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Ole derek

November 26, 2021
I’ve lost a lot of friends and buddies over the years. When I heard Dereck was on his way home I felt really different. He was one of the good ones, not to be cliche’, His smile and laugh will always be in my mind. We lost track of one another, my fault I moved away….. Dereck and I met in high school and spent a lot of time together in the ole ISS that Greene joint provided. That man turned into one of the best people I know. I got to know his kids cause I grew up with Christina….. imagine that. A guy I knew had kids with a girl I grew up with!!! He was an awesome dad…. And awesome friend ! I’m really sad that he left but happy that he’s gonna be home! I hope to have his enjoyment of life….. I’ll miss him! 


November 26, 2021
A part of me died that day it was such a blessing to be ur big brother life will never be the same I wish u were still here and could play that string box around the fire I never realized how many people u touched the outreach is unbelievable everyone says u were the life of the party and the funniest person they knew I agree we will all miss u so much I know u are whole again w no more pain and suffering got that big ol beard back and are there with our daddy and loved ones taken to soon u are my hero the fight u put up was that of a gladiator I love u brother and I know one day I will see u again Buddy 

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