Let the Memory of Connor be kept alive
  • 17 years old
  • Born on August 16, 2001 in Newport Beach, California, United States.
  • Passed away on May 5, 2019 in Montrose, Colorado, United States.

With deepest sorrow, we announce that Connor Matthew Imus, age 17, our most beloved son, brother, family member and friend passed suddenly on May 5, 2019 in Montrose, CO.  Those that knew Connor, even just a little, lost a shining light in their lives. Connor will be missed everyday by his family, members of the community and many greats friends.

Connor grew up in Lake Forest, CA until he was 7 years old.  It was there, at Mariners Christian School, where his mom and dad both worked, that his love for Jesus Christ, sports, and academic excellence started.  He would spend his days and nights hanging out in the gym and on the field with mom and dad and good friends. He continued his growth and passion for life in Montrose, CO and was a Junior at Montrose High School. He loved all sports, but his passion was for soccer and basketball.  If he was not at practice with his teammates, he was at the rec center working out and shooting.  He aspired to play basketball in college and was actively pursuing his dream.

His brother and sister looked up to him, and he loved them very much. He was the best of US!  His kind, generous, fun-loving heart showed every day in his choices and how he lived his life.  He was a full time student athlete who still found the time to give back to the community by helping with youth sports camps and as a youth sports referee and also working at the Bridges Golf Course part-time. In his limited spare time he liked to hang out with his family, his dog Bella, and play video games online with friends and his brother and pestering his little sister.  In-spite of his numerous academic and sports awards, we are most proud of who he was as a person, how he treated other people and the young man of God he had become.

Posted by Gabrielle Chandler on May 17, 2019
I met Connor when I was in 8th grade. I was new to Columbine and knew very few people, he was one of the first people I was introduced to. He was so kind to me throughout the whole time we were in school together but I was especially grateful for his kindness then. One day I was getting books from my locker and he was at his, which was right next to mine. Someone walked by me and said hey, calling me one of my various nicknames which I had not been introduced to Connor as. He immediately turned around and looked at the person talking to me and just said “Her name is Gabrielle.” For some reason that always stuck with me. He was so kind and willing to stick up for me it brought, and still brings, a smile to my face. Connor was one of the most genuinely kind people I have ever met. Even though I never had the privilege of being extremely close to him, I always thought of him as a friend and will always be beyond grateful for the kindness he showed me. He is missed so much ❤️
Posted by Rebecca Schwerdtfeger on May 16, 2019
Connor, I drove up to Sunset Mesa yesterday evening to watch JT play soccer, and to visit your ashes. It's so sad to stand before the vault that holds your ashes - but not your spirit - and offer prayers up for your family and that you are happy and at peace. You would have been proud watching JT play soccer. He has this calm, collected way about watching the field - when he's not directly on-ball - and vocally supporting and leading his teammates as they navigate the defense and plan their next move. When on ball, it's nothing but confidence. He knows his role on defense and plays aggressively, but also controlled. It was fun to watch. If you were there in body, I can imagine you would have been cheering at moments, and offering "brotherly advice" at other moments. :-) Connor, you are missed...
Posted by Robert Mckeever on May 15, 2019
Thanks Mat and Emily for bringing Connor into this world. Thanks for being great parents. Thanks Connor for being who you were. Thanks for all the good memories and smiles. Sorry to all for your pain. Time will heal the pain. Connor will never be forgotten.
Posted by Bernice Vigil on May 15, 2019
I miss Conner he was such a great guy he didn’t deserve to die u will always be in our ❤️~marissa
Posted by Alex Padilla on May 13, 2019
I didn't know Connor personally, I did however go through Middle School and Columbine with him being a grade older. I never got to know him but the one thing I do remember most about Connor is his ability to make anyone laugh and smile. You didn't even have to know Connor to understand that we was that kind of person who saw the good in the world. Who was always positive. Connor, we will truly miss you. Rest in peace. Show the other angels how it's done. To the Imus family, I am truly sorry about your loss and I wish you all the best.
Posted by Emily Annis on May 12, 2019
When the Imus family first moved into our neighborhood, it meant that all of us had 3 new kids to play with, and years later I would get to babysit them (which really just felt like me hanging out with friends that were slightly younger). Connor was just 3 years younger than me, so whenever I would babysit, he was more like my right-hand man. He would always mess around with JT and do whatever he could to beat him in the games that we would play, but he would always go easy on Sarah and make sure she got a chance to beat him. Whenever JT and Sarah got into a fight, he would always take her side— mostly because he loved to mess with his brother. The funniest memory I have of Connor is when my sister and I were at his house, and we were all looking through their box of sports equipment for something to play with, and Connor pulled out his “cup”. I can remember Abbey asking him what it was, and Connor got all wide-eyed and confused and said “What do you mean what is it? You have to wear one too!” And Abbey and I couldn’t stop laughing, but he was too young to know any different. I’m pretty sure it was the only time that we knew something he didn’t, and even when I would babysit he would always have the answers. Thank you Connor and the Imus family for the impact you that had on me when I was growing up, I’ll never forget it.
Posted by Jordan Budagher on May 12, 2019
Connor and I shared a PE class my junior year of high school. I’m not an athletic person, so PE was always a dreaded course. I was used to being chosen last for all team activities. However, Connor chose me to be on his team every single time without fail. The highlight was when he chose me first to be on his basketball team. It made me feel so happy that this amazing basketball player chose me to be on his team, and made an effort to include me in the game. During the game passed me the ball and I made a layup. It was the only time I’ve ever enjoyed PE. It was all thanks to Connor.
Posted by Paula Krull on May 12, 2019
My daughter Ellie is in Conner's class. Ellie isn't always the most motivated student, but in 6th and 7th grade she was really accelerating in math. I told her how happy we were with her math grades and Ellie told me to thank Conner Imus. Turns out Conner and Ellie had a bit of a competition going when it came to their math grades. Conner almost always edged Ellie out by 1 or 2 percentages, which infuriated her! Thank you Conner, for pushing Ellie to work harder at math. I asked Ellie if this had continued through high school, she said no, that she had finally given up trying to keep up with Conner and that instead he just tried to help her. :) Thank you for raising such an impressive young man, and for setting an incredible example. Romans 8:28.
Posted by Abbey Annis on May 12, 2019
I remember the day Connor and his family moved into my neighborhood. I think it was the summer of 2009. All of the neighborhood kids were outside watching in excitement that we were about to have three more friends to play with. Connor’s grandma saw my sister and I standing outside and she invited us over to their house to meet them. After that day, we became best friends and would hang out every single day of summer and after school. I remember going to their house and then coming to mine, playing Mario Cart on the Wii for hours. We would always yell at J.T. and Connor for standing way too close to the screen and us not being able to see. I remember playing volleyball in my yard with Connor every day of the summer until it got dark outside. When I was younger, Connor was truly my best friend and someone I could always rely on. We drifted apart when I went to middle school and he was still two grades below me. My senior year of high school, I was able to hang out with Connor again a few times and would always talk with him in the parking lot. He was such a friendly person even after the years we lost touch with each other. I remember always looking forward to seeing Connor because almost every time I was going home or leaving my house, we would drive past each other and Connor would wave to me with the biggest and brightest smile. I went to college this year and every time I came home, I would look forward to driving past Connor in the neighborhood because it always brightened my day to see him. I remember my senior year Connor picked me up from my friends house to take me home because I didn’t have a ride. I had never been inside his car but I always thought his car was so cool. When he took me home, I told him how I thought his car was so awesome the whole way to my house. Connor was such a light to so many people including me. I’m so thankful to have grown up living down the street from him. Thank you for everything you were Connor.
Posted by Emily Bern on May 12, 2019
I met Connor when he was in seventh grade, I had just transferred to columbine as an eighth grader! That year, I became super close to his group of Friends! They invited me in and they became my whole worlds. From Dairy Queen every Wednesday, sneaking candy into movie theatres, and so many fun memories I can’t even name them all! In the fourth grade I really wanted to play football but never went through because they wouldn’t let me play because I was a girl. After becoming super close to this group of friends, I had gone to almost every football game they had, as well as watched Connor and his group of boys play in AAU basketball. I have been following those boys and their basketball career since the seventh grade until this past season! I’m a senior this year and I was just telling my friend that I have been watching this team evolve and just have truly watched them glow on the court together as a team. I am headed off to college next year and Connor is one of the reasons why I am pursuing sports journalism. Being able to know the inside scoop of the team’s practices,coaches, and real life was such a blessing. Seeing their passion displayed on that court really impacted me. It has been an absolute privilege getting to know Connor and watch him share his passion of sports with me. As well as always helping me by texting me workouts! Connor was one of those friends that even if we didn’t talk every day if I needed to he was always there to catch up or check in with! Sending love to your family and healing thank you:)
Posted by Shawn Lazeration on May 11, 2019
Connor was the greatest person. He was always so friendly and kind, and he always encouraged me to follow my dreams. I'm middle school I was just learning how to use my voice, and our choir class was so shy and embarrassed to sing. Connor wasn't, he sang his heart out. It was on that day that i gathered up the courage to sing in public. And connor was the first to ever tell me that my voice was good. It was also during that year that I decided that I want to go to Julliard. And everyone kept telling me that I couldn't do it. But connor always told me you can do it your voice isms so good you can do it. He just kept telling me almost every day, that i could do it. I thank God for him every day since he us. That you Imus family for sharing someone so amazing with me. Thank you<3
Posted by Isabella Vigil on May 12, 2019
I knew of Connor for years since I was a band kid and sat in the stands watching him, he was mesmerizing. First semester, Connor and I were in the same AP Physics class. We sat directly across from each other. The first couple of weeks we had some awkward face to face moments and not too long after that it got to the point where we’d make faces at each other and laugh. My most fond memory was once in class, we were doing a small group lab and I can’t remember what the tool was called but we all had to share it and take turns. My group needed that tool and I’m looking around trying to see who had it and next thing I know, Connor, who has it balancing on the top of his head was staring right at me. This made me giggle. As I walked up to him asking if I could borrow that, he grabs one of the tiny little weights needed for this lab, which have hooks on them, and sticks it into my ear (I have gauges) with the response of, “I don’t know. Can you borrow it?” I’ll never forget that day. Second semester I had dropped that class, but everyday since then, Connor would hold the door open for me when leaving for lunch and always, and I mean every single time asked me how I was doing, how my day was going etc. It really sucks now when I leave for lunch because I no longer get to see him. He is just such a beautiful being. It was an honor knowing him. Thank you Imus family.
Posted by Amanda Beaver on May 11, 2019
I’ve known Connor since 6th grade, we had almost all of our classes together, we would hang out with our friends during school, and go to Dairy Queen after school. I remember in PE when we chose teams he would always choose me first, cause we both were so competitive. He has always been so kind and helping. Whenever I missed school for golf tournaments, he would text me and let me know what we did so I wouldn’t get behind. I’ll miss watching him play basketball and talking with him in class. I’m going to miss him so much ❤️❤️ But I know that this was Gods plan for him, and I know that one day I’ll get to see him again. All of my prayers to the Imus Family, from me and My family
Posted by Nathan Way on May 11, 2019
Over the past 3-4 years I was blessed with the opportunity to get to know Connor at family events with the Brown Family. I can remember the first time I got to meet Connor and his siblings and commented to Levi and Tia (Brown) about how well behaved and kind they are. That fact really stuck out to me being as they were all so young, I believe Connor was 13 or 14 then. As time went on, Connor and myself got to the point where we immediately recognized each other out and about and I considered him a friend of mine. He ALWAYS was the first of his siblings to come over to me and say hi. We’d catch up, laugh, joke around a bit, then he’d continue to wrestle with JT or harass Cole Brown. What really stuck out to me though was the fact that he was always the first of the “kids” in line to give out hugs when either of us left the family events. Usually right behind his mom and Levi, lined up to hand out hugs. He never missed an opportunity to make someone feel special and worthy, I have a feeling I’m not the only person to have experienced that from Connor. To his parents- there are no words that will ever bring Connor back to us, but he will certainly live on in our memories. Thank you for raising an amazing person and giving us all the opportunity to experience the great young man Connor will continue to be. With deep sympathy and love, Nathan Way
Posted by Ashlyn Manuel on May 11, 2019
I had the pleasure of having math class with Connor every year since freshman year. This year I also had AP Lang with him second semester. And somehow we always ended up next to each other. He was so very smart, he helped me with problems and I helped him. Just last week, we were filling him in on our boy drama. He was so into listening about it, it was so entertaining. I would give anything to be able to talk to him again and hear him make fun of our drama. You have such an amazing son and I am so glad that I got to know him as a classmate and as a friend❤️ My thoughts and prays are with your family, Connor will be loved and missed!
Posted by Brett Mertens on May 11, 2019
Imus Family, As a coach at MHS, I really appreciated all that Connor stood for. He truly was the example of what we want our student athletes to be. I enjoyed watching him compete and lead. He had mentioned to me in April that he was really thinking about playing football next fall. I would have loved to have had the opportunity to coach him. We will definitely never forget Connor at MHS and he has impacted so many people including myself. I also wanted to share what a great memorial service it was today. I couldn’t help but sit there thinking to myself that God really does use tragedy for His kingdom. There were hundreds of people that heard a wonderful message about God’s saving grace. Connor is the reason why that church was packed today. Everyone loved Connor. Montrose is lucky to have the Imus family, and thank you all for your wonderful witness of faith and trust in Jesus Christ.
Posted by Kira English on May 10, 2019
To the Imus family, you have/had raised an amazing son❤️ he always was someone I could talk too. I had Econ with Connor and he would always tease me, and it would always make me laugh and smile. He always had a smile and some kind of story to brighten my day. Thank you for blessing all of our lives with Connor and I’m so sorry for your lost and please keep God in your heart ❤️
Posted by Mckinley Nichols on May 11, 2019
I didn’t know Connor, but to the imus family and friends, I am so sorry for you’re loss, I wish I could have known him. At the service today the memories that were shared, made me feel as if I missed out on an amazing soul. Thank you Connor for making the crowd go wild, and making me pay attention to the basketball games when I was there. Rest easy Connor
Posted by Erica Kelley on May 11, 2019
I had heard of Connor, but if we're being honest who hadn't. Going through both middle and parts of high school with him a grade above me, I assumed he wasn't unlike any other popular person. He had the athleticism, looks, grades, and persona of all the other people that's were placed on pedestals, so I never gave him much thought. That entirely changed this last summer. I work in the aquatics area of the rec center and with that comes many many hours spent at the field house, specifically in the hot sun. I had been having a particularly exhausting day and I was coming off the waterslide into my break when I stopped to watch mere toddlers attempt to play T-Ball. Connor was there trying his absolute hardest to help them, but they of course were ages ranging from 3-5 so it was definitely a struggle. And yet, he never lost patience. His smile never left his face. He never stopped supporting them. I remember sitting there for the entirety of my 20 min break and watching in utter awe at the kindness that he possessed beyond his years. The following school year, now this past one, we passed eachother every white day in the hallway between first and second period. Each time without fail he'd wave to me. I'm not even certain he knew who I was, but he wanted to brighten my day when I'd started it with a stressful class. And now I miss that. My heart aches for his family. And I hope that he's receiving all kinds of good karma in heaven.
Posted by Debra Lueck on May 11, 2019
If the hundreds of people who came to honor Connor is any indication of the kind of person he is, he is loved. Hearing the words shared about him was a testimony to his character, his devotion to family, his zest for life, his love of that round ball, and his determination to get it in the net. Matt, as hard as it was, you did a wonderful job sharing about Connor. I think what you said will impact Connor's many friends for a long time to come. You made it count-you made everyone there think. As proud of him as I know you are, I have to believe he is also pretty proud of you. You got it right and that's what's important. You and your family were blessed for 17 years with Connor. What a gift!
Posted by Cole Simmons on May 11, 2019
To the Imus Family- The one thing I remember the most about Connor was a specific afternoon in honors Chemistry. Connor was always my buddy on class work, and he would always help me. I remember sitting down frustrated from not understanding a concept in class and Connor patting me on the back and helping me through everything. The one thing I remember is thinking to myself was “How on earth can someone be this smart and talented as a student athlete?” From that day on I looked up to Connor as a role model and he inspired me to be a better leader in the classroom, on the field, and a more positive person. Thank you so much Connor, for your everlasting impact on me and countless others.
Posted by Emma Roberts on May 11, 2019
I’m a freshman and I didn’t really know Connor, but during the first few weeks of school one of my classes got changed and I was trying to find the room, I must have looked pretty stressed because Connor stopped me and asked if I was okay and then he showed me where my class was. It wasn’t a huge interaction but I really appreciated it.
Posted by Jessica Bresett on May 10, 2019
Matt and family; I did not have the honor of knowing your son, but I am grieving for you and the fine boy you raised. My daughter, husband and I just watched his beautiful ceremony and we have renewed hope in what is to come. We heard your words, we want to cherish all that we have. Jaiden (monkey to you) wants you to know that she is praying for you all. We will continue to lift your family up in prayer. The Bresett / Cross family
Posted by Patreecia Gonzales on May 10, 2019
To Conner and the Imus family- Conner, we may have not been very close or shared a lot of memories but I remember growing up with you around. With your father being my teacher I remember seeing you and witnessing your kind heart. I remember watching the basketball games and thinking “I hope my brother has that much ambition when he plays in high school” as I watched the memorial service I couldnt help but shed tears wishing I could have made more memories with you. Thank you for being such an amazing feiend to many and always being kind and demonstrating what a true man is. To the rest of the imus family, thank you for giving us all the opportunity to have met Conner and witness his amazing self. He will forever be remembered and loved. He will not be forgotten. Fly high #4 you will be greatly missed. And we will forever honor you. ❤️ May god keep you wrapped in his arms
Posted by John Kimzey on May 10, 2019
I got up at 4am to watch Connor's service live from Nepal. While it was painful to watch, to experience your pain and honesty with it, the love you have for Connor is beautiful to behold. I didn't know Connor but got to experience the great guy he was. I wish I could have known him. My heart is broken for you both. Love is supporting you and your family from around the world. Sending love from Kathmandu.
Posted by Becky Hanson on May 10, 2019
To the entire Imus family. Few things hit home as hard as a loss of a child will. As I read the notice my son Aiden posted about his friend on Sunday, my heart dropped for your family. I pray and will continue to pray that God helps you find peace, whatever form it may be in. No words can express our condolences for your loss but may God watch over your family and your precious son. Rest In Peace Connor. I know Aiden will forever remember you.
Posted by Nina Tufts Seidman on May 10, 2019
Posted by Katie Smits on May 10, 2019
To the Imus family, I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I’m sorry that you have to know this type of pain and sadness. We grow up, have kids and it never occurs to us that “it would happen to us.” Earlier this week, Dane, Joanna, and I were sitting at the dinner table talking about Conner and Georgia. They were the same age and played basketball and soccer together. We talked about what a nice kid Conner was and how heartbreaking it is to know that you and your family will be faced with some tough times. Sebastian, our eight-year-old, spoke up and asked if Conner died. We told him that yes, unfortunately Conner did die. Sebastian immediately spoke without hesitation, “Well, Georgia was up in heaven to meet Conner with a basketball!” We all looked at each other and agreed! We gave him a teary-smile and I gave Sebastian a big hug. Kids are so pure and innocent and have such a simple yet profound understanding of their faith, God, Jesus, and heaven. Jesus tells us that we are to have faith in God and also in Him. He tells us that in his Father’s house there are many dwelling places and that He has gone before us to prepare a place for each of us. We must have faith in the certainty of His promise. We must have faith in our heavenly Father that he will not abandon us, especially in our times of greatest need. Many hugs and prayers to you all!
Posted by Sara McCombs on May 10, 2019
When I look back on Sunday night and was told by my daughter he was missing, I didn't believe what she was telling me. I felt like it was a bad dream that we all were in and wanting to wake up from. I truly am sorry for the loss of such a wonderful soul. Connor was a young man that truly has touched so many in his 17 years of life and that speaks to the family that has raised him. I can remember the years he had played soccer and basketball with Bronson. I remember so many games that he would be there for my son through some difficult times on the court. I have always respected him for that. He always seem to put others first. To look back on his years with my daughter, Madison, and the memories they share as classmates will be everlasting memories for her and all of us. I know there are many of us that wish we could take the burden of your pain for the loss of Connor. We are here for you all in months to come. Thank you young man for touching so many of us. You truly lived your life selflessly and it shows. You were God's example of LOVE. Love BIG with all of your heart - every day. Hug them all more - every day. Tell them you love them - every day. Give grace - every day. Forgive - every day. Be more of who YOU were created to be - every day. Shine your love - every day. ❤️ 1 Corinthians 13:4- 8 Fly high Connor and rest easy now. We will see you again. #playforconnor ~Love the McCombs', Bronson and Madison Satterly
Posted by Darcie Perkins on May 10, 2019
What a beautiful and incredible poem above. Connor, Dusty and I are so lucky to have been graced by your spirit. You clearly touched so many of your friends and left them with such warmth. Matt, you and your entire family are being held tight in our arms. We will, together always cherish and remember Connor together.
Posted by Tish Proctor on May 10, 2019
My heart broke the moment I heard ... I only knew Conner as a basketball player and a classmate and friend of my grandchildren...The truth is he was always one of my favorites to watch on the court, he played with such intensity and love of the game...I remember seeing him smile in many of their games and thinking what a beautiful smile he had... Matt, Emily, Jackson, and Sarah just know that because the Son and Brother, along with his buddy Bella are now in Heaven you will always “Have a little bit of Heaven in your home”....❤️
Posted by Amy Warthen on May 10, 2019
Connor meant a lot to so many others, but the impact he had on my littles was huge in his short time he spent with them. And these may seem like small, minute moments in our small corner of the world, but he mattered and his memories matter to them. When asked what they loved most or what they will miss most of Connor... •He played knockout with us and even though he could cream us, he let us win all the time •dirt biking in the yard •letting me ride in his cool car and listening to music with his big speakers •He always shared his gum with me and I love gum just like Connor •playing NBA2k together •when we went golfing together and had so much fun •he waves to me at the games •he was like the coolest nicest kid that I looked up to •we had a movie marathon with all his good movies •he let me come over and show him all my stuff and just talk to him •he told us really bad cheesy jokes that everyone’s knows •he never made fun of me even though I used a nightlight •he tucked us in at night, like really tucked us in and told us good night...not like other babysitters Connor was able to show them how to be kind, polite, work hard, save for things, be silly and not be so serious! I love that he gave my kids his time even if it wasn’t always “cool” to be seen with a little kid. Connor gave me time with my husband even if it meant hanging with my zany kids who were crazed Connor fanatics everytime he came to the door. The things Teal and I love most of Connor are his gratitude, humbleness and that big giant smile. Love, The Warthen’s
Posted by Matt Imus on May 10, 2019
Conn Conn, as I lay awake for another night missing you, remembering you. The pain is crazy, that anger is real. I am constantly reminded of you in everything, but I know I will see you again and that you will be there to welcome me. It’s been on my heart to share this poem with the world that a former student wrote for you and I, she meet you a few times. Avery G. Is currently in 6th grade, thank you for the blessing Avery. Here it is: What do You See We all see the world as cruel When you left, we all found the kindness inside You brought us all together And you held us strong What do you see? In the next world, is it full of regret, Or love? What do you see? Are the mountains higher? Are the rivers prettier than here? Do hearts beat louder there, Louder than they do here? We miss your smile We miss your joy We miss everything about you now What do you see? Are the people kinder? Do the stars shine brighter? Do the waves crash louder? Are the cities as elegant as here? Do the clouds look different? Tell me please, what do you see? Tell me, what do you see? Is the world less cruel? Do words come out right? Are mistakes fixed immediately, Or do they make you cry? What do you see? What a world you left behind Now everything seems wrong Do you see inside your father’s eyes, Do you see his fears inside, Do you see his tears? They are there whether you know it or not We are heart broken Can you see the light that has spoken? Can you see us pray for you? What do you see? Do tears dry up, Or do they produce faster than ours? Can you see us here, Way down here, While you’re in the clouds dreaming, Having the time of your afterlife, Enjoying the freedom? What do you see? -For Mr. Imus’s son and their beloved dog By:Avery Gill Thank you Avery for blessing us in such an incredibly hard time. I LOVE YOU CMI, and I hope other will share so that in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep I can read about their memories of you and how you touched their lives. It will bring tears to my ears but a smile to my heart knowing that you touched the lives of others. I just pray that God uses this pain to help others somewhere, some how! Goodnight CMI, I love you. Dad

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