Arun. Papa. Bhaiya. Chacha. Mama. Uncle. Sir. And most recently Dadu :) 

We called him with different names and loved him in our own way. He loved us too and ensured he had a positive impact in our lives. He was a man of different moods and flavours, many interests but the most important to him was people in his life. He made sure he made time and was there for them when he was needed, he also loved disappearing when not needed :)  Always ready with a good joke for the occasion (a special gift!) and tried his best to change the mood to a light hearted positive state ... 

This memorial is created to help share those stories with each other and an aspect of him that can give us the strength to deal with the loss of his passing. He loved a good celebration and his life needs to be celebrated.

Do share stories, incidents and interactions with him .. we are waiting to read these! 

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Time: 6 PM IST 
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Sushma, Kabir, Priyanka, Shitij and Saloni 

Posted by Marika Bajc on May 28, 2021
Dear Arun, dear Friend,
Still remember my first visit to Delhi, 2008, NM congress where I first met Arun, one of the main organizers. He was working all days with programs, lectures, but still finding time for everybody needs. In his presence everybody felt at home, sharing happiness and love and new ideas. Helping everybody. Had also opportunity to see his clinic, place where he devoted his life to science, to help people developing most modern diagnostic centre of NM. He was always rich on ideas working on multinational programs, making friends all over the world. In his presence everybody was empowered and felt lucky and joyful. Nothing was difficult for him.
Lucky me collaborating with Arun on projects he was so eagerly working on to help people by improving diagnostic procedures.
I am proud that had opportunity to meet and became a friend with such a fantastic man and his family he treasured immensely.
Arun will always stay with us and live in our hearts.
Posted by Vaneet Khanna on May 28, 2021
He was larger than life. I have known him since July 1966. we were together in a group of 6 with Ramesh Aurora,Mahajan,
Kabra,Mathur and Bathla and me.
We would go out to Madras cafe in Lanka, restaurants in town centre,Sankat mochan,ghats,and cinema together. We would play cards together and study as well. Three times a year travel to Delhi during vacations together. All this for 5 years. His home in Kalka hi was next to my cousin sister Neely and Ohmi Kapoor.
He came to UK and we had a mini reunion in Birmingham with me and Vijay Bathla and Archana courtesy of Bathla. He came to the Hyderabad Reunion a day late and made up for his absence by staying up late past midnight. He came alive during Delhi Reunion.A very helpful, light hearted, genuine and friendly man with matching humility. He was HOD at AIIMS
Best of the Best. I am very proud of his achievements and so are his batchmates.
He was loved by all who knew him.
He will be missed and remembered by all .
God be with his soul. RIP.

Posted by rohin mehra on May 28, 2021
My Chachu was the best person in this whole world , I’ve so many memories of my childhood with him.
When I was really very little I use to come to him for night stay and I always had such an awesome time, whole day I use to have fun with my brother and sister but by evening when my dear chachu use to come our fun multiplied many folds.
He was always loved by families children of all age groups.
He had that awesomeness in him which made everyone feel loved and connected.
He was is and always be my idol in finding happiness in life.
I also remember when my business had started then my office was in kalka ji only and i met him in market those moments spent with him at that time are sooo precious to me as we had such a lovely time together.
He’s one and only person in my family whose departure has made me pray for his peaceful achievement in moksha.
He’s always was and always will be the love and affection of my life as I learned these two things from him.
Posted by Foram Mehta on May 28, 2021
I have know uncle through Saloni. Most of the times when I visited their house in Delhi most of our conversations used to be at the breakfast table. I got to spend most time with him when I went with Saloni and her family on a trip to Kerala. May his soul Rest In Peace. Hugs to the family
Posted by Archna Makkar on May 28, 2021
We'll always remember him as a loving, caring, charming and a happy person. He always lived his life on his own terms. Even after achieving so much, he still remained humble and down to earth. We will always miss him
Posted by Ashmita Gaur on May 28, 2021
Uncle was a kind and generous soul with a zest for life. He was brimming with ideas and always thinking ahead to the next thing. I remember our conversations over summer holidays, at our annual Diwali dinners, after coming back home from swimming and eating a hearty dinner ... a lot of experiences to be cherished and remembered fondly. Wishing him eternal peace and happiness. And strength to the family (Aunty, Saloni, Shitij, Priyanka) to bear this loss.
Posted by Indu Chandrasekharan on May 28, 2021
To Mamaji:
I still find it hard to express myself with words. Still can't digest what happened. I remember you as such a warm and caring human for everyone in the family. During my initial days after my marriage to Manish, I remember visiting Kalkaji and you always had some kind of innovative ideas to discuss and try. It was so motivating to engage with you and I cherish every dialogue we had. We will miss you mama and nothing can replace you. Rest in peace and prayers for all your loved ones to stay strong and healthy in this hard times.

Posted by Aditya Sharma on May 28, 2021
A vry dear and gentle person. I had the opportunity to interact with him multiple times. Old world charm with a twinkle in his eyes. Never a disagreement on anything, every issue had a solution, kept things light and always had a bit of advice. Will miss him
Posted by Shuvro Ghorai on May 28, 2021
Sir was always encouraging and a guiding spirit. We will miss you forever.
Posted by Prerna Kalra on May 28, 2021
Mr. Arun Sir was really helpful and encouraging in initial days our startup. We were working out of his co-working space. We found him around whenever we needed anything whether it was in his scope or not, he was very forthcoming.

May his soul RIP.
Posted by Parul Thakral on May 28, 2021
Malhotra guide and a fatherly figure..
I met him first time in 2004 in AIIMS when I had to join MSc Nuclear Medicine in his dept. I was too skeptical but he was too encouraging n persuading..
It was again in 2009 when I was at a crossroad and he just appeared as a saviour and agreed to become my PhD guide..
As a guide he was so kind..encouraging..supporting.. so energetic..full of ideas..
He always persuaded me or I shall say pushed me to go to new places new people..attend conferences n learn new things..
He helped me through all the thick n thins of the 5 yr tenure with him
I shall forever remain indebted to u Sir..
Till now he was full of energy n ready to do something new..Even in March 2021, he called me n said "Let's start a new project"..

But I could never meet him ..

Will always miss u Sir
Posted by Prem Nagpal on May 28, 2021
Uncle was an extremely active person and his energy was always infectious. I discovered, at any point, he was involved in several projects. In a humble tone over the phone he would say “Do you have 5 minutes? I am on my way to your office, can we have a chat?” For someone from a medical background I was amazed with his experience in construction industry trades, yet very modestly, he would say he knows nothing. He exemplified and expected promptness but never believed in shortcuts.
Over drinks and dinner I remember one conversation where we shared our love and respect for women from Kanpur. Conversations with him were always entertaining yet informative. He was a true inspiration – personally and professionally.
Posted by Aradhana Lal on May 28, 2021
Arun Uncle...

We shall not forget
Your love and acceptance
Of us friends (of Saloni)
As family

We shall not forget
Your capacity to reach out
To any of us
And cheer us up with something funny

We shall not forget
How you made us want to be more like you
And just the greatest Dad.

Love and dua
Posted by Renu Vashishta on May 28, 2021
Whenever I think of Arun bhai the thought that comes up to my mind is his optimistic attitude ,a lively person and
a thorough gentlemen who had an absolutely stunning outlook towards life . He was always ready to help .He might have left us but he did leave behind loads of happy memories and an inspiration for me and my children to look up to . His guidance will soon make my daughter from Apoorva to Dr Apoorva .
Posted by Urvashi . on May 28, 2021
My wonderful Mamaji!
One who never really grew old;
His smile was made of sunshine, And his heart was solid gold;
His eyes were as bright as shining stars, And in his cheeks fair roses, you see.
My wonderful Mamaji! And that’s the way it will always be.
He who always had good stories to tell, He was patient and kind.
He was no ordinary man. Our wonderful Mamaji!
Who has always looked for the best in others and given the best he had.
Whose life was an inspiration; Whose memory a benediction.
My wonderful Mamaji!
Posted by Dr Parul Mohan on May 28, 2021
Feeling devastated with the unfortunate news. Dr Arun Malhotra was an embodiment of "Simple Living and High Thinking". He was an excellent teacher who always inspired and guided us in Nuclear Medicine. My family will always cherish fond memories of him. Those post conference family trips with Sir will remain forever fresh in our memories. May the divine soul rest in eternal peace .
Posted by Uma Ravishankar on May 28, 2021
Though words, however gentle cannot take away your loss, still, we, the members of Association of Nuclear Medicine Physicians of India wish to express our sincere heartfelt condolences to family members of Dr Arun Malhotra.

The number of long messages that we received in our whattsapp group ..filled with shock, anguish ,love and respect is a testimony of his gentle and good nature.
He has touched the hearts of all nuclear medicine practitioners, young and old , supported many young collegues, guided them in their professional and personal life.
On a personal note, I am deeply saddened to lose a gentle and encouraging senior collegue.
Rest in peace Sir , Prof. Arun Malhotra.
Posted by Partha Choudhury on May 28, 2021
Mentor, teacher,friend and guide...Prof Malhotra/ Sir was all in one to me and many of us. His immense contribution to the speciality and his personal attributes makes him a legend....and legends never fade away remaining in hear forever. Will miss u in peace
Posted by Manik Malla on May 28, 2021
So sad to hear about Arun ji , God bless him , I have tears in my eyes writing this , such a humble man soft spoken , lots of love to you sir , God bless you sir wherever you are but will always remain in our hearts , aur kya bolu , your are not with us any more , Bless you sir will miss seeing you and listening to your stories in the meetings and life goes on , Thank you sir for being a part of my journey I will always remember you , Thank you for being there.
Posted by Hindol Sengupta on May 28, 2021
I came to know Uncle Arun Malhotra as Saloni's father about a decade ago. I met him what seems like just yesterday. As always he walked into the living room, cracked jokes, asked for tea - always good humoured. The one time he came to my house ensured that my parents instantly loved his earthy humour and casual charm. I do not recall a single time - there were scores of them - when I met him and he did not make me feel welcome in his home. Each time, I was welcomed with open arms. It was always fun meeting him and Sushma aunty. I probably chatted more with them than with Saloni when I went to their house. Uncle invited me to come and talk at AIIMS a few years ago, and that was special too. He was truly a wonderful man - always generous, always helpful, always ready with a joke or a laugh. He will be deeply, deeply missed. I cannot believe - I really cannot believe - that one would go to their Kalkaji house and he will not be there. But of course, he always will be there. 
Posted by Nidhi Jolly on May 28, 2021
I remember meeting uncle when I used to go for morning walks with Saloni and stop at her house after sometimes. A few times we had a nice cup of tea together. Each meeting he reminded me so much of my own father. The same jovial nature, the same things to complain about. It's so hard to lose a parent. I will always remember uncles lovely smile and pray for peace for everyone in the family
Posted by dinesh boken on May 28, 2021
Arun will be will be greatly missed but his warmth, kindness, ever jolly nature and gentle spirit will be remembered forever.
Posted by Deepak Dhall on May 28, 2021
You will remain in the heart
Rest in Peace
Posted by Jai Krishan and Chanchal ... on May 28, 2021
Dear Arun was a pillar of strength for his family. Always ready to act. He believed in action over words. A loving husband,supportive father. A great and noble human being, As a doctor he dedicated his life to helping others.He will always remain in our hearts
Posted by Dr Vandana Dhingra on May 28, 2021
Respected Sir,
I have had a few opportunities to interact with you as a very very junior person in this fraternity however you always treated me as a colleague.
You always supported me for organising any event or thinking of any new venture, anything related to Nuclear Medicine. Even though I was a kid for you , you always made me feel like a contemporary ! This I will never forget and I will learn and imbibe this from you.
I missed the opportunity of meeting you very few months back when you were in Rishikesh. I’m very sad about that right now...Bit you will always be an inspiration as a teacher for us!

I wish immense love , strength and prayers for respected mam and all in the family .

Always a student
Posted by Sarita Anand on May 28, 2021
My heartfelt condolences to dear Sushma, Saloni, Shitij, Priyanka and the wide circle of family and friends who loved Arun and are surely missing him.
I've known Arun since Saloni came to Pune to study over 20 years ago.
All of us became good friends immediately and both our families have since grown to love each other, united by an unspoken bond of love and trust.
He had plenty of joie de vivre.
Arun always celebrated life and am sure he will continue the celebrations during his onward journey. 
Arun, wishing you a wonderful transition my friend..... love and light on your way. You may be far now but you will always be near.
Posted by Aftab Hasan Nazar on May 28, 2021
when i joined AIIMS as resident: u welcomed me as
when i completed my MD: U were my examiner.
When i appeared in faculty selection interview: U were my interviewer.
When i appeared in promotion interview: U were my reviewer.
U were always there at every milestone of Nuclear Medicine i have covered till date. u will be missed always.
Posted by Pankaj Makkar on May 28, 2021
He was full of life and wanted to enjoy each and every moment. A man with passion to explore new things and educate people around him too.

That is how we’ll always remember him!
Posted by Lavanya Chawla on May 28, 2021
One of my most distinct memories with Arun uncle is from when I was a teenager. I told him I don’t know how to ride a bicycle. He was so affected by this revelation that he took out a bicycle from his store room and told me that he will teach me how to ride it that day itself!

This is how I will always remember Uncle. Full of energy and childlike enthusiasm!!

We miss you!
Posted by Shifali Makkar on May 28, 2021
I am grateful to be a part of my long extended beautiful family . It is such a privilege to be surrounded with beautiful souls
One of these noble soul was Arun uncle, for me he was Saloni’s father: the one who gave her the wings and upliftment to let her fly.
Seeing his great personality & persona I was impressed
Some times i tried to hide myself from him because of the so witty questions he would ask me to raise my awareness and try and confuse me.
The Best thing that I admired about him was the freedom he had given to his children & wife,
Motivating them to open their wings & fly high & be independent in this world
He was an advanced soul & gave full right to his wife , daughter & daughter in law to live their life the way they want
Motivating them to live their life fullest in this men dominating world.
Posted by BR Mittal on May 28, 2021
How fortunate I was to always have you with me to guide me. Miss your humor, your smile, your voice, your jokes !
Our thoughts and prayers with all the family members.
You are gone but will never be forgotten, "forever in our thoughts"
Om Shanti
Posted by SS Anand on May 28, 2021
Writing on a friend’s passing on to his next life is a very difficult task even when made simpler by his leaving behind written message to the effect that he be allowed to move on painlessly !!
For me Arun ji can be summarized in 2 lines :

“Kaun kahta hai ki maut ayi to mar jaunga
Main to dariya huun samundar mein uttar jaunga” !

Live on my friend till we meet again !
Posted by NITISH CHAWLA on May 28, 2021
Arun Uncle, you were always energetic, full of enthusiasm and eager to learn to new stuff even at this age.

I still remember having discussions with you on mutual funds, FDs and other financial instruments.

Your carefree and chilled out outlook to life is something that I always admired.

You will be missed...

Posted by Ashwani Prabhakar on May 28, 2021
Fond Remembrance of Elder Brother, Friend and Guide

It is still unbelievable that Dr. Arun Malhotra whom I respectfully called Bhai Sahib is no more. A very strong character and fearless, he was a great risk taker. When most of the commoners would throw the towel, he like a phoenix would always take the initiative, full of confidence and always on the go to win the world.
A person with very soft heart, full of emotions and always ready to help the needy, was always hidden by his outward appearance and ambience. Many times he narrated his life journey and particularly his profound love for his mother, which always brought tears in his eyes.
His absence will always be felt. We pray to God Almighty to give him shelter and peace in him.
Om Shanti.
Posted by Rajiv Chawla on May 28, 2021
Affectionate, enthusiastic, inquisitive, fun loving :
Arun Jijaji you were great !
You were different.
Learnt lots from you...
Rajiv & Dolly
Posted by Rajiv Chawla on May 28, 2021
Jijaji : You had been a great support way back in 90s whenever my father would fall sick and required ccu admission.
No words can convey the help and support accorded in times of need.
Posted by Vinod Malhotra on May 28, 2021
Dr. Arun Malhotra was my younger brother. He was warm, kind, and always ready to help others and these qualities which he inherited from his (our) parents. Over the years, we all watched him excel in his career as a Professional Doctor/Advisor/Examiner and always managed to remain humble. He has always been an incredible support system for all of us.
That's just the kind of brother he was, will be missed by many, but we will never forget the love we all shared as a family.

Vinod Malhotra
Posted by LN Rajaram on May 28, 2021
Lalitha and I are blessed to have been close family friends of Arun and Sushma, Saloni and Shitij for close to twenty years now. It started by exchanging long distance phone calls with Arun when Saloni was staying in our house and my nephew Arjun was staying in their house. We used to exchange notes on which kid rises later then the other everyday, as concerned parents would do. From awe and reverence of those intial days of talking to a renowned Doctor of AIIMS, the transition to first name basis of a relationship that had pure love, care and respect for one another was swift and seemless. This was largely due to Arun's ever happy disposition, his charming smile, his subtle humor and his great affection and empathy.
We met several times during our visits to Delhi and his to Chennai and in family events and we came away from those meetings and events in a heightened sense of bonhomie and happiness.
The last meeting was a couple of years ago when we met in Chennai, in the club along with a few other friends , one of whom was a young Doctor. The talk veered around to generic medicine, initiated by a friend who was running a pharmacy selling generic medicine. Dr.Arun's reaction was so humbling and inspiring to me and my young friends. He was quite upset with himself that he did not know the names of some of these lower cost medicines that were equivalent in chemical composition, of big brand names, that he was likely to prescribe. The discussion was so lively that at the end he invited my friends Dr.Sankar and Dr.Shruti to Delhi, at his cost, saying he is determined to understand more about this and make other doctors aware and for him invest in a pharmacy in Delhi. Such was the energy of this man who had retired from a gloriuos career. He pushed the envelope and continued his passion beyond retirement. He set about improving the management of Government hospitals. He wanted to set up a factory to substitute imported components in PET.
Amazing personility . Words fail me now as there is so much to say about him and so many memories of him to relive. I know he will always be there with us to be cherished and inspired, in what is left of our lives.
Yours in deep mourning.
Posted by Sandeepa K on May 28, 2021
Times spent with uncle over the breakfast table are some of my fondest times what I will remember and cherish forever. Even over these casual conversations, he would challenge, and inspire you, and just make you feel energised. We loved sharing our travel stories with him, and the fact that not once did he question, or point us to do otherwise - that played a huge role in giving us the confidence, ke theek hi kar rahe hai. "Bacche, aaj ka kya plan hai? Where has your friend told you to go today?", he would ask :)
When not in Delhi, I would often get to talk to him while on the phone with Saloni. He would always ask how was chamanlal, as he fondly referred to Chetan. Love is the only thing that really matters, and we got that in abundance. It's going to be hard to accept that I will never hear those words again.
I don't know what twisted fate is this, that what took dad away also took you away. But I can only imagine that my blanket of love and protection has only got stronger.
It was an honour and a privelege, uncle. And we will forever try to live by what you always said, "Karke Dekho".
Posted by Sumit Widhani on May 27, 2021
Chachu will be truly missed by all of us. Words cannot describe pain of his loss, however imprints of his bright smile and soothing voice melts our heart. Let us cherish him, his actions, his achievements, his legacy, his life and most of all his smiles. He will continue to live in our fondest memories.

May he Rest In Peace.
Hari Om
Posted by Shweta Malhotra on May 27, 2021
Love you Chachu! Your radiant smile, gentle mannerism, loving nature, incredible sense of humor, charismatic personality has made a home in our hearts. 

Thank you for giving us innumerable treasured memories. Amongst several of those, my very fond ones are when you used to take us, little kids, swimming at the AIIMS pool in the evenings & thereafter to enjoy delicious paranthas & pastries to top it! You adored & spoilt us like none other.

You’ll always be treasured with a love beyond all feelings & missed with a grief beyond all tears ❤️
Posted by Manish Kumar on May 27, 2021
‘A R U N’ means Dawn – a reddish glow in morning sky – charioteer of the sun, my Amazing Radiant mama brought glow to many near dear and far. A Unifier who motivated, uplifted many with his sheer brilliance. Like his sister, my mom Urmila, they lived life in their own king size terms, Noble in deeds loving all unconditionally with compassion and energy.

Among many remarkable things he was to many, to me he was a pathfinder true to his name - the first entrepreneur of the family, a loving mama who gave me my first chariot - a toy scooter, my first car driving lessons, my first responder when we were in a car accident, a phone a friend who dummied down complexities of life. I will miss you dearest A R U N mama.

May God continue to bless you in your heavenly adobe.
Posted by Vinod Malhotra on May 27, 2021
Dr Arun Malhotra..I don't believe you have left this world..You have done it in have left us all in tears. How do we share our memories now? You were the sweetest .All those who know you are in grief..You have left hundreds of imprints on our minds. When we joined hands first time at Ahvaz, you made an instant impact on me and my colleagues .The warmth of your exuberance was unparallaled.. You became a cementing bond in our friendship circle……You were a pillar of our relationship….You were loved by one and all..I feel short of words to express my grief..Just three years back me, Dilshad and my friend spent a great time in Samavar restaurant at Greater Kailash. We laughed….we gossiped..we enjoyed..Arun …you are alive in our memories..May God offer every comfort to your soul..Amen!

By: Dr Abdul Aziz Hagroo
(Received on my WhatsApp)
Posted by Anshu Parthi on May 27, 2021
Arun Uncle, you will always be there in our hearts.
You have always treated me as your real daughter, guided me as a mentor with broad genuine smile, positive attitude and you were always full of energy and zeal.
May you get eternal sleep, rest and God's grace.
Posted by Kanush Parthi on May 27, 2021
When I think about my childhood, and from there to my teenage and then to adulthood, you were always there for me, like a guiding source, full of energy and positive vibes, impacting my life and helping me in my recovery.

No words can suffice the experiences, learning I got by just being with you. I would like to share one such story, I remember how happy you were, when doctors allowed me to go back to my hometown after my operation in 2016, you instantly thought of a plan, to celebrate and threw an ice-cream party, I still have that glimpse, of how happy you were, calling each and every relative and saying, 'Bhaisahab hamara bacha theek ho gya hai, to sabko aana zaroor hai' and that happiness on your face was enough to tell me that how much you loved me.

Arun Uncle, you will always be there in our hearts, and I promise that I'll continue to help others selflessly and make some difference in their lives, like you did.

- With Love,
Posted by Surya Velamuri on May 27, 2021
Uncle has touched so many lives and I’m sure many people have made life decisions while taking his advice, me included. I know he’ll be terribly missed, he was someone who always had a smile on his face and a good thing to say. He’s left behind an amazing legacy, and I’m proud to have known him. I wish I could be there in person to celebrate his life with you. Sending you all lots of good wishes, courage and love to go through this journey, you are not alone.
Posted by aman sapra on May 27, 2021
“Kisi ke vaste ho tere dil main pyaaar
Jeena isi ka naaam hai “

Oh my dear dear handsome uncle , tears roll down when I write those lovely words for you , irrespective of our age gap we could talk for long , it was father like

You had a big heart to make people smile with your jokes .
You loved people and chatted with them just like your own folks

I went today to you home and sat in your corner orange chair next to the window
And uncle I felt your were just there

Thank you for making my wish come true
Of having your last drink with me

In my heart for life ..
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Posted by Neha Bhardwaj on June 8, 2021
Dr. Arun Malhotra helped me when my mother had a severe bronchitis attack and he helped us and sent us to the right doctor. I met him to thank him for his help and that was my first introduction with him. I remember him as a very warm hearted and approachable person. There was an ease of manner about him and one instantly experienced positive energy around him. He will be dearly missed.
Posted by Sreejith Nedumpully on June 7, 2021
I first spoke to Dr Arun in 2008 when Saloni introduced me and my very early stage startup to him. He shortly placed an order for around 750 artisan-made bags with us for an international conference he was organizing at AIIMS. Despite a busy schedule close to the event he went through the minute details of the bag and was very encouraging of our efforts. Though a few bags were delivered delayed by the courier some of his colleagues wrote to me later enquiring about our bags saying Dr Arun recommended our name. I felt much gratitude

During one of those days I had to make a short visit to Delhi, but was not able to meet him. When he came to know this from Saloni I got a terse email  saying, would have been nice to meet when you were here. 

Finally I met him on an evening in 2017 at his place when Saloni invited me for dinner. The entire family was around the table. His warmth, kindness, and charm was incredible. Clearly his joy was in seeing everyone around the table ate well and I was treated no different than the family for those couple of hours. My lasting impression of that meeting is how proud he was of Saloni and Shitij and how all of them including Shitij's wife were all like a team of friends chatting away every topic under the sun! RIP Dr Arun!
Posted by Anil Malik on June 5, 2021
Can't forget him. Used to walk with me at nehru place park about 15 yrs back. Always said hello even when he was driving and saw me. A gem of a person. God bless him..
his Life

The Last 30 Days

He took the vaccine on April 22 at 5 PM. Next day he had mild fever and we all felt it was a reaction to the vaccine. These reaction like symptoms persisted for 5 days and that is when we began getting worried. Not a man to take kindly to any disease or fever, he reached out to his physician for support and began more aggressive medication. He was clued in and raached out to his nephew Dr. Satyajeet Bhatia in the UK to keep him in the loop. 

By May 2 it was clear that he needed a CT and Brig Anand encouraged him to come to his Dept on a Sunday and quickly gave him the reports. By Sunday evening on May 2 his oxygen began dropping below 94 and we arranged an oxygen concentrator (thank you Nagma auntie's children) and an oxygen cylinder (thanks Kin) for him. He began using the oxygen cylinder and the speed at which he consumed oxygen, it was clear that we would need a hospital the next day.

This was peak bed shortage in Delhi and we began making calls. AIIMS was kind enough to call back and say we can bring him and they will try and arrange for a bed. And on May 2 at 10 PM we headed to AIIMS. He kept saying, "a poor man needs that bed, not me!" At the triage we saw so many patients that we were afraid to even get him out of the car. It was clear that finding a bed would be close to impossible here. Shitij brought papa home and put him on the oxygen cylinder again while Saloni and Priyanka reached out to hospitals for a bed. We finally got a response from the DRDO facility near the airport. at 1:30 AM. They said a bed is ready and we should drive straight to the facility. We reached there at 2:30 AM and he felt so confident that he would be taken care of. The doctors provided the adequate support and at 5:30 AM it was mutually decided between him and the doctors that going back home would be better than going to the ward. They all though that hospital acquired infection was more of a risk given his status. My cousin Dr. Bhatia and Mausa Dr. Chawla were on the phone with us every step of the way to provide a professional point of view as we took these decisions. He got up from the wheel chair and thanked the doctors and assured he will be fine at home. It was also freezing there and he wanted to sleep. 

We reached home at 6:30 AM and he went to sleep but by 8:30 AM his SPO2 began dropping again and we felt we needed a hospital again. He was not in favour of a ward (hospital acquired infection) while we kept looking for something - a pvt room, ward or anything else. 

Dr. Vineeta Jha at Max Gurgaon (also related to us) confirmed a bed at Max and we rushed there but his SPO2 had fallen to 85 by the time we reached and as per their protocol that meant an ICU bed which was not available. Medanta was kind enough to confirm a bed by 1 PM and we rushed there. They swiftly took him inside and stabilised him before we could complete the registration formalities. Shitij and I felt assured that our fighter had the right army to fight this battle. 

However his Higher Power had other plans - while we prayed and he fought hard, slowly his body began giving up. On May 26 the doctors called us to come and spend time with him. Priyanka, Shitij, Saloni and Sushma all met him one by one to say our good byes. At 12:45 while Shitij was next to him, his BP began falling rapidly and he asked for mummy to come in. 

Mummy held his hand and stood by him when he breathed his last breath. Isn't this a special gift to God's Child .. to have his wife besides him holding his hand as he left! 

It was also Budhpurnima and the same day his father passed away. His Higher Power chose a beautiful day of signifiace for him. 

This Too Shall Pass

"The Spiritual warrior explores the depth of their soul with the lightness of a curious child" Aburey Marcus 

This was a side of him a few saw. He wasn't spiritual like the conventional spiritual seeker is - meditation, prayer, silence, tyag. He believed in action, in using desires to take you to a better place, to live life on life's terms. 

We often joked at home that he was God's Child. HIs Higher Power always took care of him. He would make his gratitude list and it would have blessing of so many kind.

For instance in the last few days a young nursing student spotted him in the hospital ICU. She had seem him on the campus of KMC Meerut where he would go twice a week. She didn't know him but she had seem him on campus and went to introduce herself. She got herself assigned to his care and for him to find someone who would sit and talk in the last few days was most important. He told her about his family, how he didn't llke ICUs and everything else. There are many such stories where magically a person or event would present itself that would make things easier for him. 

He would have said, "This too shall pass" to each of us and consoled us  if he had the opportunity. I will repeat the Serenity Prayer, which we both shared often with each other, especially when we had to make large or difficult decision in our lives. 

God, grant me the serenity 
to accept the things I cannot change;
the courage to change the things I can;
and the wisdom to know the difference

Many of you may have also received the Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta as a gift from him. He had ordered several copies and encouraged everyone to read the same. For those of you interested in the audio version, pls message me and I will share the audio version with you. We are playing the same from start to end in his memory. 


Arun's charming persona was larger than life and cannot be described in words. Very simple at heart and very confident. He will never put his foot backwards. I always said that if you need to find him, look ahead! He loved life and loved interacting with strangers too and charmed them with his natural grace and wit. He joked, he laughed but inside he was a very thoughtful and serious person. Extremely hard working and fun love - his motto was work hard, party harder! 
A very loving husband who would tell most visitors "You know I love my wife!" with a twinkle in his eyes. 

Arun, my love, my life ... you will always be with me in my thoughts and heart.

Recent stories

The Dining Table Conversations

Shared by Saloni Malhotra on June 1, 2021
A family that eats together stays together! Many of our family and friends have shared about our dining table and conversations around meal times. It was indeed the most special time in our house because of papa. 

When we were kids, mom had an active clinic from 6-9 PM. Papa would be back by 6 PM to take over and would play with us, make us do some homework but we HAD to wait till 9 PM for dinner. The rules were clear - everyone on the table together, no TV (which later changed to no phones) and share about your day! 

The first time I left home in 1999 to goto college I missed dinner time the most and I realised that it was easier to miss a meal than eat it alone. Over the years as our schedules changed dinner time rituals were adapted to lunch (when we lived in AIIMS and he would come home for lunch) and breakfast. If i missed more than 3-4 meals in a row he would gently remind me "This is a home, not a restaurant!" 

Over the last few years, he and I would meet at the breakfast table - smartly dressed, ready to take on the day! He loved reading the newspaper and would give me the article he wanted me to read. We would talk and then I would kiss him and mummy as we all left for work. 

Family and friends often joined us on the table for lovely conversations, sharing of their day or life decisions they were making and wanted to discuss. 

Without him, the dining table feels empty and the meals less delicious ... 
Shared by Vinod Malhotra on May 31, 2021
Arun My Younger Bro 
*Dr/Professor/Examiner/Karmayogi (कर्मयोगी)*
But for me, He was a 
*Legal Advisior* at ever step 
I spent all my young life abroad as NRI
(Not Required Indian-True as they r not aware of Indian laws & how to deal with day to day affair’s)
Few incidents which I remember:
I just came back to India & shown my *keen* interest to buy a plot to build a factory later on
Arun took me to Delhi Gate, DDA Bldg, where auction of industrial plot was going on
As I was very much keen to buy the plot I was just bedding without any opp bidder in front of me, don’t remember why this happened ?
At this moment Bro took my hand in his hand & told me to be *calm* I will get a plot & true to his saying I was also announced the successful bidder on that day.
I may have lost 10/15K in hurry but *Bro* helped me not to loose more
Whenever I remember this incident I laughed a lot on myself & remember Dear Arun then anything else.
*ईश्वर भैया की आत्मा को शांति प्रदान करें*

In Gratitude

Shared by Saloni Malhotra on May 30, 2021
He loved saying thank you and often made a gratitude list.

The last 30 days were literally One Day at a time for us and to help us make critical decisions and manage daily routines was not possible without the love and support of a few people. Bonnie Bhaiya, Brig Anand, Rajiv Uncle, Dolly Massi, Dr Takkar and Archana Bua were there to make all the medical decisions, evaluate next steps, get tests and help with hospital admission. Just knowing we could message and call them to seek guidance meant so much. 

Rajan Chacha and Sashi Chachi, Vinod Chacha and Madhu Chachi for multiple decisions as we all feel tested positive. Ashwani Uncle, Sanjana Aunty and my dear friend Neha fed us good nutritious food as we could not run the kitchen anymore. Kineri, Dr. Gandhi, Mehak and Atulya helped organise oxygen concentrators and oxygen cylinders for us. Ritu Didi for the pranic healing and continuous support to heal him and give him strength. 

Their kindness, warmth and unconditional support ensured they kept us moving forward and nurtured us back to health. 

We also want to include the team at Medanta in our prayers today - Pankaj their CEO, Dr Govil the head of the ICU and his team of doctors and nurses, the ward boys and security staff who made papa's last few days as comfortable as possible. Especially Dr Shweta who showed compassion on the last day to the entire family and more importantly to papa. May God Bless them and give them the courage to keep serving as tirelessly as they do. 

Vinod Chacha, Madhu Chachi, Urvash Didi and Manu Bhaiya just appeared within minutes at the hospital after papa left us and just took over the process to give us time to breathe and process the information. 

In case I have forgotten anyone, my apologies to you. It has been overwhelming and we are grateful for all the support we received.