For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God - Ephesians 2:8
  • 56 years old
  • Born on January 7, 1959 in San Diego, California, United States.
  • Passed away on March 14, 2015 in Los Angeles, California, United States.

The family of Curtis Mountain wants to thank everyone who has prayed for him, sent cards and flowers, helped financially and brought over food and gifts during the difficult times. Curt always felt very humbled by all the outpouring of love and kindness shown through the years of sickness. We as a family feel the same. It has brought us all immense comfort to know we have such a large circle of family and friends.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

Posted by Robert Dickson on 14th March 2019
The world is a lesser place without Curt. A finer Christian man I have never met. He was a true man of honor and integrity. When I find myself in difficult spots in my Christian life it always helps me to remember the advice Curt has given me. He always knew what to do even when it meant doing nothing. I miss my friend and mentor.
Posted by Bob Dickson on 7th January 2019
Curt was one of the greatest Christian soldiers I have ever known. He was a dear friend, incredible teacher and respected mentor to me and I miss him every day. He was large in stature but that was exceeded by the size of his soft and caring heart. He impacted many and his influence lives on in me and many, many others. He put on the armor of God every day and in everything he did. Showing people the love of Christ in teaching and living was his daily effort. The embrace of the Lord saying: "Well done my good and faithful servant" is Curt's. I miss you my brother and look forward to seeing you in glory!
Posted by Bob Dickson on 14th March 2018
The problem today is there are too few Curt Mountains in the world. Curt was a man of integrity and honor. At the root of his character was selflessness which points to the Lordship of Jesus in Curt's life. His impact on my life as my spiritual mentor is immeasurable. I will always love him, will always miss him and I can't wait to see him in Glory!
Posted by Bob Dickson on 7th January 2018
I continually thank God for Curt's influence on my life. He was a spiritual mentor of mine and I miss him daily. I cannot wait to see him again in heaven. He was one of a kind and I sorely miss his wise counsel.
Posted by Bob'n' Patty Evans on 14th March 2016
You and your Family always in our prayers Karol. Curtis was a great man! Can't believe it's been a year. Thanks for all you and Curtis did to entertain and love Tiffany. Take care.
Posted by Luz Montanez on 23rd March 2015
Mr. Mountain could win the heart of any child. You would think his deep voice and size would be intimidating when your 4 feet tall, but that was not the case. He was the big friendly giant all the kids would gather around and beg him to pick us up and swing us around. I remember his infectious laugh that could be heard across the church. He loved and treated children the way Jesus calls us to. Oh and he built the most amazing sets for the VBS plays! I wish I had pictures to share. He will always be remembered by me. I have fond memories of him and his family from when I was a child. Joshua and I graduated from the same class in High School and I always remember him showing up to all the games and school events. He was always there supporting his children, his church and spreading his joy everywhere he went.
Posted by Bob Dickson on 22nd March 2015
Curt Mountain was my friend and I am clearly not alone when I make that statement. I have never heard an unkind work spoken of him and this speaks to his character more that any other tribute. Curt was a tireless worker for his Lord and Savior. His example of his devotion to his Lord is exemplary. I (and many others) have lost a spiritual mentor and teacher. His family was extremely important to him and his family included his church family. He forgave slights and did not hold grudges. He made some of us who did see the error of our ways by his example not his condemnation. God has not created better men than Curt Mountain and when I arrive in heaven I will see him sitting at the table with spiritual giants of the faith. I will proudly yell from the back of the room "I KNOW THAT GUY!!" The Scripture quoted above sums up Curt's theology in a verse: "For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God" - Ephesians 2:8 Karol, you could not have selected a better verse.
Posted by Bob'n' Patty Evans on 22nd March 2015
I "officially" met Curt last year at church after the VBS Sabbath program. He was so nice and friendly - before that I saw him around the Orange SDA Church and he always was smiling and always said hello. He would give the stories for VBS and my daughter would just love listening to him tell the stories each night of VBS. He was a great and kind man and I wish I could have known him better. But I know we will meet again when Jesus returns. My deepest condolences goes out to the Mountain Family.
Posted by Lee Reid on 21st March 2015
Though I've never met you I know you were a good man, husband, father, friend and servant of God. God bless you Curt and may you be comforted in the arms of the Lord for eternity.
Posted by Christina Gonzalez-Hicks on 21st March 2015
In pathfinders during camping trips it always felt like he was the last to go to sleep and the first to wake up.. He always made the youth feel like part of his family... From Friday night prayer meetings to vespers we always had fun in our group... Welcome and included... I pretty much spent my whole teenage life in the mountain household and was always included and loved... Thank you papa mountain you will be missed.. Love you!
Posted by Pam Moore on 21st March 2015
Curt was such a wonderful influence on our children. He was a spiritual leader and gave my oldest son Bible studies for his baptism. Years ago, Curt and Karol bought our home in Orange. We had not told the neighbors we were moving and had close friends in the neighborhood. I was leaving for the day and Curt had a free day so thought he would come over and do a "few things". I came home and the siding was off, bushes cut down and taken out...a construction zone! There were our neighbors standing across the street in a group wondering what was going on! We were relieved we did not have to break the news to our neighbors and obviously, they have loved the Mountains all these years. When I think of Curt, I picture him throwing his head back and his big, booming laughter. He will be missed.
Posted by Misty Mountain on 21st March 2015
All of my life, for as long as I can remember (and probably before that too), my mom and other family and friends have told me "you are your father's daughter". So I have always known that a large part of my self-identity was linked to my dad. I've always been his little girl. My family always joked that I had him wrapped around my finger. From a child all the way until just before he went into the hospital a few weeks ago, if someone needed to talk my dad into doing something he didn't want to do I was the one sent in. He had a hard time telling me no. He had a special place for me in his heart, his baby girl. And because of that, my dad formed me into the woman I am today. He taught me to be independent, he never wanted me to rely on a man. But in the way he loved me and treated me like a princess, he imbedded in me a self worth that shaped the way I viewed relationships and how I wanted to be treated by a significant other. He taught me that working hard is necessary, but family comes first. My dad was mostly the sole bread winner growing up, and he worked long hours day in and out, and yet he always found time to be involved in my life. From coaching me in basketball since 2nd grade to coming to every program, awards ceremony, recital, and event i was involved in. He never missed a thing, no matter how tired he was from his long day at work. He taught me what unconditional love is and was the perfect example to me of the way God loves his children.To be honest, looking back, I can't ever really remember my dad staying mad at me for more than a few minutes. All it took was one tear or one sheep-ish smile and I knew he had forgiven me almost as soon as he was ever unhappy with me. I can sit here and say that I know I didn't always make the decisions my dad wanted me to make, but I always felt as though in his own way, even if he didn't admit it or like it, my dad understood me. He understood that I needed to experience things on my own and make my own choices. I am, after all, my father's daughter. And in the end, I know he was proud of me. Today as I write this, I am mourning the loss of my daddy, and experiencing the worst hurt I have ever felt in my 27 years on earth. Today I am mourning the loss of the unique love that my dad had for me, that no one else will ever be able to give me again. I will always love and miss him. But I find so much comfort in remembering who he was and what he meant not only to me, but to so many around him.

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