her Life

Debi was born a beautiful and healthy baby on January 21st 1959.  She was taken home from the hospital by Peggy and Angelo to meet her other siblings Sharon and Craig.  Soon the family of 5 became a family of 7 as her sisters Lisa and Kim were born and brought home.  They all lived in New Jersey until 1968 when they all packed up and headed to sunny California.  They lived a few places such as Westminster and Anaheim until Angelo and Peggy bought their home in Corona where they lived for over 20 years.  As she and all her siblings grew up, they all moved on and some of them, including her, came back to the Corona home.  Debi decided that in 1981 she wanted to move to New York City.  She packed up her car and drove across country to New York where she lived with the drummer from a rock band called Twisted Sister.  She took the Staten Island Ferry every day to Manhattan where she worked as an executive secretary in the Twin Towers.

Debi moved back home to California in 1982 where she eventually went on to have her children Crystal and Michael.  She married Steve Morris in 1986, just before Michael was born.  She lived with her new little family in Riverside where she took a job at Kaiser hospital as an appointment receptionist.  She and Steve separated and after a few years she and the kids moved back home to the Corona home where they all lived until about 1997.  Michael went on to live with Steve. Crystal stayed with her grandma and grandpa and moved into the new mobile home they bought in Orange County. Debi eventually came back home and lived with her parents until she was able to get an apartment of her own where she and Crystal lived for about 6 or 7 years.  During that time Debi was now working at Tarsadia hotels where she met some really good friends and made a lot of fond memories.  She started at Cypress college in 2001 part time to work on getting her associates degree. Later in 2002 her daughter joined her at Cypress college where they both had a few classes together.

Debi lost her father Angelo in 2003 and then her brother Craig in 2006.  After both of their deaths, Debi's mom Peggy, her Sister Lisa and her brother in-law, Sam decided to all move into a bigger house together.  They all lived together for awhile until 2009 when Peggy got her own apartment in Corona where Debi eventually ended up living as well.  Debi spent the last 10 years of her life living with her mom, and during that 10 year period, Debi became a grandma when her granddaughter Roxanne was born.  Her daughter moved to Utah and then got married. 

Debi worked a few odd jobs here and there until she eventually stopped working and went on disability due to lung and heart issues. 

Debi's health started to get worse as the years went on and eventually her liver started to fail her as well.  Eventually her body stopped fighting and her organs started to fail. Her heart stopped and she passed away peacefully on April 29th 2019 at 2:10 pm at Corona Regional Hospital where she was surrounded by many of her loved ones.