precious you were, how sick you were,, we spent many hours together you sleeping next to me. God gave us 38 years 2 months & 2 days with you, such wonderful days, there was hard times but we always healed. You going to be with Jesus is one thing that is so very hard to heal. I drove past where you were born last night where i brought you home, oh the sweet memories.  I am getting old so is your Pop, we will be with you & Jesus soon. Jesus please let us know each other, My Heavenly Father, may we keep our loved ones in Paradise, you sent me messages from Chad to let Him go but I saw him happy & at peace, please Lord...let my whole family be so blessed.In Jesus name amen"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 13th September 2017

"Fall is in the air, so lovely, we have been missing you so much Chaddy, why did you leave us, we love you so much, I pray where you wait in paradise you know how much you are loved & missed, every hr of everyday. Your precious baby girl lives here now, I am so thankful to get to have this time with her, she just wishes you were here for her, she has no brothers or sisters, you being gone leaves a hugw hole in her heart, We love her some much, for she is part of you. such a good, smart pretty girl. Jesus, help us all, Amen"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 19th July 2017

"It is so hot
today I remember when you would drive your big grain truck in such hot weather, with the chaf from the grain making your skin raw, I used to take you lunch at the storage place, I also remember your Pop starting your truck for you on your way to work so it would be warm for you. My yard needs racked so bad, I remember how you always racked it for us. Helped your POP in the garage, would come see me everyday, fix some rice & always bring a bowel to me too. I love you so, it sufficateds me I can hardley live with it, my precious Jesus please help me,"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 26th June 2017

"I am tired Tim & I are trying to get our home in better order, Your Pop cleaned the patio, It reminds me of you so much, you always racked & cleaned our yard, shoveled the snow, helped me with all our big family dinners. Called me & usually came to see us every day, Oh how I miss you I can hardly stand it, I know you are fine with Jesus but this place is so empty without you!  The time is passing fast soon I will be able to be with you & Jesus & Mom, Lindsey is moving home I am so Happy she is all I have left of you. RIP my darling, remember my love, Mom"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 23rd April 2017

"I had my back surgery, am slowly getting better, have been missing you a lot scince I have gotten home, the longing to see you hug you hear your voice is with me all the time. Know that I love you more than I can say, thank you for all the pretty cards you got me the wonderful things you wrote on them, I have kept them & read them, it reminds me of our precious times together."

This tribute was added by Lindsey Pickett on 8th January 2017

"I miss you so much, I was very angry that you left, I am working on getting over that. I don't want to be angry with you, but it hurts and its so hard without you. I want to call and talk to you all the time. I love you daddy..."

This tribute was added by Lindsey Pickett on 15th December 2016

"I miss you daddy, this time of year is very hard in our family without you. I love and miss you a lot and I need you here right now."

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 29th October 2016

"I am thinking of you Chaddy, I just talked to your precious Daughter, I love her so much & so does your Pop, we wish she lived closer, we miss her so. Lindsey is a blessing left to us by our Lord, we have you through our Doll. I will always remember rocking you in my arms that last day, you telling me you wouldn't get to see her again, Oh this is just too hard, Little Lindsey wanted you here to see her be a woman , she is such a good one, she has traits like you, a good heart, so smart."

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 18th October 2016

"my precious son, I look at your photos everyday & often listen to your voice. It keeps you with me in a way, I was just thinking you would be 44 yrs old now, you would have been a wiser smarter man, but you are with our amazing Savior, free from this evil worlds woes. It is a beautiful fall day, you would have been here to visit, the Holidays are coming up, you loved them so, Halloween was always fun here, you were a riot as a child then as a man you always bought candy & gave it out for us such fun. I have you a beautiful fall bouquet & a cute little pumpkin, Freda goes to Matt's grave almost everyday, we both lost our baby boys, so close, so special. I take good care of your little girl & your brothers I only miss being able to by you a gift, You are in a place, these worldly gifts would mean not much, just know I still pray for you, & love you beyond belief, my Chaddy!~*~"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 13th October 2016

"I love you Chad, i remmember this day so well, I was so Happy you were finally here with me, to care for & love! Jesus if my boy can nothear pleaselet him know I still think of him all the time & love him so & hope with all my heart he is resting with you like you showed me, thank you for having him,Amen"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 13th October 2016

"Happy Birthday my Chaddy, it is so sad not having you here today, I could made you your liver & onions & cheese cake, buy you a shirt like i always did. I will remember the times you were here with me & thank our lord for those. I know you are now in no pain or unhappiness, you are in the best place of all, I thank our Lord for giving us the chance for salvation, such a wonderful gift, thank you Jesus for all you have done for us, help me, you are the one I should be listening too,  Iwill start doing my best! My Lord & Savoir I Love you so, Amen in your name!"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 19th August 2016

"We had a busy day cleaning, you would have helped us if you were here. The pain never gets better, I am trying to realize you are in a far better place, I am glad you are out of the pain you had in this life, I so wish it could have been different, but all will be well on the other side with you & Mom  Jesus... what a joy it will be to see you again. Thank you Jesus for giving us the precious gift of salvation, help me to be strong, thank you for all the wonders you have allowed me, Amen~"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 19th July 2016

"My boy you are so in my heart today, I was just looking t poky feeders, thinking how many trips you made there, I wish so I would have went or a ride with you in your truck, I miss you so, Jesus please let him know how very much I love him, help me Jesus...amen"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 30th March 2016

"about my Chad?? He wasn't perfect but he was mine & he had good traits lots of them, he always worked, always helped always shared.  always was here for me, even when we would return from vacation he would be right here, proving he had been checking for our return, he loved his English Toffee & & a colo t shirt I always brought him, help us unload & park the camper. He always made friends were ever we camped as a little boy, he liked people & people liked him, I remember once he lost our hatchet & Tim was so hard on him & the neighbor camper gave Chady his. I still love you so my boy, you always kept our secret about me nicking the garage door. I feel sometimes you are still with me, for in my heart you are,"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 12th March 2016

"Spring is almost here, I have flowers blooming, the pretty Daffodils by you memorial in our front yard are in bloom, our pear tree is a huge white bouquet, my little birds & squirrels are such a joy to watch at our feeder, I miss you everyday Chaddy, Joe & Wyatt talk of you a lot, they love you so much, you are with Jesus now, we will all be with you & him one day. I thank you God for the precious gifts, my 3 boys & my girl, forgive me short comings I had with them, be with them & me & my husband, heal us & come into our hearts Jesus, we need & love you so. No one has ever did for us as you have done, Thank You God Amen!"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 17th January 2016

"my son, my boy my love, your ole Momma is now 69 years seems impossible, at least you never had to see me like this, but I KNOW YOU WOULD HAVE LOVED ME ANYWAY, Jesus I pray for my son give him peace rest, & salvation, I ask it for all my family please enter our hearts accept us, give me more strength I am feeling you in my life, help my Wyatt & my Joey& Lindsey & Tim, Thank you my heavenly father for all the wonderful blessings you have allowed me & my family, protect my girl & pleas allow her to come be with me in my last days!"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 2nd January 2016

"well you Pop turned 70 yesterday, I will be 69 the 7th, Oh how i wish you could be here with us, I am so lost & lonely with you gone to Heaven, Lindsey so far away & Y in jail. I hold onto memories & hope that we will be together again, I can see that wonderful smile, be with you & my parents & Jesus. I love you to eternity & back I wish I had done more for you, forgive my  & chad Jesus, our wrongs, please let me be with my boy in Heaven again!"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 27th December 2015

"well Christmas has came & gone the 4th year without you Chaddy & it still hurts the same, still suffocates me, I have the memories of all our Christmas together to help me. You are with Jesus now, I am so thankful Jesus showed me you are there. Letting me see you happy in the beautiful mts we always loved together. I still get a sad feeling everytime I hear or see a big truck, you loved driving one so much, you were so good at it, I am so proud of how you did it all by yourself! I pray for you son, I want us all to be together in heaven one day. Of Heavenly Father lift my boy up, forgive him his sins, remember all the good points he has, I know you will for you are a fair just God, I know all the evil is work of the Devil, please protect all us believers, your children from him & his. Thank you for all the wonders you have given me & mine, I am not afraid like I used to be, I ask you to please be with all the little animals who must suffer & die, please enable them to be in Heaven with us for you put it in our hearts to love them, want them with us. they are your creations too, they help us get through hard times & give us joy, Thank you for giving them to us, Amen & Amen bye for now Chaddy, I love you so"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 15th December 2015

"Today has been a very sad day for us Chaddy, it does not seem possible You have been gone from us 4 years, you are in our heart & thoughts constantly, it is so lonely without you here, your daily phone calls, watching movies with us, always helping. making us laugh, grilling for us, you were the best!!! You left us this day 4 years ago & the pain is still the same, how I long to talk to you, cut you hair, cook for you, do your laundry, I am so thankful for the time God gave you to us, it was so wonderful to have you, my very own, I love you so, know this, forgive me for any & everything I ever did to hurt you, I am so sorry, Hug my om for me, she loves you so & grandpa too & now Matt is with you, God bless & keep you."

This tribute was added by Lindsey Pickett on 15th December 2015

"I miss you so much daddy. Every day you use to call me just to one does that now. I wish you were still here why do people you love have to go? I'll never get to talk to you again and it hurts so bad knowing that it will never get easier. I love you so much daddy, I know youre waiting for me in a better place."

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 12th November 2015

"Fall is here the nights are early & cold, it is sad the leaves are all falling the flowers dying. Another summer has passed without you my son, it is so very lonely without you! I miss you watching TV with me eating with me, making me & Joe laugh, raking my leaves, always helping. Thank you for all these things all the sweet cards & all the wonderful memories, all the bowels of noodles you always made for me when you made yours. I love you so be happy & be there the to welcome me to Heaven when my time comes. Jesus, please help my faith, come into my heart heal my mind make me strong, Amen"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 31st October 2015

"Our Matt left this earth & now is with you & Granma in Heaven, we loved you boys so much but so does God & Jesus love you too, they took you home, to be with them & all the family & friends in Heaven, Thank You God for our family, please hold us up. I love you so Chaddy, see you forever later, your Mom."

This tribute was added by Lindsey Pickett on 13th October 2015

"Happy birthday daddy! we miss and love you very much!"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 13th October 2015

"where do I begin how this day is so very special, Our Chads birthday, so empty now, L am cooking none of my special Liver & Onions with gravy, we are baking no cheese cake, but our hearts are full of the love & wonderful memories we have of you. So very bitter sweet, you were our joy, such wonderful times we had together, You gave me such love always appreciated what I did for you, I still have all the cards you gave me over the years, always thanking me for standing by you & helping you, telling me what a good Mom I was, but I wasn't good enough to save you, Oh how we all wanted you to stay with us. It still seems sometimes it is just all a bad dream. Joey & I talk of you all the time, it seems to keep you with us, we love you so Chaddy, Jesus give our Chad a hug & tell him how much we love & miss him. Thank you God for Chad, what a wonderful gift to us, may our memories be with him til we are all together in your glorious forever home for us!"

This tribute was added by Joelle Karma on 13th October 2015

"Happy Birthday Chad I woke and the 1st thing I though of was you. The world seems so empty without you in it. You would be 43 today, When were kides we would play with are hot wheels and Gi Joe's, Then as teens we worked on real truck and Cars. I remember we worked at a gas station together and you got you CDL and quit. You came the station in a big white International Tran star and   yelled get in and I quit the jod and spent many days riding in the old truck with you. You were my baby brother and my best friend. I don't think anyone knows how alone I feel in the world. I will be strong and keep you in my heart forever."

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 29th September 2015

"it is the beginning of Fall, such pretty days & evenings, you always loved Halloween, giving the kids candy, the decorations how sweet are the memories of dressing you up for trick or treating & taking you to all the rich peoples homes to get good candy. Oh Chaddy is was so good having you to love & care for now Jesus cares for you, know how you are missed & loved. come see me if you can if not at least think of me for Joe & I love you so very much. Help us Jesus so we can be with you in glory & love, give us faith & strength, I love you Jesus, my Father God I worship you, thank you for everything, bring me to you Amen"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 10th September 2015

"you are on my mind & in my heart Chaddy as always, your ole
Mom misses you so very much, I can not describe how hard it is to not have you anymore, but you are with Jesus happy and with your boob. the time will come when we will all be together again. know that I love you with everything I am."

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 4th September 2015

"I just fixed pork chops & mashed potatoes & gravy, I thought of you Chaddy the entire time was cooking, my tator peeler is gone now, I remember all the times you would mash the tators for me cause of my hurt shoulder, you always helped on the family dinners so much, you were my buddy my helper, my precious son. I treasure these sweet memories & thank God for every one I have. Wait for me son, I will be coming one of these days, Oh the glory of seeing Jesus, You my Momma, You did not get to stay with me long enough, I am getting old & crippled, you would have helped me so, you always did help me & your Pop, God bless & keep you til we meet again. Help me Jesus, to understand to be strong like the card I just found from my Chad, he told me to be strong. Amen"

This tribute was added by Lindsey Pickett on 4th August 2015

"I will always miss and love you Daddy! I will see you again in heaven."

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 4th July 2015

"well here is is the 4th of July, Joey is having us a cook out, Mike is coming, Oh how I wish you could be here to be my chef as you always were, I miss you so I don't think anyone understand, just Joey & Y hurts too. I so well remember those 4ths when my boys were little & I would buy fireworks, we had such good times, you will be here in my heart today potgut, your Momma love you so very much, it is so hard to do these things without were always the leader the fun one, it is so good to have you as a son, Jesus thank God for me help me Amen"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 6th June 2015

"to my Heavenly Father, I am trying to be better & stop these meds I thought would help me, they are just as bad as the drugs that took my boys life, forgive me for influencing my boys to drink & do drugs, the pain is bad for me, oneb oy is with you, I am so thankful for that yet I feel so bad for the suffering he went through before he came home to you & I miss him so. My other boy is in prison, it is sad but I asked you to save him & you have, please continue to help him, Thank you for all you have done for us & Please give us faith & strength to be with you forever in Heaven, Amen"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 31st May 2015

"I love you Chaddy I miss you so, Please forgive me for all I did that ever hurt you"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 20th May 2015

"my Chaddy, if only you knew how very much I love you. maybe I loved you too much, I have thought at times God took you home because of this, you had suffered so for the wrong things you had done,you wanted to go be with Jesus my Mom & our Father God, you were his first, as we all were. God you have been so good to me & mine, I so very thankful, guide me through your will for me, please give me fath & strength, Amen"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 11th May 2015

"Today is Mother's Day, I put out some of the cards you have given me, they all were so sweet, you were always so thankful for all I did for you. I miss you so,it still seems impossible you are not here with me, Joey misses you so much also, we talked today of all the neat times we had with you Chaddy, you are a good son & a good brother, now you are with my Mom & Dad, they both loved you so & were so proud of . You always gave them time & attention. Wyatt told me how you made him promise to clean up his act & take care of us as we get older, he did not want us to go to a rest home. I always knew this is the way you felt, I was leaving the house to you, you loved it & loved Garden. I have being with you in Heaven to console me, we will all be with Jesus with God's love & peace. God is our Heavenly father, it will be so wonderful to be with him. I love you, my very own son."

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 25th April 2015

"my heart is full of such sadness, why did you not want to stay with us? We all love you so, I wish now I would have begged you more to stop, tried more things to help you. It will never be really good here again with out you, I went to see your little house, it is still like you left it, you worked so hard on it, it is so neat, I love the photo of you & your little family in it. I am so sorry this life did not turn out the way you wanted. I do know you had a good heart, you believed, you are with Jesus now, I will be there one day too, it will be so amazing to be there with all I love & our Heavenly Father & Jesus, know I love you so much. Y has to go to prison for such a long time, it breaks my heart. we will all be together again my precious boy, thank you so much Jesus for saving us, guide us keep us strong, keep the evil ones from our backs & thank you for everything, you have given us so very much...Amen"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 2nd April 2015

"I am very sad today, this morning I took out all your things Chaddy, I held & smelled & remembered each one, your red coat, you had it on in  Heaven, it still smells like you son. Your ole belt, your boots, so worn side ways just like my shoes always are. Your Curly shirts from Harvest, one has your blood on it, oh if you only had tried to stay here, I miss you so, Honey I wish I could talk to you, know you are all OK, happy, I know you are Jesus is with you & Jesus is the most wonderful one in our lives. You believed Chaddy, this is why I know you are with Jesus, you had a good heart, you are my most precious one, just like Jesus & God & my Parents & other boys, you had to leave me, that is not the way it should have been, I should have went first, but God cALLED YOU HOME, you had suffered enough, you did wrong but you asked for forgiveness & Jesus knows our hearts. I love all your photos & all the wonderful memories, I will hold onto them til I get to come be with you & Jesus & my Momma. Know you are loved & missed with every cell in my body. I love you baby pot gut"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 10th March 2015

"Spring is starting to be in the air, I am so looking forward to it, I only wish you could be here to greet it with us. I know where you are it is beautiful light, happy Spring all the time, your Pop had a dream about you this morning, it was very hard on him, he dreamed he found you as a little boy passed away, he was crying & saying no in his sleep, even when he woke ,he was so upset, he said God told him you are safe in Gods arms. You & your Pop had a very deep love, we will all be together again with Boob & Grandpa,you made the trip there before your parents, so dying will not be hard, I have you , all my loves & Jesus & god to live with forever. He took you Chaddy from all the shame & disappointments & illness, Thank You God for my sons & daughter & Husband &siblings, life has been good, help us all to be with you in the next world, Amen"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 27th February 2015

"today is very sad, My Wyatt is in jail, he will be going to prison for selling drugs. How I wish it wasn't true how I wish drugs had never been introduced into all of my families life. My sweet only sisters son is so very ill because of drugs, the Devils work. I love you Jesus, thank you my Heavenly father for all you have done for me, help me through this, I so want to be in Heaven with You & my boy, my parents, all the wonderful people who have gone before me., Give me peace Oh Lord, Amen"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 21st February 2015

"today is a very sad day, not only are you gone my Chaddy boy, your brother, Wyatt is in jail for selling drugs, he will be there for a long time. It was hard seeing him loose all the nice things of his in his Apt. Maybe it saved his life though, I will do my best to write to him often. I prayed he would be good, but we cannot see Gods plans. I do pray the biggest prayer of all, that we may all be together in Heaven together with Jesus & God our Heavenly Father, Father hear my prayers...Amen"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 9th February 2015

"A gift of love was born on this day, Friday 13th, 1972, a loan from God. An inspiration,to all who knew & loved you. Your loving smile, laughter, friendship shared suddenly longer to touch,Tendar thoughts of you embrace our hearts. So rest in peace our gentle giant. God needed your sportsman spirit & heart, in his Army, leading you to your greatest reward. From Aunt Freda"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 9th February 2015

"Chad, your Aunt Freda sent this to us, it is so beautiful & true, I want to post it for her. She loved you very much, bathed you when you were first borned, always thought of you, her Matt is so very ill, these times are so hard but they are Gods work for a good reason, we miss you so here but also know, you are in happiness & love & joy, no more earthly pain, judgement, only good you had suffered enough, God took you home with him, I will be so very happy to see all of Heaven & it's wonders, know I love you so til we meet again, I know how much you leaned on me, we were a special bond of mother child love & it is hard to go on with half of us gone, I will be with you & jesus & out amazing Heavenly Father one day. XOXOXO"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 29th January 2015

"today we went to visit our Chad's dear friends he used to drive a truck for, they are the most wonderful loving family, they were always so very good to our boy. He loved them they were his second family, I saw the trucks he used to drive, the shop he used to work in, it seemed his essence was there, I felt him. I had a wonderful visit with them, they are so understanding, it helped me even though it was so sad. To remember the the good people, the good times in his life. like Norma said God called him home, he was walking the wrong path, Jesus will guide him now, I love you son."

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 22nd January 2015

"it is still so lonesome with out our Chad, he filled our lives with such love, watching movies with us, TV or sharing a meal. Always taking care of his Mom & Pop, now we must grow old with out our boy, but this will all be over when we get to Heaven & get to be with him & Jesus, we love you son, XOXO"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 13th January 2015

"another sad day without my son, I know he was only part mine, he belonged to you Jesus, Thank you my Heavenly Father for the blessing of being his Mother, forgive me for the pain I caused him, the mistakes I made, letting other people hamper my true feelings of love & devotion for him, please do not make him suffer for my misgivings as his Mother, God you gave him a kind, sharing heart, I know he is with you, thank you for saving him & letting me see all you have. I am bring to forgive everyone, help me I want to be with him with my savior & my heavenly creator, Chad always seen the good in people, he was m humble, not afraid of death, he knew he was coming to you & his Grandma. I love you so chad forgive me please!"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 9th January 2015

"I had a hard day to day, I miss my boy so very much, sometimes it seems I can not go on but I do, for my loved ones left here with me. I have many wonderful memories, your pictures your voice, videos of you, a lock of you beautiful hair, I cut for you all your life. I loved being your Mom, you are my very best friend, I will see you again, I listen to this song & think of you"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 31st December 2014

"I keep thinking some one else will write to you Curly, I was studying the bible & know I will know you in Heaven, I am happy you are happy & free of strife, thankful your Boob & grandpa are there with you. I still can not deal with you going home so young, but you belong to God, first. he graced me with having you, loving you, being your Mom, I thank you God for this blessing. I thank you Jesus for giving my boy the chance to go to Heaven & be with you. Amen

know how much we love & miss you, Doe misses you so very much, it snowed, I remembered how you always cleaned our sidewalks every snow & how you loved to drive crazy in the snow with your 4 wheelers.   tomorrow is new years & your Pops Birthday, it will be so empty with out you here. I love you & miss you so, your Mom"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 15th December 2014

"on this day & at this time, three years ago you went to be with Jesus, free from pain & strife now, this comforts me, my boy Chaddy, your are such a light in my life, I will be with you again, this sustains me, rest in Peace.

Safely Home

I am home in heaven, dear ones.
Oh, so happy and so bright!
There is a perfect joy and beauty
In the everlasting light.
All the pain and grief is over,
Every restless tossing passed;
I am now at peace forever,
Safely home in heaven at last.
There is work still waiting for you,
So you must not idly stand,
Do it now, while life remaineth . . .
You shall rest in God's own land.
When that work is all completed,
He will gently call you Home;
Oh, the rapture of that meetingyou one day, your Mom
Oh, t.he joy to see you come!"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 15th December 2014

"And if I go, while you’re still here…
know that I live on,
vibrating to a different measure behind a thin veil you cannot see through.

You will not see me,
so you must have faith.

I wait for the time when we can soar together again, both aware of each other.

Until then, live your life to its fullest and when you need me, just whisper my name in your heart…I will be there."

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 10th December 2014

"as Christmas draws near I remember the last Christmas Tree I put up while you were still here, you called & said you had to come by & inspect it, you did & you said it passed.  You left us just days later. You always had such fun at Christmas, at all the special days, our dinners, watching movies, just being together, Family. They will never be the same again, you always made us laugh, especially Joe, he was just here talking with me about you,he misses you so, he is like me it is so very empty without our Chad. RIP my son. Now you are free from the ugly comments & judgement. the women who never wanted you & broke your heart, the pain, the defeat you had to feel, please forgive us all for any pain we ever gave you, for you live in our hearts & memories everyday, Jesus took you home from this worldly strife, you told me the last day of your life you talked to Jesus everyday, that Grandma Ruby had a place saved for you in Heaven, I know she did she always loved you so, , we love you our handsome truck driver, you were not a failure, you made all laugh, you shared, you did not judge, God blessed us with having you, I am so thankful for this."

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 7th December 2014

"I left us some new songs, they are from my heart with so much love.."

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 7th December 2014

"it is a beautiful day, I thank you Lord for all you have given me, my heart misses my Chad so much, I long to talk to him, see his smile, cook for him, cut his hair again. I know he is in a much better place with you Jesus, but I am still a human, I am his mother, the love is so strong. Thank you for sending him to me to let me know he is with you, I have been so blessed, I pray for you to guide me further & I thank you for all the help you have given me. Amen"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 28th November 2014

"Thanksgiving was not the same yesterday Curly, you were not here to help me like you always did, Joe helped me, he misses you so much.
You are always with us in our hearts, it soon will be 3 years since you left us & I still can not cope with out you. Lindsey just called, she is so precious a bit of our Chaddy left here for us! Thank uou Jesus for giving my boy a chance at salvation, what a precious gift for us all, Amen"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 5th November 2014

"I set here missing my son so, not knowing some times how I will go on, he was such a great part of my life, everything seems empty with out him here. The joy & love I felt when I'd see him at my door or driving his big grain truck, I never thought I would have to fgo throughe this life without him, old age would have not been so bad if my boy was here to be with me, Oh my Heavenly Father, help me...Amen"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 28th October 2014

"today was a hard day for Chads brother  Joey & myself, we were both so very close to Chaddy, he lived with Joey & called & came by everyday, he was the instigator of all the fun cook outs, always bringing movies to watch, doing fun family things, his leaving has made our lives so lonely & empty. We treasure every minute we had with him, this is so hard to live with out our boy, Help us Jesus."

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 14th October 2014

"I am posting this beautiful song for you Chaddy my boy, it reminds me so very much of you, this is how you felt, you told me the day before you left, My Mom, your Boob, had a place saved for you in Heaven, you were so brave, not afraid to go. I know how glad you & Grandpa were to be together again, he was so very proud of your truck driving. It will be so wonderful to be with you all again with Jesus, All my love your Mom!"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 13th October 2014

"This song is loved country also loved your Grandpa so very much, you were so good to him. Always taking him for rides in your big beautiful truck, he always said "that boy can put that big truck on a dime" tell my Dad hi for me, I love you both so very much, what a blessing I had in you both't%20so%20far%20away"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 13th October 2014

"Happy Birthday my son, today is your Birthday, a day I shall always remember, so precious you were to me, what a joy it was to be your Momma, you gave such love & happiness to our family. It is so very lonely without you, I thank God everyday for the 38 years 2 months & two days we had with you, I am happy that you have your Grandma & Grandpa  with you in Heaven, they both loved you so & were so very proud of you, know that you are missed & loved beyond belief.Your in my heart everyday til I am with you forever, Mom~*~"

This tribute was added by Joelle Karma on 13th October 2014

"Happy Birthday Chad. I so miss you. I feel so alone. I wish you were here we could work on the trucks and bikes together. go shooting out in the country. Everyday I think you. You made me laugh and helped me when I so needed help. I will see ya again with Grandma and Grandpa have some her fried chicken,biscuits  and her sausage-gravy  and her big old griddle cakes. This is your day I love and miss you so much . Your big brother Doe"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 5th October 2014

" mind & heart are with you this day, as always, I long to see your face, hear your voice, give you a big hug. I am so blessed to have had you, my precious son, please forgive me for any hurt I ever gave you, I am so proud of you, You leaving is still unbelievable to me, know I am trying hard to be there one day with you, Mom & Jesus, Thank you God for my precious family, the life you have gave us & the awesome world to come, guide us all to that beautiful shore where my boy waits for me...Amen"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 30th September 2014

"This song is for you Chad, it is my feelings so exact, I know I'll see you again, I thank the Lord everyday for the precious time he gave us with you, you made my life so full & happy"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 30th June 2014

"Chad always made everyone laugh & smile, he was a joy to have as a son, I just finished reading the cards he always gave me, they are such a precious memory of his fun ways, my patio is a lonely place now, his corner on the couch so empty, Thank you God for my children, what a true blessing to be their mother, I love you Curly!!"

This tribute was added by Anna Ruth on 19th January 2014

"He had that smile that just lifts the other persons heart. I know you must miss him so much. Hugs sweet cousin. love you"

This tribute was added by Phyllis Pickett on 19th January 2014

"my boy was alwaystere to help .anyone, shared all he had, made us laugh, enjoyed life to the fullest, loved cook outs was a great cook, took his knocks & died brave & unafraid, told me he day before he left, his Grandma, my Mom, who loved him so, had a place saved for him in Heaven, We will all be together for ever one day, this is what keeps me going!"

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