This tribute was added by Sooleng Lau on October 19, 2020
Dear Dingneng,

Have not come to know you for long. But you have struck me as someone sincere, smart, extremely dedicated and with a sense of humor. It was great knowing you, you are greatly missed by your friends in Intuit.
This tribute was added by Rajagopal Chandramohan on October 19, 2020
Dingneng - you moved to my organization at Intuit recently as of last June. I have had only one virtual meeting with you .. yet you made such a deep impression on me in that meeting .. the positive way you appreciated the team and the manager and the courage you displayed when you shared your situation and cheer you showed when sharing your July 4th test results.. I regret not having known you more. You will be missed.
This tribute was added by Mingqi Li on October 14, 2020
Dingneng and I had very similar life experiences and backgrounds. We both were born and grew up in countryside of Jiangsu province. Our home towns are so close - just across the Yangtze river. Dingneng and I went to the same college in Nanjing just one year apart. We both left China right after our graduations. Sadly, we didn’t know each other while we were in Nanjing. In 2009, we met at ICW Group in San Diego and worked in the same group. Due to the similar background, I felt I found the best friend and have a new brother. I was amazed by Dingneng’s high energy, work ethic, passion, positive attitude, braveness, simplicity, easygoing, and kindness.
Dingneng, you left us so suddenly and we cannot accept the reality. On 9/19 , you sent me all you contact info in case WeChat cannot be used in the future. My heart is bleeding after I heard the news about you a few days later. Your leaving is a big loss to me. You will be forever missed and remembered by our whole family. Rest in peace!
This tribute was added by Joanne Kaplan on October 14, 2020
Dingneng, our friend and neighbor, was brilliant, hardworking, funny, and kind. Everyone who knew him admired him. We will all miss him.

Rest in peace, and watch over us, Dingneng.
This tribute was added by Qian Nancy Fan on October 12, 2020
Dear Dingneng,
A lots of fun memories together for different outting events. You're forever missed. Rest in peace!
Qian Nancy Fan
This tribute was added by Sri Ramaswamy on October 11, 2020
I worked with Dingneng briefly at ICW. I was so amazed how you picked up insurance in such a short time. I was amazed at your energy, positivity and your intelligence. Rest in peace!
This tribute was added by YiYi Mao on October 8, 2020
I still can't believe that just about a month and half ago, we were hiking in PQ canyon. We talked so much about the interesting work you want to do, the fun stuff happening around. My Facebook feeds are still showing so many things that our families did together. So heartbroken! All I could think about now you're freely in heaven!
You're forever missed!
This tribute was added by Zi-Ling Xue on October 4, 2020
Dear Dingneng,

As your roommate during English training in Guangzhou, I’m still in great shock that you have left us so suddenly. As recently as September 12, you were still sending a message to friends. Your smarts and warmth have left a great impression on former fellow chemistry students.

Rest in Peace!

This tribute was added by Michael Romm on October 3, 2020
Dear friend, undeniably unique and the most lively person in my life, I and my family will never forget you and everything we have done together in this life. Rest in peace!
This tribute was added by Xiaokun Ye on October 2, 2020
Your high energy, enthusiasm and dedication to the causes you believe in will stay with me forever.

I lost an old friend, a fun volleyball player and a black-diamond ski companion, but your memories will stay with me forever.

May you rest in peace!
This tribute was added by Xin Liu on October 2, 2020
Wang DingNeng,

May your laughter, smiles, warm heart, dynamic, energy continue in heaven, watching us: your loved ones, your friends, ....


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