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A Loving Father

Shared by Juna Damonte on February 16, 2021
I had the honor to care for dear Caitlyn. Dennis was such a gentle, kind, & loving soul. It was a gift to witness him as a Father. Shelley & Dennis came to visit another nurse and I at the new Children’s Hospital with their sweet daughter Lauryn. Dennis made us professional looking delicious baked treats. It’s obvious he puts his heart and soul into everything he does, especially being a Loving Husband and Father. I was devastated for Shelley and her daughter when I heard the news. I have some peace knowing that his soul is reunited with sweet Caitlyn’s.

Thumbs up and elbows out

Shared by Patara Lai on February 12, 2021
I remember the first time I met Dennis in 2007. It was for a houseparty that the “mount pleasant crew” had. John and I were hanging out a lot at the time getting to know each other but weren’t actually dating (as I wasn’t ready) but I remember being nervous about meeting Dennis anyways; because I knew he was John’s best friend.  I think even back then I had strong feelings for John (and didn’t want to admit it) but knew that a best friend’s opinion could make or break things, especially after knowing how close John and Dennis were.  

After meeting Dennis, I immediately felt at ease; he was genuinely nice and friendly and I saw early on that he was a jokester like John.  He was one that laughed at his own jokes but it was so effortlessly done and funny, you might not notice he did that. I remember he had piercing eyes but they soften right away when he smiled; a good genuine smile, the kind that just makes you want to smile too.  It felt good learning from John later that night, that Dennis had given me the “thumbs up”.  

Fast forward a few months, John and I are official and we go on a friend’s trip to the Seattle and Vancouver. It was Dennis, John, Ro, Ratana (my sister) and I. We rented an economy sized car and so that meant tight space in the back and naturally, it was Ratana and I along with one of the guys (Dennis or Ro typically bcause John called shotgun when he wasn’t driving) and Dennis took it for the guys sitting in the back most of the time with me in the “bitch seat”.  I don’t recall the exact joke but I ended up elbowing him on the side and homeboi just laughed it off. Honestly he could’ve just gotten mad at me cause frankly, it was probably uncalled for and not nice of me but Dennis being Dennis, he was quite witty and he just made it into an ongoing inside joke.  I know that may not sound significant but it was to me, because it really shows the kind of person he was; if he cared for you he truly didn’t sweat the small stuff and that just made it so easy to love Dennis.

Dennis had just started seeing Shelley and on that same trip, you could see how enamored he was with her. He would sneak away to have phone calls with her and he was stressing on something nice to give her. I remembered we were waiting at the border when coming back from Vancouver and wondering where was Dennis?  He finally shows up carrying a shopping bag and a souvenir Canadian bear. You know the guys gave him a hard time but he didn’t care, he wanted to make sure that Shelley knew he was thinking of her.  

For Dennis’ bachelor party, he was more considerate than most because he invited the sig girls on the trip. I don’t know, maybe it was a test and I failed because I joined the bachelor party as the only girl.  If that was the case, Dennis didn’t let on and included me entirely. If Dennis cared for you he treated you like family. I’m thankful for the memories on that trip with him: atving in ensenada, chilling with the piano man, eating too many desserts, making the Rock impressions.  He was a brother to me. 

He was always there for every event big and small and would check on me when I was pregnant or sick. Those are the things that count most and Dennis really made it a point to do them because he really did care. Everything he did was purposeful and meaningful. I hope he knows how much we all love him.  Will forever cherish the memories. Love you buddy.


Shared by Rachel De La Torre on February 11, 2021
I am lucky enough to have worked alongside Shelley for almost 5years. I was always in awe of her hard work ethic, beauty, care and strength.  Soon after meeting Shelley, I got to meet Dennis. While I can’t remember if it was at a holiday party for the entire staff, or something a little less casual, I remember for certain that Dennis made delicious treats and he and Shelley loved each other a lot. It’s not often you see couples hugging or with arms around one another, but that’s how I remember Dennis. His arms around Shelley. On social media posts, his arms were wrapped around Shelley. I remember him telling us about the room he painted for Lauren while his arms were wrapped around his glowing wife. As I look at all these tributes I continue to see his love for her. And I see him hugging River too! A beautiful couple, forever and always. 

Puppy Whisperer

Shared by Lee Michaels on February 11, 2021
My name is Lee Michaels. I worked with Shelley at acute rehab. Not exactly sure when I met Dennis, but was around him at their home after dear Caitlyn passed and later when adorable Lauryn graced me with her artistry and River could not get close enough, at their home one afternoon, while Dennis was at work. 

The story I share has to do with one of the walks that acute rehab always does to support a health cause. Not sure if it was brain, heart, or something else. Dennis and Shelley of course was there and I was there with a newly rescued English Cocker Spaniel pup I called Stevie. Immediately Dennis fell in love with her. He picked her up and cuddled her like a baby and she let him. I had to get something to drink and he said he will watch over her. I reminded him, that if they were not there when I got back, I knew where to find him. I was thinking of what Dennis said one time that total happiness, was laying on a bed of puppies. He always seemed to be such a lover of dogs. He had the biggest smile on his face while holding Stevie. This image will always stay with me.

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