Posted by Siddhan Subramanian on June 24, 2021
Tribute by Sukram Bisen ((through me)

I am deeply shocked and very sad that Dr JC is no more .

He was a noble man . A gentleman to be remembered for ever.

I had a very good personal rapport with him during my association with him as BU Finance Controller . He treated his subordinates with lots of love and affection and a fiduciary approach towards them.

I have ample examples while dealing with him.

When we happened to be  in Germany for the first time in 1996 he took care of me and guided me . He did not allow me to spend on transportation and also treated me for dinners in good Korean restaurants in Frankfurt.

Later we were together on two more occasions in Germany and his approach was same . He was a gem of a person .

He was always supportive towards me in BU meetings and always called me a poetic person .

He also participated in various Yoga session I was conducting in Kokshet .

He was a hardworking and ever learner . He was always ready to take new challenges . One such was when he was made incharge of IT restructuring when SAP was restructured . Later he took over as head of procurement and streamlined after he was brought back when VDCL was merged and he had to vacate his MDship.

He was a great man always took right stand in BU meetings and did not mince words when he had to bring out some points .

I pour my heart and pray God Almighty bestow upon him a permanent heavenly abode .

Good bye Dr JC ....

जानेवाले कभी नही आते...... जानेवाले की याद आती है.....
 हम यादो के फूल चढ़ाये और अंसुवन के दीप जलाये........मौत मिटा दे चाहे हस्ती ..... याद तो अमर है ..... आपकी आत्मा तो अमर है..... होती है आप की पूजा हम सब के मन मंदिर में----
Posted by Siddhan Subramanian on June 23, 2021
Tribute from CN Chandrajasan (through me)

I was really shocked when I got the message of his death from Dr. Patkar. I had talked to JC last Nov and he was quite okay then. We even met a few times at his Bangalore residence after his retirement. In Colour chem, I and JC had a special relationship. We used to have discussions almost every day while we were in office. I, being an engineering man, and JC, as head of production, used to have umpteen arguments on issues related to our work, but they would always end amicably over a cup of coffee. And he always supported me when I was going through difficult situations. I always admired his extremely sharp intellect and fearless nature while dealing with anyone or anything, being completely unfazed regardless of who or what he was dealing with.
After retirement, we bonded over music while he was still in Mumbai and even used to be tutored by the same Harmonium teacher. I get nostalgic thinking about those days.
With his passing, I have lost a close friend and guide
Posted by Sudha Sarma on June 21, 2021
When we visited India, he took the time to know you and connect with you. The kids gravitated towards him. Kiran has written about the legendary “K necklace” Uma Athai and JC Athimber presented him with. I have another story to share. Ananya used to be very picky and sensitive about clothes, so much so that she only wore soft clothes. We used to remove labels from clothes because they bothered her. Athimber found a soft dress for Ananya; it became one of her favorites. He came up with the phrase “Inside Matters” remarking it was the first time he shopped for clothing based on how it feels inside.

More recently we had long conversations almost every week. He always sent the most interesting articles he came across from how “Plants play music” to the latest research on long-haul covid. I will never forget the road trip we had together through South India in 2018. He regaled us with stories from his youth, even telling us about his personal record time climbing up the Tirupathi mountain. He said he was following some beautiful girls which made it easier for him to achieve the record! I appreciated the ease with which he could translate MGR movies for Kiran and Ananya, while also being able to interpret Kanye West’s music and Kiran’s experiences at college for Visalam Paati, serving as a bridge between generations, and bringing the family closer together.

He always cared to share his knowledge, for example sending me a long and detailed message on following a potassium restricted diet when my mother was ill. He had a glint in his eye when he visited us and we had a makeshift kitchen in our garage. He loved going into the garden and learning all about the plants. We prepared meals, visited the “Livermore” temple - a pun not lost on him - and had wonderful conversations. So lost were we in the moment that I failed to come up with even one photo capturing the visit.

I end with one of my favorite poems from a Native American legend that I keep on my bedside table:
“A little while and I will be gone from among you, whither I cannot tell. From nowhere we come, into nowhere we go. What is life? It is a flash of firefly in the night. It is a breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is as the little shadow that runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.” 

Goodbye JC Athimber. You are gone too soon and we miss your physical presence, though you will live in our hearts forever.
Posted by Suganya Hariharan on June 21, 2021
I am still shocked and couldn’t believe this. One of the charming persons in our family is periappa. I was telling my dad that he was the first ones to call me “sukku” and he would always tease me as “sukku milagu thipili”. He was the first one to introduce me to “toblerone” when he returned from his travel when I was a kid and still has been one of my favourite choc. There is so much to say and one message would not be enough to say it all. Wherever a beautiful soul has been, there will always be a trail of beautiful memories. I believe he would always be around with the family. Hope his soul Rest In Peace.
Posted by Geeta Kumar on June 17, 2021
From: Ramiah Kumar (and Geetha Kumar), Genesis Apartments neighbour.

My initial contact with Chandrasekharan was during the Genesis Association meetings. He took active interest in and contributed towards all matters of our community, significantly to the expansion of the STP system.

At a personal level, Chandrasekharan would guide me regarding health issues. Once, our neighbour had difficulty in the internet towards property tax arrears payment, pending for many years. I took him to Chandrasekharan and he patiently spent 2 full hours, resolving the issue completely.

Whenever I chanced to meet him when I went down for a walk, there were a range of subjects on which we could happily converse - ranging from mathematics and astronomy to Tamil literature and so on.

My wife Geetha recalls how Chandrasekharan always reached out to her ailing dependent mother, with thoughtful words and gestures. She herself has had numerous opportunities to seek his assistance on various home-related matters.

We had developed a personal bonding over time. We will cherish his memory always.
Posted by Gayathri Guru on June 16, 2021
When I called him ‘Thambi Anna’ for the first time, he responded to me, “I am Thambi? And Anna??” I proceeded to ask him what he would prefer to be called, and he said “You please call me JC for a change…everyone else calls me thambi in the family.” So for myself as well as Manasa, Anna has always been JC Anna (and Periappa). From that time, I appreciated and cherished Anna’s sense of humor and love for fun and laughter.

He has also been our strength during the most difficult of times. During one such time of adversity, when we had to go to the hospital frequently…JC Anna gave me a wise counsel, to not pay mind to the bluntness of doctors, reassuring me and saying “Gayathri, doctors will take care of our bodies, but we must take care of our minds.” Anna taught me to chant ‘Kolaru pathigam,” a prayer during my most difficult times. He was my go-to person for advice with respect to health issues in the family. I am incredibly blessed to have him as my brother in law these past 27 years. His physical presence will be deeply missed. But I am certain that his guidance and love for all of us will live on forever through countless memories and the impact he has had on all of us. I pray to the universe that his soul rest in peace.
Posted by Gurumoorthi Jayaraman on June 16, 2021
A brother's gratitude:

While we are known among relatives as Raju’s brothers, educational institutions would identify us as JC's younger brothers. Being the youngest, I would evade teachers by mentioning my immediate elder brothers but would avoid mentioning JC's name. However, the teachers would immediately go up the family tree and interestedly point out “Aha! You are JC’s younger brother!" Guess what would be the next question…They would ask me "Will you stand true to be his brother in education too?" And thus, my brother not only excelled in his education but unequivocally built a clear path that we had to follow. Not only did he set a high standard that we all strived to come close to, he was our guide and mentor who encouraged me to study and achieve higher goals. I still remember everyone from professors, lecturers to lab technicians murmuring "oh he is JC's brother" when I walked into chemistry labs in college. And of course, I quickly figured out that I simply could not do justice to his impeccable legacy in chemistry and promptly chose a physics/engineering line to make out my own path as my brother had done with chemistry. We believe that 'the end of education is character,' and no doubt, Anna achieved and surpassed those ends and through his meticulous and loving character, he uplifted the entire family as well as all those around him– being a wonderful family member, friend, and guide.

Among all the brothers, he had a particular knack of convincing our father about anything and everything and so if we could convince JC, it was pretty much a done deal at home. Such was his thinking and power of reasoning and communication.

JC was curious and ever inquisitive about everything happening around, and his skill to process and extract only the good out of it is something that amazes me. In the 1980’s, when a few of us were looking out for a career in nationalized banks (considered to be very coveted for those brought up in middle class working families at the time), he picked up some information from a conversation with a co-visitor to Hair dressers. Instantly, he meticulously noted it down and immediately brought this information to us during his visit to Chennai and asked us to enroll in what was called National School of Banking. Undoubtedly, his love and guidance made all 3 of his youngest brothers excel through those very exams that he had happened to hear about at a barber shop, and the brothers got jobs through some fiercely competed employment exams.

Whether it be a major milestone or life event or family celebration, Anna was always there as a brother as well as a parent–– a true leader of the clan–– to plan, guide, entertain, lead and celebrate. At the end of the occasion, he would summarize the essence of what went well, what could have been managed better. We always had so much to learn from his wonderful reasoning.

As we all pass through this painful period, memories flood through me, and I catch glimpses of the hardworking brother, with only one shirt and pant he had during his post-graduate days that got duly washed and dried in the courtyard by our Amma in the night; my dear caring brother and I sharing a bicycle as I drop him off to the railway station in the early morning for his daily commute from Mayuram to Chidambaram, so the other brothers could also use the bicycle. Rain or shine he would get into 6AM train to reach to the university in time irrespective of the availability of breakfast/lunch. Such was his hunger for knowledge. In the evenings when he walked back home, I still fondly remember his enthusiastic walking style, with an enthusiastic skip every second step. An hour after settling down, my sister and mother would report to him their concerns about us and sought suggestions.

Anna was a guide to our entire family, and I am convinced that he will continue guiding us all. I am forever grateful to have him as my brother, guide, and friend. He will continue to be the role model and breath of our family.
Posted by Jagannathan Ramanathan on June 16, 2021
I am very much shocked to know the sudden demise of JC.He was one of my bright students of M.Sc class.My wife Dr.Mangalam were working in the same field of research.
I met him lastly at Virudhunagar in a conference . Surprisingly he called me last month and talked about an hour.
I am always used to be proud of him.
I pray for his ANMA to attain shanti. .                                
Thee above is the tribute from Dr. Prof Gurumoorthy of Chemistry Dept Annamalai University from where JC and me did our PG and he continued for doctorate . I shared Professors no to JC . As is known to everyone , he is very intelligent and bright from those days and very humane to colleagues inspite of his senior position and tries to help others. My other two college mates also have remembered him fondly and expressed their high regard for him for his helpful nature , though nearly fifty years have passed by . Pray for Satgathi to his Atma .
Posted by lakshmipathy b on June 16, 2021
As I look out in the genesis walking area I can remember chandrashekar Sir steadily walking with a visor and mask .It is hard to believe that we will not get to see him anymore. A highly disciplined knowledgeable person a very good friend of mine with whom I have s pent long hours discussing general politics and genesis affairs ,his ideas and valuable contributions to the development of genesis is truly treasured I pray that make his soul rest in peace full aboad of the almighty.
Posted by Kiran Sridhar on June 16, 2021
I’m grateful for all the time I got to spend so much time with Athimber—during our annual trips to India and during his occasional trips to the US. He had such a profound impact on me. I wanted to pass along some salient memories:

His curiosity was insatiable. He didn’t ask questions out of courtesy; he asked questions because he really wanted to learn. So many times, after we discussed a topic—whether it was cybersecurity or monetary policy or, recently, animal behavior—he would read articles and books. The next time we talked, he’d have even more specific and intricate queries.

He had an ability to make me feel welcome and engaged from a young age. He could always perk me up during our trips to India, when I was lethargic from the heat, humidity, and jet lag. I’ll never forget when, at the age of 7, he and Uma Athai gave me a gold-crusted K necklace; my parents remarked about how brightly my eyes lit up. It is one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.

He was such a skilled raconteur. He would tell stories ranging from the veritable—the history of South India; the boron compounds he helped build in Brown’s laboratory—to the fantastical—the ostensibly Kashmiri origins of Jesus.

It would have been easy to complain about the restrictions imposed on him after his liver transplant. It would have been easy to have been dolorous about the conditions imposed upon him during the pandemic, where he was confined to his flat and unable to even take walks outside. Yet he never complained. He lived a life of discipline, but never let it restrict him from forming a connection with people or living his life. Indeed, he had brio and zest for life that outstripped that of most perfectly healthy people.
Posted by Meenakshisundaram Sriram on June 16, 2021
We were shocked yesterday to learn about the passing away of JC yesterday.
My family and I had the opportunity to interact with JC and family for a few years when I worked for Colourchem, Balkum andhad the personal pleasure of interacting and working with him as a team member of the Colourchem R&D group.
A very pleasant man who had a very warm and friendly smile and an equally warm and friendly approach to handling professional issues as well, which is a rarity.
He will be definitely missed forever!!


Posted by Siddhan Subramanian on June 15, 2021
Dr JC - A Tribute to a dear Friend & Colleague

I am profoundly saddened at the demise of Dr Jayaraman Chandrasekharan  Dr JC passed away in Bengaluru on 3rd June 2021 after a fortnight of hospitalisation.

Dr JC had a positive impact when he joined CCL  after his return to India with a clear motto of  giving his children an Indian ambiance to growi up. I knew of Dr JC in the late sixties as both of us were alumni from the same Government Arts College where we both were taught Chemistry by the same professor .

To me, Dr JC is  sheer brilliance with a curious combination of razor sharp intellect, wit and humour. Completely outspoken amd an uncanny ability to understand the position taken by a colleagues or friend and  if agreeable to support it.  He was incredibly thoughtful & more so helpful in dealing with people.

He has given many of his colleagues incredibly thoughtful suggestions on a wide range of issues both official with a deep  insight, empathy & sincerity. I never found him downbeat nor ever at a loss of words in any instance.

I will miss the sincere & smiling countenance of Dr JC for as long as I live.

My prayers for his AtmA to attain peace and Divinity ro give the bereaved family the strength to come out of this gigantic loss.

Siddhan Subramanian
Colleague & friend
Posted by Binu John on June 13, 2021
We knew JC uncle from the time Uncle and Uma aunty moved into Genesis. Uncle was friendly and was always there when we needed any advice. Uncle was quite open and always shared his knowledge about everything he knew. We still remember the joyful countenance he always exhibited whenever he sees us. The cheerfulness and positivity in him was his unique identity. Uncle, you will always be missed!
Posted by Sthanu and Meena Sarma on June 12, 2021
1. It brings us great sadness to lose Chandrasekharan fondly called JC. He has always been a very cheerful and supportive friend to us. We will never forget his help when one of us was ill in Bangalore . It was a pleasure to have conversations with him on various issues. We cherish the memories of his and Uma’s hospitality during our Bangalore visits. Under his careful and serious exterior, he was a witty person who embraced the simple pleasures of life. He took proper care of his health , but still knew how to enjoy his favorite ice cream. We will miss him.
Posted by Gomathy Sankaran on June 13, 2021
JC sir was a wonderful human being!
Living in the same apartment complex,we got to see him almost everyday.
Despite his health condition ; he was forever ready to advise, guide and assist whenever the situation arose.
He would attend every meeting and loved participating in discussions.
His contributions were immense!
Would be missed dearly!
Let God be with his family!
Posted by Manasa Gurumoorthi on June 12, 2021
Perippa was a phenomenal human, son, husband, father, scientist, spiritual seeker, and of course — Uncle. In addition to being a loving brother, he was a guide and friend to Appa, who felt that Perippa cared for him like another parent, motivating him to study further and work hard in life. Perippa valued hard work, and pursuing knowledge for the sake of learning and has been a key inspiration for my endeavors in life. From my first visit to India as a child, I enjoyed perusing through all of Perippa’s books, in awe of just how much knowledge he consumed…from books in his field, to books about how humanity came into being. I would go back home to California, and head to the bookstore the next day to buy some of the books (like the Third Chimpanzee) that I spotted on Perippa’s bookshelf, eager to consume knowledge like my wise Perippa. Perippa’s love for knowledge and lifelong learning is something he passed on to so many of us, and I will continue to cherish him through my pursuit of knowledge for the sake of learning.

In addition to his genius, savant brain that left a mark on us, he was the philosopher and guide of the family. I can recollect countless calls where Paati would cite Perippa’s logic and reasoning for some occurrence or another, very markedly reassured by Perippa’s daily calls. He looked out for and guided his siblings in a way that transcended duty. Appa recalls how Perippa dropped him off to a job interview on a bicycle after returning from the U.S. Perippa’s humility also knew no bounds. No person was too small for him. As a 7 year old child, I would babble away about something that interested me and Perippa would genuinely be completely engaged in the conversation with me. When I studied Biochemistry in college, I remember Perippa being thrilled that I was studying a field that intersected so much with his, and our Bangalore weekends would comprise Perippa pulling out a plain sheet of paper and delivering a personalized Ted Talk to me about some of the latest developments in the pharmaceutical industry. I will treasure those memories forever.

And most important of all, Perippa had the most incredible, kind, giving heart. We don’t have to look beyond the bond he had with his children to know how wonderful and loving he was. I am honored to have experienced his love and affection as well. One of my favorite memories of Perippa was when we had made one of our trips to Bangalore and I had taken a nap there, with an excellent blanket of his. He cutely checked in with me to see if I had slept well. I immediately eagerly described the perfection of his blanket, detailing the airflow possible through the holes from the loosely knitted nature of the blanket which still managed to keep me warm due to the thickness of the material. He immediately lit up with this huge, brilliant smile that rivaled a child’s in purity…just thrilled that I too appreciated the nuances of this magical blanket. Of course, his immediate instinct due to his giving nature was to then insist that I keep it.

Perippa’s love for family, knowledge, and music will continue through all of us. He will continue to be the light of our family. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have known him, and am very grateful for his presence in our lives.

– Manasa
Posted by Vignesh Lakshminarayanan on June 11, 2021
Thambi peripa is one of the knowledgeable person i have ever come across in my life.
Whatever be the question that i put forth across to him he always has an answer to it which amazes me up until this point.He has been an mentor to me in many a situations and guided me in my life.I still remember many of my childhood memories that i shared with him which keeps reverberating in my mind for the past week or so.
I am still unable to get out the shock that he is no more.Peripa you will be solely missed.May your soul rest in peace.
Posted by Jayanth V on June 11, 2021
Thambi Mama as I used to call him, was a successful professional, fantastic family man and above all a mentor to the larger family during crisis.
Amma used to revere him when it comes to academics and never missed a chance to talk about his accomplishments when trying to motivate me or my brother.
He took upon himself to organize anniversaries/meetups/temple donations as a way to bring together the family as a whole . I still remember the days I used
to frequent his house in Raja Annamalaipuram. He was a man of extreme discipline and was a well wisher to our family at all times.
Least of the person I thought would be affected in this pandemic as he was extremely careful and would advise others the same.
Even during the pandemic, I remember Amma telling me he was the one to call and check upon them every week without fail.
He will be forever missed but his memories will stay on. Om Shanthi !
Posted by Sachin Pandhare on June 10, 2021
I would like to call him Scientific Logical Musician Chandrashekhar J.

We were very fortunate to have him live next to our flat. Uncle was very cheerful. I used to discuss with him anything right from some issues in apartment to music to language to traditions etc. And he used to open the treasure trove of his knowledge in front of me. His style of explanation was simpler. So anyone could follow it easily.

He knew his health condition, so he was very careful in his diet. And I could tell he had a set routine for most part of the day. Getting ready, having a cup of coffee, then helping Uma aunty with chopping vegetables. Taking a walk around the apartment. Enjoying the news and TV program.

He was living life fully, upto the brim. His honest efforts to learn music had helped him learn it faster for his age.

His smile, laughter was contagious. And that was so contagious that it is still with us. We should inculcate that in ourselves.
Posted by J Anandakrishnan on June 10, 2021
Good memories
He was a man of doing things in a perfect manner
He was affectionate
All of us are proud of him
Posted by Jagan V on June 10, 2021
Thambi Mama or sometimes I fondly refer him as CEO (of course in professional life as well) of the family to Amma in conversations , actually in true sense the executive advisor and mentor for the larger family in situations of crisis and need. Definitely many would have been benefited from his pragmatic, practical , broad minded and intellectual reasoning His self initiative to bring together members of the larger family in celebrations and anniversaries a sort of common thread to bind across the growing family would be missed. The way in which he came through the previous medical setback about 7 years ago cannot be emulated by most. It would have needed the greatest of will power and foremost extreme discipline later . Least of the persons I imagined would get affected in this pandemic considering the extreme care and precaution he used to follow and also advise to others in the family . To end on a lighter note, the last lingering memory I could recall was when he had come to see Sai Niranjan in Bangalore about 5 years back. Looking at his white hair Sai was crying and not going near him inspite of his multiple coaxing. Finally when it was time to leave and he was in the parking lot getting in to the car surpisingly Sai got in to his laps and was a photoshoot moment to cherish ( Uploaded this Photo in the gallery)\....
Posted by Akila Venkataraman on June 10, 2021
Though he is quite elder to me we call him as Thambi which gives us proactiveness in our every efforts. I am proud to be only beloved sister. He is the who has helped and encouraged me to participate in school & college competitions. My memory goes back to the lovely days I was with him for several months at Virudhunagar when he was a lecturer in a college.Ofcourse his basic instinct teaching & guidance to every one in the family including Appa & Amma. He never misses any event of birthday ,anniversary etc. & he will be the first caller to greet me. Till he was hospitalized he was calling me every week once or twice to know our welfare which I will be missing hereafter.
We were with him for a week or so at Vazhi & Dombiwilli which is ever rememberable days. Even my friends Uma, Kalyani use to tell that they have learnt from him that how education is so important. Even today on hearing his sad demice they first told about intelligence hard work in academic front. With heavy heart I conclude that the Vacuum will prevail for ever in our family.
Posted by Hariharan Jayaraman on June 10, 2021
My elder brother was my mentor. More than a brother he was my great friend. My bond with him was very special. Every one in the family will think same way. That is his speciality. His power of reasoning was immense. We can talk to him on any subject. At the end we were the gainers. He had been a guide to all our family members both elder and younger ones. We miss his physical presence but he will always remain in our memories and continue to guide us. May his soul rest in God's feet. 
Posted by Jayaraman Srinivaasan on June 10, 2021
More than my elder brother I got parental support at hours of crisis I feel even my stonelike heart melting as tears His way of life will protect all of us from above Vaasu

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