We all have our favourite memories of Chris (Chopper). We invite you to help celebrate the special times with your photos, tributes, memories, videos and songs to help us remember him forever.
Posted by Nikki Duke on April 29, 2021
Oh Chris---if only you could have seen these tributes sooner. You were so loved and so special to so many people. See you on the other side. Wishing Leanne, Tayla and boys strength, love and light.
Posted by Leanne WHITE on April 27, 2021
This is the link to the photo slide show that was played at the funeral along with the songs

password: White
Posted by Jez White on April 25, 2021
it seems that the live feed was not the best quality for everyone to be able watch the service. Please find the following link a quality copy of the service.

Please use the password:    White
Posted by Rob Hodgkins on April 21, 2021
My dear Cuz! Family. Laughter. Fun. Beer. And boats! Five words which spring to mind whenever I think of you, Chris. As one of the youngest in our mob of cousins growing up in Shropshire, Worcestershire and Cornwall, you were often the jester in the pack. Always full of fun and ready for the next adventure. The jester grew up, packed his bags ready to take on the world and it is such a testament to your life and legacy, just how many people you touched and embraced on your journey. I thank you for being not just a great cousin but also a true and trusted friend. Especially so when we managed to catch up again in Norway and Denmark. When the cold, hard wind was blowing, you were there to support everyone else and the memory of our talks as we walked along the beach in Aarhus will linger forever. Your beautiful family, Leanne, Tayla, Caleb and Reef will be your true and lasting legacy and we send our deepest love to them all. Auntie Sue, Ian and Jez - we share your grief tonight, and celebrate the great man Chris was. The world is a poorer place without you dear Cuz. You'll never be forgotten. Rest easy - your watch is done. All our love forever, Rob, Lene, Emily and Sam
Posted by Gill Winter on April 21, 2021
We met you a few years ago Chris, on the sidelines watching the boys play football. You were always such a proud and supportive dad with a lovely sense of humour. We always enjoyed our chats and laughs and how the boys, if they listened could play the perfect game! Thinking of you and your family, you'll be sadly missed x The Winter Family x
Posted by ROBYN HART on April 21, 2021
Darling Chops,
I just cannot believe you didn't know how many people absolutely loved and adored you. Your quirkiness, your stories, your skills, your sense of humour, your kindness to us all, to our friends and our family who always felt special being around you. We personally absolutely adored your love for your gorgeous Leanne, the always upside down Tayla and yes, like the rest of you, we have seen very single dance move she ever did and was proudly shown and we adored seeing his pride and love for you Tayla. The most gorgeous, talented and stunning young men - 'they are about to hit the road' was his last description of Caleb and Reef and with such pride and they are working out where to for next year? 20 years a member of our crazy gang, and such a valued and loved member of our crew who never said NO to any suggestion of a new adventure. Thank you for being you. Thank you for your legacy of your beautiful children. We will always treasure our special memories and all the hard work and fun we've had together. Rest In Peace our friend. We will always keep a watch over your amazing family. Love you long time.
Graeme and Robyn Hart
Posted by Jez White on April 21, 2021
Dear All,
Chris' service will on 22nd April at 12:30 through to 15:15 local time New Zealand.
it will be live streamed and then available to view for 90 days
please use the following link

the email address you need to enter is
the password for Chris' service is
Posted by Ed Hewitt on April 20, 2021
Chris, Chalky, Chopper, My have moved me to tears once again. This time it's not because of your jokes, a story you've told or ribbing each other about something simple or irrelevant. I hope you now have peace.
I believe you know the respect and love I have for you. 38 years of friendship and one that I have always cherished.
You have always been a Collector of People. Your travels around the globe have touched so many lives and I am sure made them richer for the experience of having you in their world. Reading the tributes is warming to see that they also knew the Chris that I did.
What I really want to say to you Chris is THANK YOU.
Thank you for being my mate.
Thank you for inviting me to spend weekends and weeks with your family during school holidays. I have fond memories of the magical madness in the White family home with Dave, Sue, Ian, Jez, yourself and the dogs. Always made to feel welcome and part of the family.
Thank you for sharing the room in Hanbury at school. Having a cigarette on the balcony whilst looking over at the Headmasters house never lost it's humour and of course the sherry with the "Rev Dev" having just snuck back in from the pub anyway
Thank you for badly crashing the lyrics every time of Fight for your Right, Beastie Boys
Thank you for looking after me in Athens....
Thank you for the calls at all hours of the night when you were on your travels to sometimes say "Hi" or just because
Thank you for always calling and arranging to meet up whenever you came back through the UK. The unexpected call from you always put a smile on my face and I looked forward to the time that you found for me. On arrival your entrance was always with a grin, a hug and of course an array of hair and beard styles complimented with some interesting wardrobe options.
Thank you for being my Best Man. It was great to share our special day with you and Leanne and the words that you spoke meant so much to Dani and I.
Thank you for making a 5 minute story last 30. How you did it I don't know. Always entertaining and a seemingly endless back catalogue of tales for every occasion.
Love you mate and again,
Thank You.
Posted by Jude Young on April 18, 2021
Dear Chris, When I think of you it is of energy and light filling the room followed by your beaming smile. Still can’t believe that has been lost to this world. To my beautiful friend Le, we are here for you and your family now and always Much love
Posted by Steve Lloyd on April 16, 2021
Hey Chop,

It's only now, writing this tribute, that I realise the size of the void you leave behind …… From our chance meeting in a German shipyard in 2004, the numerous lattes and lunches in Auckland when I was on leave and the yacht delivery to and from the Bay of Islands, your infectious laughter, sense of humour, endless jokes and generosity of self, have enriched both My and Leigh’s lives. We’ll always remember the love and pride you displayed whilst showing us videos of Tayla dancing, trying unsucessfully to hide your tears of pride. Of your chest visibly pumping up as you expressed your pride in the transition of both Caleb and Reef into young men. And your love for Leanne, always evident. My only regret is that we did not spend more time in your presence. It’s certainly gone quieter here.

Fair winds my friend…. Sail free!!

Steve and Leigh xx
Posted by Joan Roberts on April 15, 2021
From Wally Roberts

There will be no more projects together, no more fences to build or carpark retaining walls.

No more complaints about the concrete being too wet or too dry
or the measurements being wrong.
The bullshit and laughter, that made our relationship so great.
Chris you were not only a wonderful son-in-law you were a great mate.

I will be checking the night sky for a new shining star

Shine on in peace.
Posted by Ernest Gordon on April 15, 2021
Thanks for the experiences and memories working together.I will never forget those memories.
Posted by Liane Hicks on April 13, 2021
Dear Chris x We will so miss our daily driveway catch-ups and the friendship that we enjoyed beyond being Neighbour's. We will so miss your humour your engaging tales and your company. We have great memories- the infamous trail bike ride some years ago, resulting in a trip to A&E and time in a sling! some really great nights out with you and Leanne and most recently in Nelson with young Maxwell. We are all so lucky to have shared the pleasure of your company - you will be greatly missed.
Our love and best wishes to Leanne, Taylor, Caleb and Reef.
With Love from the Hicks Whanau - James, Liane, Caitlin, Elise and Max
Posted by Sharyn Golding on April 13, 2021
It’s taken me a couple of days to think my heart is still bleeding for you Leanne and I have been trying to find a way to wind the clock back so we can start the year again the biggest hugs and kisses to You Tayla Caleb Reef and to Uncle Wally and Aunty Joan we love you all
Posted by Joan Roberts on April 13, 2021
Dear Chris
Thank you for being part of our family. You slipped into our lives as if you had always been there. Firstly meeting and sharing a yachting lifestyle with Kevin
and then in spite of being warned by him to keep your hands off his sister you won the heart of Leanne.
You were always a joy to be around and you were so loved by us all. Now you have left us and with no time to say goodbye.

However we feel-
   You are near, even if we don't see you
   You are with us even when you are far away
   You are in our hearts and in our lives always
Posted by Bridie Roberts on April 12, 2021
Dear Chris, so incredibly sad that you have left this world. You were quite simply a ray of true sunshine on this earth. We had so may good times, daft and silly, deep and grounding. I was one of the lucky ones that you passed through my life. I hope you have found peace dear lovely man. Thinking of you very much Leanne ,Tayla ,Reef and Caleb.
Posted by Ted McCumber on April 11, 2021
The problem I am having is that there are so many great memories of my time with Chris. I will never forget how excited he was when he found out he was going to be a dad, I knew at that point he would be amazing, and he was.

One of the silliest things He did and still makes me laugh was when we were in St Maarten at Port De Plaisance. We needed something from the chandler and of course Chris was keen to jump in tender and do a pick up. I gave my mate the boat credit card and off he went.

An hour later Chris comes back to the boat soaking wet. Turns out as he was speeding back to the boat and the credit card and reciept became quite aerodynamic. As the card took flight, Chris pulled back on the throttle and dove after the card. Problem was the tender was moving at a pretty good speed.

Well, the card was never found, and thankfully Chris eventually caught up with the tender. It was difficult to act upset as I had tears running down my face as he was explaining the exploits.

The look on his face as he got back to the boat I will never forget, or you Chris.

God Speed my Dear Friend
Posted by Barbara Ringstad on April 11, 2021
So how does one begin to write about someone so wonderful as Chris White (aka Chopper...though I never called you that).
My memories of you are vast...just like your stories. A style icon, dancing in your own fashion be it Antibes, Antigua, and frivolity followed everywhere you went.
We didn't have cell phones during our days aboard Katrion, so we don't have zillions of photos, though I promise to add some when I dig them out.
Chris...what a gem, a gentleman, a joker, a hard working, smiling, caring, lover of family and friends. There aren't enough words to adequately describe you.
In a perfect world, without CoVid, Ted and I would have been in NZ in March, with you, Leanne, Tayla, Reef and Caleb for the Cup, seeing the home you built and were so proud of.
I think you are the one who first called me Barbs. Will forever be the favorite version of my name Thank you.
There are songs that will forever make me think of you.
Your pride in your children, your love for Leanne, your family was evident. You bragged about all of them.
Your stories about your childhood, your parents, your brother. Through your stories we all came to love, and know in a way, everyone you spoke of.
Hearing you and Ted on the phone was always so wondefful. The laughter and love between you, undeniable. Being privy to those exchanges, priceless.
The dismay and tears that we will not see you again on this plane is real, but Chris, I wish you peace, love, and the knowledge that we are all energy and as far as I am concerned...forever attached.
I promise, Ted and I will visit NZ, and see that house, and give Leanne a strong hug, and see Caleb, Reef and Tayla again. They will always have an open door in the USA.
A fine man every moment you spent with us. Fly free dear friend.
Love you forever.
Posted by Chris Lambourne on April 12, 2021
I will miss seeing you most Saturdays for a sea swim; whatever the weather. As much as the swim I always enjoyed the pre and post swim chats, on a wide range of topics, Norwegian metal bands, time in South American jails, NZ tax laws, accounting (Sadly the last two were my contributions), supporting our children's activities (we both loved it) many other stories that may or may not have been true .
Rest in peace and know that you left a lot of people happier having spent time with you.
Posted by Alex Samson on April 12, 2021
Dear Leanne Tayla Caleb & Reef
My thoughts are with you all, family & friends
Been a long time since I caught up with The Nipper, but remember vividly meeting the 19yr old Chris in Antibes & bumping into him over the years. One of the funniest, gentlest men I ever met. A Legend. He will be remembered. Sending love
Ex-SY Mandalay
Posted by Andrew Walker on April 11, 2021
Dear Leanne, Tayla, Caleb and Reef,
We hope that some of the fab photos that have been shared here will give you a little comfort knowing that Chris was much loved and will be hugely missed by people all over the world! He was kind, funny, sensitive, empathetic and above all a great friend to so many. We will miss him always and feel incredibly sorry for your enormous loss.
With much love....Andrew & Lucy Walker
Posted by Sandy Glass on April 11, 2021
It was a long time between catch ups Chris but I’m so pleased to have seen you recently and had a moment to chat. Such a lovely man who brought so much joy and love to my long time friend Leanne and created a beautiful family with her in Tayla, Caleb & Reef. My heart is breaking and aching for all of you, including you Chris. I hope you have now found some peace - rest easy friend. To Leanne, Tayla, Caleb & Reef, huge hugs, comforting thoughts and endless love to you at this very very sad time xxx

To Chris’s family back home my sincere sympathy and deepest condolences, I’m so very sorry for your loss. To Joan & Wally - once again you are in my thoughts. My condolences and sympathy to you both xoxo
Posted by Julia Perry on April 11, 2021
Dear Chris, My heart breaks that you left us so soon. Your lovely smile and kindness I’ll always remember. Rest now and know that we will always be there for Le, Tayla, Caleb and Reef, Huli, Harry & Leila x
Posted by Megan Wilson on April 11, 2021
Captain Chris is a member of The Band, our swim band. The four of us, Chris named ourselves The Band. We would randomly meet, early, on Minnehaha Ave, simply arriving in our togs and towel. The stroll down the street, together, side by side as we made our way over the rocks to the beach. Often, we were the only ones there. Entering the water together, swimming together until we got to The Infinity Stick (a cable mark 600 meters offshore).
Here we floated, catching up, cracking up, Chris always had the most bizarre wild adventure stories to share. Some days more floating and talking, but that didn't matter, The Band was together.
Gonna miss you so much our Band Leader. You so made those moments, memories. Thankyou Captain Chris.
Arohanui to your Whanau.

Posted by Shelley Ellicott on April 11, 2021
Chris, you are like family to us. You have left a giant hole in our lives and hearts. Godspeed our dear friend. All our love from Big Pete, Shelley, Alice and Benj.
Posted by Sharon Purcell on April 11, 2021
Mate! You were loved, liked, admired and held in high regard. You were a husband, a soul mate, a father, a brother, a son and a friend. You were the life of the party. You were the party! You were the story teller and the joker (I liked the term goofball (by Tiggy) - yes you were that too. The captain, the coach, the swimmer, the runner, and the biker. A dancer and a singer - questionable! You were the world. You were the centre of fun. You were all of that and so much much more. So it is of course so very (very) hard for us to reconcile where we are today. You will be missed but never forgotten.
Posted by Jason Rowledge on April 11, 2021
"How many dudes ya know flow like this, not many, if any, eggs bennie" Scribe with a Chopper twist.

Not many indeed Chopper! I never heard you say a bad word of anything or anyone.

Your loyalty and tireless effort to both your home and work families was absolutely unquestionable. A sailors swagger, always a twinkle in your eye, the hardest grafter and a Captain with integrity.

I am so sorry it had to come to this, I wish I could have helped, listened harder, made more of an effort.

Chops there is no shame, no judgement you are a giant and we will all miss you horribly. I just hope your ocean is now calm.

See you at that great big "pile on" in the sky big fella!
Posted by Briar Wharry on April 11, 2021
Chris.... we may not be related by blood but you will always be my family. In my 21 years of knowing you, you have never failed to put a smile on my face. I still can’t process that we will never sing who the fuck is Alice again and annoy the neighbours. The many memories we have I will always cherish. Your family is my family and I will always look after Tayla, Cal and Reef as their older sister ❤️ Rest easy uncle Chris xx
Posted by Piero Avallone on April 10, 2021
I hope you’ve found peace in what you have done.
I want to thank you for all time you’ve spent with me in the past, even when you drank that dashboard product in our bathroom next to the toilet.
Now Rest In Peace my dear Chris.
You will forever have a special place in my heart ❤️
Posted by James Workman on April 10, 2021
Those of us that met you laughed with you.
Those that worked with you respected you.
We all have one thing in common we were lucky enough to know you.
You will be missed my friend, fly high with the angels now & be at peace.
Thinking of your lovely family now, they are in my thoughts & my heart goes out to them.
Cheers my friend I will raise a glass to you, Jimmy.
Posted by Sharon Rendell on April 10, 2021
Sadly I did not know you that well Chris, but what I did know was that you married my amazing friend Leanne, and helped raise together your beautiful family.
Rest peacefully Chris in the knowledge that I will continue to look after your family in the years to come. Much love ❤️
Posted by Leanne Pooley on April 10, 2021
To our Captain Chris, we will so miss having you at sea with us. Swimming alongside you was great for many reasons; not least your hilarious adventure stories, dry sense of humour and steely determination. You won the Icebreaker Award (don’t know how you stayed in that freezing water so long) and Most Improved Swimmer by being tough but you were also a bit of a softy and your warm smile on a chilly morning made getting into the water a little easier. Knowing you won’t be splashing about with us is hard to accept , but we are grateful for the times we had with you, because they were great times. There are so many things we’d like to say to you, but goodbye isn’t one of them. Please know you’ll be with us every time we swim. Our thoughts are with your family, we know how much you loved them and how very proud you were of your children. Aroha nui Captain, we will miss you. North Shore Masters Swim Group…and the Fair Weather Gang.
Posted by Lee Marshall on April 10, 2021
Chalkie..I haven't spoken to Ed Hewitt since our school days. Today we reconnected because of you. Told me the devestating news...dumb arse.
See you on the other side some day brother. Bring your Bobber and I'll bring the Thunderbird.
Oh don't forget your hand scar that I gave you.
So much love for you and your family. Rest Now.
Posted by Julian Hadley on April 9, 2021
I often think back to the many years together in the dorm at school and the great laughs we had
Also our summer at butlins will live long in my memory
I hope you are at peace now
Posted by Kim Chappell on April 9, 2021
Chris, you fought a brave battle. One unimaginable to most people. I have many happy memories of our yachting days and it was so good to see you in New Zealand a couple of years ago. You will be missed. Thinking of your family.
Posted by Grant Wharry on April 9, 2021
Chris. I know how hard you tried to stay with us. We will be forever grateful for the support and much laughter you gave us. We will be here for Leanne, Tayla, Reef and Cal in your absence.

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Posted by Nikki Duke on April 29, 2021
Oh Chris---if only you could have seen these tributes sooner. You were so loved and so special to so many people. See you on the other side. Wishing Leanne, Tayla and boys strength, love and light.
Posted by Leanne WHITE on April 27, 2021
This is the link to the photo slide show that was played at the funeral along with the songs

password: White
Posted by Jez White on April 25, 2021
it seems that the live feed was not the best quality for everyone to be able watch the service. Please find the following link a quality copy of the service.

Please use the password:    White
Recent stories
Shared by Andy Cooper on April 12, 2021
What sad news. Where do I start? 

We met you back in 93 in Antibes, many a drunken night with you Chris, Andrew, Leanne, Andy, me & many others. 

That was it for Leanne!! For 1/2 way round the world she couldn’t stop thinking about you. 

Then flying out of Antartica, leaving the boat & her guitar behind to be with you. - well was suppose to be a holiday but...

Took us a couple of years to catch up with you guys in Cairns shipyard & return the guitar. 
But it came back!
As did Leanne when she jumped ship & returned to Maupiti for a time.
Where you both then confirmed you couldn’t be without each other. 

Spending time with you and family while you were in Brisbane was an extra bonus. Tayla & Morgan were inseparable. 

Staying with you guys in N. Z. was fantastic. 

So many happy, fun memories. 

Thankyou for being in our lives. 

Andy Kathy & Morgan

Shared by Tiggy Ski on April 9, 2021
There is nobody on earth I would rather scrub decks and talk shit with than you Chops, you were the most authentic, kindest, hard working, funniest, lovable goofball to be around. 
I knew you from the very beginning of you and Leanne and I got to watch your beautiful family grow. Those times in your home babysitting Little T and helping out when the twins were born and the time I showed up on your doorstep with my belongings in trash bags (another story) you and leanne always made me feel like part of your family.
Every moment we shared over our 26 years friendship I will treasure forever XO