Posted by Stephanie Bruccoliere on October 2, 2021
I did not know Christian very long but I found him to be a very generous, sweet and caring guy. He gave from the heart and couldn't do enough for his family and friends, even people he hardly knew.
He was a wonderful neighbor to my daughter and her family. He always found time in his busy schedule to cater to my grandson who is obsessed with landscaping equipment. At Christmas he would make homemade pies and homemade wine and share with us. I know there is a special place in heaven for this angel. He will be sorely missed. God Bless his soul.
Posted by Chris (vo vo) McLaughlin on September 17, 2021
Dear Chrissy boy, Mr. Cabana, and Billy and family – I will forever miss Christian. He gave me great advice and I loved him so much. I always respected him. He was the kindest man always thinking of others and I loved sitting with him and wrapping presents at Christmas time for Kayla and Billy and Johnny and Alisha’s 3 children. We had great times together. Fishing on his boat was the greatest time of my life. What can I say Christian- everyone loved you and you are forever in our hearts. You will be truly missed but never forgotten. Love vo vo. 
Posted by Rachael Dixon on September 17, 2021
Summer 2020 I met my favorite people and the best people ever. Ive never felt so loved so quickly by a someone I just met. it feels like we knew eachother for 10 years. In such little time we made the best memories and I will miss them forever. I never got to thank you for everything you did for me but one day I know I will. Im going to miss you coming down ottens harbor on the boat with a smile on your face. cheers to when we’ll get to jetski together again<3
Posted by Marlene Hainsworth on September 16, 2021
Christian, I dread tomorrow when I have to say my final goodbye to you. I still cannot comprehend that you are gone. From the moment we met you were always there for me. There for me with advice, concern, love, understanding, happy times, sad times, generosity and so many good times. When my sister died, you were there to help in any way you could, you grieved right along with me. Your outlook on life was incredible, loving everyone, making time for everyone, having fun and good times, laughing, enjoying life! Always having that big, beautiful smile! I thank the Lord that our paths crossed, but it was way too brief! I will always remember you, miss you, love you and hold you in my heart! Fly high my dear friend, and thanks for all the wonderful memories. Until we meet again. I love you. ❤❤❤
Posted by Stephanie DiNunzio on September 16, 2021
I’m not sure there will ever be enough words to describe how amazing of a man Christian was. I feel so blessed to have known him, even if it wasn’t for a very long time. Christian made everyone feel like the most important person in the room. His generosity is truly an inspiration.

I thank him for so much. For always welcoming me, my family and my friends into his home. For all the laughs around his dining room table. For all the serious, heartfelt talks too. For teaching me how to fish (I only wish we could go once more so I could yell “Fish On”). For making Wildwood home for my family. For always being there when anyone needed help - no matter how long you knew him. And especially for bringing together the Tacony Family.

I will cherish every moment with him & I will always replay the memories of walking into his Wildwood home to “Hi Honey” or “Hi Lady” followed by a kiss, a hug, and a great night.
Posted by Bill Cabana on September 15, 2021
Christian Cabana was definitely one of a kind. He was the kind of man people wanted to be around because he made you feel like family. His love for life was so big, but not as big as his love for his family. His hard work ethic was instilled by our father William J Cabana, which led to his personal motto…..”work hard, play hard”. That is exactly what he did with his life, made his own rules and shunned any negative narrative. I am proud to call you my brother and i know our mother Theresa, sister Theresa, brother
John all the nieces and nephews will miss you tremendously. There is a huge void in our hearts until we meet again big brother, i will always love you and keep you in my heart. We’re only here for a visit like my father says so make the most of it like my beloved big brother did. Miss you!!
     Love always your brother Billy
Posted by Natalie Di nunzio on September 15, 2021
Christian was a person who made you feel at home. His generous heart and incredible kindness had a huge impact on my family and we are so lucky for the time we were able to spend with him. I only wish I could repay him for all the kindness he showed me. I will always cherish the fun memories at the shore and his heart felt advice that I now look at as gifts in my life. Rest in paradise dear friend.
Posted by Ashley Stanton on September 15, 2021
Christian Banana nana!! you will truly be missed all of our talks and your great advice.. A man of his word and his love for others.. so many memories you have been a true friend throughout the last 10 plus years and you my friend will never be forgotten. This really hurt and still is not believing it. Until I see you again ❤️⛄️
Posted by Linda Condon on September 14, 2021
TC my heart aches for the losses you’ve endured first your beautiful young daughter Theresa-Claire and now your son Christian.
I know you’re a woman of deep faith and you’ve had to call on that faith for some of the terrible things you’ve gone through. Theresa Claire and Christians Godfather Fudge will guide him and show him the truth and light. My friend I am always here for you!! 
Posted by Gia Marie on September 14, 2021
In Spring 2020, we walked behind our house by the bay not knowing that each house we passed held family inside.

I didn’t know that Damon and Chloe would be swinging on the swings. Filling the air with laughter, jumping in the bay, and in the puddles when it rained.

I didn’t know the O’Donnells, the Phillips, Marlene, and the DiNunzios yet, or Johnny and Alicia. What I did know that there was a guy from the first blue house who kept being really nice to me, saying hi, and welcoming us into his home to hang out.

But I was down and out over my Grandmom, and kept to myself at first.
Plus, if you know me I don’t always trust many people at first, so can be a loner at times. But as the days passed, he never stopped initiating a friendship and was always being so thoughtful.

I wondered how can someone possibly be this nice? He gave me hope that there are still good people in this world! It was too good to be true to have gained such a great neighbor, who shortly after turned into family. And the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, because little Christian takes just after him!! Humble and good hearted!! Not only was he Damon’s friend, but truly my friend, and our son’s as well. He was a genuine friend, a friend that had the best interest of people’s entire family. Not what I’m use to. He was a true family man. He friended all of the families up the street in that very same way, and brought us together as one big family!! He truly cares about everyone. And always lifts your spirits. When he talked to you he meant it, he looked into your eyes with respect and undivided attention, even with the kids he had a special way in making them feel safe, important, and loved. When unfortunately, when I look around I see many adults shun kids away. He listened closely, never missing a beat. Always full of surprises and lots laughter.

During a time, when I lost my Grandmom, the head of my family, who was a very positive person in my life, a safe haven, and always a person who we gathered around the table with...Chris came into our lives and brought that all back as if I have never lost it. He truly filled a void for me.

We walked into his house as if it was our own home, open the fridge as if it were our fridge. Because it was our second home.
We gathered at his giant table night after night, we ate, talked for hours upon hours, told stories, played board games, cards, sang karokee, and laughed our heads off.
We had our inside jokes and our favorite sayings.

Countless memories we have on his dock, out on the jet skis, fishing, swimming and swinging off the rope at what I like to call “Cabana Island”.

He was always so thoughtful. He had a heart of gold that never failed to tug on your heart strings. He just had a way about him. He was the best guy I have ever crossed paths with.

In one year, he has made such a huge impact on us! We feel as if a piece of our hearts were ripped from us. So my prayers and love go to Christian and the rest of the family who have always been in his life for I cannot imagine. But you were lucky to have him in this lifetime as your dad. Some people never get that at all. There are no words. We are forever grateful that we crossed paths with him! We will miss him immensely, his laugh, smile, and all of our talks. Of all the summers, I wish that this was an endless one!!! If I could replay it on repeat like I do the Morse Code of Love I would. We will always cherish the memories we made. If I knew that night was the last night I’d see you, when I lifted my glass this would have been my toast to you!
You will always be in our hearts!

Love, Gia, Damon, and little Dam xoxo
Posted by Alan Phillips on September 14, 2021
      A smile and a grin that would penetrate your soul! I can see him grinning as I sit here drafting this tribute. What a gift it was to know Christian and love him as a great friend for the past 7 years. He and I became quite close and shared many good and bad things. We helped each other through things that needed a friend to hold each other’s hand. We have all lost that holding hand. However I can tell you that he would not want that spirit to slip away. Christian you will always be in our heart and definitely in mine. You are more than a friend you are a support, a great listener, a voice of confidence and unselfish servant to help at any chance.
        Christian loved life but mostly he loved to help anyone who need help. I have never had the chance to really thank you for listening to me during my chemo treatments but I will here. Thanks Brother!
        Your spirit will never die. We will carry on and attempt to be as good as you are. We will carry your love and attitude forward. The shore friendships we have built will live on forever!
         We love ya and will miss you! God be with you. YOUR FRIEND BIG AL
Posted by jake mugler on September 14, 2021
Where do I start? Losing a man like Mr.C, A boss, a Friend, a mentor, a 2nd father. A man who touched so many individuals no matter where or when. We’ll miss you so much Mr.C. We’ll have to “keep on keeping on” down here and continue to keep your spirit alive. Captain Cabana for life❤️
Posted by Jason Phillips on September 14, 2021
Dear Christian,

Where do I begin? I could be writing this tribute for hours and still not be able to mention all the great things about your father. We are so sorry Christian for your loss and are sending our full condolences. Your father had a way of inspiring people to better themselves (including myself) and it was amazing to witness. Whenever you asked him for help, he would already be on his way to help before he even says yes to helping. He was like a father to me. All the great memories that we share will never be forgotten. I will never forget all the great things you and your father did for us. Your father will forever be in our hearts. We love you Christian and will always be here for you! Please don’t hesitate to call if you need ANYTHING.

“Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.”

The Phillips Family
Posted by Theresa-Claire Cabana on September 14, 2021
It is unusual to have a parent post on a tribute page, however, I appreciate each and every person who has kind things to say about my first born.
Christian was never a baby, he was an old soul from the very start. He loved to be with people, meet new people, and loved kids, most especially his own. He loved his niece and nephew, Kayla and Billy, and was always on the floor playing with any kids in his immediate vicinity.
Christian was a lady's man in high school. He was soooo handsome and kind which is a hard combination to find in a young guy. 
He would give you the shirt off his back, if he saw you needed it, and never expected repayment.  He leaves us now, and we are lost with out him, but he gets to be with his sister, Theresa-Claire who passed in 1992, and his grandparents and uncles and godfather, John Fadgen. 
So to my first born son, my fist true love, my heart, I will miss you every day.
Posted by Nicole Marchetti on September 14, 2021
Big Christian was one of those people who knew how to put a smile on anyone’s face in any situation. We wish that we met him sooner, but are so lucky to have known him for the time that we did. Just by walking into the room he seemed to carry a light. Christian is a man who will never be forgotten. Even though our time with him was limited each time will forever burn a memory in our hearts.

All our love, Nicole & Natassja
Posted by Desmond Sheerin on September 14, 2021
Me and Chris clicked as soon as we met. He took me under his wing right away. He would always help myself and anyone through all the years I’ve know him. He liked to see people grow, better themselves, enjoy life, and be proud. I wouldn’t ever be where I’m at today without him. He especially loved all three of his kids, his brothers, father and family. Our friendship was always branded no matter what happened.
Posted by Grace ODonnell on September 14, 2021

Christian Cabana or what I like to call him Mr C

What a amazing man. He was always there for everyone. No words can describe how much he meant to me. He was loving and caring and never failed to put a smile on my face. He was a joy, that I looked forward to every weekend down the shore. He would always get me through the lows and bring me all the highs. He would sit and listen to my story’s. He was family to me. Someone I look up to. He touched so many peoples hearts especially mine, my families and friends. He will always have the biggest place in my heart.
Posted by Neena Pestridge on September 14, 2021
Christian was such a sweet and thoughtful soul- truly a rare gem. He was nothing but kind, compassionate and loving towards me and my family. We only wish we met him sooner, but we will hold on tight and cherish the great times we were able to share with him. Gone too soon but will never be forgotten.

With Love,
The Pestridge Family
Posted by victoria Odonnell on September 14, 2021
Christian was the most thoughtful person we have ever known. Everything he did ..was with thought..generosity & love.

He made you feel like the most important person in the room, but yet he was the one we all wanted to be near!

He had a gift with kids..that gave them wings to fly. He was our mentor, our Chairman of the board, our Beautiful Friend and the FAMILY we chose!
He created pure magic on Ottens for all of us, that we will cherish forever. We will honor his legacy & keep his spirit alive. Love, The O’Donnell Family
Posted by Marc Mugler on September 14, 2021
I am so sad to hear about your Dad’s passing. He was one of the kindest and most generous people I ever met. And he was a 2nd Dad to Jake. He will never forget the Summer with all of you. You gave him a lifetime of memories. You hang in there and know how much you are loved by all of us. Keep making your Dad proud and we are always here for you.
Posted by Jacqueline DiNunzio on September 14, 2021
Our Dear "Chrissy Boy",
We are heartbroken! Your father was an incredible, kind and loving man with a heart of gold! We were blessed to know him and love him! This world will shine less bright without him! He will remain in our hearts always. We love you and will always be here for you.
The entire DiNunzio Family

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