This Lifetime Memorial tribute website was created in memory of our loved one, Michael Jackson 50 years old, born on August 29, 1958 and passed away on June 25, 2009. We will remember him forever. We miss you Michael! 

Please feel free to leave a comment and if you want the Country you are from. You can post a flower, light a candle, send a message, add photos , small video , music, and lets tell our stories of how Michael has made an impact on our lives, or your country. A space where anyone who cannot make it to Forest Lawn, can still feel connected. 

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Posted by Maria Flaig on June 26, 2021
My everdearest Michael,

Oh my God it’s been 12 years but as if it was only yesterday….. yes I miss you…. the World
misses you so much,our MJ family.

How are you up there with the Lord, ? Do you look upon us down here, no more pain, you are free from burden in life.

I wish to thank you Michael from the bottom of my heart,,,,,for the inspiration and love
eventho we haven’t met…. but we’ve met in dreams…

You are loved from the core.
My Grandson Julian  loves you so much❤️

Gone too soon
but your light will shine on forever .

May your soul rest in peace..

with much love and fervent prayers

Mari Heart 

Posted by Lucia Kováčová on June 26, 2021
12 sad years without you Michael. I still miss you very much but you will be in my heart forever. I Love You Forever. Your music and message live forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Orfeo Greco on June 26, 2021
We love you Michael♥️ Orfeo, Cosma, Francesca
Posted by Orfeo Greco on June 26, 2021
Michael, you will be missed forever but we know you will live forever in our hearts. You are forever Michael, thank you for everything!♥️
Posted by Maria Murphy on June 26, 2021
25-June-2021 You are in my prayers every night. The pain never goes. Heaven is so blessed to have you.
Posted by Massie Walsh on June 26, 2021
You are loved.
You are missed.
You are forever.
Posted by Christine Powell on June 25, 2021
Miss you Micheal I listen to your music all the time ,you still are the king of Pop
RIP ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Sheila Hrabal on June 25, 2021
Michael, I have loved you all these years and miss you terribly. You brought such joy to us all and always will be in our hearts.
Posted by Tatyana Murzaleva on June 25, 2021
«Maybe the walls will tumble
And sun may refuse to shine
When I say, I love you
Baby, you've gotta know
That's for all time..»

12 years without you
I'll never forget you. And I will always love you.
Posted by Amy Chatterji on June 26, 2021
Cannot believe it’s been 12 years since you left us- only feels like yesterday since the world lost the most gentle, kind, caring, generous, loving human. We all love you Michael, and always will. RIP MJ, you’re always in my thoughts and in my heart, love you xxx
Posted by Галина Сан on June 25, 2021
25 июня 2009 года ушел из жизни Майкл Джексон.

Не будучи "поклонником реальности," он стремился создавать и воплощать мечту, дарить радость или, как он говорил, "волшебство". И это волшебство, грёза здесь, со мной, и согревают в особенно холодные и тяжкие дни.

Но ни невероятная одаренность, ни артистизм, ни харизма, ни доброта не спасают от человеческой ненависти и клеветы. Не случайно он сказал много мучительных и горьких слов в открытом письме, обращённом, прежде всего, к журналюгам:
"Ваши зависть и ненависть отняли у вас любовь. Вы не знаете меня, тем не менее,  судите! 
...Но отчего всегда нужно осуждать меня? Почему бы вам не написать что-то доброе, ведь не придется искать долго! Почему я должен быть «Wacko Jacko»? Разве вы не видите, что я страдаю от этого?! Вы охотитесь на меня, как на зверя. Почему нет никого, кто видит во мне человека? Где ваше сердце? Где милосердие? Есть ли у вас любовь?"

Он так рано ушёл, но оставил здесь мечту, "волшебство". И вот всякий раз, любуясь им, скорбя о выпавших на его долю испытаниях, отчётливо сознаешь, что он и сам давно стал непостижимой, недосягаемой Мечтой, он, рождённый "для вдохновенья, для звуков сладких и молитв!"

Милый Майкл, память о Вас светла!
Posted by Susan Soden on June 25, 2021
12 years ago today
Since you were taken away
Surrounded by angels of seven
They took you to a place
Where you could spread your wings
A beautiful paradise called heaven
But now the world
Is an empty place without you
And my heart breaks every day
I wish I'd had the chance to meet you
Because there's so much I had to say
I hope on the 25th of every month
You can see the love I have for you
The tributes I create
Are from the heart
And from the depths of my soul too.
I love and miss you so much Michael
Every second of every minute of every hour of every day xxxxxxxx
Posted by Mónica Paixão on June 25, 2021
I'll always miss you. Rest in peace, Michael.
Posted by Dorita Jackson on June 25, 2021
It has come to this day in which it is extremely hard to believe that it is now 12 years since the world lost the greatest entertainer, music icon and philanthropist. Each year that passes doesn't get any easier and even more painful. He means everything to me and will always be a part of my life knowing how he has completely inspired and influenced me for all time. Michael, I love you so much and yes, you love me and the entire world more. I miss you even more than ever knowing how much of an impact you've made and the legacy you left behind to be continued by all fans. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I truly love you eternally for all time.
Posted by Samantha Robinson on June 25, 2021
12 years ago we lost you Michael. 12 years is way too many. You are forever in our hearts and we love you so much. May you rest in peace and you are forever the King Of Pop. We love you so much Michael. Rest in peace
Posted by Rosa Casiero on June 25, 2021
12 long years without you Michael, and the pain for your absence is still the same. All this time without you is killing me in side, you were my everything and no one will ever take away you from my heart.
I love and miss you so deeply and you'll never be forgotten!
❤️ Love ya my angel ❤️
Posted by Carol Selva on June 25, 2021
Bless you always King Of Pop for all the joy & excitement you brought with your wonderful talents. Thank you for your wonderful legacy which you left us so we could get through life remembering the love & courage you brought to your life & everyone you touched.
Your heart was kind & loving & your soul is eternal. We feel your compassion & love every day radiating from your memory!
You are eternally loved & missed.
Bless you always Michael for all you did & for all the love you gave the world & all of us

Posted by Caterina Dolce on June 25, 2021
Sono passati 12 lunghi anni... da quando sei volato in cielo.... ma il tuo spirito è rimasto qui... sento che ci sei..e so che non mi lascereai mai sola... sei sempre nel mio cuore...ti sosterrò è ti amerò per sempre...mi manchi..ti amo tantissimo..ciao mio dolce grande amore. ❤
Posted by Marina Fantoni on June 25, 2021
12 anni senza di te! Tanti... Troppi... Ma mai abbastanza per alleviare il dolore!
Sempre con te nel mio cuore, grande guerriero di luce, portatore del bene!
Noi fans continueremo la tua battaglia per sempre uniti!
Ci manchi e ti amiamo all'infinito ❤️
Posted by Rebecca Ferretti on June 25, 2021
On this day, twelve years ago, you flew away to your Neverland leaving us (me) orphans of your beautiful smile and your music.

I was born too late to know you but three years ago I approached your music and started discovering you. You were truly a beautiful angel Michael but no one wanted to understand you: to them you were simply strange and a pedophile. I am simply disgusted that you were a humanitarian trying to improve this planet but no one understood this message. They thought you blanched when you had vitiligo.

Why did they do this to you?
Why did they want to kill you?

But now you are free, Michael, now you are truly Peter Pan.

I will always love you Applehead.

Posted by Roma Kotb on June 25, 2021
always miss you michael deeply but still hard love you michael more than i can explain love you forever
Posted by Gill Hills on June 25, 2021
Singer composer humanitarian. You gave so much so this world. Greatly missed and always in my heart. Thanks for being you. Love lives forever.
Hope you have found the peace that you deserved so much. Love you more. xo
Posted by Sue Adams on June 25, 2021
Love and miss you SO much and deeply, Michael! You are my love, my Twin Soul, Then, Now & Forever, Honeymunchie Baby!!! Rest In Peace, Darling!! :)
Posted by Brittany Reid on June 25, 2021
Rip Michael Jackson
Posted by Deepika Varade on June 25, 2021
Love You, Miss You, Crying, just for YOU. There's a Special Place in our Hearts, for you, filled with LOVE❤️ 25'th June again, Tons of tears from all around the world shed for you... Your thought just doesn't leave me. Every day, every time, every MOMENT, I miss you, I LOVE YOU❤️
Posted by Stephanie Smith on June 24, 2021
Your light, love, and magic, inspire all of us to become better people, even 12 years of you being gone. Thank you for all you’ve done for the world. We truly didn’t deserve you. Rest In Peace, Michael, we love you forever.
Posted by Silvia Paladini on June 25, 2021
12 anni senza te
Posted by Nordi Odi on June 24, 2021
Dear Michael 12 years on......It still hurts but I am forever proud to be a defender of your legacy!
I will be a proud advocate of all you stood for -healing the world for the children!
Always loved, always missed. Never forgotten!!
Thankfully there is video footage and other technology to bring you back to life.
You live forever in my heart.
Thankful for my MJFam!
Posted by Marina Fantoni on June 24, 2021
Vorrei che il 25 Giugno fosse cancellato dai calendari... Vorrei non soffrire così tanto... Vorrei che tu fossi ancora tra noi!
Ti prego Michael aiutami! Ho bisogno di sentirti ancora più vicino, vieni a trovarmi nei miei sogni!
Mi manchi troppo!
I love you more❤️
Posted by Helen Cudworth on June 24, 2021
Gone too soon MJ I hate it when June nd august come around but ur in my heart nd ur all over my walls , I never got to see u in concert but Iv loved u since I was little the pain is too much but I play ur music all the time, rest in eternal peace love u forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Helen, derby uk
Posted by Jana Krietsch on June 24, 2021
Dear Michael, i miss you so much but your music keeps you in the heart ♥️ Jana from Germany
Posted by Tammy Williams on June 24, 2021
Dearest Michael, I try to hold back the tears of missing you, but as years pass, it only seems to get harder. Your inspiration of love for all is how I try to uphold your memory. You will forever be, alive in my heart ❤️
Posted by Mulenga Chisela on June 24, 2021
Gone 12 years too long....I loved you my whole life Michael, the day you left changed my world forever and my life has never been the same since.
You are missed and loved so dearly.
God be with your family, soar with the angels
Sending all my love from Zambia (South Central Africa)
Posted by Agnes de Andrade on June 24, 2021
NOT A DAY WITHOUT YOU SINCE YOU LEFT! THE WORLD MISSES YOU. In the same way that we feel the rays of the sun, I feel yours every day. They illuminate my life and show me the way. I’ll never be alone since you’ll always be there. L.O.V.E. from FRANCE
Posted by Roma Kotb on June 24, 2021
you perfect flower michael love you forever
Posted by Roma Kotb on June 24, 2021
after 12 years i still miss you so much michael deeply more than i can explain but you always stay deeply in my heart look to sky to say i love and miss you always michael very proud of you
Posted by Isabelle Vicente on June 24, 2021
June 25th.... again and again... Dear MJ, I miss you so much, the pain still the same since 12 years... Time passes but the memory remains. You are always in my heart, forever and ever. I just can't stop loving you. This world would need your kindness and your sweetness... Miss you and love you. Thank you for everything you have done for this world. Rest in Peace, King of L.O.V.E. Love from France...
Posted by Nicola Lesedi on June 24, 2021
Beautiful Dear Michael, wow can't believe its 12 years since you passed, feels so sad and when I hear your voice I cry and smile as I know your smiling from heaven most of all I know you at peace xx . Your are a wonderful spirit and amazing musican , artist and man, noone will ever take your place xx never apart , always in my heart x x miss and love you so much x God bless nicola heywood (UK )
Posted by Vish Megha on June 24, 2021
I never let u leave my heart. always love you, Michael Jackson. I will never forget you.
Posted by Francisco Beltrán on June 24, 2021
Michael te amo mucho. Gracias por haber existido.

Con amor, Francisco Beltran de Monterrey, México.
Posted by Sarah Brock on June 23, 2021
Dear Mike,

Been a rough couple years, innit. Nevertheless, you're an integral thread of gold winding through the quilt my life is becoming, and try as they might, no one can truly take that away. I won't allow it, even if they were right all along (suffice to say, I don't agree with any of them). Thank you for guiding me in the adolescent years, nourishing the young adult phase, for creating Who Is It so I could survive a terrible divorce and the PTSD that came from that violent marriage. Thank you for fueling me through college even though I'm not done yet. Thank you for being a voice of reason when I'm at my wit's end. I appreciate you, old friend, and you know I'm ride or die for you no matter what. Yes, I'm still working on the book. Words cannot express, but I hope loyalty can. Love you, sir. Please rest easy.

S. Brock
Posted by Isaura Vazquez-Reid on June 23, 2021
Michael, every time I hear you sing I imagined you still with us, then reality hits and I still don’t know how to come to terms with the reality. I miss you so very much and I wish things were different, you work hard rehearsing for your last “curtain call” like you said and then leave in peace with your family, so I’m sorry if I’m possessive and want you around still- I’m sorry for what you had to endure, I love you, be happy among the angels - Forever yours ❤️
Posted by Soňa Roučková on June 23, 2021
Drahý Michaeli, tvá hudba, tvůj tanec, tvůj zpěv, tvoje nádherná energie a celá tvoje překrásná bytost, zůstane navždy nejen v našich srdcích, ale v celém vesmíru i všude kolem nás. Bude tu s námi na věky. Dokázal jsi něco překrásného a dal jsi nám tak mnoho, zasloužíš si jen tu nejčistší lásku tam na nebesích.
Posted by Carol Selva on June 23, 2021
As we approach MJ 12 I just have to say how loved & missed you are Michael.
I know some people made you feel you weren’t valued but to your Moonwalkers you were a very loving & beloved person of great integrity.
It wasn’t just your tremendous talents that made you King of Pop it was you as a person who won our hearts.
I bless you always & confirm you are eternally missed sweet Michael. May peace be upon you always
Posted by Samantha Robinson on June 23, 2021
Dearest Michael,
Everyday I miss you. Everyday you live in my heart. Everyday I think of the impact you made on the world. You live on in our hearts. Your music lives on forever.
You will be missed. 12 years without the King Of Pop is too long. We love you Michael. Gone Too Soon
Posted by Kerry Hennigan on June 24, 2021
Forever loved and missed. Your inspiration continues to show us how to create a better world for everyone.
Posted by Baranyaiova Sarah on June 23, 2021
Dear Michael, I have not had the opportunity to meet you and you are always me and you live in my thoughts and my heart. The whole world knows you as Michael Jackson, but I would like to know you as Michael Jackson's man and just hug you and tell you that everything will be fine and that you are the most beautiful being in the world, and that is true in your heart as well. you are the purest soul in this world and especially the INNOCENT soul, only you were absolutely fine in this dirty world, everyone else was evil. I can't express in words how much I love you ... Forever in my heart King Michael Jackson I love you immensely.

Czech republic .
Posted by Jessica Jackson on June 23, 2021
You suddenly came into my life when I needed it most, like a guardian angel angel, it is what you are for me, since then I only want to give you the love you deserve, you are the love of my life, I will always love you, always, I love you Michael

Never can say goodbye...
Posted by Lenka Holečková on June 23, 2021
Neměla jsem tu možnost ho poznat osobně ale v srdci ho mam navždy. Byl to člověk s vizáží Anděla, Božským hlasem a srdcem ze zlata.
Posted by Vish Megha on June 7, 2021
love u always Michael.
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Posted by Ольга Тесля on November 7, 2021
Прошло 12 лет я всё никак не могу отпустить, очень его не хватает.
Posted by Lucia Kováčová on November 2, 2021
I'll never let you part for your always in my heart. I Love You with all my heart and I miss you forever beloved Michael. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Noah Johnson on September 29, 2021
his Life

Clarksville Elementary students record adorable "We Are the World" music video

And this is what it is all about, and the message today could not be clearer.
"Children show me in their playful smiles the divine in everyone. This simple goodness shines straight from their hearts and only asks to be lived." -- Michael Jackson.

Humanitarian - The REAL Michael Jackson

So much has been written about Michael Jackson. The majority of it manufactured, twisted and just down-right untrue. Until NOW…

In the year 2000, Michael Jackson was listed into the Guinness book of world records for breaking the WORLD record for the "Most Charities Supported by a Pop Star.“ An achievement that was accomplished by a lifetime of effort & tireless dedication, yet a little-known fact that has been overshadowed by years of fiction.

In a world first, author Paul Dwyer takes a look into the every-day world of Michael Jackson, stripping away the rumours, the media and the mayhem to take an in-depth look at The MAN - The humanitarian.

Based on the book, the documentary delves into Michael Jackson’s charity involvement over the course of his career. It includes a diary of Michael Jacksons visits to orphanages & children’s hospitals around the world, charity appearances and documents his body of work that was never celebrated or publicised by the mass media & is just as big, if not more-so than his musical career.

For more on Michael's HUMANITARIAN efforts, go to:

Special thank you to:
German subtitles & translation by Heike Dünow
Hungarian Subtitles & translation by Kate Abraham
Arabic subtitles & translation by Smahane Drissi

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I have updated the List of Events for Michael's 12th Anniversary
This is a list of events from various MJ Fan Groups, from around the world.
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Shared by Brittany Reid on August 30, 2021
I miss you Michael Jackson 
Shared by Lory Jean on June 26, 2021
Vorrei poterti dire qualcosa di importante ma nessuna parola potrebbe aiutarmi solo che ti amo e spero ti arrivi tutto  l’amore che provo...♥️

My own Remember The Time moment with Michael Jackson

Shared by Dorita Jackson on June 25, 2021
Seeing Michael Jackson perform will no doubt be the biggest highlight for me, and lucky it was close to the stage too.  Though it was in between performing was when I had the close up moments possible with him.  I never expected Michael to sit metres away from me during the Ghosts Sydney premiere back on 15 November 1996 and he caught my eye and smiled, even before and after the screening among the massive throng of fans, I stood metres, almost inches away from him and again, he caught a fleeting glimpse of me.  That was not all!  Flashback during the Bad tour after landing at the airport, I would chase his van to the hotel he was staying at the time.  Then, while caught up in a slight traffic jam, directly left to my lane was Michael's tinted van.  He knew I was following him, even more so waving the doll and Bad album to catch his attention.  Then he did!   He popped his head out the window and just simply waved and smiled.  Then I gave him a note complete with a message and my name and details.  I almost died!  Those sweet memories will always be dear to me and I will never forget what we had.  Definitely something to Remember The Time that will just go on and on in the back of my mind.