This tribute was added by Peggy Saitta on August 18, 2019
My daughter Debibie will be missed. I loved singing songs with her. She was so creative and funny. She liked to write poems about the family. I remember how she liked to cook. She made the best salad and loved to garden.

We watched comedy's on TV and she enjoyed a good laugh.

I miss you Debbie and I know I'll see you again.
This tribute was added by Michael Morris on July 29, 2019
She was my best friend. The only person who never abandoned me when i had fallen down. I spent everyday with her and her being gone leave a space in my heart that only she would gave cared about. I loved my mom more than i know how to explain. When everybody made her feel so alone, i was also so alone, so we had each other and we were never alone after that. I miss her and i remember everything about her. I hope she that worrying about me doesn't mess with her new life in heaven. Ill be waiting til we can hug again 
This tribute was added by Shirley Mendoza on May 5, 2019
The last time we saw one another we had lunch at a park in Fullerton. I could tell you had put so much love and thought into making it perfect. We picked a random park under a shade tree and the day was beautiful. We talked and laughed and laughed some more. You were the one who could pull anyone out of a slump.
I'm so happy to have known you and loved you and call you my dear friend. I look forward to the day we are reunited in heaven. I'll never forget that smile of yours.
This tribute was added by Anna Bell on May 3, 2019
Debi I will always remember your smile and laugh. you had such a very kind heart. I remember lots of good times. one good memory is we would act out a I love Lucy episode! you were always in for the fun!
This tribute was added by Kim Saitta-Perez on May 3, 2019
My sis has gone to be with the Lord. I will miss her so much.we laughed and joked about anything and everything. With Debi you could always be yourself and never be judged. I'll always be grateful that when I was having major anxiety, she was there for me, and knew how to distract me and made me feel loved. My dog Charly loved her so much! She was his love. His eyes just lovingly adored her and he couldn't wait to be her presence. We used to say he had 2 moms, lol.
Debi will forever be in my heart and I have memories to last a lifetime. I'll see you later Debi...
This tribute was added by Crystal Almazan on May 3, 2019
After I moved away to Utah my mom asked if we could start writting letters (yes! Like with pen and paper, envelope and stamp, they do still have those). She was not too big on social media and she really didnt like to talk on the phone. Although it wasnt always easy to get myself to sit down and hand write a letter, I'm so glad I did because we actually became so much closer through all our letters. We confided in one another and she told me that she loved how she could express herself through writing so much better than in person. I saved all her letters and I'm so happy that I have that memory to cherish because I know it not only brought us closer, she told me it meant the world to her.
This tribute was added by Lisa Reyes on May 3, 2019
Debi was my everything growing up. She truly was who I looked up to. She lived life hard and wasn't afraid of anything or anyone. 
I watched her fly off to New York and work at the World Trade Center and was in awe that she was such a free spirit.
Our paths slowly changed and I grieved the space between us. Now I celebrate her departure because, I know she asked God into her heart just one month ago.
'I feel kind of bad,
cause I'm more happy than sad. Your in no more pain and are with Craig and our dad'

I love you sister and will see you again.
This tribute was added by Sharon Escobar on May 3, 2019
My memory of my sister was watching her walk into a room and lighting it up. People were just drawn to her. She was beautiful inside and out. We had lots of giggles together. Just a month ago she shared a memory of me and her as we were looking at old photos. She remembered that I curled and fixed her hair for a family picture. She was very young and sure enough her and I had the same hair style in that picture! I was happy knowing she had that good memory. I’ll miss my little sister but I know she’s in Heaven waiting ❤️

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