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May 5, 2021
Hi Donna, I'm not much at writing these sort of things, as you well know.  March 8, 2020, was the worst day of my life because of losing you.  On the 9th, after the organ donor people let us know that what you had to donate was done, the hospital staff let you go peacefully.  In reality you said goodbye on the 8th while we were just inches apart and you said "help me" which was the most ironic thing that has happened to me in my entire life.  Those two words were what brought us together almost 30 yrs. ago.  Not many people have a 30 yr. honeymoon but we pretty much did.  No one will ever know the pain I have over losing you.  Today, just 3 days short of 14 months since you left, is no different than it was back then.  Please, now you "help me".  I Love you.

My Mother-in-Law Donna Silva

March 1, 2021
When I first met Donna, I was so nervous. I had a lot of issues with trust and did not think anyone could be that nice. She was so warm and welcoming and it was confusing to me at first. It took me a couple of years to really let my walls down. The whole family were huggers and it took some time to get use to that. It changed my soul to watch who she was in this world. She was full of compassion for everyone. She spent her life making sure everyone was okay. 

I loved our phone calls every few days. She was really my best friend. I could talk to her about things and knew that she would listen and care. We were there for each other. What I would give for one more call from her!

When Donna would come to visit, we would have the best conversations. She would come down in the morning to get her tea. We would just talk about whatever was going on in our lives. It was our special moments to really get deep or just laugh and enjoy. I still look at the recliner and think about those times. It was so special to have someone who cared so much and listened so well. It was our little bubble that we got to enjoy. 

There is spot in our upstairs loft that marks where my husband told me about her being rushed to the hospital and flown to Vegas. Sometimes when I step there, I can feel that moment. It will haunt me forever. 

Donna left me a better person for knowing her. She gave me back belief in human kindness. She gave me trust that there are really good people in this world. She gave me a feeling of safety that I will hold onto forever. 

Thank you, Donna, for all you gave to me. My heart and soul will be forever grateful for the kindness and love that you gave to me. I will always think of you and who you were to all of us. We deeply love you and miss you! I will carry you with me in this world as we face it without you. 

Goodbye to the earthly you, I hope to see you in my dreams and hear how your journey is going on the other side.

With the deepest of love, I thank you!

Ron Silva Photography link

February 28, 2021

Donna's husband Ron has captured the history of the family with his photography skills. His camera has been there for most family events. He created a account that has photos from over the years. Please check out the photos of a wonderful history with her.

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