Never too busy ❤

Shared by Rochelle Dennisseur on April 29, 2021
     As an adult I now know how hectic and demanding life is on a daily basis. Because of this I now understand  how special Uncle David was as a person and how much he loved us as nieces and nephews.
    I remember going into the bank Uncle David managed when I was a child and how I'd do my transaction with the teller and when I was through I'd always ask to speak to Mr. Dennisur. The teller would walk into his office and then return to tell me he was available to see me. I thought nothing of it then because he was Uncle David,  but now I know that spoke volumes. So there I was a 9 year old sitting in his office talking about what was happening in my life (imagine what that conversation was like ).
     I now understand that even though he would have been busy, on those many occasions when I stopped by for my impromptu visits, the fact that he was never too busy for "that little girl" carved out a big space in my heart for my uncle and nothing not even death can take the love I have for him. 
    He watched me grow and as I got older he became more than my uncle, he became my friend. He encouraged and supported  me through my rough patches, he celebrated my accomplishments no matter how small and he always took the time to tell me how proud he was of the woman I've become. It always felt good to hear . Thank you Sir.
     I wasn't ready... but I am grateful to have had you in my life. Forever love Uncle David ❤

My Bro

Shared by Sharimane Dennisur-Mckenz... on April 25, 2021
Sitting and reflecting on our good times.  Love you always 

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