Posted by Mandisa Leblanc on August 18, 2021
There hasn't been a day that has gone by without the thought of you being heavy on my mind and in my heart. After having given birth to Alhassan, I know just that much more about the love a parent can have for their child. I understand a deeper meaning of love and sacrifice. And as my understanding has grown, my appreciate for you has gotten that much deeper. My greatest wish is simply hoping that, wherever you now are, you get to hear my nightly whispers in which I confess my love and appreciate for you.
Posted by zarena leblanc on May 9, 2021
Gardenias have become my favorite flower since laying you to rest with one in your hair. Today I give you a metaphorical gardenia incense that will burn for you. Love you always Mommy.
Posted by Natalie Leblanc on April 26, 2021
There are no coincidences
To who you belong to in this life
We are saddened and heartbroken
But as her children we are also eternally humbled
That we came to her in this life
That we embarked on this journey with her
To fulfill our purpose
And be her legacy
Through her
Physically, metaphysically and universally
We find solace and joy
That she lived a full life
That she found love and
That we were all she wanted
Amun Ashe

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