This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Charles Dogo. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Comfyswizz Peter on August 13, 2022
Keep resting bro.
Posted by Abubakar Amao on August 11, 2022
My brother! I haven't really compared heights with anyone recently! Rest well fam!
Posted by Ifeoluwa Ajibola on August 11, 2022
Everytime I want to write something, I can't and then I leave it and then I just saw someone write a simple I miss you and then realized a simple I miss you is enough so yh, I miss you Charleee, I miss you so much.

Keep Resting ❤️
Posted by Naomi Usman on August 11, 2022
Hey Charlie! I miss you.

Keep resting at Jesus' feet.
Posted by YuNg JayPee on June 17, 2021
Chalz dogo u have being like a brother to me " But I Never had the opportunity to meet u " But Only though true u song I love u hit song it as been like an inspiration to me " but is hard to said good bye but u will away be in our heartsHope to see u in Heaven " Amen
Posted by Suleiman Swanta on May 31, 2021
Charles .....where would I start's hurting to see u laid to rest but what can we do..u left with all those good lyrics of urs. .ur charisma and charming personality. ..we love u but God loves u most..u needed to see people who came out just to say good on warrior. .rest in power..
Posted by Joy Christopher on May 30, 2021
My Boo!!
That was what I started calling you as a joke and you said you liked it, so it stuck. I watched you being laid yesterday and I finally cried. All this while, I couldn’t bring myself to. Not cause I couldn’t but in my head, crying meant I believed it and I was waiting for someone to say it was a prank. Yesterday made it real.

You were so selfless, Charles. Always going out of your way for people even when they didn’t ask. You were a very good person and I’m glad the world knows that now. I’m so happy one of our last conversations had me telling you I loved you. I’m so glad, I got to say it while you were here.

I’d miss you so much, gosh. But I’m comforted because I know you’re with the father. You always made jokes about looking down on me cause of our height differences lol.. well, now, you have a better view. I know we’d be reunited, but till then, Rest well, my boo!!


Posted by Moses Gideon on May 29, 2021
Fizzikal! When we started out rapping in Uni-Abuja, you were already a living legend in the gospel genre! A force to be reckoned with! Like your height, we looked up to you like a mother bird and suckled from your wealth of knowledge!
We grew and I can't forget how I brought my then girlfriend to meet with you when I saw you on the streets of angle90. Such a gentle soul with the calmest mien! Fire bringer when it comes to dissecting the word of Jehovah! Rest on general! I and my family love and appreciate your exploits!!
Posted by Tessy C. on May 29, 2021
Charlie, hearing that you're no longer with us is bittersweet. While your presence here will be sorely missed, it's a great comfort knowing that you're now at peace.

I remember connecting on Facebook through our love of Christian rap - you always spoke about wanting to meet Guvna B and A Star - and you always looked out for me like the big brother I never had.

All the tributes here and on social media are a testament to the impact you had on many. I'm grateful that God allowed our paths to cross. Thank you for being a shining example of what it means to live fully for Christ, in spite of life's pains. You've left us, but your legacy lives on.

See you on the other side, gentle giant ❤
Posted by Ugo Eluchie on May 29, 2021
Hey Dogo! Omo! I don't even know what to say. You're going to be sorely missed. Like so missed! You're one of the most kind hearted souls I've ever met. Like why? Why man? There was so much to build with you. Some much to tap in it.

I pray to live a full life like you did! I pray to love like you did. I pray to share everything in me like you did! You're one of a kind!

Rest in the bosom of Christ. Till we meet again!

Posted by edwin tims on May 29, 2021
I remember when he introduced me to gospel raps and I fell in love with gospel raps, then I get to listen to his raps way back when he was under loud clique record, then fizzikal was his stage name when he dropped * THE GENESIS * album and... Kai this one touch me a leader/brother/friend will be missed...
Posted by Temitope Okesanya on May 28, 2021
You were an inspiration brother,
Your light will continue to burn in our lives,
We will never forget you or your work.

Temi O.
Posted by nwadiuto S.O on May 28, 2021
Charles your gone, but I still believe you live. Honestly, the news got me uncomfortable but I always pray for you. Your forever remembered, sleep on my friend, team member, OG. God loves you.
Posted by Sharon Bolanta on May 28, 2021
Dear Charlz

I will always love you and cherish our years of friendship.

But you're in a much, much better place and for that reason alone, I'm glad.

You were loved babe and you touched so many lives. I'm so proud of you. Proud I got to know you. Proud I got to be part of your life for so many years.

I'll miss you and I can't wait to see on the other side.

Posted by Jemimah Avong on May 27, 2021
So many touching testimonies about you Bro.May your soul rest in perfect peace. Amen
Posted by Adama Tumaka on May 27, 2021
Charles Dogo aka Fizzikal my heart is broken to think that you are gone and I can't seem to come to terms with it. I knew you since 2007 when we became coursemates at the University of Abuja but I didn't know how much you loved Jesus until I became a Christian. I remember when I became a Christian in 2012 you were so glad about it and immediately sent your song to me which I listened to over and over again, it was a great source of inspiration to me as a new believer. My greatest consolation is that you loved Jesus and I know you are chilling at his feet right now. You have left a Legacy and we all pray that we leave good footprints in the sand as you have done. Rest on brother
Posted by Nabem Iornem on May 27, 2021
My bro, you finally made it outta this painful world. Only thing is you left earlier than we thought. You didn't do all you planned, but still, you did a lot.

Life was tough but you lived. You impacted many lives. It's painful to say but your death is teaching many to be deliberate and live (not just survive).

I'm glad you left a piece of you with us through your music. I'm glad you were able to create and make moves that speak (even now that you're gone).

I hope you're up there where pain doesn't exist. One day death will die and we'll all link up to celebrate eternal life. #CelebratingCharlz
Posted by Mawahib Adams on May 27, 2021
I always thought I was articulate, but words fail me today, You were an amazing person, and I’m comforted knowing you’re resting in the bosom of Jesus, I know there were a lot of things we joked about wanting to do before Jesus, but who cares about those when your streets now are paved with gold? Have a blast in heaven my dear friend... You will be missed!
Posted by Samuel Orinya on May 27, 2021
You are such an amazing personality and a sweet soul to be with.
Your death is so shocking till now.
But i know where you are is the best place with God.
Rest on brother.....
Posted by Aninta Ambisa on May 27, 2021
I struggled to write this. You were such a sweet soul. I am hurt and angry because you had so much more to give/do. Remember our Canada plans?? I wonder if we could have done more. I find comfort in the fact that you loved God and you’re somewhere with no pain, no tears and no crying.
Rest with Jesus.
Posted by Japheth Ben on May 27, 2021
I have been trying to avoid coming here to say anything but it kept pressing. Charlse "Fizzikal" Dogo, though your time here on earth was short but it was impactful. Meet you long ago at YWAP... Then I only hear about fizzikal and he is a rapper. My knowledge about rappers was something different not until i got to listen to you and listen to word for word of your lyrics. You always had a great heart for souls going to the kingdom... After listening to Hallelujah ft Joy John and also Remember me ft Joy Adejo...I just knew you were made to prepare many for the Kingdom!!! We remember you and your legacy lives on. You have inspired many (i included). We are grateful to God for giving us such a wonderful gift as you.
No more pains bro
You are with the one you love the most.
Keep Resting ️❤️
Posted by Uche Enyioha on May 27, 2021
I last saw Charles on Friday at the hospital. He had just come out of ICU. He was just about to complete a session of intravenous therap. The first thing I asked him was "Guy why you dey let them dey chook chook you needle anyhow?". He responded " Guy these people just dey finish my yansh with injection". We all laughed. I was in company of a coursemate of ours Mubarak.
Such was the personality of Charles. He let you have your way, and was ready to contribute to make everyone happy and comfortable even if it meant making a joke out of his predicament.
Charlz, we will remember your selflessness, your love for God and for people around you. We will celebrate your life and legacy. I tell you, it is huge. I am delighted that you rested in Christ. Rest on, rest on. Yours on earth is done. Now lay hold of your good reward. Rejoice in the presence of our Saviour. Till we meet to part no more. #CelebratingCharlz
Posted by Ernest Egedegbe on May 27, 2021
Dear Charles Dogo, I can't really explain how i feel but this hurts , but i am happy that you are in a better place with the Lord.

Your music has been a blessing to me. Kai Kai She ni master. You were so kind to me the first time we spoke online.

In forever we will met. That we know. We will meet again Young Star. Bless Up.
Posted by Geenat Gundiri on May 27, 2021
My Darling you, so this is it..., on a lighter note you should see how Man u lost last night. They lost the Europa League. lol.
I know you are in a better place, thank you for trolling me, thank you for the music, thank you for living. i miss you.
Posted by Stone tabat Debuilts on May 27, 2021
Life is eternal and love is immortal,and death is only a horizon.
And a horizon is nothing save the limits of our sights.
RIP Brother.
Posted by Adora Mmojekwu on May 27, 2021
We met at University of Abuja at the same Christian group YWAP we belonged to and became friends. Charles Dogo is an amazing soul. Warm, kind, strong and had this lovely cheeky smile (always had good wits and sense of humour). You’ll forever be remembered and loved brother-
Goodnight Charles aka Fizzical aka Yaron Dogo heaven’s got you.
Posted by Odion Jesse on May 27, 2021
Meeting you in the Nigerian Law school will now be a treasured memory to me, the adamant liverpool fan who always teased me supporting Manchester United. You were a brilliant fellow who had knowledge in almost every issue you found yourself to be involved in, I remember us having logical arguments which you most times won. Your intelligence could always be seen in your lyrics as a rapper (the next Falz as I would call you). Its painful to be writhing you this tribute sleep well my gee till we meet on the resurrection morning.
Posted by Abraham Akoji on May 27, 2021
It still hurts so much. It's really hard to settle with this reality but I'm grateful for the life you lived,the lives you touched and the songs you made. In such a short time you touched so many,made so much impact and it's something you'd always be remembered for. Love you bro. Keep resting.
Posted by Loveth Dominics on May 27, 2021
Hey Bro,
It hurts, the hurt might not stop anytime soon but I’m glad you’re with Abba.
You always made jokes about towering above me and looking over me (because height. Sigh you terrorist). I guess you really are now.
Thank you for living, you had more to give but I’m happy with what you gave. I guess you can continue living in my heart now, as always.
Rest now my friend, you deserve it.
Can’t and won’t forget!
Posted by Dharmee BHF on May 27, 2021
These are words I would have said if I can see you or able to send a text.

Hey Charles, first of all, you are a fine boy, very fine. I see your pictures and maaaaan, you are beautiful.

So, moving on, how are you? Heaven treating you well? I'm sorry for the pains you had here on earth, Adam caused these things. But I realized you knew the second Adam and I'm so happy! Seen Jesus? What about Paul? Say Hi to our folks.
You did well, I know you fought, these guys call you a warrior.

We are going to be pained you left, but we are glad too that you're in a better place, death is not the end fam, shame on death!
We are dancing on an empty grave, boy.
Be good, join the angels to sing to the father, we'll miss you. ❤️
Posted by Naomi Usman on May 27, 2021
Charles, we were not close, but you had a great impact. I see the pain my friends are passing through and I felt like I knew you through their eyes. We interacted once or twice on Twitter and I secretly wanted to be your friend. I wish I had shot my friendship shot properly before you went to sleep. We miss you dearly. Rest on my G. ❤️
Posted by joy lawson on May 26, 2021
You will forever be in our hearts,rest king we love you but God loves you best.
Posted by Tisan Timothy Badung on May 26, 2021
Man, I avoided this place because I don’t know what to write bro, I don’t even know how to go about it. I’ll miss you die big bro that’s facts, but I’m grateful for the time you gave to me. The time you gave to all your other friends, I’m grateful for the opportunity to transition from Fan to fam. Thank you for being a big bro, thank you for hustling to link. I’ll miss the banter ngl, but I’m comforted in the knowledge that you’re resting with our Saviour. Rest Big bro, you’re loved forever.
Posted by Aysha Tanimu on May 26, 2021
Of everything you did I’m glad you knew You were loved,you were chosen,you knew who you were and whose you were unapologetically ,you knew the words that were spoken to you,you knew the promises,you knew God....your songs,your character in-fact how you select your words while you speak and the lives you’ve touched... before we met in 2007 in gwagz we were friends on hi5 back then we were still in high school,never seen each other but you were forward to unibuja we met and the first day I saw you I was amazed by how tall you were. we became family through were the first person to talk to me about THE ROCK FOUNDATION (HOUSE ON THE ROCK’S CAMPUS FELLOWSHIP)eventhough I never attended because I was committed elsewhere ,I think you and ceejay were the coordinators then... guess who attends HOUSE ON THE ROCK NOW?.me!!!...yes! Darling you won this soul!!! .
Do I miss you ?of course YES!!! I haven’t slept it just seems surreal,but then I know you fought WELL!!! You’re indeed a soldier that heaven gained! I’m so proud of you love.
Charlez our sucker for love and everything love. Have yourself a love filled experience with the FATHER.
Posted by Adetutu .L. Tayo on May 26, 2021
I keep waiting for someone to tell me that it's a prank or a dream. In the few months that we got close you were nothing but sweet.

Though we're hurting, our consolation is that you won Charles and we will see you again.

You're loved and will always be remembered.
Posted by Olamide Folayan on May 26, 2021
Charles, I’ve struggled to put my feelings into words. I admired you and your music. Thanks for living your life to add value and for making an impact in the short time you had with us. Good night
Posted by Jo'ann Ndaks on May 26, 2021
I don't know you in person but seeing your pictures all over social media clearly indicate that you were a great person and a lover of God. May the Lord comfort your family and all your loved ones.Rest in peace Charles.
Posted by Mary Magdalene Ekanem on May 26, 2021
Charles is a gem. I’m not going to use words in past tense when referring to Charles as often because he’s not gone. He lives in our present through the memories we have of him and in our future because we know for sure he’s with our father, where we will all be one day♥️
Charles is a sweet person and likes gist 
he’s a really sweet person and allowed me give him the tightest hugs whenever I saw him. He sent me food one day when I was really hungry and offered to buy me ice cream because I love ice cream. The life he lived on this side of eternity was so full of joy and laughter and love, so so so much love. Charles is a really sweet person, I wish we had more gist and I would have taken the ice cream he offered if I knew it was the last.
Charles is a really strong person. The life he lived on this side of eternity was full of strength and faith and hope, so so so much hope. I’m happy he showed strength even when he didn’t have to, I’m happy he had faith and I know that the hope he had can never be put to shame, it’s rock solid!
The only consolation I have is that Charles is in not in our past but in our future, that I’ll see him some day and like the last time I hugged him, I’ll hug him again, as tight as I usually do♥️
I’m so proud and happy you lived a full life and I’m really going to miss you, Charles.
Posted by ajoke emmanuel on May 26, 2021
I have never seen or met you before but seeing you all over the media touched my heart rest on dear may God comfort your love ones
Posted by Lisa Passa on May 26, 2021
I’ve been so heartbroken Charles, We met at YWAP boothcamp and you have been an amazing friend since then. Always ready to listen to me, always there to talk to me. You made me laugh, we had our silly fights but you were always the first to apologize. I love you so much Charles, I wanted to wake up this morning and think I was dreaming but no, you’re really gone my friend and it hurts so much but you’re free now, no more pain, no more ICU no more stress or worries. Thank you for being part of my life. Thank you for being there for me. Rest in Peace Baby
Posted by Timnan Nimpar on May 26, 2021
To describe Charles in mere words seems to be a disservice to the great person he was. You lived a life worthy of admiration because you were forever true and kind to all who counted you as a friend. The world is a little less exciting and fun now that you're no longer here to grace it with your presence. You have run your race the right way and come to your conclusion according to God, despite our best wishes and I can only take comfort in the fact that your destination is assuredly the final destination we all aim for. Till we meet again Yaron Dogo. I will forever cherish our memories together in Gwagwalada and beyond.
Posted by Sarah Samuel on May 26, 2021
I only got to know you after your demise and I feel so hurt like I knew you while you were alive. Your demise hits differently. Indeed you were a hero rest on King till we met at jesus feet.
Posted by Nosike Nwigene on May 26, 2021
Outside attending the same University and running into each other around the city, I didn't know Charles that well. Regardless, I always found him to be calm and chill (allow me to Gen-Z a bit) whenever we met.

I'll also admit that I didn't know a lot about his musical career as Fizzikal, but I've always admired the tenacity with which he pursued it despite his health condition.

I happened to be online when he posted what would turn out to be his last tweet, and I remember thinking, "oh he must be having another crisis, I pray he gets healthy". I use "another" because along the years I'd seen him talk about his health challenges online.

I'm rambling at this point, but I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm sorry he's gone, and I'm sad about it. I pray God gives his family the fortitude to bear this loss. Sleep well Charles, you won't be in pain anymore.

God bless you and farewell.

Posted by Magdalene Pam on May 26, 2021
Charlse :Weirdly I was stalking your profile when you followed me
Me : lol
    And then u slipped into my dm

-We made fun of how my thick thighs saves life
-You’re meant to teach me how to twerk and then I’ll pay u
-We met at choplifefest ,I was like Omoh ,u didn’t tell me the part where u tall now

-I’m sorry I never sent the voice note but I’m glad u got to hear me talk when we met for the first time
We were meant to get along better remember?

I’m glad I knew u before ....... But God knows better sweetheart 
Rest on dear Charlsedogo

Posted by Peter Jev on May 26, 2021
I listened to music by Charlz Dogo in 2016 and got hooked. I never really met him, but he was really that guy you’d see when it mattered. I saw him during the End SARS protests, cleaning and marching. You’d never guess what he was going through. He was with us through his music, through his life and never really put his own battles out there.

Thank you for words when they needed to matter, thank you for your life. You’re with God now. Rest on warrior!

We’ll meet at some point. Maybe not on this side but we’ll meet champ! Rest in Power!!
Posted by Bright Akpan on May 26, 2021
Charles Dogo was a good kind man, not a bad bone in his body, a music lover, a lover of Liverpool and for the times we conversed a good conversationist. His pain is gone now, his fight is over... Rest well mate till we meet again.
Posted by David Elias on May 26, 2021
Yaron Dogo!
Never met him in person but him through his music, this hurts deep! Rest on king!
Posted by Esiro Anavhe on May 26, 2021
Wow! I can’t believe I’m here doing this about you Charles. It’s crazy and unbelievable. I’m short of words and I can’t even get myself to share everything I have to say. You were such a sweet soul and a fighter. I’m so glad for the chance to have gotten to know you briefly. God is good and we judge him faithful. See you in Heaven❤️
Posted by Rahama Abubakar on May 26, 2021
Hmmm..Charles was my Class mate in UniAbuja for 6years, A gentle Soul, kind, great personality and a lover of Every thing God..His Loss is a great one to our 0725 Family, we love him but God loved him most and we believe he is in a better place. he will be greatly missed for he fought a great fight and conquered..May His soul rest in peace.Amin
Posted by Nafisah Musa on May 26, 2021
Hmmm am still speechlessstill feels like a dreamI met Charlz at Nigerian Law School Yola Campus 2018,we were in the same groupThank you for all the memories DogoYou fought well.Will miss you so much and you will be remembered always.Rest well dear friend till we meet again
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Posted by Comfyswizz Peter on August 13, 2022
Keep resting bro.
Posted by Abubakar Amao on August 11, 2022
My brother! I haven't really compared heights with anyone recently! Rest well fam!
Posted by Ifeoluwa Ajibola on August 11, 2022
Everytime I want to write something, I can't and then I leave it and then I just saw someone write a simple I miss you and then realized a simple I miss you is enough so yh, I miss you Charleee, I miss you so much.

Keep Resting ❤️
Recent stories

Thank you Charles

Shared by Wiffi Drips on May 27, 2021
Hey bro, can’t believe in writing this, but it’s with a deep sense of gratitude and honor that I pen this, the last time I saw you was in Lokoja at a wedding and I didn’t even get to hug you cos I was so sure we were going to see again, I know we will definitely see again in a better place. You were Indeeda brother, a friend and I’m glad we shared the same passion and loved the mic together. Rest easy king. You’re with God now 


Beautifully Broken

Shared by Rogers Yakubu on May 26, 2021
I met Charles a.k.a Fizzikal a.k.a Charlz online shortly before Christmas in 2012, through his music. All I had was his music but I wanted to connect with him beyond his music because I couldn’t tell why I was drawn to him, but I was certain it was something special, something different, so I posted a tweet searching for him. After a couple of hours the tweet got to him and he responded “over here sir”, that was the beginning of my journey with Charles.

I was not in the country at the time but we soon became so close, I’d send him beats on BBM, email, and I think WhatsApp for him to write to, pending when we met; I was working on a project. The relationship at first was between two creatives, but soon enough he realized it could be more because he started calling me “big bro” or “big Ro”. One day he told me his age and I realized why he was calling me big bro, the age difference between us was vast, but I never for once felt that way because his thoughts were stellar, he talked with grace and reasoned so brilliantly that it was hard to focus on anything but his excellence and gift of using the right words to say exactly what he wanted, Charles was special.

Charles was a helpless and a hopeless romantic, he couldn’t hide it even if he tried, at least I knew that very well about him, because the moment he starts to like a girl I wake up to endless chats and questions on what to do, he said he hated breakups and wouldn’t know how to handle one thereon. YWAP was more like life to Charles, and music was where he buried every pain, every struggle, and each unsaid feeling, he was the true embodiment of true art, I miss Charles.

He was also very close to the girl I was dating at the time, and when we broke up after 6 years Charles was also broken because he was heavily invested in us. When she and I were going through it Charles would talk to her on my behalf and apologize as though I sent him, and he would do same to me on her behalf, that was how important love, relationship, and marriage was to Charles, then one Sunday after service Charles called me, he’s seen a girl he liked, wahala

Of all the girls he told me about, this one stood out, because she sang rainbows and sunshine and also flair with words just like him, he was so into her and started writing differently, she had him. (I think I’ll reserve this to myself alone, I need to also hold something beautiful about Charles for me alone).

When he told me he was a warrior I did not believe him, because he was high off of life, drunk off of dreams, and completely SOULd out for Christ, I hated to know he was going through it, that was when I started loving him more, that was when I started deeply understanding his music, his lyrics came alive and I’d pause to think when he said certain things on his songs, Charles almost always sent his music to me first for me to criticize before releasing them, sometimes he sent me  voicenotes  of his rehearsals, I was always brutal at criticizing him, so he kept them coming, he was never afraid to try something fresh or change a word to rhyme his bounce, we shared another thing in common; Lecrae Moore.

I could go on and on and on about how Charles inspired my faith, pushed my boundaries, and how much he has influenced by respect for time and health, but this space would not be enough.

Is my heart broken? Yes! Because he became the brother I never had, even after I got married and grew distant he kept reaching out and catching up and telling me about his projects and dreams, Presh Gaza was a big inspiration to him, he thought she was so strong and special, I believed him.

Only God has the power to heal the hearts that are broken by his death, but we are all beautifully broken because even though he is gone, his legacy lives on.

I love you brother, friend, and my hommie!

“Remember me when I'm gone, let my voice echo until the end of time, let my trail blaze, let it be a great flame that'll burn, let my memory illuminate your heart.” - (Charlz Dogo - Remember Me feat. Joy Adejo)


Shared by Ayobami Bolorunde on May 26, 2021
I just got to know you sweet soul but I’m pained like I have known you forever... you got the warmest of hugs❤️ You were a fighter❤️ I loved how you loved God it’s so wholesome ❤️ You’ve gone to be with him and I’m happy you get to enjoy eternal life with your favourite person(God).... Rest in power King❤️ We love you and yes!! You left a legacy