This tribute was added by John Shoaf on February 15, 2012
There is nothing so terrible and empty as losing your father. I have done this myself. Dom was so loved by his family, especially Kim. He shared so many fabulous moments with her and her family. We have met him numerous times and have always regarded him as a true gentlemen and the first one to say "party on": Our love to all. My heart breaks at your loss....I too feel it everyday.
This tribute was added by Nicole Wynn on February 13, 2012
One year ago today my papa left, I think of you all the time. I love and miss you!!
This tribute was added by Kim Colton on February 13, 2012
One year ago! I lost my Father. I loved him more than any one can know. I have his pictures and every morning I tell him how much I love him and how I miss him. I feel him with me all the time but the void in my life and my hart will never be full again. I will neverr have the daily phone calls that I wait for every day. I LOVE and MISS him more than words can say! Daddy I Miss You!!!
This tribute was added by Richard Lewis on February 13, 2012
Dom's passing has left a hole in my heart that will NEVER be filled. He was absolutely unique and I miss him more than I can adequately ever say. Damn. Damn. Damn.
This tribute was added by Kim Mitzel on March 10, 2011
As neighbors with kids all near the same age we dominated Hillwood Ave. The Friday night revolving dinners, the hilarious evenings sitting in the front row watching the "Partners" perform. The troubadors and Dom had a history of running into each other over the years so when Dom was spotted the group would shout out F-A-R-A-C-A. Larger than life always fun to be around. Bob and Susan Ellis
This tribute was added by Nicole Wynn on March 10, 2011
I have a lifetime of memorie's with my "Papa"....Most recently my son Dylan played football this last season and after every game he had to call Papa and tell about every great thing that happened and I know that he just loved hearing the play by play of the game. I think about you everyday Papa and I will miss you more than I can say. Love Nicole
This tribute was added by Bette Lyn Kelly on March 9, 2011
I have too many incredible memories of Donny (my special cugino) to mention here, but this wonderful tribute you have given him is a gift to us all. You nailed your dad to a “t”… the wonderful character we loved dearly! Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Kaye and you beautiful kids – the pride and joy of Donny’s life. With much love, Bette Lyn, Ty and Tom
This tribute was added by JoAnn & George Ward on March 7, 2011
Goodby Cous,I'm so sorry over these years we've not had much visiting time together, especially looked forward to seeing you and meeting Kaye. Go with God. My prayers and thoughts are with Kaye and this beautiful family he left behind,his spirit and wonderful personality and love will always be with you all. We keep you all in our prayers. With Love from his cuchina JoAnn & George Ward
This tribute was added by Maria Forester on March 6, 2011
Whenever Dom came into the Pharmacy he always had a smile on his face and by the time he left we were all smiling. He will greatly missed along with his funny comments. May he forever play golf were he is now
This tribute was added by John Shoaf on March 6, 2011
We have known Dom for several years as we are great friends of Kim and Jim. Whenever he was in town, we got together and always had such a great time. He really enjoyed our dinners at Benihana! That guy knew how to party and loved his family and friends to the utmost. Molly and John Shoaf

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