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always in my heart

Shared by Amber Tuttle on October 9, 2015

I am fortunate to have had so many year's with this amazing chic! She was more than just my best friend, she was my sister, someone I could always count on, and that was a mutual ever lasting bond we shared! Even after all these years she still remains my best friend, there isn't anyone on earth that could replace her. She truly was one of a kind. Dara, you are always with me, I can feel your presence everyday! You left foot prints on my heart that will never fade. You have impacted my life more then anyone could ever imagine! (ILYAASEB)! you made this up and I will never forget the meaning of it!


Shared by Jeanette Crouch on October 23, 2012

I remember going to Pace Center for Girls and we was sitting in class learning about our bodies. Dara was pregnant with her 1st child and she made a comment about birth control and we all laughed. She could make anyone smile weather they was having a bad day or not. I have known her berfore this time as well. We went to another school together as well I jst cant remember the school we went to. I think it was either DMS or DHS. She was a very bright and beautiful person to know. I am just sad that I just found out about this last night. My prayers are to the family and her boys. Miss ya Dara  <3


Shared by Jimmy Hoover on February 16, 2012
I remember sitting at the house with Dara N she wanted 2 go play pool N i wasnt tellin her no so we went downtown N this place was PACKED N i remember coming back from the bar N i just looked at her N i dont what happened but it was amazing. I was just soooooooo impressed just 2 B with sum1 so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was the only thing i could look at all night. I Love you MISS DARA RYDER

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