This tribute was added by Mary Chapman-Mabery on October 24, 2012
David you where an amazing man. And as I sit here with your beautiful wife I see your heart and love shining through her. Love that strong only comes once maybe twice I. A life time. She is beautiful on the inside and out and I see why you fell in love with her and couldn't live without her. Rip sweet angel
This tribute was added by Betty Reynolds on December 25, 2011
My love and my heart is with you. You are now with Grandma Joyce!! I Love you so much and I miss you even to only see you in walmarts for a few minutes was like catching up on everything in a short amount of time!! You are with Jesus for his birthday tell him Happy Birthday from me. I Love you and All MY NEC. AND NEPHEWS SO MUCH MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL.
This tribute was added by Melinda Stephens on December 18, 2011
So I pondered a few days on what I wanted to say and here goes.You were my best friends husband and the light of her life. I want to thank you for sharing her with me on those countless nights we would stay on the phone for hours laughing, crying, and just goofing off. I remember the last time I heard your voice when I called. You wasnt only a big part of her life. you were part of mine to
This tribute was added by Christie Dempsey on December 17, 2011
We are at a Week before Christmas and its been rather rough , Knowing what this time of year meant to you its so hard getting into the Spirt , But im trying to carry on with the the holidays, So much of you are in these decorations , I didnt want to put them up this yr but knowing they are still apart of you and the way they sparkle they are up and glowing !!! Love and miss you always
This tribute was added by Christie Dempsey on December 17, 2011
I found a card you gave me last night , I came across it looking for that hoilday cd you made me , I cried and laugh while reading it , Knowing what those meant , You always seem to make me smile still but also make me miss you even more , I had no idea that as yrs go by the missing part seems harder , It doesnt matter where my life goes you will always be here in my Heart !!!
This tribute was added by Christie Dempsey on December 16, 2011
David you where the most AMAZING Husband a girl could ask for ! I loved being your wife and the life we shared , I counted my blessings everyday that God has blessed me having you the short of time he gave us ! I Miss you More and more each day , Life has been so hard but i am taking everthing you had touch me and Im getting a little stronger ,I Will always love u Miss you ALways!
This tribute was added by Cheryl P on December 16, 2011
I didn't know you personally,but I met an amazing woman due to your passing.You see,Your beautiful wife was a having a hard time dealing with your loss and not knowing how to continue w/o you,But since I've been there,I told her to live her life as she wanted and not to worry what people thought,we know you are watching over her and agree with what she is doing with her life!! RIP David

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