Posted by Michelle Le on February 17, 2021
Missing you even more today...It’s the first day of lent and you always drove us nuts with giving up chocolate, candy, soda, beef and pork. Most people only give up one thing but you always had to be “extra.” I’m also studying and refreshing on UST things. It brings me back to our UST Training days and time at SJC....fancy pens, paper clips, Reno, Hawaii, hiking, spin the wheel, luau, pathfinder, Dancing Queen, Christmas in July, all things that flood back memories.
Posted by Joanne Johnson on February 15, 2021
So many people greatly miss Dennis, both family and friends. We need more people like him, not fewer! I think of his focus and his warmth; his humor and his dedication; his many skills in sports and with food (I once saw him play tennis, and listened with attention as he went over a map of the S.F. Marathon route with me, and what great meals I enjoyed!); his many Lenten sacrifices even while cooking for others; his amazing, deep love for his family, demonstrated in so many ways big and small. While I visited them in S.F. he shared with me his feelings for Caitlyn and I was so moved by his love for her. We didn't need to talk about his love for Lauryn or for Shelley as that was apparent in his every word to or about them, and actions around them. I was honored to read the Scripture at their wedding, and so glad to visit them over the following years. There is a hole in the fabric of our lives that may in time get "patched" but will never be the same. I am missing him and all that he was. Love always to him and those he cared about.
Posted by John Lai on February 14, 2021

Miss you man... Australian Open is going on and its the first time I can remember that I can't call or text you during a grand slam to tell you that Federer will take it. He will still take it, even though he's not even playing. I have that much faith in him. He will find a way. Don't give up on him. Tsitsipas still looks like he's parched and needs some water. Raonic still looks psycho when you watch him in slow mo when he hits a shot. I hope you are doing good up above playing with Caitlyn and River, and catching up with Lou and your parents. MIss you dearly my friend.

Posted by Sherri Saunders on February 13, 2021
We have fond memories of Dennis. We already loved Shelley and we were thrilled for her when she and Dennis married. He was always so sweet and kind. I was babysitting Lauryn one day, he came home for lunch and brought me a sandwich, how many guys dashing in for lunch and to see their little girl think to do something so thoughtful! Dennis liked to bake and entertain., we were on the receiving end of his baking on several occasions, birthdays and "just because". He was a dear man who loved his "girls". We will miss him and always remember his special smile and what a good man he was.
Posted by Shelley Catanyag on February 9, 2021
John Lai's eulogy for Dennis
1/29/2021, Divine Mercy Catholic Church
Posted by Shelley Catanyag on February 9, 2021

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