This memorial tribute website was created in memory of our loved one, Michael Jackson 50 years old , born on August 29, 1958 and passed away on June 25, 2009. We will remember him forever.

Please feel free to leave a comment and if you want the Country you are from. You can post a flower, light a candle, send a message, add photos, small video, music, and lets tell our stories of how Michael has made an impact on our lives, or your country. A space where anyone who cannot make it to Forest Lawn, can still feel connected. 

Please share with friends of Michael. It is all for LOVE, We are One ♥


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Posted by Sofia Laiou on July 29, 2020
MJ,you are a perfect human nature with real, pure feelings about all the children. you were a perfect father too with your children
Posted by Sofia Laiou on July 28, 2020
we need much more views about MJ.where are the others??
Posted by Sofia Laiou on July 28, 2020
MJ,you have only innocent love n your childheart.unforgetable MJ
Posted by Sofia Apostolou on July 24, 2020
MJ,YOU ARE A PHENOMENON ARTIST.MJ,you are a human nature full of real, pure feelings , you have an angel heart, ,  you are a very beautiful and sweet man. you have the perfect,sweetest smile all over the world. love was your message, love is your message forever.M Jwill not exist one like you unforgetable, adorable MJ
Posted by Silvia Paladini on July 22, 2020
Michael I love you for ever
Posted by Sofia Apostolou on July 22, 2020
MJ,you are a flower of love for many people. you are a childheart ful of pure
feelings and you proved that in your own ,special one like you MJ
Posted by Sofia Apostolou on July 19, 2020
MJ,the sweetest ,adorable, untouchable entertainer, all over the planet
Posted by Silvia Paladini on July 16, 2020
Ci manchi Michael I love you
Posted by Sofia Apostolou on July 14, 2020
MJ,gone too were an unlucky human being. i miss your endnless talent and your sweet smile, also the sound of your voice
Posted by Sofia Apostolou on July 11, 2020
MJ,the angel heart, the platinum human being, the perfect artist. i miss you MJ. gone too soon sweet heart, kisses in heaven. you were an angel on earth, now toy are an angel in heaven
Posted by Maria Flaig on July 9, 2020
Beloved Michael .... you know from heaven... what’s happening down here on Earth... we
miss you so much...... It’s been 11 years since you’ve gone to heaven
but as if it was only yesterday..

RIP Angel.... God bless yout soul❤️

Mari Heart

from Germany 
Posted by Sofia Apostolou on July 8, 2020
MJ,you are the most perfect entertainer and artist , all over the world. No one like you,you are the only one MJ of all time
Posted by Sofia Apostolou on July 2, 2020
MJ,i miss your voice sound, your golden heart, your pure feelings, your endless, adorable talent
Posted by Marina Fantoni on July 1, 2020
Ci sono giorni che la tua mancanza fa davvero tanto male... Che sembra una coltellata ogni respiro che devo fare, perché la mia testa sa che non sei qui, anche se sei nel mio cuore e da lì non ti muoversi mai!!
Mi manchi Michael
Posted by Maria Flaig on June 30, 2020
My dearest Michael

I will treasure your memories as long as I live. 

I do believe you passed by to say hello. The night of June 24, 2020 while lighting my candle offering for you... I saw a black cresture on the ground. I thought at first It was my hair band but its not. I turned the light and itd run away! Was it you...

then on June 25 I went to your garden to check the candle and a white butterfly came flying and it nearkt touched me... I called your name... Is that you Michael? and thats the time you’ve flown away!!

Thanks so much for visiting

With my fervent prayers and love,

Posted by Sabrina Vianelli on June 29, 2020
Michael piu' i giorni passano e piu' si sente la tua mancanza, sopratutto ascoltando la tua meravigliosa voce , I Miss You always in my heart ❤
Posted by Fanny Chow on June 28, 2020
Michael The King of Pop, Very thankful for your magical music, songs and inspiration. You're forever in my heart! Love and Miss You Forever More....  

Fanny Chow
LOVE from Hong Kong
Posted by Lêda Lessa on June 26, 2020
Ahhhh, Michael, te amo de longe porque de perto é impossível, mas saiba, aonde estiveres, que existe um cantinho no meu coração só pra você. Meu amor por você é o mais puro que pode existir, sem cobranças ou egoísmo. Esteja bem meu amado, longe das maldades desse mundo. Para sempre em meu coração!
Posted by Mariza Alves on June 26, 2020
Nesse dia 25/06 a 11 anos sentimos tanta falta desse ser abençoado, que Deus permitiu que passase uma temporada conosco, e so deixou amor e alegria, a toda família, amigos, fãs e famíliares que Deus continue abençoando, dando saúde forças nesse dia doloroso, que Deus nós abençoe, Michael eu te amo estará sempre em meu coração, você sempre será amado respeitado, você é o melhor ser humano que ja pisou nessa terra, descanse em paz amado MJ❤
Posted by Jean Ronwzy on June 26, 2020
Você faz muita falta Michael.
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Posted by MJ Santos on June 26, 2020
Quando eu era criançae escutava aquela voz suave que tocava nos rádios e me perguntava abismada: DE QUEM É ESSA VOZ TÃO LINDA... descobri que era um pequeno anjo que cantava no adolescência me tornei fã e AMIGA ..... VOCÊ CONTINUA SENDO NOSSO HERÓI... VOCÊ FAZ MUITA FALTA.... MESMO EM DIAS DE CHUVA VOCÊ TRAZ O SOL A ALEGRIA O AMOR O RESPEITO EM NOSSOS ❤️ S....SUAS CANÇÕES NOS FAZ REFLETIREM DIAS MELHORES...EM SERMOS MELHORES ...AMAR A VIDA E ACREDITAR NA FELICIDADE E NA PAZ.... SAUDADES ‼️✌️❤️ Márcia Nery dos Santos
Posted by Rita Bosico on June 26, 2020
Thursday June 25th was a turning point in my life. You came in and meshed with me in such a way that my soul feels your soul. It is a mystery why it is so, but so many people describe the same ecstatic experience of knowing you. Every Thursday used to be June 25th. I ached for you. For your children, friends and family. Life seemed shattered and stunned. 11 years later, I am more balanced being able to look back, and also look forward. Your love inspires and informs and gives wisdom. Thank you for starting me on this Journey with you. I'll go with you for eons and eons. But for today, let me say simply: I love you. I thank you. I need you. I miss you.  ~ Rita
Posted by Breezy Jackson on June 25, 2020
Dear Michael,
It's hard to believe it's been 11 years since you left this earth. Time has certainly flown. I miss you more everyday. I know I will forever have you in my heart. Like the words of your song say, "Born to amuse, to inspire, to delight.." that you did. You were gone too soon, but you'll never be forgotten. We Love You More, Michael. <3
Posted by Abeer Almasary on June 25, 2020
Gone too soon, a kind soul who tried to heal the world and make it a better place..
A great artist who touched many generations.. MJ will always be there, through our sorrows and tribulations.. our happiness and joy.. helping us to keep the faith.
Posted by J0di3 Wi5h on June 25, 2020
*** Born to amuse, to inspire, to delight *** 

...and that's just what you did.

A part of me died when you left this world.

I will never be the same.

I love you... forever.

Posted by Areeje Almasary on June 25, 2020
A great humanitarian, pure soul... Gone too soon...
Posted by Massie Walsh on June 26, 2020
We love and miss You, although in some way You never left and never will.
Posted by Sofia Apostolou on June 26, 2020
MJ,unforgetable, ingredible, adorable, a perfect artist, a sweet human being
Posted by Isaura Vazquez-Reid on June 25, 2020
I remember when Michael was at the Ed Sullivan show, I remember my father being fascinated by him, we came from Cuba in 1970 and from the first time we saw Michael perform we were hooked. My Dad used to Say that Michael was going to be big and he was right. That awful night I had gone to bed early, I was watching the news and all of the sudden I hear Michaels name I perked up in bed to better listen but of course I wasn’t prepared for what follow, I scream, got up in disbelief of what I just heard and then I just started crying inconsolably, I finally fall sleep crying and when I woke up the next day I thought I just had a bad dream but the news of that awful day proved me wrong; it was no way Michael was gone, I figured He was going to get better, then the truth started to sink, it was chaotic and I couldn’t stop crying glue to the tv, nothing has being the same, no more concerts, no more “I love you from the bottom of my heart” no more of the sweet smile, but although He is not here physically He will Forever Leave in my heart and when I watch his video I feel He is alive- Love you Forever dear Angel, Thank you for the love and music Thank you for being YOU ❤️❤️
Posted by Nordi Odi on June 25, 2020
Dear Michael it doesn't get any easier but i have found coping mechanisms.....keeping your legacy alive and hugging you through your music. My son loves you too just like me and that makes me so glad. I love you for all time because of what you were for me. It all sounds strange because we never met but on that day when you hurt so much and the tears couldn't stop. Continue to sleep beautiful soul! I Love you!x
Posted by Jey Jackson on June 25, 2020
Ciao Michael, mi manchi infinitamente e non sopporto più la tua assenza. Una parte di me, è lassù con te e non smetterò mai di amarti. Forever in my heart. I love you.
Posted by Willians Santos on June 25, 2020
Thank you for being the light of my day, for being my guardian angel and for being such a wonderful person. I love you more every day and miss you every day. I will love you forever, forever and ever. ❤
Posted by Felícia Soares on June 25, 2020
Michael, thanks for everything! You heal my world every day. I love you forever and ever. You are forever in my heart. My Peter Pan <3
Posted by Valerie Brown on June 25, 2020
I cant began to say how much you are missed each and every day. You will forever be in my heart and always on my mind.
Posted by Evelin Fabiola on June 25, 2020
Dear and beloved Michael,

I miss you very much, but I know you are now everywhere, especially you have always been in my heart. I am sure you wherever you are you keep shinning and sharing your love. Although your body departed your soul is always present in my life and heart. Thank you for having been in this world and touching billions of souls, especially mine.

You have always inspired me to bring the best of myself and discovered a world and life I could have never experienced if I had not been inspired by you. You taught me how to DREAM and BELIEVE IN MYSELF and a BETTER WOLRD. I TRULY BELIVE YOU ARE AN ANGEL, I NEVER FELT THIS WAY WITH ANYONE OR ANY ARTIST. I AM CONVINCED THAT YOU CAME TO TOUCH OUR LIVES AND SOULS. THANK YOU FOR YOUR LIFE LEGACY, LIGTH AND LOVE. I DEEPLY LOVE YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. LOVE YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH. Blessings wherever you are

Canada, Toronto & Mexico
Posted by Tatyana Murzaleva on June 25, 2020
Michael! The world is going crazy without you! I love you to the moon and back! I love you more!
Posted by Melody Jay on June 25, 2020
Your music kept me alive when all I wanted to do was die. You were too pure for this world, we didn't deserve you. You are loved, you are missed, and we will forever honor you, Michael. Keep Resting.
Posted by Lory Jean on June 25, 2020
Oggi il pensiero di te è più forte che mai, vorrei così tanto poterti abbracciare...e non lasciarti più...
nel mio cuore è sempre così, ma Dio solo sa quanto vorrei che accadesse veramente...
...manchi troppo
i love you...and i miss you so much ♥️
Posted by Christopher Payne on June 25, 2020
R.I.P MICHAEL the day you died the whole world stopped to mourn you and heaven gained the most amazing entertainer the world has ever seen :( each year gets harder and harder without you and we love and miss you so much michael ❤❤ sleep tight and keep dancing up there!!! You are and always will be my hero! Good bye!

England United Kingdom!
Posted by MaryAnn Feudale on June 25, 2020
MJ, no words can express the sadness I feel with every passing year that you are not here with us. I will love you yesterday, today and tomorrow for the rest of my life. Sleep my king and know that I love you forever.
Posted by Sofia Apostolou on June 25, 2020
Posted by Maria Melarosa on June 25, 2020
Sempre con te Michael ❤
Posted by Mónica Paixão on June 25, 2020
I miss you, sweet angel. Thank you for bringing me peace when I needed the most. I love you more, always and forever.
Posted by Susan Soden on June 25, 2020
Michael you are my guardian angel
A wonderful glow of light
You watch over me when I am sleeping
Your presence such a beautiful sight
Your soul is a heavenly vision
That protects me from morning to night
Your the one god I can truely believe in
A spirit so free like a bird in flight
You make me smile when I'm feeling lonely
And my world is falling apart
I have been blessed with someone so special
With a lot of love in his heart
The concerts you perform are outstanding
And you're music is simply the best
You sing with such power and such beauty
A voice cherished above all the rest
This poem is my way of saying thank you
For all the joy you bring to my life
Kindred spirit you are there when I need you
Through all my trouble and strife
You have changed my empty life forever
In a very special way it's true
Oh Michael Joseph Jackson
I pray to and worship only you.
© Copyright
Posted by Marina Fantoni on June 25, 2020
Oggi Michael, manchi di più degli altri giorni.... So che sarai sempre con me, ma quel maledetto 25 giugno 2009, il mondo ha perso il suo punto di riferimento... Ti amo e mi manchi, sempre❤️
Posted by Mary Sant'Anna on June 25, 2020
Ser de luz, eterno Peter Pan! Obrigada por sua passagem por esse planeta! Brilhe, ilumine...continue irradiando sua luz, para que possamos sentir sua presença! Te amo, ANJO!!!
Posted by Carol Selva on June 25, 2020
Eleven years without you sweet King
We never know what life will bring
My heart breaks for your loss
I know your beautiful soul and we are the
poorer for losing you
The world was blessed to have known you.
Your legacy will endure eternally just as your
loving heart will continue to bless us with your undying love & compassion

Bless you always Michael
Eternally missed for many reasons

Posted by Tina Wisdom on June 24, 2020
Tomorrow is approaching my heart began to get heavy all over again as if it is June 25th,2009 I can't begin to say the pain I felt when I heard the news you had gained your wings was indescribable. The beauty of your energy and loving, kind spirit will never be again Michael because there can be never another that possess the attributes you shared with the world. Thank you for all you have done and contributed to the world I will never stop loving you. I will blast your music tomorrow proudly because I am a proud MJ friend part of the most loving family we united for you Michael and will continue to do what you asked us to love and change the world forever.
Posted by Sabrina Vianelli on June 24, 2020
Michael manchi manchi tanto i love you , forever in my heart ❤
Posted by Галина Сан on June 24, 2020
Как хорошо, что все еще можно смотреть, как Вы танцуете, слушать Ваш голос, отдавая отчет в том, что сердце начинает двигаться с Вами в одном ритме. Вы - самое грациозное существо, которое когда-либо ходило по земле, и порой кажется, что не по земле Вы шли, а летели по воздуху над нашими головами, вызывая восторг и восхищение.
Ваше имя связано для меня с чистой концепцией эстетической и духовной красоты. Ваши глаза совсем рядом, они полны огня, страсти и жизни… как же горько, что лишь на экране...
Но еще бьется мое сердце, полное любви к Вам, к хрупкому, нежному, прелестному человеку, к великому артисту, которому хочется сказать все самые лучшие слова. Спасибо за все, дорогой Майкл, - за радость, за грусть, за улыбку и слезы, за грацию, изящество, красоту, доброту и свет любви, от Вас исходящий!
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Posted by Sofia Laiou on July 29, 2020
MJ,you are a perfect human nature with real, pure feelings about all the children. you were a perfect father too with your children
Posted by Sofia Laiou on July 28, 2020
we need much more views about MJ.where are the others??
Posted by Sofia Laiou on July 28, 2020
MJ,you have only innocent love n your childheart.unforgetable MJ
his Life

Humanitarian - The REAL Michael Jackson

So much has been written about Michael Jackson. The majority of it manufactured, twisted and just down-right untrue. Until NOW…

In the year 2000, Michael Jackson was listed into the Guinness book of world records for breaking the WORLD record for the "Most Charities Supported by a Pop Star.“ An achievement that was accomplished by a lifetime of effort & tireless dedication, yet a little-known fact that has been overshadowed by years of fiction.

In a world first, author Paul Dwyer takes a look into the every-day world of Michael Jackson, stripping away the rumours, the media and the mayhem to take an in-depth look at The MAN - The humanitarian.

Based on the book, the documentary delves into Michael Jackson’s charity involvement over the course of his career. It includes a diary of Michael Jacksons visits to orphanages & children’s hospitals around the world, charity appearances and documents his body of work that was never celebrated or publicised by the mass media & is just as big, if not more-so than his musical career.

For more on Michael's HUMANITARIAN efforts, go to:

Special thank you to:
German subtitles & translation by Heike Dünow
Hungarian Subtitles & translation by Kate Abraham
Arabic subtitles & translation by Smahane Drissi

Virtual Events for June 2020

I have updated the List of Events for Michael's 11th Anniversary
This is a list of events from various MJ Fan Groups, from around the world.

Michael Jackson Memorial Tribute

Dedicated to honoring one the greatest humanitarians, ambassador for our planet, fighter for justice, and entertainers of our time, Michael Jackson. Love lives Forever ❤

Our Aim is to create a Memorial and Tribute to Michael Jackson. A virtual space where we can post a flower, light a candle, send a message, add photos, small video, music, and tell our stories of how Michael has made an impact on our lives. A space where anyone who cannot make it to Forest Lawn, can still feel connected. 

Please share with your friends and groups. It is all for LOVE  ❤

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My eternal Peter Pan

Shared by Caroline Oliveira on June 25, 2020
Michael, you are the best person that came into my life, I thank you for saving me from myself and for being this wonderful man! thank you for your teachings, your smile, and your love. I love you my Peter Pan ❤

Per sempre nel mio cuore

Shared by Dony Romano on June 25, 2020
Caro Michael 
sono già passati 11 anni da quando ci hai lasciati L’anno scorso sono potuta venire in questo giorno e portarti  tutto l’amore che meriti simboleggiato da una marea di fiori. Quest’anno i fiori  te li posso mandare solo virtualmente ma con lo stesso amore di sempre ❤️

Michael Jackson...

Shared by Mary Sant'Anna on June 25, 2020
  • Um ANJO feito de AMOR que se fez ANJO!  MICHAEL Forever