Posted by vicki stanton on August 5, 2020
I lost my best friend the day you passed. I will miss you always !!!!
Posted by Kenneth L Stanton Jr on August 5, 2020
Yes, I miss my mother but seeing/thinking what I know that she's in Heaven since she did accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior in 1977, I'll be seeing her again. Now everyone else has to do as 4 of her children have done.
Posted by Kenneth L Stanton Jr on June 15, 2020
Yes I miss my mother as we all do. Praise the Lord that I believe that I'll be seeing her in heaven. Ken
Posted by vicki stanton on June 15, 2020
Every year on this date, is a somber day. Is a day that brings tears to my eyes. Time does not heal all heartache. I see your face everyday and i wish i had more time with you. I love and miss you, ALWAYS!!
Posted by crystal mccolm on December 23, 2018
Merry Christmas mom and may the angels enjoy the love and you forever. I am so so happy to have as my best friend and my forever mother. You will never be forgotten or loved. If it wasn't for you mom I wouldn't be the person I am or the mother I have become. Thanks for being there for me and the rest of the family. I am talking about the way you raised us with the love that you had for us kids.
Love you mom forever.
Posted by Kenneth L Stanton Jr on August 6, 2018
Well, of course we all miss mom as we all will die and/or be raptured when the Lord finally does come for those who believe in Him and I do believe that mom did as she went forward in 1976/77 in the old Morning Star Baptist Church where Calvin Burnside was the Pastor.
Posted by vicki stanton on August 5, 2018
Mom, I miss you everyday. Happy birthday. Love you always!!!!!
Posted by crystal mccolm on January 30, 2018
Mom you will never be forgotten, because we think about you everyday. This year is difficult for me with you being gone it going on seven years without your beautiful smile and wonderful sense of humor. We have a little family that will never go a day without you in our hearts and mind.I will always love you.
Posted by Kenneth L Stanton Jr on August 7, 2017
Yes we miss her and wish that she was still around but she's not therefore we must continue on in life.
Posted by crystal mccolm on August 5, 2017
Happy Birthday mom, you are eternally missed by me, Vance and the kids. I can't believe it's been five years since you were here with us. We had so much fun together and we will be together again when it time for us to be together again. May the love you have for us continue to be with us forever.
Posted by vicki stanton on August 5, 2017
Mom, even though you are no longer with us, I will always remember you on your birthday and with every breath I take. Without you, none of us wouldn't be here. It has been six years since you left us. And it still doesn't get any easier. I still miss everything about you. Our talks and hugs.
Posted by crystal mccolm on June 16, 2017
I can't believe that you have been gone so long. Six years is a long time and I miss you every day of the week. You too were my best friend. This shows that you were the best kind of mom, being loved by all of your kids. I hope I will be able to live up to your standards as a mom. You are the angel that heavens has now and you were also an angel here with us too. Love You Forever Mom.
Posted by Diana Clough on June 15, 2017
Six years. It feels like six days. I know now that I will never recover. My life has been in turmoil since you left and it will remain so for the rest of my days. Six years. The pain is still heart wrenching. Rest In Peace my angel.
Posted by Kenneth L Stanton Jr on June 15, 2017
Well, I do miss Mom and I should of flown out there in 2010 when I had the money to do so. Time slips by when you think about it as we're only here briefly and then we're gone. Ya'll try to look up as our salvation will come soon enough.
Posted by vicki stanton on June 15, 2017
Mom , Six years ago today, I lost my best friend. Heaven was calling you home. and I know you had to go. Even with the thought that god only take the best people to his home, I still miss you everyday. And I always will. I love you !!!!!
Posted by Diana Clough on May 14, 2017
Another Mothers Day is here and I feel so lonely. I dont believe anyone could possibly ever understand the emptiness and sorrow I feel. My grief doesn't diminish with time passing and it never will. My heart is so very sad today. I still miss you so much.
Posted by crystal mccolm on May 14, 2017
Happy Mother's Day to the greatest mom there ever was. Forever Missed and Loved forever too
Posted by Don Clough on August 5, 2016
Ellen, it is your birthday again. I sure do miss the days of sharing cake and laughing. I know the Angels made you a cake. I hope you enjoy the celebration they are throwing in your honor. I can hear you laughing from here.
Posted by vicki stanton on August 5, 2016
Happy Birthday Mom. I love you !!!!!
Posted by crystal mccolm on August 5, 2016
Mom, I really need to know how to spell you are with Angels not angles. Happy Birthday again. Love you forever we will see each other again.
Posted by crystal mccolm on August 3, 2016
Hi, Mom Friday would of been your 78 birthday. You are missed all the time. Vance said Hi, we reminisce all the time about how much you made our lives so much brighter because you were around. You were the light in our lives always had something positive to say . We have a picture of you on the table in the living room and we talk you all the time about everyday things. Thanks for being the angle in our lives
Posted by Diana Clough on June 15, 2016
Mom, I was driving into work alone today and listening to the cd of songs I made for your memorial service. You left us 5 years ago today and I can remember that day and the day before it still so vividly. I not only lost my mom on that day but I lost my biggest fan and the one person in this world who loved me more than anyone else did, or ever will. I wish I could have one more day to hold you and sing to you and look into your beautiful eyes and let you know how much you mean to me. For me, music has always been a powerful memory trigger and this morning's songs not only erased 5 years, but it brought back memories, happy and sad, of memories I hold of you. I'm struggling to find purpose in my life and I have been since you left. I was sure you were my purpose. To love you, to protect you and to keep you safe. Wishing for things won't make them happen so I keep searching for whatever it is that I am here to do. I love you and miss you so.
Posted by Don Clough on June 15, 2016
Ellen, it is so hard to believe it has been 5 years. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Just like then I was in Athens. Diana called and said that things were not good. I rushed back to see you. I think about you every day. My heart broke when you left. I try very hard to fill that space with all the good memories I have of you. Somehow that place just can't be completely filled without you here. I miss you and love you.
Posted by vicki stanton on June 15, 2016
Mom, I miss and love you. !!!
Posted by vicki stanton on March 20, 2016
I think of you everyday and I miss you more than ever. Your smile always brightens up any room and everyone's day. I really miss and love you. I always kick myself when I think of all the times I could of spent time with you and I didn't. And for that I am truly SORRY.
Posted by Diana Clough on September 15, 2015
For no particular reason, other than the eternal ache in my heart for you, I thought of you today. And in case you're wondering how long you've been away, you've been gone 1,553 days. And I still miss you 45,456 to the 10th power.......but who's counting anyway. I love you mom.....yesterday, today, tomorrow and always.
Posted by crystal mccolm on August 6, 2015
Happy Birthday to you 77 wow you would of been that young. Love you and you are really missed.
Posted by Diana Clough on August 5, 2015
Happy Birthday Mom! You would have been celebrating lucky number 77 today. I still think of you nearly every day and those thoughts now aren't accompanied by tears but by a smile. My memories of you are good ones and I hope I can keep them close to me as my own years advance. I love and miss you mom. Happy Birthday.
Posted by Don Clough on August 5, 2015
Gosh Ellen, 77. I sure wish you were here celebrating it with us. I miss you every day. Celebrate with the angels. Happy Birthday!
Posted by vicki stanton on August 5, 2015
Mom, Today is your birthday. Wow 77. That's a lot of candles!!! I know you are with the ones you love, family and friends. I wish you were here. I miss you everyday. Catch the balloons that flow your way and one day we all will be together. But until then I will think of you and miss you always. Happy birthday mom
Posted by Kenneth L Stanton Jr on August 5, 2015
Yes, 77 is getting up there. I wonder if she had stayed up here, would she of still been kicking. So bad, so sad for all of us.
Posted by crystal mccolm on June 16, 2015
I can't believe that it has been four years since you have passed. I still have a broken heart from the moment I learned you passed away. You were the light of our lives, and always there for us when we needed advice or just for someone to talk to. You were my best friend and you were always be there for us. I do believe we will see each other again. I am glad you were my mom and thank you for giving birth to me. Our family is always going to keep the light burning for you mom.
Posted by Don Clough on June 15, 2015
Ellen, it sure is hard to believe it has been 4 years. I think about you every day. Rather than thinking it is another year that you have been away from us, I think it is another year that is closer to when we will see you again.
Posted by Diana Clough on June 15, 2015
Each year when this day comes, I re-live the devastation that your leaving caused. The aftermath was just as horrible and I can't really pour out my heart like I'm inclined to do today due to the very public nature of this medium. Whether I will ever see you again depends on what one believes. I write as if you can read these words when, logically, I know you cannot. There is alot I don't know but what I do know is that my memories of you are not enough and how I wish you could somehow clue me in on whether we will ever laugh together again. Your light was a different kind of light from all other light I have ever or will ever know and my sadness envelopes me today for my heart aches from missing you so very, very much.
Posted by Kenneth L Stanton Jr on June 15, 2015
Yes, she's missed and that's why we should have a real memorial up here in Milwaukee, WI and I'll personally work on that after I'm working again, which might should be tomorrow.
Posted by crystal mccolm on May 11, 2015
Happy Mother's Day, you were the greatest mom on this planet. Like Diana, I can't believe that has been four years since you passed away. I want to thank you for bringing all of us kids into this world. You made me a better person just by being you. It is hard each year without you but I have the kids to remind me that you will always be with me. To write on a brighter note, we just a kitten, we named her after you, her name is Ellie it means incredible shining light and beautiful woman. That is what your name means to me and your spirit is light in my life, Thank you for being everyone's angel.
Posted by Diana Clough on May 10, 2015
Mom, I just asked Lewis to go outside and let the Happy Mother's Day balloon go up in the sky. It was the giant heart shaped balloon and I thought if there is any chance at all that you might see it, I wanted to give you the chance. My heart ached all day to see you and to hug you and just to touch your hand. Our last picture together was taken on this day 4 years ago. I still miss you so. There is still such a void in my life that will always be for it was filled with our love and adoration.
I love you and will always cherish our short time together.
Posted by crystal mccolm on December 11, 2014
You are what we need to remember Christmas.I miss you every second, every minute and every hour of the day. You are what made Christmas special every year.Now that you are gone,you can help all the Christmas angels to spread cheer and happiness all around the world. You are in the hearts of your loving children, grandchildren we will forever love you and miss you. You are our Christmas Angel with a light that will burn forever. Also Love is what you shared with us and will be with us forever.
Posted by Diana Clough on September 3, 2014
Today is no different than any other day when it comes to missing you.
Wish I could talk to you. When we were at the beach this past weekend I saw the sweetest sight. A woman, about my age, was walking, hand in hand, with her mother, about your age, on the shoreline. They were talking and smiling lost in conversation with one another. A tear crept to the corner of my eye and I wished so hard that could be you and me.
Posted by Kenneth L Stanton Jr on August 5, 2014
Well, mom was the best cook, a good friend who took care of us, loved us, changed our diapers even though I also had to change Kitty's and Vicky's-lol smelly though they were, this is life.
Posted by Billy Mansour on August 5, 2014
Happy Birthday Grandma! I love you!
Posted by Diana Clough on August 5, 2014
Happy Birthday Mom! Wish I could give you a hug and a kiss today. Someday. Hey, I ate something this weekend that I have not had in 40 years. Sauerkraut. It was okay but nothing compared to how you used to make it. Kenny was were an incredible cook. If wishing could make it so, we would be together today celebrating our birthdays together like we used to. I love you so much Mom. Happy Birthday.
Posted by Don Clough on August 5, 2014
Happy Birthday Ellen! Another birthday and I still miss your laugh and smile. Celebrate with the angels.
Posted by vicki stanton on August 5, 2014
Mom today is your birthday. Another year without you. I wish you were here. I miss you. As I was growing up, I would do things just as you did. At the time, that bugged me. I didn't want to be like my mother. As I grew up. Being alittle like you, is only a blessing. Your Heart, your Sprit, your Laugh, and your love of people and family. You were a gift from god, and you will always live in all of us. I love you. Happy Birthday !!!
Posted by crystal mccolm on August 5, 2014
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM !!!!!!!, Just like Kenny and Diana said you are the best cook in the world. I have tried some of her recipes and they just weren't as good as yours. I love you and miss you all the time. We talk about the times we went to visit you in Reno and those were some of the best memories with the kids and their grandmother. I also still can't believe you are gone, physically but the memories will always be there. You also did a great job on raising us five kids. May the angels have a big birthday party for you with all the beautiful candles and cake. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN MOM. LOVE Crystal and family
Posted by Diana Clough on June 15, 2014
3 years. You've been gone from my life for 3 years. Sometimes it still seems like 3 days. Every time I look in the mirror, I see you. It makes me miss you even more. How I wish I could see you.........if only in my dreams. Your departure from my life has left a void so big that time will never be able to shrink. I still need you to need me. I love you and the passing of time will never ease this eternal sadness in my heart. With all my heart I treasure you and every single memory I have of you and I.
Posted by vicki stanton on June 15, 2014
Three years ago today this world lost a very special person. Someone with a heart of gold and a smile to go with it. There isn't a moment that goes by that I don't think if you. Sometimes I think I see you seating at a slot machine. It makes me look twice. So now I see you in all of us. Your children. Even though we make look alittle like you, we don't have your sprit, and the love for life. I miss you more and more each day.a child will alway need their mother no matter how far away she is. I LOVE YOU!!
Posted by vicki stanton on May 11, 2014
Happy Mother's Day !!!!!! I love and miss you with all my heart.
Posted by Diana Clough on April 2, 2014
I'm missing you today. Memories of your love are with me always. For all the people who assured me that I would "get over this" and move on, they were wrong. Your death has left a huge hole in my heart that I will take with me to my own ending. I miss your strength and, most of all, I miss your love. Noone ever has or ever will love me like you did. A mother's love is a unique and treasured gift. I miss you.
Posted by crystal mccolm on December 28, 2013
MERRY CHRISTMAS, WE Love You and Miss you.
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