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Love you

September 28, 2022
Today is the 11th year that you went to heaven. Wow, seems like a short time ago. 

The family has gotten older, Jeff and Denise live in Las Vegas, still building or remolding. Denise back is bad and she is not working. Alycia and kids still live in CO, as does JOhn Mark. 

Chad,Terri and Tyler are in Alaska, on a cruise ship. They needed a vacation. I know they are enjoying the trip. Tyler graduated high school and now is an apprentice under Cooper in Chad company, for construction.  HIs girlfriend is a senior, Maddie  nice young lady. 
Chad’s company seems to being doing well, thank the Lord. 

Dannielle family is doing well. Zack is working for Oxnard unified school district. Doing well, following  in Dannielle footsteps. Ashley is doing great finishing high school and college in the same manner as Zack. 
Zack girlfriend is Grace, really nice gal. She is wanting to get in the nursing program. 

California is NOT what we grew up in, as many states have gone nuts with leftist ideas. So sad. Our elections are coming up Nov. hopeful the conservatives will do better and take over the house and senate. The world is a mess, God is not missing but been put on sidelines. Yet i know HE is is in control.   Faith, family and country 1st   That is what suppose to be   

Love you, your loving wife, miss you thank the Lord everyday

I heard your voice

September 4, 2022
I heard your voice in the wind today and I turned to see your face,
 the warmth of the wind caressed me as I stood  silently in place

I felt your touch in the sun today as its warmth filled the sky.
  I closed my eyes for your embrace and my spirit soared high. 

I saw your eyes in the windowpane as I watched the falling rain. 
It seemed as each raindrop fell it quietly said your name. 

I held you close in my heart today it made me feel complete. 
You may have died,.. but you are not gone you will be a part of me 

Sent to by Jeanette Dockery

I love you sweetheart Happy 80th Birthday

July 7, 2018

Today is July 7, 2018, wow its been  yrs since you went home. Doesn’t seem possible.  

A lot has happened, I finally left Las Vegas in June 29, 2017, and purchased a home in Camarillo, CA on July 3rd.  Moved in Aug 14, 2018.  I wasn’t sure I would be able to move, but the Lord said, I could do it in 2 hr’s segments.  So I went through the whole house twice.  Took 14 bags of clothes to the Walter Hoving Home for Women, 8 car loads to Lutheran Thrift Shop, 4 car loads to the Library.  Plus the entertainment unit went to Good Will.  I decide  I would keep what I needed and what I liked.  Lord was right, it did not exhaust me.  Then I had the movers that we had when left Penn Valley.

The kids are all fine, all have moved, Chad a few years ago.  Jeff and Denise followed Kris and Alycia to Colorado, not a surprise.  Kris and Alycia, had twins last yr., William and Samantha.  Adorable. Kids are all fine and growing.

Dannielle, Zack and Ashley, moved also to a new place in Ventura.  A lovely home..  Zack is a Senior wow, unreal, and driving.  I still remember. A milestone in everyone life.  Ashley is a sweetie too.  

Plus of course me.... 

Tyler is starting High  Chad and Terri are shocked he is growing up to soon.  

I like my new home, Camarillo is lovely and green and humidity is great. My eyes are great..

Don, I miss you, I love seeing all of our adventures on the PicStar.  We had many, many wonderful times and God has always been with us.  I miss you

Never Forgotten, Loved Forever

July 10, 2018

My big brother always made me proud, and always will. He was my brother, mentor and best friend growing up, and for 70 years, until the Lord took him home nearly seven years ago.

Don always set a high bar for me to follow, but encouraged and helped me to be myself. I remember him often, and a smile always comes to my face when I relive a story from sharing life together.

Your Family

July 7, 2014

Sweetie, its your birthday today, at least your earthly birthday, your heavenly birthday is Sept. 28th.  

It has been better, but there is no way, I still miss you.  This week I was notified that Bob Woiwod died on Tues. July 1st.  I know you would have greeted him, but at the back of the line.....cause that was you.  I miss everything about you, but the Lord is helping me with this life and I am forever grateful for that.  

The picture is of your family with only Zack and Ashley missing.  It was Terri;s 40th birthday party.  Chad was so sweet and asked me to help him.  It was here in Sienna, what a delight.  Of course you should have been there too, but in away you were.  

Sweetie, I have read soooo many books on heaven and it does seem to be indescribable. as you said...The word always strikes me when I read it.  
Love you forever  

Going to go to Big Bear this Sat. and it will bring back many memories of all the times we were there.    
 Oh yes, some great news,  Dannielle was baptisted and she is attending church.  Chad and Terri are also attending church close to them....Answer to lots of prayers.   
Love you Sweetie.   

2 Years today 12:25 PM

September 28, 2013

Well Sweetie--its 2 yrs. today and at this time.
1. I miss you

2. I miss your guidance, because your wisdon was from God
3. a day doesn't go by without thinking of you
4. Your wonderful sense of humor, I miss
5. Your problem solving ways always right on
6. Your love for me and visa versa, truly makes it hard to be alone
7. the pictures of you, now make me smile and give me fond memories
8. How many times in my heart, I cry out to God
9. I miss your strength
10. I miss you  
I know you are enjoying heaven,  I have read so many books on Life after Life that people that have come back from near death experiences.  There description of heaven seems real and true. Know that you are in the presence of God and of course our Lord and Savior, Jesus.  You also have a New whole spirit, and that pleases me.  
The Lord is with me and that comforts me.   
 I love this poem,   

I am home in Heaven dear ones, Oh so happy and so bright 

there is perfect joy and beauty In this everlasting light.   

All the pain and grief are over every restless tossing's past. 

I am now at peace forever, Safely home in Heaven at last.

Do you wonder I so calmly trod the "Valley of the Shade?" 

Oh but Jesus love illumined every dark and fearful glade. 

And He came Himself to meet me in that way so hard to tread. 

And with Jesus arm to lean on could I have one fear or dread?

Then you must not grieve so sorely for I love you dearly still. 

Try to look beyond earth's shadows try to trust our Father's will.

There is work still waiting for you, so you must not idly stand.  

Do it now, while life remaineth, you shall rest in Jesus hand. 

When that work is all completed He will gently call you home. 

Oh the rapture of that meeting!  Oh the joy to see you come!

 I love you and truly miss you .....Love Vonna

July 7, 2013

Remembering Don today with such fondness....each and every memory brings a smile to my face.

When we were young, we took our mentors for granted, never imagining the things they were sowing into our young lives.

In his gentle way, Don did just that....mentor us with a Christ-like love, one that loved us unconditionally. Now...40 years later...with those values ingrained in us, we pass on to our kids and their friends, those same trusted values.....and raise up a generation.

Through those of us kids that he impacted, Don's legacy lives on.....and continues to mentor and impact lives. Forever missed...forever in our hearts.

I'll see you there, Don....

Vonnay.....we love you!

Dean Rosnau and family                 

July 7, 2013

Honey It is the 2nd anniverary  of your birthdays since you have died.   How hard it is.  
When God says in Gen. that man will leave his mother and father and take a wife and they shall become one flesh.
When one is joined as one flesh, when one is taken it is a tearing away of your flesh .  It is hurts profoundly and healing takes awhile, if ever. 
I know you are with our Lord and Savior and that comforts me, greatly,  But I have been left behind with out is hard  
I miss you, but you are so much better off in heaven, whole of spirit and mind.
I am sure you are as inquisitive as ever and learning so much in heaven  
I love you sweetie.....your ever-lovin wife  

2nd Birthday since Don's death

July 7, 2013

Remembering you always and today it is in anticipation of Don's Birthday tomorrow.

We are so thankful for your love of Don and care for him all the years of your marriage. We thank the Lord you came into Don's life and it was through you he came to know Jesus. It was through you Don became a father, first of Jeff, and then of Chad and Dannielle. Don's life was filled with the love and grace of Christ, as well as the love of a Godly family, thanks to you.

We are hopeful you are in a place where you can rejoice in celebrating your life with Don, as well as looking forward to the plans the Lord has for you at this stage in life.

"I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart." Jeremiah 29:11-13

May you be filled with the grace and peace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Ray & Gay

September 28, 2012

Well it has been 1 year to day since you went to heaven,  honey.   I miss you and always will, your loving spirit, sense of humor and your constant viligence to your family and your strength, mentally and physcially I so sincerely miss.  

Dannielle came to be with me this week end ,I am so appreciate her taking the time out of her busy life and leaving her sweeties .  We have spent the time, reading and talking about how you affected our lives, obvious in different ways, but you did love all of us and that means a lot to all of us. 

 The Lord is with me as always, I know you are with the Lord and all of it is comforting to me.  It is the only thing that makes  sense.  How do you say good-bye....when you love some one so much.    I love you  Don...your ever-loving wife   Lord help me    

Your birthday ..

July 8, 2012

It has was your birthday yesterday....I couldn't bear being I mentioned it to Deb while we were out for dinner one nite.  She said, "we have to do something".  So the plan was dinner and a show...The next morning, sweetie, she called me and said. "I just made reservation to go to San Diego on Southwest for the day."  What a delightful was, but wasn't.  As all the sailboats reminded me of the fun we had on our sail boat.  It was a delightful day and we toasted you several times.  You were not far from my thoughts. How I loved you and miss you so much...sorry not the diseases but YOU for sure.   I felt as if you were looking down on us.  

All the kids called including Mary Lou that was so sweet to think of me and pray for me.  They miss you so much too. 
I know you welcomed Betty Weedall on 29th of June.into heaven.  As she came home to the Lord too...

I miss you, this single life is NOT what I am use to or care for...but it is where the Lord as put me and I will continue to seek His guidance.  Love you Vonna' 

Don Brook

November 2, 2011

Don will be missed by many, as he touched so many hearts. For family and friends, his love in memories he still imparts.

When Vonna' & Don got married, Don instantly became a dad. Jeff was just a tiny tot and having Don part of the family made everyone glad.

two more children were added to the family, first chad and then Dannielle. Now the fun really begins, with ball games and the things kids feel.

there were challenges, like a skunk coming in the dogie door. And a raccoon in the pool, life wasn't a bore.

Don was a dedicated husband and father and cared well for his family.Always doing as he saw best to improve the family tree.

he loved to explore nature and took young folks hiking and camping too. Exploring the mountain scenery, there was always much to do. 

Canoeing on the river and sailing on the sea. Fishing on the lakes, traveling in their motor home, always more to see.

He worked hard to become a college professor and even wrote a book. If you want to know calculus, I'd advise you to take a look.

He was a devout Christan and had faith in the good Lord. Even though the last yrs. were hard, Christ's message in his heart was stored.

We send him our love and blessings and thank God he's finally found peace.  and all of the past frustrations, in God's love now cease.

Written by Ann Bandimere and read by Keith Bandimere my brother. at the service on the Oct 22nd   Thank you both Love you

Safely Home

November 1, 2011

I am home in Heaven dear ones, Oh so happy and so bright

there is perfect joy and beauty In this everlasting light.  

All the pain and grief are over every restless tossing's past.

I am now at peace forever, Safely home in Heaven at last.

Do you wonder I so calmly trod the "Valley of the Shade?"

Oh but Jesus love illumined every dark and fearful glade.

And He came Himself to meet me in that way so hard to tread. 

And with Jesus arm to lean on could I have one fear or dread?

Then you must not grieve so sorely for I love you dearly still.

Try to look beyond earth's shadows try to trust our Father's will.

There is work still waiting for you, so you must not idly stand. 

Do it now, while life remaineth, you shall rest in Jesus hand. 

When that work is all completed He will gently call you home.

Oh the rapture of that meeting!  Oh the joy to see you come!

 Pat Baker from Peace Lutheran gave this to me and it really is wonderful, but I cried every time I read it, but read it I will Thanks 

November 1, 2011

Dear Vonnay and family,

It is with deep heartfelt sympathy that this letter come.  Our lives are such a short time upon this earth and those times when we are together is  like a simple blink.   Yet, the heart revels in those moments and spreads out all encompassing feelings of great love for we have touched and shared to a depth that has no limit.  

   A life well lived with joy, passion and godliness is a tribute to the one just passed, but also a great gift to all who have know him.  That is my thoughts and  feelings of Don as I muse on his smile, his gift of humor, astute intelligence and a kindness all encompassing.  

   Indeed, like many, my heart agonizes that he suffered so much and for so long.  While I do not presume to understand the gift of suffering,on some deeper level that I again do not understand, my mind and heart are full of admiration, respect and love for those who so endure and for their families that suffer along with them.

   May God bless you all and may Don's passing bring him peace and solace for all, in a life well-lived.

Joan Harrington  (cousin)   and Bernice Brook  (Aunt)

Joan that was so inspirational, it cheered my soul and honored Don THANK YOU



November 1, 2011

  Tom and I want to express our sympathy to you on Don's death.  Death shouldn't happen to such a young man...but we do not always understand God's ways or timing.  Nor do we understand the ravages of disease on our bodies, but God does.

    We know and understand that you have been through a lot.  Sometimes death is a release from our own suffering as we watch a love one deteriorate.  What fond memories you'll have of Don when the ache in your heart is healed.  Don was a wonderful man, I remember his love for life and sharing it with others.  

   May God help you through this transition you to travel.  

With sympathy,    Tom and Barbara Kuenne

Long time friend from high school, was groomsman in Bill's and my 1st wedding and a pallbearer of Bills funeral.   

November 1, 2011


   We were so sorry to learn of Don's passing.  Dennis always remarked how he felt so welcome in the department "family" because of the invitation you and Don extended to us to have dinner at your home right after we got married.  

   We treasure our memories of you two, square dancing and at your lovely home in Grass Valley.  

Nancy and Dennis

a Colleague of Don's at Mt Sac.  a special friend 

November 1, 2011

Dear Vonnay,

   You and Don were the most amazing couple that I have ever had the privilege to know.  You worked together in everything you did.

       30 day cooking

       you took a nice house and turned it into a masterpiece

       You two would arrive on scene and fix anything that needed fixing on the spot           for me, while Pat was ill.

  Don had the sweetest temperament I wish you could have cloned him!

  I know you have direct contact with our Lord Jesus Christ the Savior of our souls.  From personal experience I know he will comfort, strengthen and guide you in the days ahead.  

    Isaiah 30:21      "Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear your voice behind you saying, "This is the way walk in it."

With Love Salli

November 1, 2011

   I just read Don's "Wonderful Life" in the Union today.  Yes, he had a quiet and "impish" sense of humor!  I remember it well. He had that sparkle in his eye and cute smile.  We met Don when he was in the early stages of Parkinson's'   But what a guy!  He just kept "going" & "doing" in spite of his disease.  He never seemed to complain.  What a gentle soul and gentle man!  You were lucky to love him in your life for 46 yrs. Vonnay.....But it never seems enough, does it!?  He was fortunate to have you as his loving wife and caregiver.  You were wonderful to him.

   I hope you can remember all the good times; I know you had a lovely life together, and you will miss him terribly.

  Our deepest sympathy to you, Vonnay and your family. Hugs and Prayers

Gerry and Stan Cosby  

Our neighbor on Sandpiper,,,,Gerry your words made we cry, thank you for them I will cherish them   

November 1, 2011

  Although we have not yet met in person.  I have come to know you through Bridge (BBO) &  phone chats.  Through you I learned a bit about Don.  You have always spoken so highly of Don through good and bad days.  Your love and patience were always there when Don went out for a walk or when he rearranged the garage.

   I hope you can find comfort in knowing you made Don's last days as peaceful and comfortable as possible.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.  Lola 

A special person, that was my saving grace when I couldn't get out, she played bridge on-line with me and we found a special relationship.  One day I will meet her. 

November 1, 2011

  In Deepest Sympathy for the loss of your beloved Don.  We know how close you were and that Don leaves a tremendous void in your life as a companion and as a devoted Christian partner, Vonnay.  

   We pray for you to have peace and comfort with the knowldge that he lived a good life here on earth and now shares a better on with our Lord.

 Love Linda and Margie

Thanks for the kind words Linda...a special friend and Margie our traveling partner to China.  

November 1, 2011

Dear Vonnay,

    We were saddened to read of Don's passing.  We enjoyed knowing him.  We are also still grateful to you both for including us in your bridge evening several yrs. ago.  Our own partnership began with that event.

    Thank you for your hospitality and continued friendship.  We send our heart felt condolences to you and your family.

Ward and Diana Thompson

In a nice note from the Thompson....and greatly appreciated.  

November 1, 2011

   I am deeply sorry you have lost Don....for now.   Even tho my heart hurts for you, I am filled with happy thoughts for Don,  I "feel" him entertaining God and making him feel special, just like Don made everyone he met feel special.  

   I hope the coming months and years are filled with warm, love and memories, good friends and good times, lots of bridge and good health and joy---knowing you'll be with Don again someday in that perfect place! 

Lots of love Peggy Pennington

A special note, from a special friend.  Thanks Peggy 


November 1, 2011

Our continued thoughts and prayers will be with you as you grieve your loss !

Lean hard on the Lord and He will provide the comfort and strenght that you need! There will be blessings, you can be assured of that! 

Our love Pastor, and Donna Nesheim

Donna sang "My heart is longing to Praise My Savior"  one of Don's favorite songs 

Written in a card to me.. I promise I will lean of the Lord, I have been doing it a long time. 

November 1, 2011

There are no words to convey our memories of your dear Don.  I will always remember our first Sunday at Peace-seeing a tall handsome man in choir.  Then we enjoyed some lovely meals in your home.  While Don was well, he was a very kind- gentle man. We're so glad we had a few years to know Don.  

Love to you Vonnay

Gene & Marylin Graves  

Shared in a card that was sent to me.

Praying you find comfort

November 1, 2011

We send our deepest sympathy to all of you.  Don was a wonderful husband and father--as well as a true friend to all those who loved him.  He left a wonderful legacy for his family. His intelligence and quick wit was a joy to behold  Our times with Don and Vonnay were always full of fun and laughter.  We pray the Lord sends you comfort in this time of grief and that you sorrow will be replaced with all the wonderful memories of Don.    Jeanette & Jerry Dockery


this was in a beautiful card that was sent to us.  

May God's Promise Bring you Peace

November 1, 2011

We are so thankful that we have been able to share in so many special times with you and Don.  Don has always been a very special cousin and friend and will be sorely missed.

Our hearts, love and prayers for your well being go out to all of you.

We love you very much.   Darrell, Judy and Family  

October 29, 2011

Quite a website Vonnay. Congratulations. And condolences to you and

the family. It was great talking with you yesterday. Love and peace be with you.

A good friend always with a helping hand

October 22, 2011

Well, not always with a helping hand. Don and I played bridge and were partners in bridge marathons, and with the tousands of hands we played together, I am afraid to say we didn't always have helping hands.

That being said, if you needed help, Don was there. I got in over my head in building a shed and expressed my problem to Don. The next day he was there sharing his expertise and helping hands. Soon the shed was up and I was greatly relieved.

I miss Don every Tuesday at the Men's Bridge, a group that he made sure I was a member. I know Don's faith and life will give him everlasting life with his Lord

Vernal Falls

October 15, 2011

How do we chose which memory to share when there are so many fond ones? One of my favorite is of the hike to Vernal Falls one Yosemite trip. Don carried on his shoulders our smallest camper Danielle. He counted every step up that hike and told us at the top, just how many there were. I've long ago forgotten that number but not the sweet way he carried Danielle all the way up so she wouldn't be left behind.

Of course we remember things differently. Herb seems to remember working on the old truck with Don so those Yosemite trips could be completed.

Mostly we just remember a gentle, gentleman who thought mostly of others and greatly loved his family and his Lord. He will be greatly missed by so many people whose lives he influenced. Love to you all, especially to you Vonnay.

Don and his Teachings

October 13, 2011


Though only knowing Don for a period in time, Don touched my life in a way he probably never knew. Like any other student in his Elementary Algebra class, Don taught me the basics of Algebra.  However, Don was not only a highly educated Professor of Mathematics; he was also a great teacher in the act of love and selflessness.  Don exemplified what it is to be a husband and father because Don always supported his family in any of their endeavors and most importantly his family always came first.  Don and my relationship have passed sometime ago, long before his passing, but since then I have always remembered Don and his teachings.

Sharing and Caring

October 11, 2011

Don spent many, many years being a role model to young people. His impact on generations to follow will be felt forever. 

Shared to me by Anthony De La Torre

October 10, 2011

In Passing
by James H. Lee Jr.

When loved ones pass beyond this sphere
Into eternity,
They take the fondest memories
Of friends and family.

They take their dreams and longings,
And aspirations, too,
Especially eternal goals
Which they may there pursue.

Though we may not behold them
While yet we here remain,
We know they've stepped into the light
Beyond earth's toil and pain.

Their sorrows turn to gladness,
Their tears to untold joy,
As they encounter heaven,
And love without alloy.

Could we but gaze a moment
Into their smiling face,
We'd know that they'd ascended
Into a heavenly place.

from Pastor Demers meant so much

October 6, 2011

 Dear Vonnay,

I think it is good for us to think of time and its relationship to eternity.  There is a marvelous wonder of how the two intersect
through Jesus Christ in the kingdom of God.  Scripture gives us a glimpse into the timelessness that it brings.  Hebrews 13:8
says, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever."  Jesus said, "Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words
will not pass away."  (Matthew  )

I believe the two services for Don will be a blessing for all who attend and for those who are able to view them as well, whether
they will see them at the same time they occur or a little later.  I don't think a time delay is a hindrance to the message of the
good news of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the benefits that Christ's resurrection brings to us all.

When my mother passed away, for one reason or another, I did not go to see her one last time that day.  I waited with the intention
of seeing her the very next day.  When I received the news of her passing through hospice, I was upset that she had died, but not
that I had missed seeing her that day.  I had many memories of being with her up to that time.  I knew I would appreciate her in
my memories.  I was grateful that time and eternity had intersected for her.  Now as I continue my work on earth I live with the hope
of seeing her along with all the saints in heaven.

The most important thing we can do is be at peace in the Lord who has accomplished all things for us.  Our worship services are an expression
of our gratitude for God.  They offer us a glimpse into eternity.  They join us together with all who believe by our faith in Christ
which graciously intersects both time and space.


October 8, 2011


 I received the sad news of Don's passing from Donna Nesheim.  We are so sorry to hear about it.  We know that life will never be the same but your wonderful memories will be with you.  With your faith in God you have the knowledge that Don is with God now, waiting for you someday. Our love to you, Blessings.Mary Ann & Bob Mericle  

We will remember you Don

October 5, 2011

 Ann <> wrote:

Don's gentle loving soul has left your side.
He's blessed with God's love where he now does abide.
The beautiful memories he's left you will always be yours.
Just a thought of him, now opens the doors.
The camping trips where he took all the young folks.
With his sense of humor there were plenty of jokes.
As a college professor he did his job well.
Now his class on earth is finished, he heard the final bell.
Together you've raised a beautiful family.
Their love goes on, a tribute to Don's memory.
You've been his anchor Vonna, helping Don through these past years.
He's been blessed to have you beside him calming his fears.
We will always remember his humor and gentle spirit.
With wings of love, he's gained his merit.
                      I love you, Ann

October 5, 2011

My fondest memories of Don are from the backing trips that we organized and implemented through St. Mark's in the early 1980's.  Don's outdoor camping skills were an intregal part of our outings.  Backpacking was an important part of our church's youth ministry then.  They were a blessing for all who participated in them.  During these trips, I appreciated Don's thoughtful presence and ongoing creative support.  I am grateful to have known Don as a member of St. Mark's and as a friend.  

Pastor Philip Demers

Helen Amdahl

October 3, 2011

 Dear  Vonnay.   I was so sorry to hear about Don's  passing,  He  will
be  missed by many people and i know this is a difficult time for you.
All the tributes that were sent to you on the website  were so special.
Don was a special person and loved by so many people. Al    and I
enjoyed playing bridge and  square dancing with both of you.  You are in
my thoughts and prayers.  God bless you.

life is exciting & never ends,praise God.

October 1, 2011
In our local milkyway galaxcy there are billions of suns,their finding planets Around each of these sun's plus 100 of billions of galaxies, so I for one believe there's plenty of space for exciting future adventures. So happy journey's ahead for you both. brother keith

Always had one eye open

October 1, 2011

This is a picture of resting flamingos. One of them has his eye open. This reminded me of the way Don watched over his family. He was a gentle Man.

First Apple Stirred Slowly

September 30, 2011


It was around 1980, Jimmy Carter was president and cell phones were the size of a quart of milk. Uncle Don had me come over; he was excited to show me something. He took me to a table where I was amazed to see the first home computer. It was an Apple II with two 51/2 inch floppy drives and a small monitor on top. With a smile he inserted the large floppy disk and it started milling away – reading. It read, read, and read. We went in the kitchen and snacked on something. When we returned, the Apple had just stopped reading the disk -- its four kilobytes of RAM where full. I was thrilled, the first computer I’d seen that didn’t fill a large room. I’ll always remember Don’s pride and enthusiasm over his Apple.

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