Posted by Hal Turner on June 25, 2021
One of my first memories of Sylvania Ohio was being very sick with a high fever and having this gentle country doctor visit me in my own bedroom. He radiated a calming influence, and his hands spoke of knowledge and experience. I immediately liked him and trusted him. Few people in my life have had that effect upon me. I remember you and your remarkable family fondly and regularly, Dr. Tallman.
Posted by John Butz on June 25, 2019
Hi, Gwen & Jack are still playing golf in FL Lost City CC and not having the great fun we had with Lea &Al on Sundays.Thanks Butz'
Posted by Hal Turner on June 20, 2019
I am saddened to read of the passing of Dr. Tallman. As a resident of Sylvania and a very good friend of his late son Bob, I spent a lot of time at the Tallman's house with Bob, and always looked forward to seeing Dr. Tallman. He was the epitome of warmth, and seemed to me to be one of those perfect TV fathers. He was always there when I got sick, and his bedside manner shaped my concept of compassion for all of my life.
Posted by Milan Dopirak M.D on February 10, 2019
Dr. Tallman was a clinical faculty member at the Medical College of Ohio. I was a member of the second graduating class and I was his first preceptor student. He was my clinical preceptor for 3 years and I spent many hours in his office and making rounds. His warm personality endeared him to his patients and he left an indelible mark on me as a physician. I emulated him for my 40 year practice. Rest well my friend and may our Lord hold you in His loving embrace
Posted by Huiran Xaxni on October 13, 2018
I had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Tallman through our church, PCPH. He was always so happy to see the children at church, and made sure to tell my daughter that she looked beautiful every week. He loved receiving hugs from the children, and was always so joyful to be around. Our best memory is being able to throw a 100th birthday party for him and the kids from church had so much fun throwing balloons with him, taking pictures, and eating cake! I wish I would have been able to have known Dr. Tallman longer then I did, but the relationship we had will stay with me for a long time. I know he is having the best time with his wife in Heaven, and probably laughing at my kids and their antics at church every week. I will be thankful forever for the time I was able to know and spend with Dr. Tallman.
Posted by Jan Hatcher on July 16, 2018
My lanky Uncle Al was lanky, unfailingly good natured , inherently charming, and had the most unique, up and down wonderful voice - (that I continue to hear when I listen to Jay:)). My memories of Uncle Al are inextricably linked with my dear Aunt Lee (bracelets on thin wrists, red lipstick, and her own singularly attractive throaty voice), my cousins Bobby, Vicki, and Jay, and their beautiful home atop a hill in Sylvania, Ohio. I loved every minute of every visit and treasure the Tallman family. I love their laughter, their voices, their lives, their genuineness . I will forever hear Uncle Al saying, "Awww, Honey" in that certain way of his, and how he was a man that believed in the importance of human touch and connecting with his patients. He was affectionate, generous, and ever loving. I adored him and will always love him.
Posted by Sally Mason on July 7, 2018
The entire Eickholt family loved Dr. Tallman. He pierced my ears using a hypodermic needle and a cork. His office and home atmospheres were warm and welcoming. He was to me an ideal gentleman. My thoughts are with you.
Love, Sally
Posted by Joan Dushane on July 7, 2018
It is with a smile and flood of memories that i am able to send this special memory tribute of a great man. He was our family Dr and made house calls on more than one occasion. When I became a nurse I worked for him in his family practice in Sylvania, Ohio for several years. His gentle manner and sense of humor made a lasting impression on my future. Proud to have been a part of it all.
Posted by Juanita Turk on July 7, 2018
Great family doctor, took care of three generations of our family. This is when doctors took time to listen and made house calls anytime of the night. Dr. Tallman was very friendly and courteous to all of our family. We sadly missed him when he left Sylvania, Ohio.
Posted by Pam Billmaier on July 7, 2018
Jay: I am so sorry to hear of your loss. However, what a great life...100 and it appears he left them laughing. Now THAT is a legacy and a life well lived.
Posted by Sandra Hensley on July 7, 2018
Dr. Tallman was a fixture in Sylvania for many years while we were growing up in the 60's. His son Bob was in our class of 1966.
His passing brings back our memories of him.
Posted by donna pattri on July 2, 2018
I have had the extreme privilege of meeting this fine man and caring for him at Mease Manor for some time. He was funny and caring and always tried to get the last laugh from anybody that would listen. 
wonderful to also say it was also a privilege to meet his family and friends while he lived at Mease. He will be missed but he will now get to be with his wife who he so often spoke of. My sincere apologies on his passing but he had a wonderful life.
Posted by Steve Hatcher on July 1, 2018
Uncle Al was a wonderful man with a welcoming smile and a great big heart. I will never forget the fond memories I have of family gatherings in Ohio.
I'm thankful to have known him and I will miss him.
Posted by Paula Cordes on June 28, 2018
When I remember my Uncle Al, it is his contagious laugh that immediately comes to mind. His kind, inclusive, good humored
love of people was a constant through the years.
I adored the way he would tell stories about
Herman, the dachsund. He truly “never knew a
When my husband and I (and our dog) visited Uncle Al in February of this year, not long after he had celebrated his 100th birthday, he was in his
usual good humor.  He related that he dined daily with three woman and he laughed very hard as he told us “I am considered quite the
catch here”!!!
Posted by John Butz on June 28, 2018
Gwen and I met Leah and Al in 1979, when we first moved to Innisbrook.We had memories so numerous that you would think that we were related.They had the same kind of marriage that we have had for 63 + years and we always had great report with them. Don't talk Politics!! We loved them both and enjoyed growing old with them and their family. We were going to see him next week when we visit Innisbrook but that meeting will have to wait for a while, hopefully in Heaven. We love their kids and grandchildren just like our own and we will revere our long term relationship with the entire family.He was a special man and we shall miss him. God Bless him and you all. Love Gwen & Jack
Posted by mary Hatcher on June 28, 2018
Al had a wonderful sense of humor always and made me so comfortable. His good nature came naturally never forced. That’s what good people do. He made others happy to be in his presence. A much loved brother in law who made me happy.

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