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December 9, 2011

The memories of Chuck Davis that come to mind are “Friar Chuck” selling sugarless bake goods at our Heritage Fair and later talking about how to use the Power Point software program to present lessons for his Care Giving class.  I told him I could help him learn the program but after getting him started he was able to use it better than most professionals.  His class was very helpful and as time went on he always would check on how I was doing as a caregiver.  He will be greatly missed.

Time Too Short

December 7, 2011

Charles valliantly battled for his life as he suffered the pains of growing cancer throughout his body. Along with his paralyzed diaphragm muscle which forced him to endure 24 hour oxygen therapy his body could simply take no more.

Now, he is with his Father in heaven and is at peace and smiling as he enjoys watching his remaining family go through their lives.

His beloved wife Nancy, whom he affectionatly called Nance or Nancy Jean, was by his side as he fought his battle. Married 50+ years, Chuck and Nancy have spent many happy years together.

His loving son Paul, born in August, 1966 shared a great and strong friendship with his father. One of their greatest joys was attending Seattle Sounders soccer matches.

His beautiful daughter, Barbara, born in July, 1961 was dadd'ys little girl. Together they shared many fun times. Barbara passed away in June, 2001.

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