David Liebowitz Memorial Service

Shared by Deb Morris on August 2, 2020
A virtual memorial for David, our dear friend and beloved member of the Michael Jackson fan community was held on WEDNESDAY, 29th July 2020 at 7:00PM EST. Thank you to everyone who came together to share their memories of David. ❤️

IN memory of David Liebowitz from Brooklyn, New York.

Shared by Deb Morris on July 28, 2020
IN memory of David Liebowitz from Brooklyn, New York. As an avid Michael Jackson fan, David was known to participate in various flash mobs and enjoy Michael Jackson events, hosted by other fans from around the world. Every year, David would visit Los Angeles to pay his respects to the late King of Pop and every year we'd try to catch up with him.

In late June of 2019, David attended the "MJ Fan, global welcoming party" hosted by Rachel Raven. This was the ten year memorial for Michael Jackson & David Liebowitz showed up dressed up as "Dally" the clown and danced to "Billie Jean" with an extra Chicken Dance surprise.

He was loved by many within the Michael Jackson fan community but David "Loved you more"

Memory of
David Liebowitz
July 24th 1957 - July 24th 2020
Video Recorded by Leo on 24th June 2019.

Fun Times

Shared by Carmen R on July 27, 2020
You were an amazing person I thank you for all the good times we’ve spent dancing together doing flash mobs, Going to Yankees Games, and letting me pie your face Hahahaha with shaving cream! For staying in touch and cheering me up on those sad and difficult moments! Now you get to dance with the King of Pop in Paradise. As the song says Gone too soon but you’ll always live on in our memories and our hearts! Never Forgotten it was an honor and pleasure to have come across paths until we meet again in heaven! Rock On Rock On Rock On! Rest In Peace my friend
Shared by Daniel Rodriguez on July 25, 2020
I met David in LA during MJ week. I would always talk to him when he was in town and David was a super friendly guy. The MJ community has lost a family member. God bless you David. Say hi to Michael for us.

So many good times

Shared by Leigh Messinger on July 25, 2020
When I heard this, I was devastated...and all of the wonderful memories of the MJ Group came flooding back (I've been living on the west coast for almost 6 years now, and I miss everyone very much)...but David is the one who stands out the most when I reflect on our MJ get-togethers...He always had me laughing, I remember the gathering for his birthday, the time when he and I went to the 9/11 Memorial on 9/11, he carried a huge American flag the whole time....the MJ parades, and marches, and him totally 'Michaeled--out' from fedora, to shoes, to dance, and his MJ tattoo, which he so proudly showed off, and rightfully so....our almost nightly chats on FB Messenger,...I could go on and on....Just another wonderful person gone too soon :-( 

RIP David

Shared by Vernay Lewis on July 25, 2020
David was a long time Facebook friend of mine and I would see him at every Michael Jackson event I attended. He outdid me on the events though. He was everywhere. Though my relationship with David was very cordial, I can’t say I knew him well. But he was always friendly, always great to talk to at events, and always smiling in his MJ outfits. I’m so sorry to hear of his passing. I know he was a big part of our MJ Family and I’m sorry so many hearts are broken from this loss. RIP David.

David and MJ Community

Shared by Deb Morris on July 25, 2020
Our friend David was a active member of the Michael Jackson Community. Today we mourn his passing. He was active in as many MJ Events he could get to in the USA, and frequently traveled to Los Angeles for Michael's Anniversary in June. He loved to dress up in his MJ gear and loved dancing and was always smiling. He will be sadly missed, love Deb and Wayne Morris 

My friend David

Shared by QueenMerlyn Amaya on July 24, 2020
David made me feel welcome instantly back in 2012 into the Michael Jackson fan groups! He always reassured me to be myself and dance how I can. I will forever miss him love Merlyn Amaya 

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