This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Ellen Mary Stanton, 72 years old, born on August 5, 1938, and passed away on June 15, 2011. We will remember her forever.
Posted by crystal mccolm on December 28, 2013
MERRY CHRISTMAS, WE Love You and Miss you.
Posted by Diana Clough on December 27, 2013
Merry Christmas Mom! I thought about you during the whole day and especially when I called Mr. Bill (not my son; your brother). What he said to me made me so happy......he told me that my laugh is just like yours. What a huge compliment! I see your eyes whenever I look into the mirror. I still wish you would visit me in my dreams more but I know you will be waiting for me when my time comes to leave. I love you and still miss you so much mom.....and my heart still aches for you.
Posted by Diana Clough on November 15, 2013
Mom, despite the pain I laid on your heart as a teenager, your years here in Georgia were filled with love and laughter and unspoken forgiveness. And what you hated the most was the thing about you I envied the most.....your fading memory. I know you forgot the good but you forgot the bad too. I would give anything to forget the bad. I miss talking to you and I surely miss your smile.
Posted by vicki stanton on October 7, 2013
Hi Mom, I had a Dream of you the other day. You never asked me for anything but in my dream, you asked me to buy you a car. Funny ah. It felt so real.........I really miss you. :(
Posted by crystal mccolm on August 5, 2013
Another year has gone by and its not any easier to be without you. The family talks about you daily. We reminisce about the good times we had with you. So Happy Birthday to the sweetest mom in the world. I love you mom
Posted by Billy Mansour on August 5, 2013
Happy Birthday Grandma! I love you!
Posted by Diana Clough on August 5, 2013
Happy Birthday Mom! We always celebrated our birthdays together but not anymore. I sent a birthday card to Uncle Ed. I knew that would make you happy. Some days are still hard and they leave me sad wishing you were here with me. But I know you don't want me sad so I am trying to tell my heart to hurry up and heal....but it's not listening. I love you mom. Still....and forever.
Posted by vicki stanton on August 5, 2013
Mom today is your Birthday . Instead of a party,you are there and we are here.. No cake, No birthday songs, just tears.I miss you sooooo much.The pain never goes away of missing you.I love you Happy Birthday MOM
Posted by crystal mccolm on June 17, 2013
Mom you are missed and loved by all of us. God has taken you and also Ella from this earth to be with the angels. Please show Ella where we live. I miss two of my best friends. Thank you for being there for me and the family. You always had a positive outlook on life i will work on mine. Thanks for being the light of my life.
Posted by Diana Clough on June 15, 2013
Mom, maybe one day I will come to this place with a grateful heart for having had the time with you that I had. But today is not that day. I still clearly remember the pain of your leaving and those memories have not softened in the two years you have been gone. I miss your sweet hugs and your sweet smile and I still think of you every single day since you left. I love you so.
Posted by Leigh Barfield on June 15, 2013
Think of you and your mother so often Diana! I know you miss her but remember she lives on in you... may you be surrounded by warm memories that make you smile each day.
Posted by vicki stanton on May 12, 2013
To an Out of this world Mother,Grandmother,GreatGrandMother and Friend......... You will be forever MISSED........ LOVE VICKI, MICHAEL,STEPHANIE,......GRANDDAUGHTERS,HAILEY AND NATALIE. .........HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Diana Clough on April 6, 2013
Mom....2 nights ago I had a dream about you. You looked so young and beautiful. You had your hand on the mailbox pull. The alarm woke me just at the moment when you were opening the mailbox. Were you looking for a message or sending me one? Please visit me again. Everyone thinks I've moved on. Only you know the truth. I need to see you so badly, if only in my dreams. I miss you so. ILY.
Posted by Diana Clough on December 27, 2012
Hi Mom.....another Christmas without you. And because I still miss you so much, the holiday did not hold much happiness for me. I am glad it is over. Although the weeks, months and years are passing by quickly, my sadness seems timeless because I still miss you so much. I love you.
Posted by crystal mccolm on December 25, 2012
Merry Christmas mom, It's another Christmas without you, you are really missed by everyone of us. The kids talk about the past and how much time they spent with you. Now with you gone all they have is memories to talk about. I know that you are keeping the bright lights going up there like the light on a Christmas tree. You are the star at the top of that tree that shines for all of us.
Posted by vicki stanton on December 25, 2012
MERRY CHRISTMAS MOM!!!!!!!!!!! I love and miss you.!!!!
Posted by crystal mccolm on November 23, 2012
Mom, I miss you and so does the family. Today on Thanksgiving Day I had a vivid dream of you, sitting at the kitchen table you were looking really good. I was able to give you a big hug .I started crying when I had woke up. I am always thinking about the love you always showed us and now heaven will experience that same love you showed all of us. I LOVE You and miss you daily.
Posted by vicki stanton on November 22, 2012
Hi Mom,.This year is almost over, and another year without you.I feel you all around me now, still without comfort.I just wanted you to know that,in 2011, i had plans to surprise you for your birhday. I wanted you to meet your greatgranddaughters. Maybe if i would of told you my plans god might of waited.But i know you can see everyone from where you are.I love and miss you EVERY DAY !!!!!
Posted by Diana Clough on September 10, 2012 tears poured down like rain today. Just when I feel like I am making progress, a memory sneaks up and envelopes me. I miss you as much today as the day you left. I still see you on the porch of the Center smoking your cigarette. I still feel your kiss on my cheek. I still hear you calling me your angel. Mom....I miss you so much today that it truly hurts.
Posted by vicki stanton on September 8, 2012
Hi mom, its been awhile since we talked. I think of you everyday. Life is still tough with out you here.I miss you so much. love vicki
Posted by kitty Federer on August 13, 2012
hi mom. You may be gone but, not forgotten. I am always thinking about how you clung to john whenever we were around. He thought it was funny. We miss you.
Posted by crystal mccolm on August 6, 2012
Mom I made it just in time for your birthday balloons. I ,Matthew, Sandy and Branden sent up two balloons in your honor of your birthday. One red and one white I hope they reach you up in heaven with the other angles. The family really miss you Happy Birthday again from all of us. Love you and miss you alot!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by crystal mccolm on August 5, 2012
Mom Happy Birthday I really do miss you. You always had a positive outlook on life. Now God has you and that positive outlook, As always thanks for being that wonderful mother I had. I never thanked you for walking me down the isle. Thank you for being there when I really needed you. I will always need you even with you gone. I love you very very much along with missing you.
Posted by Diana Clough on August 5, 2012
Happy Birthday my sweet mother. I am sure the angels have a giant celebration planned. I wish I could be with you today to help you celebrate this special day. I still miss you so much. We used to celebrate our birthdays together. We will again, some day. I love you.
Posted by vicki stanton on August 5, 2012
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM !!!!!!.Today is a tough day for me.I miss calling you on your birthday.I miss your voice, your advice and you.I can not send you a card for your birthday so i will be sending you balloons with my love written all over them.Today you are 72 again. Great age !!! I miss you every day, FOREVER and EVER love vicki
Posted by Don Clough on August 5, 2012
Hi Ellen, It is your Birthday again. I know I sure miss having you here to celebrate with. I know you are having a great party with the angels, but I would rather you were here celebrating with us. Someday we can all be together again and make up for all the missed birthdays. Until we can, just remember I love you and think about you every day.
Posted by Teresa Waite on August 5, 2012
Happy birthday Ellen! You and my Mom are celebrating together today! It's her special day too! Keep smiling that pretty smile!
Posted by Leigh Barfield on August 5, 2012
Ellen Mary Stanton, wishing your daughter Diana a day filled with wonderful memories of loving moments shared and thinking of you on this special day!
Posted by Billy Mansour on August 5, 2012
Happy Birthday Grandma! I miss you soooo much! I hope you have a great birthday! I love you!
Posted by crystal mccolm on June 16, 2012
Mom I miss your positive outlook and always having a smile on your face. Even more talking to you anytime I wanted to and when I was sad you made me happy. Just keeping you in my thoughts and heart makes me happy.
Posted by crystal mccolm on June 15, 2012
Mom I can't it has been a year since you passed away. I seems just yesterday when we came up to visit you as a family up in Reno. It was always great joy to see you play with the kids and Tia our dog. She too has passed on I guess God needed her up there with you to keep you company. I miss you terribly and so does the family. You are my angel. I always love you and miss you Mom.
Posted by Jennifer Mansour on June 15, 2012
Hey Grandma! Today is a year... I love and miss you grandma!!! Sorry I wasn't around much towards the end... I let anger and hatred keep me away, a mistake I have since learned from... I hope anyway! LOVE you!!!
Posted by Don Clough on June 15, 2012
Ellen, even after a year I can't believe how much I miss you. There is a huge vacant spot that can't ever be filled. I can still hear your voice and the way you always said my name. Especially when you wanted me to do something. I love you Ellen and my heart still hurts.
Posted by Diana Clough on June 15, 2012
Reassure me that your memories
Will always be with me
And that living in the dark, cold past
Is not where I should be

Promise me when the time is right
You’ll hold me close again
But till that day I must find my way
Back to my life again

I love you my sweet Angel
And I miss you oh so much
Take care of John; he’s been there a month
Please help him get settled in
Posted by Diana Clough on June 15, 2012
A year has come and gone
Since last I saw your face
Or felt the strength and love
Inside your warm embrace

My memories of your love
Still fill my every day
Sometimes the pain inside my heart
Just will not go away

I’ve been standing here in this one spot
Since the day you went away
Unable to move forward like I know I should
I need some help from you today
Posted by vicki stanton on June 15, 2012
Mom, It has been a year since you left this world.I miss you so much. I cry for you everyday and today i can't keep my eyes dry.As a child i thought that you would live forever, even though i'm a adult , and i still want that.The reality is you are gone from this earth but your sprit and love is felt every where.I miss your laughter, your smile, your advice,
Posted by vicki stanton on June 15, 2012
I miss YOU and all your hugs.Keep smiling you bunches
Posted by vicki stanton on May 13, 2012
HI MOM, This is the hardest mothers day of all. This is the first mothers day without you.I wouldnt be the person i am today if it wasnt for you.I love you so much. I think of you every day without fail.I can hear you say "vicki,dont worry ,im alright, i really am" I can hear you but i still need to see you. I know one day we all will be together.
Posted by vicki stanton on May 13, 2012
MOM To the best mother in the world and beyond,HAPPY MOTHERS DAY i love you and miss you always vicki
Posted by Diana Clough on May 13, 2012 is Mother's Day. It's my first Mother's Day without you. I still remember last year. It was our last picture together and the last time you came to my house. I am still in such a lonely and dark place. I want you here with me now. I want to wrap my arms around you and tell you I'll take care of you forever. But I can't. I love and miss you so much. I'll never be the same.
Posted by vicki stanton on April 16, 2012
Mom,My life here is lonely with out you. You where always the voice of reason.Even though i'm a mother, when i hear the name MOM, I think of you.I miss you so much.I could tell you anything,and you never judged. I miss that. You always understood. I know i'm a 46 year old woman.But i still cry for my mother.I will miss you always
Posted by Diana Clough on April 15, 2012've been gone 10 months today. Although time has finally begun to soften the horrible pain of your leaving, it will never fill the hole in my life that will always be there because you are not here. I still think of you many times each day. I still look at your picture and miss you desperately. I will see you one day again. I love you so much Mom.
Posted by vicki stanton on April 5, 2012
Hi Mom, I'ts been awhile but i think of you every day. I envy other people whos parents are still alive. If i could wish for anything it would to have you here with us.I know that is selfish,but i dont care. I miss you so much.Talking to you again would mean so much.I hope you are well where you are.Talk to you again.I have so much to say and so little time.Bye for now love you bunches .
Posted by Diana Clough on March 15, 2012
My world went dark 9 months ago today, mom, when your life's light was extinguished. I still miss you so. Though I put on a show for the world to see and they all think I've gotten better, inside I remain lost and so very sad and still full of the pain from missing you so much. A loss like this cannot ever be recovered from. It is felt forever. I love you still and I miss you so, so much.
Posted by Diana Clough on February 14, 2012
Happy Valentine's Day Sweetheart. You left my world 8 months ago tomorrow. I wish I could tell you that I am counting the days until I see you again but noone knows when their end will come. All I know is that I am no longer afraid to leave knowing that your open arms await me upon my arrival. I live and love for you Mom.
Posted by Diana Clough on January 15, 2012
Today marks 7 months since you left my world, Mom. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and the light and love you brought to my life. Some days my grief overcomes me still. I've been told your memory lives through me. I will never let you be forgotten for you are unforgettable and still loved and missed more than any words could express. I miss you so much my sweet, sweet mother.
Posted by vicki stanton on December 31, 2011
Well mom, Its is december 30th. This year is almost over and i know most people celebrate the new year and they make their new years resolution to do better the next year. But if wishes came true, i would wish to have the year 2011 back. That way i could spend more time with you. I know i will see you one day.but until then i will think of you every day and miss you more.
Posted by Diana Clough on December 25, 2011
Merry Christmas Mom. And even though you are not with us today, I still have a gift for you. You are now a part owner of the Green Bay Packers! I bought you one stock certificate in your name which makes you a part owner! You can tell all your friends! This has been a very difficult time for me without you here. I miss you as much today as the day you left. My heart won't let you go. ILY
Posted by Diana Clough on December 24, 2011
Mom, I don't believe in coincidences. A few weeks ago when I was baking my holiday cookies, one of the hundreds of chocolate chip cookies came out in the shape of a heart. And today, as I was peeling potatoes I found something I have never seen. Two potatoes joined together in the shape of a heart. I know you have sent these two hearts to comfort me and I thank you so much for that.
Posted by Diana Clough on December 15, 2011
Mom, today marks 6 months since you left us. Although the pain from losing you has lessened slightly, I still miss you so. I miss your touch, your kisses on my cheek, your beautiful smile and your love of life itself. I gaze at your picture every day. I know one day I will see you again and what a joyous reunion it will be. My heart aches to hold you. I love and miss you Mom. So much.
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Posted by vicki stanton on August 5, 2020
I lost my best friend the day you passed. I will miss you always !!!!
Posted by Kenneth L Stanton Jr on August 5, 2020
Yes, I miss my mother but seeing/thinking what I know that she's in Heaven since she did accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior in 1977, I'll be seeing her again. Now everyone else has to do as 4 of her children have done.
Posted by Kenneth L Stanton Jr on June 15, 2020
Yes I miss my mother as we all do. Praise the Lord that I believe that I'll be seeing her in heaven. Ken
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Your Birthday Mom

Shared by Diana Clough on August 5, 2011

Today is your birthday
But a gift I cannot give
For you’ve gone on to Heaven
And I must stay here and live

I know one sweet day
I will see you again
I will kiss your soft cheek
And hold you again

Until that day comes
Hold me close in your heart
And know that even your death
Cannot keep us apart

Happy Birthday my dear, sweet Mother.


Mom loved birthday's.  She loved her birthday especially because she shared it with a very special person......her twin brother Ed.  A couple of months ago she told me she was going to call Uncle Eddie and ask him to come down here so that the two of them could celebrate their birthdays together.  It was not to be.





Shared by Diana Clough on July 25, 2011

Mother was an excellent cook.  Although the only food item I could cook when I got married the first time was spaghetti, over the years I would call and get recipes for my other favorites like meatloaf, stuffed cabbage and pork roast.  But, there is one recipe I never asked for............liver and onions! YUCK!

Mother loved her liver!  She also loved chicken and dumplings, polish sausage and cheesecake.  The very thing she missed the most about moving into the Assisted Living Facility was that she could no longer cook.

But, she's back to cooking now.  Ever see a chubby angel??  Just wait!



Shared by Diana Clough on June 29, 2011

At age 16, most kids are impulsive and a bit selfish.  I was no different.  I graduated early from high school at 16.  My mom moved Heaven and Earth to get me a full ride at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  I attended for a full month until I learned that I would be required to give a speech in front of the entire class during Speech class.  I was painfully shy and the thought of giving a speech in front of strangers terrified me and was ultimately the reason I dropped out of college.  After all my mom's hard work to get that for me, I quit.  Less than a year later, I impulsively took the tests to get into the service.  I was only 17 and needed both my parents written permission to join.  I not only broke my mother's heart once, but twice. First by quitting school and years later I learned that she thought I had joined the Air Force to get away from her.  Of course that wasn't true and I told her so many times over the years.  While it was true I was running, I wasn't running away from her.  Since I had disappointed her so deeply by quitting college, I thought she would be proud of me as I served our country.  Turned out I was right.  She was very, very proud. That experience taught me that we have many roads from which to choose from during our travels through life and we have to look inside our hearts sometimes to take a chance on a road that seems desolate and dark but each road brings with it its own rewards if we only look for them.