Posted by Gerald Ryder on February 6, 2020
Love Always my Angel , Your Big Brother                                                      
Posted by Danielle Ryder on February 6, 2018
Goodmorning my beautiful cousin. I finally moved to the sunshine state and I wish more than anything you were here. I wish I had more time/memories with you. I started a new job yesterday and as much as I’m grateful I wish I had a different start date of that job. That date represents the worst day of our families lives but I would like to think that just maybe that was your way of saying you are watching over me. I love and miss you.
Posted by Deborah Ryder on May 2, 2017
to my dear Dara. Here we are again.there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you.Somehow I manage to get through one day at a time.This road has not been an easy one, but I know you are helping me.We are about to add yet another baby to our family, so some one else for you to watch over.Always thinking about you, love forever,mom
Posted by Danielle Ryder on April 27, 2017
I hope you are showing Grammy Linda the ropes in heaven. Thought of you a little more than usual today. When that happens I know it's because you are with me at that exact moment... well that's what I would like to believe anyways. I was thinking of the last time I got to see you. I remember you being pregnant and we were coming back from mems house and we were dropping you off. I got out of the car and gave you a hug. I remember telling you I loved you and that I was proud of you. I wish I could re-live that time at mems with you. I would have made more memories to hold a little tighter. Missing you! 
Posted by Deborah Ryder on August 21, 2016
Happy Birthday, times without you are not any better, we miss ur smile ..your laugher..your are missed by us all.I only hope you are watching down enjoying our family as it have another neice!!I hope you will watch over Maci as you have over Savannah and Charlotte.Your boys are growing into such handsome young men,you would be proud! until we meet again,I love you with all my heart.
Posted by Deborah Ryder on February 5, 2016
another year without you, it just isn't fair.I can still hear your laugh at times.I miss you still and always will.Love you forever, mom.
Posted by Sherri Eckert on October 9, 2015
Love you Dara
Posted by Candace Scott on February 5, 2015
  Today is not just another day to me. It marks 10 years that's you been taken from us. I miss you more than words could describe. Some days seem easier than others and some days not so much. I visit you very often and spill my heart to your grave and flowers. Wishing it was really you face to face. I look at the sky every night looking for your star and talk to you. I look at the moon and wonder, do you see the same thing I see? I remember every second and every detail of the last conversation we had, and I don't know if your advise or if I kept my promise to you or not. But I'd make you proud, by the great mother I've become. I still remember our last movie trip like it was yesterday to go see "without a paddle" we broke down before we got there lol and we laughed and reminisced about good old times after the movie we just got done laughing our butts off at. I've still got the letter you wrote me saying how much you loved me and how you want me to do good in life. Unfortunately, it was like you knew
something was going to happen and it was like a goodbye letter. I drive past your moms house often and want to stop and say hello and let her meet the kids, even though its been 10 years I don't think I'm ready. You look just like her and I don't know if I could handle it. I'd probably break down. I miss you so much and is give anything for one more memory with you. My kids will know who your are as they grow older (your memory you left behind) so they will know how close I kept you to my heart. Well, for now I'm gonna put my kids to sleep and get some rest but this will not be for long. Until my next message or prayer I'll speak with you again. I love you girl, rest easy love
Posted by Devan Ryder Kikendall on February 5, 2015
Wow..10 years...never imagined the hurt would still be this fresh after all this time. I think of you ALL THE TIME. I picture what it would be like for us to go to lunch or just hang out and talk. My life, and our family, has changed so much since you left and I wish you were a part of it. Can't wait to see you again lil' mama. Miss your face so much.
Posted by carrie getzlaff on February 5, 2015
My dearest sweetest dara ,I cant believe today has made 10years since u have been gone.seems like yesterday we were at my house sharing your favorite tostinos pizza talking and laughing.boy i miss those days. Things have changed so much. But theres not one day i dont think about u. I miss u so much ,i miss talking with u .u were the only one who understood how life is. Believe it or not u made me stronger without u i felt lost . Today iam happy to say i am stronger bc of u .ive been through hell since u have been gone .but i know that u were my gurdian angel and helped me through it and got me were iam today and for that iam cyley shes 7now and iam telling u what u would get along great she loves purses and shoes ❤at times i wanna cry bc shes so much like u . But iam blessed bc now i have u here. I also want to thank u and pepere for helping ryley when we almost lost him . Hes truley a blessing thats for sure.dara i love you and miss so much xoxo please tell pep i love and miss him to lots of hugs and kisses. Xoxo
Posted by lori neiswender on February 5, 2015
Dara you are truly missed... Just the other day I passed the place u used to live where me and lizzy came to see you. U will never be forgotten ur memory will forever live on in all of us that had the pleasure or knowing you. We all love and miss you so much.
Posted by Danielle Ryder on February 5, 2014
Today like everyday we all remember the person you became to be. We remember your loving heart, your infectious smile, and your ability to make us smile. My memories are few but the ones I do have I will cherish forever! I love and miss you. See you in my dreams!! ❤️
Posted by Danielle Ryder on January 1, 2014
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! This year me, Auntie Donna, and Uncle Roger surprised the family for the holidays! It was so heart warming to be with them. The only thing missing was you! You not being here has left holes in everyone's heart but I know you were celebrating with us in your own way! I wish we could have surprised you just like everyone else but someday you will surprise us and meet us in heaven... I love and miss you!
Posted by ellie vallee on December 29, 2013
dara you will always be my and miss you so much.hope you like your flowers ur bro& I got you.your in our heart four ya lots donna &roger
Posted by Deborah Ryder on December 12, 2013
Christmas is here once again, and once again you are not.hoping you will be with us this special one,as we add another member of our family...your neice,Charlotte.Hope you enjoy. I love you.
Posted by Jimmy Hoover on August 22, 2013
Happy Birthday Dara Ryder  I Love You
Posted by ellie vallee on August 20, 2013
Posted by Deborah Ryder on July 5, 2013
missing you...
Posted by Danielle Ryder on February 5, 2013
My dear cousin... My memories may be few but those few are cherished. Your mom has asked you to look over your boys and I'm asking you to look over her and the rest of the family. You are loved and missed by so many! Please know you are thought of a lot!! Don't worry... You may be gone but you will never be forgotten!! <3
Posted by ellie vallee on February 2, 2013
Posted by ellie vallee on December 31, 2012
Posted by Kristen Desorcy on December 24, 2012
another christmas is here and you are not,it is truely not fair :'(
i miss you more than i can ever express,i wish you were here to meet bailey,she is soo beautiful and smart just like you. I LOVE YOU MY DARA MORE THAN WORDS CAN EXPRESS!!! <3 <3
Posted by Deborah Ryder on December 23, 2012
another Christmas has arrived,yet another year without you.It doesnt seem fair,that we have to pretend it doesnt bother us,when it heart is broken,you will be in my thoughts this Christmas and always,love mom.
Posted by Debra Ryder on December 7, 2012
Although there's not a single day that goes by that I don't think of you, the holidays are the hardest ones. I love you more than I ever expressed to you, I really miss you.
Posted by Deborah Ryder on November 24, 2012
was thinking of you this thanksgiving,as I always do,miss you more today than I did yesterday.waiting for the "celebration" love you...
Posted by kristen desorcy on November 23, 2012
happy thanksgiving our lovely dara,your are dearly missed but your memory will forever be in our hearts <3 we love you and miss you <3
Posted by ellie vallee on August 21, 2012
my dear LARA-DARA, just want to wish you a happy birthday...think of you you, mem....
Posted by Deborah Ryder on May 17, 2012
my dear daghter,this mothers day wish is for you.although you never were able to experience being a mom for long,you were the would be so very proud of your boys.they both look and act like me a favor and keep looking after you today and always,love mom.
Posted by Jimmy Hoover on February 16, 2012
Miss Dara Ryder, wow where 2 begin, There r no words 2 explain how u made me feel. U will ALWAYZ B my Goddess N Angel N i hope its u that open up the gates 4 me when i get there!!!!!!!  I LOVE U MISS RYDER
Posted by ellie vallee on February 5, 2012
Remembering you today and are in our hearts you " lara dara"
Posted by Linda Carpenter-Ryder on February 5, 2012
we only held you for a little while but will be in our hearts forever. thought of you yesterday,thinking of you today,and will remember always.         LOVE dad
Posted by Kristen Desorcy on February 4, 2012
dara your smile and laugh will forever live in my heart!!! there isnt a day that goes by that i dont think about you,but i know that we will meet again one day!! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!!
Posted by Deborah Ryder on February 2, 2012
your smile will be with me forever,when i think of what i have lost,i cherish what i had .you were a beam of light,a bright star,and you always made me heart may be broken,but your love makes me stronger every day.i know your there always helping me cope,today i need your smile...i love you
Posted by Danielle Ryder on February 2, 2012
You were taken from us way before your time but I know u are with us. U are in my heart always! I love and miss u! I believe we will all see u again some day.
Posted by Gerald L. Ryder on February 2, 2012
You are" ALWAYS IN MY HEART and THOUGHTS" everyday of my LIFE. I LOVE and Miss You dearly little sis. Hugs Hugs & more Hugs.
Posted by Devan Ryder Kikendall on February 1, 2012
There isn't a day that goes by I don't think about you. You are so loved and missed xoxo
Posted by Deborah Ryder on January 30, 2012
your smile will be with me forever in my heart.i will always love you.

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