Lost too soon...

Shared by David Myers on October 15, 2011

I met Dixie through her husband, Frank.  I remember the first time I met Frank.  It was at an investigators conference in Phoenix.  A group of us went out to dinner and he and I sat across from each other.  Dixie was sitting next to him.  Frank, ever the careful investigator, was cautious in getting to know this young 23 year old man sitting across from him.

Nonetheless, the three of us got to know each other over the course of that dinner and found that we enjoyed each others' company.  We spoke now and then between conferences and always spent a lot of time together when we were able to meet in person.  Many times Dixie was there, sometimes not.

What I truly know of Dixie, I have learned through Frank.  I know of his undying love for her and that she had a giving and caring spirit (like any nurse would).  Whenever I would talk to Dixie, she extolled Frank and the reverse was true when I spoke to Frank.  They both had such pride and deep love for the other.  Their relationship was special, loving and, I believe, they were the best of friends.

As with all relationships, there comes a time when one has to part ways.  I grew up in the funeral business with a father who chose that career.  I always heard families talk about how people died in an accident, alone, lost their memory, etc. 

God takes care of the truly good people in this world.  Dixie Ritter passed away doing one of the things that she loved the most: working in her garden.  Not just that, but she was spending time with her one true love, Frank.  We should all hope to be so lucky for when our time comes that we can go whilst doing something we love next to the person we love most.  What a gift.  But what a fitting gift for Dixie.  It was just God's way of thanking her for all the good work she had done throughout her life taking care of other people. 

How did Dixie Ritter touch your life?  Think about that and then go touch someone else's life.  Do something kind for someone else.  Dixie would have.  Pass along the generousity and love that she gave to the people she met. 

If everyone in this world was a little more like Dixie Ritter, how amazingly wonderful of a place it would be to live.

Dixie: I will so very much miss seeing you again but know that you will never be forgotten.

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