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This tribute was added by Marcelle Thompson on December 30, 2019
We love you Daniel and miss you so
much and I just want to wrap my arms around you and give you the biggest hug. But I know I can't so I will just send all my love, kisses and ((Hugs)) to heaven for you.
Love Glenn and your Mum xoxo
This tribute was added by Marcelle Thompson on December 22, 2019
Just thinking how much you loved Christmas and being with all of us. I miss you so much Dan and wish you could be here to be with me, Glenn, your Giddy and Tayta, your Aunties and Uncles and your cousins.....I miss waking up seeing you so excited....and most of all my sweet handsome Son I miss your hugs and I just miss you...always and forever in my heart...Your Mum who misses you so much and always will....Love you so much xoxo
This tribute was added by Cass Little on December 18, 2019
I will always remember the time Dan came to Cedarton Sanctuary like it was yesterday. Wish we could rewind the clock Dan, I would of tried to make you stay longer.
This tribute was added by Marcelle Thompson on December 15, 2019
Dans Mum

I remember when Dan used to come home from the bacon factory after his shift. He would give me a big hug and say its so good to see you mum....Could only wish for one of those moments again.....xoxoxoxo
This tribute was added by Marcelle Thompson on December 15, 2019
Chris Roche

WOG BOY bro we miss u heaps lad, miss all the good times we spent 2gether! Soooo many good memories growing up! Just seen the photo us at footy we were so young! Danno was such an easy going, placid, do anything 4 anyone guy who every time i seen had a smile on his face even if he had a bad day N just loved having fun with whoever he was with! Well at present i have a few tears that i just cant control miss ya bro. I loved when we were in yr 8 n we would have sleep overs with a few of the lads n shoot ourselves with b b guns and get Up 2 fun mischief! u REMEMBER don't u Marcelle unfortunately trying 2 control us, nah we were't bad just having a rad time.Oh yeah n i'll never 4 get when said the phrase! I SCREAM, U SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM 4 ICE CREAM!!!!!! I've heard young kids say it since n it alwys reminds me of u! Love ya bro n u will be 4 ever in my heart and the rest of the boys! Always thinken of ya n i hope your up there partying with Dion n Jacko im sure u laDS will b 4 sure! RIP my homies

All the fun things n memories bro live on with me, wish u were here doing it with me but theres always a place in my heart 4 u n Marcelle!

With lots of love from me n the ROCHE family

This tribute was added by Marcelle Thompson on December 15, 2019
Dans friend

I remember you coming up to the farm with me, I'll help you Cass you said.....  I dont think you realised how hard the ground was, you lasted 2 mins digging in the garden. lol We had a laugh! Im happy you actually got to see the farm.  I've been with Mick for 7 years and you are the only one who has seen it. It was a special place that Mum loved, maybe that's why you visited it when you did.

Can you give her a big hug for me.....xxxxxxxxxxxx
This tribute was added by Marcelle Thompson on December 15, 2019
steve to the wogsta May 7, 2014

I met U through chunk then U came and worked with us at the shirt meat works so many times U said Steve U wanna get really pissed after work I never said no we always got blond blared music and had alot of laughs U ended moving up north somewhere and I ended up in jail for a couple of years while I was in their I got called to the screws office and thought oh shit what do they want im in trouble 4 something I sat down and they told me U died your mum called the prison it had been a few months after U left I was pisses of no one bothered to tell me chunk ended up in jail with me I said fuck mate if we were outside we could of stopped him but now I understand why U did it mate and it took alot of guts to do that I remember telling U I got busted years ago 4 robbing banks U said fuck ill do 1 with you and I truly new U would but I said no mate I did alot of years jail man forget it I told U about my crappy life and what prison was like thank god U didn't take the path I did but like has changed massively 4 me mate no more crime been free for 6 years live a peaceful life on an island don't drink anymore no punch ons got a grate home proper freinds plenty of money unreal hey mate I was wild for most of my life 12'Years in maximum security prisons I never thought my life would end up so good oh after the screws told me U died I went back to my cell in abit of shock I put the radio on and that song the holy grail came on its words said nobody deserves to die I new U sent me that as a message I had a few tears and U no me I never cry maybe when I was a little kid I looked out my cell window and crossed my heart and said rest in peace mate I got out went and seen ya mum I felt really sorry 4 her I didn't want to keep going to visit her as I thought id upset her talking about you but no she loved hearing stories about you I went back to prison again and yeah now im free and a changed man ill never do time again no chance just thought id let U no what happened to me anyway bro I won't forget U I went to your grave site sat down got pissed had a chat to you and everytime I drove past the cemetery id yell out the window rest in peace wog and U thought U were crazy ha ha take care up their and when my times up U better be their to show me around bro from your old freind Steve goodbye 4 now
This tribute was added by Marcelle Thompson on December 15, 2019
Kelly Thinking of you Daniel October 5, 2014

Don't know why, but my head and my heart have been filled with thoughts about you lately Daniel. All those precious memories of you from school. You know it was about this time exactly 8 years ago that i bumped into you for the first time since i left for the coast, we were only 15 the last time i saw you before that. We have to catch up soon. That was the last thing i said to you, and i'm still waiting... big hugs Dan, you still owe me a drink and a chat. Until then, big hug, big kiss, and all my love, till we meet again <3 xo
This tribute was added by Marcelle Thompson on December 15, 2019
I light this candle for you my beautiful Son Daniel...I hope you found the peace that you were so desperately searching for...I love you and miss you so much xo

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